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Anna Delvey

Guest Hal

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This has been unfolding for a while now but I've only just become aware of Anna Delvey - or rather, Anna Sorokin. If you haven't heard of her, you should check out this article. Basically, she pulled off a pretty elaborate fraud scheme (which is sort of impressive given her age) amongst New York's elite. She pretended to be a rich heiress from overseas but that's far from the case. I can't help but be fascinated by her.
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Sounds like she didn't know when to stop. She thought that if you pull the wool over rich peoples' eyes it will stay there. People don't get rich by being blind to their surroundings. I guess this is why Anna isn't rich.


But on the lighter side, anyone who thinks that prison is a sociological experiment, is interesting themselves. I'll give her that.

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She really does seem like an interesting person - amoral, for sure, but interesting too. (Amoral people typically are.)


You would think she would've stopped once she started getting called out for various things. I guess she just believed in her "vision" too much and deluded herself into thinking she could get away with it. She's not rich but I'm sure she'll still try to milk all of the media attention for all it's worth.

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I had been serving time upstate for almost a year when Anna arrived. Obviously people were talking about it because her case was all over the media and sarcastically named her the princess of Albion. I personally don’t understand how someone who comes off as so basic and lacking in being in touch with reality could come anywhere close to fooling all the important people that she did. The Netflix series was exciting and gripping and the actress playing Anna made up for in every way what the reality was lacking in looks, personality, Intrigue and a few times made me believe her bullshit! I don’t care what anybody says though, she was either pretending to be nothing special or really wasn’t which after watching the movie paint her as this big gravitational  force that draws people in like a magnet I’m left more confused and questioning the judgment and sanity of these “major players” because they’re obviously idiots.

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