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Claim To Fame?

Guest Feenix

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Guest Feenix

Okay it's been a while since i started a thread so I thought this might be fun. Do any of you have any claims to fame? Know anyone famous? Related to a celebrity or ever met one? Even just having their autographs.

Oh and fancying a celebrity or having the same first name dont count :xyx

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Guest Latino Reheat

I'm a published author.


I know Bam Margera and Lisa Scott Lee from Steps.


Who remembers when I went on Talk Sport and barraged Alex Shane after taking the mick out of Shah? Then I made him sing the Angle theme, making an even bigger tit out of himself.......

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Guest Nicole

I was on children in need appealing for money for the local adventure playground (just closed down cos of lack of funds).


I met the chuckle brothers :D

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Guest Craig Van Dam
Originally posted by Latino Reheat



Who remembers when I went on Talk Sport and barraged Alex Shane after taking the mick out of Shah? Then I made him sing the Angle theme, making an even bigger tit out of himself.......


I remember that Lat that was really funny

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Guest The Crippler

Well I've met John Brown, Ian Durrant and Mark Hateley and thats about it. All Rangers legends but I doubt you could say they were household names.


Autographs I have: Keith Gillespie, Jorg Albertz, the above three I have met, Andy Goram, Terry Butcher(Was standing behind my dad in the queue for burgers at Ibrox one time), this seasons entire Rangers squads autographs on a football(w00t).

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Guest The Vulcanized One

Was in an advert for Hard Rock Cafe which apparently was broadcast all over Asia. I was the happy birthday kid. Either that or my face is plastered over tons of child pornography :roll


Met the Duke of Edinburgh last month a couple of hours before he made the latest blunder.


been in local paper for winning Public Speaking competitions etc


Won some awrd like Cutest photo or something like that in 93/94 for a picture of me as a toddler which I can assure you is VERY cute.


ooh and my story from my Year 6 SATS exam was used as an example of a Level 5 paper in SATS guides.

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As well as my friendships with footballing SUPERSTARS Chic Pearson (Falkirk, on loan to Linlithgow Rose), Graeme Weir (Hearts), Mark Kerr and Lee Millar (Both Falkirk), I can also claim to be related to former England and Wolves captain Billy Wright, who has his own statue outside the Molineaux.


Oh, and I know a model that used to go out with Lorenzo Amoruso. Er...I have José Quitongo's autograph...um...I met Mio Krivocapitch in Hamilton once...I've been on Your On Sky Sports about 3 times. And I met Wayne Rooney before he was famous, when I was on trial at Everton. Well, at least I think I did, I was training with his age group's team, and unless he was injured or having the day off, I could have even touched him, talked to him or nutmegged him.


And of course, it was my email that made Shah sing on TalkSport. Alex Shane called me Croy-Aaaahg.

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Guest Latino Reheat
Originally posted by Nicole

I met the chuckle brothers :D


I have shaken both their hands, had a little chat with them and got a signed photo, when I went to see them at my local theatre when I was like 10......

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Guest Goldy

Hehe, gotta love the way Russ wrote Croy- Aaaahg, i can really picture that!.

Anyways i have a list, its not a fantastic list but i thought meeting everyone one of them was really cool!


Stuart Pearce - I met him when he was playing for Forest after he got that bad injury and came down to the Meadow to play a reserve match against Shrewsbury Town, after the match i met him , had a short chat and he autographed my match program.


Brian Clough - The same time as above, but he just shook my hand and said "hello young lady" then he went, :)


Keith Curle, Fitzroy Simpson, Mark Crossley i met all these at Maine Road, on the pitch actually, my mate shouted them over and they came, i have pictures with all three. I remember telling Mark Crossley to let some goals in as City were playing Forest. Im still amazed they came over, i think it was because we were young, i couldn't get over how tall Mark Crossley actually was.


Emelyn Hughes, Alan Kennedy, Frank Worthington, Terry McDermot and David Johnson. I met these when the Emelyn Hughes All Stars took on our local team for charity. My dad got too drink with them all, i just got to listen, but we spent ages with them, they were good fun with some great stories.


Jack and Vera Duckworth and Percy Sugden - I met these whilst on a tour of Granada Studios. Percy Sugden was really funny totally opposite from the character he portrayed in the Street. I have his autobiography signed to me, and a picture with him.

Jack and Vera were also signing autographs, so i have there autograph, but i didnt get a pic, as i'd used all my film in the camera.. damn lol


Steven Pinder - who played Max Farnham in Brookie. I met him in Chester, where he lives whilst out shopping and yes i stopped him for an autograph, he was really gracious and didnt seem to mind!


Karl Howman - from Brushstrokes plus the Flash ads, i met in Blackpool, in the street whilst on my hols!


Ive met lots of British wrestlers but theres too many to go into detail, aswell as the forign talent we've had over.


I had a wave just for me off the queen mum, it was quite funny actually as all my family had gone to line the streets when she visited but i couldn't be bothered and went to the bookies instead but on my way back her car came past, so i just stood there on my own and waved, and she waved back hehe, the best bit was my family had a terrible view and were dead miffed that i got a wave!


I never managed to get through to Talksports Talkwrestling show, but i did get two emails read out lol!


But i did get through to Jimmy Wag on GMR, to talk about City! don't say whos that :D


Thats about it!

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Russ' Rooney story could be pretty damn impressive someday.


One of Englands 1966 World Cup winners, Alan Ball, told me that I had what it takes to be a professional footballer, this goes to show excactly why he's such a terrible football manager.


I met Bobby Robson coming out of Highbury when he was England manager.


I used to go to School and play football every day with the lead singer out of the Dum Dums.


I saw Dr Legg from Eastenders catching the tube at Oxford Circus.


One haloween I threw an egg at Bob Mortimers Accoutancy Office window, I also saw Vic Reeves buying a telly in Dixons and when we were up town one day, the future Mrs KJ told Vic Reeves that he had bigger tits than her, and he laughed, also when Mrs KJ worked in an optitions she used to dispense Mr Mortimers glasses.

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Guest Cactus Jack

I don't know if you mean everytime you met a "star".............


Stood right next to Amy Kearsley (Popstars)

Jerome off Brookside having a snoop around my place of employment

Personalised Sir Alex Ferguson Autograph (Funally enough, its signed on a picture of Roy Keane!)

Personalised Rico Autograph

My brother used to catch the school bus that Dominic Matteo's Dad drove

Matt Hardy Signed video


I'm sure there's a few more though.....

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- Sportsmen I've Met:


Darren Anderton

Brian Lara

Curtley Ambrose

Steve Davis

Alec Stewart (my hero)


- Celebs I've met


Dame Kiri te Kanawa (opera singer, my mum was her PA)

Phil Collins

Ronan Keating

Dame Judi Dench


- People my mum has met


The Queen

Prince Phillip

Prince Charles

Princess Margereat

The Queen Mother

Celine Dion


- Other stuff


Been mentioned by name in the Smash Wrestling Guru twice :D

Can name anything about James Bond films

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