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Who should be fired first?

Guest Dean

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It is rumoured that there will be roster cuts in January from the WWF, who do you think should be the first five to pack their bags and go?


Mine are:


5: Hugh Morrus

4: Tommy Dreamer (maybe if they'd use the guy I wouldn't have him here, I don't think he'll do anything in the WWF)

3: Steven Richards

2: The Big Bossman (If he's still alive)

1: BILLY GUNN (need i say anything)


Lucky I only said five cause also on my short list were APA, Jerry Lynn, Crash (although I like his matches but from a business standpoint what can he do for the WWF), ohh hell I'm sure I could go on all day.

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Guest The Genetic Jackhammer

1.Jeff hardy

2.billy gunn

3.hugh morrus

4.Steven richards

5.big slow


I wanna see D-lo brown and Val venis back

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Guest Grapple
DDP's career is going nowhere fast. He might be a prime candidate, since the WWF have turned him from one of wrestling's big names into a laughing stock.
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Guest The Crippler
Some very strange choices for people to fire. Tazz, Raven, hell even Jeff Hardy. It would be pure madness from a business standpoint to fire Jeff Hardy. Like him or not he is extremely popular.
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Well Tazz unfortunatly is not very talented. Yes he is able to do a lot of variations of the suplex but apart from that the bloke is very limited. Also the risk factor with some of his suplexes are too great and could cause unnecessary injury.


In ECW he was ok but he was heavily protected and when it comes down to the crunch the guy is unable to put on a decent match up due to his in ring limitations.


If he ever wants to succeed he needs to step up to the plate and perform a hell of a lot better then he has been.

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Talented on the Mic he may be but he needs the wrestling ability to back it up and unfortunately his wrestling ability is limited to throwing a few wild suplexes which will not get the guy anywhere.


The guy needs to include a lot more moves in his repertoire if he is going to get anywhere and no amount of suplexes is going to change his position within the company unless he starts to show more dedication to succeed.

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We're all entitled to an opinion, but I most definetly disagree with Robbo.


I think that Taz, D-Lo, Raven and hell, even Justin Credible have something to offer the currently repititive Midcard division.


I can't see Hugh Morris being fired, he gets on well with everyone in the back and is another one of these "locker room leaders", kinda like a WCW version of the Bossman.


In my firing line, I think we could do without......


5. Maven (nice dropkick, but he'll never be built up enough to win convincingly over anyone.)

4. Crash (Spike can do anything he can do, and suits the giantkiller gimmick better.)

3. Tiger Ali Singh (Useless.....)

2. X Pac (His time has passed. The WWF now have people who can do everything Waltman can, and surpass him in every way.)

1. Billy Gunn (No talent, no charisma, no hope.)


My picks take into account factors such as merchandising revenue, so Lita can be thankfull for that :)

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Guest The Vulcanized One

5. Jazz (she appeared at Survivior Series but WTF has happened to her since?)

4. justin Credible (Never liked him)

3. Hardcore Holly (too stiff and crap wrestler)

2. Spike ( better in ECW)

1. Chavo Guerrero (let him go to XWF and make somewthing of himself)

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