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Guest Dickie Hyde

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Guest Craig Van Dam
There both out injured it's funny they got injured in the same match and I agree with you Batista has a lot of potenial
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Guest Rudi El Fire

Both injured, which sort of screwed the Evolution gimmick pretty much from the outset.


Word is, Randy Orton has been depressed about going back on the bench so soon after returning from his leg injury, so hopefully both will recover soon and be able to resume the momentum they were building.

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Guest The Crippler
Orton's injury sounded particularly gruesome - Bubba Ray Dudley landed down on Randy's heel, crushing Ortons toes. Ortons foot was so messed up that his big toe was sitting on top of his middle three toes and was pointing towards his small toe.
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Guest Dickie Hyde

Batista is there for the future of WWE, or so I hope.


The upcomers to keep it going (as I see it) are:


Bill Goldberg


Chris Jericho

The Hurricane (eventually)

Matt Hardy


This is only my opinion, there's obviously quite a few I have missed out that could be classed in this category. It's really a matter of opinion. If you look on it sensibly, every WWE superstar is an upcomer to keep the business going.


I think after Wrestlemania XX (20) they should stop the roster thing and have RAW and Smackdown back together. Have the upcomers on the odd show, they would have had experience with the roster split, also keep them on heat and velocity all of the time. (Unless they are involved in story lines, then keep them on the main show until that storyline ends)



I miss all the classics,



Lesnar - Rock

Angle - Triple H


All of the others, you know what I mean, these are just 3 examples that came to the top of my head.

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Guest Walshy

Bastisa needs more time in Ohio Vally, the guy had the image but he ain't a great wrestler (to say the least) and he can't cut interviews (from what we have seen) in which case he never should have been on TV. Randy looks a great one for the future but so do many others such as:-


- Brain Kendrick

- Jamie Noble

- Matt Hardy

- Brock Lesner

- Y2J

- Eddie Guerrero

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