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Raw Boycott Petition (Want to do something to make WWE good again?)

Guest Fro

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Now hear me out.


For months, WWE has been basically crap, I know it, and WWE fans know it. Yes, there have been some good things that have happened, but the good outweighs the bad by a ton and we all know it.


It's the same crap over and over again, and as a WWE fan for years, something needs to be done about it. How much can a 'diehard' fan possibly take? It's getting annoying now. This post isn't to bad-mouth the WWE, but to try and help save it and bring it back to the way it should be.


These days, every conversation I have with wrestling fans, online or offline, it's about how bad the WWE is, and how can I disagree? It's 95% crap most of the time.


Basically there is a petition. This isn't like other petitions that fall flat on their faces. This is a petition to help bring the product to where it should be. This petition is going to be taken very seriously, for god sakes', something needs to be done with the WWE, badly, and ASAP.


You can sign the petition and basically write a message to the WWE about anything you want. These will be mailed to Titan Tower, among other places.


It's time someone does something about this product, it's sad to see wrestling this way, so if you have a couple seconds, take the time and sign the petition. I don't feel like getting messages "oh this won't help." You don't know that. Give it a shot, there’s not a damn thing wrong with giving it a try. If there’s a lot of signatures, it will help. It will give WWE a clue, something they have none of these days. Pass it on to your friends, other message boards, whatever. Try and get as many signatures as you possibly can. Each page of comments will be printed out, and it will be seen by WWE, WWE Advertisers, TNN, and TSN.


Here's the plan, we're going to boycott Raw on June 9th. We may do more later, but as of now we're limiting it to one day because we know that a lot of people don't want to give up watching wrestling completely. Some people can't afford TNA or trading tapes. By boycotting Raw and letting the sponsors, networks, and the WWE about it, we can work towards our goal of positive creative change in the WWE.


I think they think the "hardcore" fanbase will watch no matter what crap they keep throwing at us. This petition for creative change and boycott of Raw on June 9th are designed to dispel those ideas. We're the people who go to the house shows, we're the people who buy merchandise, and we're the people who pay money for Pay-Per-Views.


Since that date is so far away, we can *easily* gain thousands of signatures and get people and the major news sites to take it seriously.


At this point, in a couple days we've already amassed over 360 signatures after posts to only a handful of message boards.


The petition is going to be posted on several message boards, plugged on internet radio shows, and more.


So give it a try, for the sake of wrestling, will you? What's the worst that could happen? It only takes a few seconds and if we all act together, maybe we'll see the people who deserve the top positions in the card finally get them.



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Guest Rudi El Fire
Erm, it's not very constructive, is it? Do you think Vince is going to go, "Blimey, they've rumbled us! OK, lads, the game's up, time to stop making the show bad on purpose"?
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Erm if you hate it that much, then erm why do you watch it? Find alternatives, i.e. Puro, US indies, Lucha, whatever.


How else do u think the Monday Night Wars got started?


You don't see West Brom's fans boycotting the games, cause they are rubbish do you?

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Guest The Crippler

I won't be signing it. If you are a fan of WWE then boycotting their shows isn't really the way to help them out.


Like jung said, there are alternatives anyway.

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Guest Goldy
I agree with Jung and Cripp, if you don't like it find an alternative *coughs try the british scene coughs ;) * ive seen this petition on other forums and wandered how long it would take to wing its way here. I can't see anyone taking the least bit notice of it.
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I think this guy has a good point, but why just boycott the shows for 1 week, if you're bored by the show why watch 2 hours of it each week.


Personally I haven't watched WWE TV since WrestleMania, and saw very little before that. Perhaps if everyone who thought the shows were piss poor stopped watching, then maybe HHH would get the sack and all would be right again.

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Guest Peter K

Whats on June 9th?


Why not boycott Raw on Monday?


I agree with draVen - just get MLW or NWA-TNA the action is decent!

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