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***Official Raw Thread 06/05/03***


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We start with video of Linda McMahon's decision to bring in Stone Cold Steve Austin as Co-GM due to Bischoff's recent actions.


The Raw music video plays, and we begin with Raw Co-General Manager, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Before we start, Stone Cold wants to extend a special thank you to Linda McMahon. She called him up and asked him to be Co-GM, and he said "Oh hell yeah." So for his first night, he's decided to have the biggest beer bash in Raw history: the Stone Cold Beer Bash.


But on the business end, a lot of things were done while he was suspended, many that he thought were stupid. The first is the abolition of the Intercontinental Title. That was one of the highest honors Stone Cold ever held. As such, there will be a Battle Royal at Judgment Day, and the winner will be the new Intercontinental Champ. To enter the Battle Royal, you must be a Raw superstar who has held the IC Title before. But Judgment Day is a long way away, and he wanted to do something a little more immediate.


Bischoff's music hits, and Co-GM Bischoff and Chief Morley come to the ring. Bischoff wants to make something very clear: he and Austin are Co-GMs, emphasis on "co." Any decision, especially one of the magnitude of the reinstatement of the IC Title, is one that they have to discuss mutually. Austin agrees, but since they're both looking to improve the show, he thought is was a no-brainer. Bischoff says that Austin knows it was he who abolished the Title. But just to prove to Linda McMahon and all the fans that Eric Bischoff is a team player, he will agree to the Judgment Day IC Battle Royal.


But since it's all about making things better, Bischoff wants to make an announcement of his own. At Judgment Day, Triple H will defend his World Title against Kevin Nash. Austin says that he has no problem with that. They're working well together already.


Austin asks if he may move on to the announcement he was going to make. Bischoff says they didn't talk about anything else. Austin says that since they're both looking to make the show better, he made a decision on his own and he knows he shouldn't but he already did. He hired somebody. He doesn't have a whole lot of friends, but he went ahead and hired his buddy, the best announcer in Raw history: Good Old JR.


JR comes out and into the ring. Bischoff says that if Stone Cold took it upon himself to hire JR, then it allows one more opportunity to fire him. JR is fired. Austin and Bischoff go back and forth, hiring and firing JR. Austin grabs Bischoff's microphone and tells him that he is trying not to lose his temper. That being said, why not settle it like men and have a match. Austin wins, JR stays; Bischoff wins, JR goes. Bischoff says he'd love to, but Linda McMahon specified that they couldn't lay a hand on each other. Morley interjects and says that he would be more than happy to wrestle on Bischoff's behalf. But since JR's job is on the line, he should wrestler JR himself. If Bischoff doesn't wrestle, JR won't wrestle. Austin thinks about everyone in the back that want to kick Morley's ass. Jerry Lawler stands up and says that he would love to fight on behalf of JR. Austin and Bischoff agree that it will be Lawler versus Morley with JR's job on the line. Austin suggests that it happen right now, and Bischoff agrees.


Jim Ross's Job On The Line

-Chief Morley vs. Jerry Lawler

Morley starts by forcing Lawler into the corner and choking him with his boot. Lawler explodes out of the corner with two clotheslines. Back body drop by Lawler, then a dropkick. Mounted punches by Lawler 1-2-kickout.


Morley comes back with clubs to the back. Back body drop by Morley. Morley goes for another, but Lawler stops and hits the piledriver 1-2-shoulder up.


Lawler goes second rope, but misses the elbow drop. Clubs by Morley, who hits three vertical suplexes in a row. Morley goes second rope and hits an elbow drop of his own 1-2-kickout.


Mounted punches by Morley. Lawler elbows Morley in the gut and smashes him into the turnbuckle. Uppercut by Lawler, but Bischoff pulls Lawler down from the outside. Austin tries to attack Bischoff outside, but the referee separates them. Morley goes up top for the Money Shot, but JR pushes him off with the ref distracted. Lawler goes up top for the Flying Fist 1-2-3! Jim Ross is reinstated.


After the match, Bischoff screams at Morley and then punches him in the face. Bischoff races to the back, with an angry Morley following him.


Meanwhile, Stone Cold calls for the Coach to come down to the ring with himself, King, and JR. Austin says that he thinks Coach should get to be the first one to congratulate JR on getting his job back. Austin looks at the three of them and starts to say that there is a problem. He stops short of saying it and shakes Coach's hand, then Stunners him, saying that we only need two.


As we return, in the back, Bischoff is screaming at Morley. Bischoff says that he was embarassed, and when that happens, people get fired. In fact, Morley is fired! Bischoff tells him to leave immediately. He runs into Stone Cold on the way out. Austin grabs Morley and brings him back to Bischoff. Austin asks why he was fired. Bischoff says it was from embarassment. Austin says that he didn't talk to him first. Morley gets happy that Austin is taking his side, only for Austin to agree that he should be fired.


In the back, Test and Steiner are warming up in front of the mirror. Stacy comes in and says that they both look great, but they'll look better in gold.


WWE World Tag Team Championship

-Kane and Rob Van Dam vs. Scott Steiner and Test

RVD and Steiner start off, with Steiner shoving Van Dam into the corner. Steiner chops away on RVD, then picks him up and rams him into the turnbuckles. He goes to throw RVD, but Van Dam floats over and kicks Steiner in the face. Split-legged moonsault 1-2-kickout.


Van Dam knocks Steiner out of the ring, then leaps out onto him. Back in the ring, Stiner catches a leaping RVD and plants him into the mat 1-2-kickout. Punches by Steiner, followed with elbow drops. Steiner does some push-ups, then a belly-belly suplex 1-2-kickout. Tag to Test.


Test rams RVD into the turnbuckle, then lays in with back elbows. Clothesline by Test for a two count. Sleeper hold applied by Test. RVD elbows out of the hold, only to get kicked in the gut. RVD floats over Test's back, but Test grabs a chokehold. RVD dropkicks him away and tags in Kane.


Clothesline to Test, then another. Sidewalk slam to Steiner. Clothesline to Test, then to Steiner. Big Boot to Test, and a clothesline that sends Steiner out of the ring. Kane goes up top and hits Test with the flying clothesline. he reaches back for a chokeslam, but Steiner comes in and hits a side suplex. Test tosses RVD into the ringpost. He picks up Kane and hits the pumphandle slam 1-2-shoulder up.


Test reaches back for a Big Boot, but Kane ducks under. Kane applies a choke to Test. Steiner attacks, so Kane releases the choke and boots Steiner away. Test hits a slam then a flying elbow drop 1-2-broken by RVD.


Test groggily goes to Big Boot RVD, but Van Dam rolls away and Test nails Steiner, knocking him out of the ring. Kane hits Test with a chokeslam, followed up with the Five Star 1-2-3!


In the back, Austin puts up a picture of himself next to the picture of Bischoff in the General Manager's office. Bischoff asks why such a large amount of beer is being carted in. Austin tells the delivery guys to bring in his desk, but Bischoff says that there is no room. Austin makes room by picking up the couch and putting it vertically. Austin tells Bischoff that he needs a piece of paper and a pen to write down some more supplies for the Beer Bash.


The Y2J Countdown hits 0.00 and out comes the Ayatollah, the Rock Star, the King of the World, the Living Legend, the Highlight of the Night, Chris Jericho comes out for tonight's Highlight Reel.


Jericho welcomes us to the second edition of the Highlight Reel. As a quick rebuttal to Roddy Piper's comments on SmackDown that he would lose weight as soon as Jericho got some talent: Piper better start eating some wheat germ because he is as talented as it gets.


Jericho says that he's going to enter the Intercontinental Battle Royal and bring the Title back to Canada. He is, after all, Canada's greatest athlete right now, especially after the team he captained at Backlash defeated the team of Booker T, Shawn Michaels, and Kevin Nash. Jericho rolls the footage of both Triple H hitting Nash with the sledgehammer at Backlash and Nash busting up Triple H's limo at Raw the next night. Jericho introduces his guest, the challenger for the World Title at Judgment Day: Kevin Nash.


Jericho starts to talk to Nash, but Nash snaps at him, yelling that he should shut up. Nash has fought his brother, and he's fought his friends. Triple H tried to end his career, but he is still standing. Triple H is a dead man. Jericho says that it's funny he should say that, because there is another guest on the Highlight Reel: Triple H!


Triple H comes out and Jericho starts to introduce him. Nash grabs Jericho and tosses him out of the ring. He busts up Jericho's set and awaits Triple H. Trips speeds towards the ring, only for Jericho to come in from behind and low blow Nash. Triple H beats him into a corner. Trips grabs a chair and cracks it across Nash's back. He sets the chair on the mat and goes for the Pedigree, but Nash back body drops him. Trips knocks Nash into the corner and picks up the chair, but Nash boots him away. The two men exchange punches, with Nash getting the upper hand. Elbows in the corner by Nash, who then clotheslines Triple H out of the ring.


Outside, Nash smashes Triple H onto a table, then shoves him away. Nash picks up a chair and swings, but Trips ducks and kicks the chair away. Repeated punches to the face by Triple H. He goes for a whip, but Nash reverses it and slams Trips into the stairs. Nash picks up the stairs and ram them into Triple H's head. Nash beats Triple H up what would be the ramp. Nash takes Triple H's belt and clocks Trips. Refs come out to stop Nash, but he starts decking the officials. Triple H picks up a pipe and low blows Nash. He smashes the pipe across Nash's back. He picks up a large light and hits Nash with it. Nash stumbles up and smashes Triple H into the set.


They fight to the back, where Triple H nails Nash with a television monitor. Trips starts clubbing away on Nash's face, only for Nash to ram him into a large metal door. More officials grab Nash, but he shoves them away. Nash smashes Triple H's face into the ambulance. As Nash is held down by officials, Triple H stumbles into the street. A truck nearly hits him and the driver gets out to yell. Triple H throws the driver aside and steals the truck.


As we return, various officials and the driver are being helped up off the road, while Jericho looks on, smiling. Stone Cold comes up and asks if Jericho is proud of all of this. Jericho says that he is. Austin says that Jericho is a main eventer. He wants to put Jericho in the main event next week. Jericho asks if he's going to face someone he can beat up on and throw around, and Austin agrees. His opponent will be... Kevin Nash.


-Booker T vs. Lance Storm

Booker T comes out, ready to face the hometown-ish hero Lance Storm. Booker hits a back elbow, then chops away. Booker goes for a victory roll, but Storm blocks and applies the Sharpshooter, only for Booker to get to the ropes. Storm hits a jumping calf kick 1-2-kickout. Storm ducks a thrust kick, only for Booker to spinebuster him 1-2-shoulder up.


Clotheslines by Booker, then a knee to the gut. Storm sidesteps the scissors kick, but runs into the jumping calf kick. Booker hits the Spinaroonie, but gets right up into the Superkick 1-2-shoulder up! Booker flapjacks Storm, then hits the scissors kick 1-2-3!


In the back, Le Resistance come up to Stacy Kiebler, talking about how her team dropped the ball in their Title match tonight. They offer her the chance to ally with them. She can watch their match and make a decision.


La Resistance vs. Spike Dudley and Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer and Dupree start off, with Dreamer hitting a hiptoss. Tag to Spike, who hits a leaping fist. Dupree kicks him in the gut and scoop slams him. Tag to Grenier.


Spike with a few armdrags. Spike slides out and pulls Dupree off the apron. Grenier whips Spike into the ropes, which Dupree low bridges. Back in the ring, Grenier whips Spike into the turnbuckles 1-2-shoulder up.


Sleeper applied by Grenier. Spike elbows out, but Grenier knocks him down. Double team on Spike 1-2-broken by Dreamer.


Grenier again applies the sleeper, and again Spike elbows out. This time, Spike is able to torpedo Grenier. Tag to Dreamer.


Clothesline to Grenier, then to Dupree. Spinebuster to Grenier 1-2-broken by Dupree. Tommy DDTs Dupree while hitting Grenier with a neckbreaker. Spike leaps onto Dupree, but Grenier pulls Dreamer out of the ring. Double flapjack to Spike 1-2-3!


Grenier grabs a kendo stick and starts beating Spike with it, until Steiner comes in. Steiner rams Dupree into the ringpost, but Grenier comes back and clubs him. Test comes in and he and Steiner make quick work of La Resistance.


In the back, Bischoff tries to voice his disapproval with Austin to Linda McMahon, but she sees his complaints as a lack of compromise. Bischoff says that if she likes what Austin has done this week, he'll just have to raise the bar next week.


In the back, Terri asks Christian about facing Goldberg in his first Raw match. Christian says that, as annointed by the Rock, he is now Christian, the People's Champion. She shows Christian the cover of WWE Magazine with Goldberg. Christian says that that's a good thing for Goldberg, but tonight is his night. He's been hit with a Spear, but he's still standing, and he'll be standing at the end of tonight's match. All the People will be chanting his name Goldberg will have to start a new streak, a losing streak.


WWE Women's Championship

-Trish Stratus vs. Jazz

Jazz starts with a hiplock takedown, then clubs to the back. Trish hits an armdrag, then another. She leaps on Jazz's shoulders and rolls her up for a two count. Jazz hits a reverse thrust kick and a scoop slam. Leg drop by Jazz 1-2-shoulder up.


Lou Thesz Press by Trish, followed with mounted punches. Chops by Trish, but Jazz scores with a back elbow. Jazz goes second rope. Trish tries for the hurricanrana, but can't get it. She knocks Jazz off the corner. Teddy Long takes off his shoe to hit Trish, but slips on the apron in his socks. Victoria runs down and tries to get in the ring, but the ref holds her back. Teddy slides the belt in to Jazz, who decks Trish 1-2-3!


-Goldberg vs. Rico

Christian comes out, followed by his opponent Goldberg. Before the match can start, Three Minute Warning and Rico come out on stage. Rico says that they haven't forgotten what happened last week. So before Christian tears him to shreds, they want a piece. First, Jamal is going to beat him pillar to post. Then Rico will go down and squeeze the life out of him. And if there is anything left, Rosie will splash him into the mat.


Jamal runs down, follwed by Rico. Goldberg kicks Jamal out of the ring, then chokeslams Rico. Front facelock suplex to Rosie. Jamal comes back and hits a Samoan Drop. Three Minute Warning join up and stomp away on Goldberg. Goldberg explodes up, clotheslining Rosie and Jamal. He grabs Rico and hits the Jackhammer 1-2-3!


As soon as the completely illogical bell rings, Christian nails Goldberg in the back with a chair. Christian leaves through the crowd. Goldberg gets on the microphone and yells for Christian, but Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out instead.


Austin gives signals for the beer, but Goldberg hasn't left the ring yet. Austin starts up the Beer Bash, but then sees Goldberg standing in the corner. He asks if Goldberg has a problem with him drinking some beer tonight. Goldberg says that he does indeed have a problem with that. Austin says that he'll give Goldberg a match against Christian next week, but Goldberg says it's not good enough. Austin says he'll make it Goldberg vs. Christian, No Holds Barred, in a Steel Cage. Goldberg accepts, so Austin starts the Beer Bash.


Austin pops a couple beers and starts putting them back. Goldberg, however, is still standing in the ring. Austin tosses him a beer, and they toast each other. Austin calls for all the beer, and women come out with beer vendor trays. Suddenly, people start piling out of the back, all in Austin shirts, all with beer. They surround the ring and have themselves a little Beer Bash.

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Guest Walshy
I'd have to go with Rob Van Dam, then let him keep it for a year, really get the belt and him over again.
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Guest Seabass
yes- thank god the IC title is back...but wouldn't it be better on Smackdown around Matt Hardy's waist
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Guest Jung

I'd have preferred a tournament, but hey a battle royal will do, just hope it isn't a super crappy rushed one.


Also good to see HHH and Nash stink out the joint:xyx

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Guest Peter

I like the IC title being brought back, but it has been rumoured Billy Gunn is going to return at Judgment Day and win it. God help us if he does. :roll


Rubbish sounding Raw as usual, the HHH/Nash segment sounds ridicously long and boring, and there doesn't look like a lot of wrestling on the show either.

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3.5 rating coming off last week's 3.9 which is a considerable drop.


Minus HHH/Nash, RAW doesn't sound half bad.




Concerning HHH/Nash, most of the backstage feel it bombed, and listen for the "Diesal sucks" chants. At least according to 1wrestling, but then it's just an internet website. WHat does it know? Everyone probably loved it really :roll

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Guest Jerichoholic

The most decent looking Raw in a long while. The Austin/Bischoff thing looks good, should be good seeing them trying to outdo each other over the coming weeks. Also good to see Steiner being used in Tag Team matches where his weaknesses can be hidden.


One more thing...


Austin says that Jericho is a main eventer. He wants to put Jericho in the main event next week


Thats the best thing i've read in ages! :)

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Guest HSM
Originally posted by draVen

Concerning HHH/Nash, most of the backstage feel it bombed, and listen for the "Diesal sucks" chants. At least according to 1wrestling, but then it's just an internet website. WHat does it know? Everyone probably loved it really :roll


Oh shush you know full well your gonna mark out for that segment cos everyone loves Nash really even Singhy. You all a forum of closet Nash fans. :D :D :D

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Guest Walshy

Apparently they had a match at a house show which also stunk up the place! But just think, 1 more month till HHH V Goldberg and then we will have a new champion (Oh the joy!)


After thinking about the rumble match I think that they might give the title to HBK (why I don't know) but is a feeling I have. It should go down to RVD and Y2J, then we could have RVD winning and then he and Jericho could have a nice long fued for the IC belt! But I suppose it won't happen, anything that involves pushing a guy is forbidden on RAW!

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Guest HSM
Originally posted by Walshyboy

But just think, 1 more month till HHH V Goldberg and then we will have a new champion (Oh the joy!)


You do realise that HHH is gonna drop the belt to Nash dont you? That way Trip gets to job to one of his pals instead of having to job to Goldberg.

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Guest Cactus Jack
Give the IC Title to Kane; give him much needed credibility. I'm afraid that the destruction of Kane as a character has, in my mind, been underestimated.
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Guest Dintrox

IC to Kane????


I think many other wrestlers deserve a shot at the IC title,.


RVD, Jericho, Benoit, all are more deserving then Kane. Kane's gimmick is old. His star power is questionable...

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