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Killing Eve Season 2 Teasers

Guest Luna

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It's just a series of photos for now, but it looks like the production is progressing just fine. If everything goes according to the prediction, we will get the second season within months. I'm excited!



That article by ScreenRant says Konstantin is possibly alive. What do you think about that?


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I'm looking forward to the start of season two. They left off in bed together and I can't imagine where they're going from here. Eve stabbed her, now what?

I'd say it's time for revenge now. Villanelle is somehow attracted to Eve mostly due to curiosity in the first season, so this switch to anger gives her even more reason to go after Eve. I just wonder how the other characters will affect this dynamic between them.

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That's an interesting spoiler. I'd like to see how that plays with Villanelle's other schedules, such as teasing Eve or killing her for sure this time. I don't feel like she has enough reasons to kill Eve at this point, though. Stabbing hurts for sure, but I feel like her curiosity is much bigger. I'd say the boss and organization she betrays are more of a threat than Eve.
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Has a premiere date been set yet? I've checked around and can't find it. I want to know if Nico and Eve get a divorce and which people are part of The Twelve.


@North if Villanelle kills Eve, won't the show be over? I don't see that happening. I hope not anyway.

I haven't found any specific date either. I wonder if we'll get it in the first half of this year. Well, at some point, we have to fulfill the promise of the title. At least Villanelle has made the first attempt. I'd love to see the two girls working together for a while before going back to killing each other. I guess there's no saving the marriage, right?

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