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Which Is More Effective?


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I prefer flavoured water as well but I would think water rather than sports drinks with electrolytes is the best for hydration, at least when you're not working out. If it's just water with electrolytes I imagine it would be about the same.
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Guest Mendez
Flavoured water all the way. I mean, obviously straight up water is the number one source of hydration, but I can't stand the taste of regular tap water so I add a little bit or flavoring to it to make it sweeter.
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Guest Meerkat
Water with lemon is what I like. I try to shy away from commercial beverages because they have ingredients that may not be good for me. I also drink these beverages occasionally like on a birthday or office parties.
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Guest FlyyGurl
I don't believe in electrolytes for us "normal" people. I feel like this only helps if you are an athlete. Otherwise, you can do fine on regular water and maybe add some slices of cucumber or lemon to it.
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