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An Open Letter: By Vince Russo


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I’ve just seen it too many times. . .and every time it breaks my heart even more.


Maybe some will disagree with what I’m about to write, but as a caring human being—I feel it’s my responsibility. I’ve been involved in the sports/entertainment/wrestling business for over 10 years now—and as you can imagine—I’ve seen, and been through it all. Some like me, some can’t stand me, but that’s OK—it all comes with the job. I try to make it a habit to be the “Teflon Man” and just let things slide right off --but on this occasion—I can’t.


It’s common knowledge to those that knew, but “Miss" Elizabeth, as she always was to me, wasn’t a big fan of mine. We had some differences when it came to business, and that’s just part of the territory. Even though I’m sure Liz never knew it—I was a big fan of hers. From that one “unforgettable” spot at SummerSlam at MSG back in the 80’s I was hooked. She was a class act—and the ultimate “Diva” before “Diva” was in.


But this open letter isn’t a tribute to Liz. Yes, I’m deeply sorry that I never took the time to tell her that she had such a big influence on me in the business—but there’s nothing I can do about that now. But maybe—there’s something I can do for somebody else in the future.


As an outsider looking in, and never being “one of the boys”, I’ve always been distraught over the drug abuse that goes with our business. Prescription, or not, drugs are being abused—not only every day. . .but every second. Nobody has done a damn thing about this—and it sickens me. How many wives are going to have to lose a husband, or children lose a parent before something is done? It seems as if every week somebody I worked with, somebody I cared about, is just gone in the prime of their life.


And I always get the same answer as to why. Due to a year-round schedule the boys are constantly asked to go above and beyond the call of duty. And they do—they’re the boys—but the price they’re paying is becoming deadly. With pain comes pills and with pills come addiction. It’s just the nature of the beast. No—I haven’t been there so I don’t know—but what I do know is this—NOTHING—NOTHING is worth your life. Not a payday—not a main event—not even “icon” status.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again—this business is the coldest and harshest business I’ve ever been involved in. One day your phone is ringing of the hook—the next day they won’t even allow you to put up the ring. But—the bottom line is this. When the glory is gone—and that spotlight goes out—all you have is your family. In the end nothing else matters, not how many houses you sold out, not how many pay-per-views you headlined, not how much money you made—NOTHING.


The question is—do you want to be there for them?


Think about that before you take your next pill.


Hate me if you will—but somebody had to say something.


Vince Russo


from 1wrestling.com

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Guest Dan
Same here, Russo said some true stuff, although he may have made some mistakes in his past, he wrote some good stuff there:xyx
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Guest therock88
Has some threatened him into saying that or something, because im sute everyoen here would not have imagined themselves agreeing with Vinny Rou.
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