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Favourite chocolate

Guest MillionLiraMan

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Guest MillionLiraMan

I know some of you may think 'Isn't chocolate just all the same?', but believe me it isn't. I actually had a deja vu feeling that this had been done before recently, but having checked back it appears as though it hasn't been. So, what is your favourite chocolate? Mine has to be Galaxy, it's just so silky smooth and luxurious and, oh yeah! For white chocolate I go for Milky Bar, but if we're going for luxury chocolates then it has to be those Guylian Belgian ones, they are sumptuous!


So, what are your faves?

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I also like Galaxy but more often than not if i buy choclate i tend to buy white choclate and more precise, a nice big bar of Cadburys Dream.
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Guest Goldy
If i buy a chocolate bar i usually have an aero, i like them, Mars Bars and Snickers etc i find sickly, i also don't like galaxy and i can't stand Turkish Delight but other than them i don't mind anything else!! :) Edited by Goldy
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Guest Nicole
I hate 99% of milk and dark chocolate and I can only eat white chocolate in small amounts cos it makes me feel physically sick.
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Guest Freddo

My fave is Yorkie- Iknow "it's not for girls", but who cares? It's still delicious! :)

Oh, and the size of the bar- my mouth is watering just writing this! :D

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Guest Peter

My Favourite Chocolate Bars/Sweets are:


Dairy Milk

Galaxy Caramel

Creme Eggs



Milky Bar

Nestle Double Cream

Chocolate Orange


My favourite kind of chocolate is probably Galaxy, as I like the smooth, creamy taste.

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Guest remlap

Post count plus +1


My favorites are


Nestle's Lion bar, Cadbury's Dairy milk, Terry Chocolate orange, or any white chocolate


though I dont mind Frys peppermint cream

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Guest Craig Van Dam

I like lots of different types of chocolate but my favourites are


Caburys Dairy Milk



Mars Bar

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