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Guest Dan

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not sure what would be on the VHS/DVD but I'd like to see these matches;


HBK vs. Razor at WM 10

HBK vs. Triple H at Summerslam

HBK vs. Bret Hart at WM 12

HBK vs. Taker at Bad Blood

HBK vs. Bulldog at One Night Only

HBK vs. Jericho at WM 19


Any more?

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Guest Jung

They've announced some of the matches


Shawn v Mankind Sept 96

Shawn v Bret WM12

Shawn v Diesel April 96

Shawn v Taker October 97

Shawn v Razor WM10

Midnight Rockers match, back from the AWA

Shawn v HHH Summer Slam 02

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Guest Peter

This is from SilverVision:


"For the first time ever, Shawn Michaels talks about the matches that helped define his illustrious career and set the standard for others to follow. Seven of the matches that made him the “Showstopper” are presented in their entirety in this one-of-a- kind compilation:


- AWA Tag Team Championship

- Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match vs. Razor Ramon at WrestleMania X

- Iron Man Match vs. Bret Hart at WrestleMania XII

- No-Holds-Barred Match vs. Big Daddy Cool Diesel

- WWE Championship Match vs. Mankind

- Hell in a Cell vs. Undertaker

- Shawn‘s comeback Non-Sanctioned Match vs. Triple H at SummerSlam 2002


DVD Extras:

Three hours of bonus footage, including promos, interviews, a photo gallery and alternate commentary by Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash on their now-classic No-Holds-Barred Match.""


And heres a pic of the cover:



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Guest Cactus Jack
Chris said he'll post about this and the Rey video when Blackstar have it available :xyx
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I actually pre-ordered this DVD when I first found out about it, a little under a week ago. I really cant wait to see what its like.
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Guest Kane Fan

Wow, this DVD is very poor...


HBK V Taker - HiaC is on dvd already

HBK V Foley is on dvd already


... cheap and lazy!


I know the Iron Man match and the ladder match are key moments in HBK's career, but a lot of people have seen those. They should have put more matches in to make the dvd better, such was the Summerslam 95 ladder match...

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