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***Official Raw Thread 13/5/03***


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A shot of the arena was shown and the cage was down in the ring with Christian in it. Christian said that he knows Stone Cold sent him out here to compete first tonight but this match with Goldberg should not happen and here is why; First of all, nobody wants to see the new people's champion brutalized inside of a steel cage. Secondly, he has a really important photo shoot tomorrow and his photographer advised him that it wouldn't be good to show up with a bruised and battered face. And with that, this match should not happen. It just shouldn't happen.


Stone Cold Steve Austin's music hit in the arena and he entered the ring and did his posing to a tremendous ovation. Austin said there's nothing like the feel of a good old steel cage! He's in the back trying to mind his own business and Christian is out here flapping his gums with excuses. It's a bunch of crap. What is he doing out here in his tights? It's not time for the match. The match isn't until later. Goldberg isn't even here yet! The match is later and the match is on. Christian will wrestle because Stone Cold said so.


Christian pleaded with Stone Cold and he explained that Stone Cold stuck his finger up in the back and said he was on first. Stone Cold told Christian that he didn't say he was number one; he was showing him the middle finger... F U. Christian asked Stone Cold if he could address his peeps and Stone Cold told him to proceed. Christian senses that somebody is harboring a little bit of resentment to him because The Rock named him his favorite wrestler. And something else, it's not his fault that The Rock beat Stone Cold at Wrestlemania. And you don't have to be jealous of Christian.... Stone Cold cut Christian off and he said that he's trying very hard not to lose his patience. The fans chanted "lose it" and Austin laughed and said right now he's going to maintain his composure but if he's going to continue to act like a jackass, he will see fit to exercise his authority and yank his ass out of the battle royal for the Intercontinental Championship, which means he won't have a shot at the title.


Rob Van Dam's music hit in the arena and he made his way out as one half of the World Tag Team Champions and himself, a former Intercontinental Champion. Rob said that he was listening to Stone Cold back there and as a former Intercontinental Champion, he's officially entering the battle royal and he plans on walking out of Judgment Day as the new Intercontinental Champion. Christian told RVD that if he thinks he's so great, why doesn't he take his place against Goldberg right here in Philadelphia? Christian claimed that the people wanted it but they did nothing but boo Christian. Stone Cold asked the fans if they want to see Christian get his ass whipped in a steel cage tonight by Goldberg, give him a hell yeah! The fans responded with a resounding Hell Yeah. RVD then asked for a "Rob Van Dam" if they think he's going to walk out of Judgment Day as the Champion. Christian asked the fans that if they think Stone Cold and RVD should get off his back and give him the night off, give him a Christian rules! The fans responded by booing and Stone Cold said that their response basically means he sucks. As far as he's concerned, they can stop ripping off his material and on a side note, they can leave the ring right now because if they don't, not only will they be in the Intercontinental Title Battle Royal but they're going to get a Stone Cold Stunner right here in this ring.


Kane's music hit in the arena and he made his way out and Christian left the ring with no alternative than to fight Goldberg in a Steel Cage! Kane told Rob that they might be tag team partners and they might be friends but come Judgment Day, Tag Team Champions or not, Kane is going to win that battle royal. And no one, including Rob Van Dam is going to stop him. Rob said OK to Kane. He's listening to him and he hears him but if winning that Intercontinental Title means throwing Kane over the top rope, then he'll find a way to do it. Kane and RVD exchanged words but Austin interjected, saying that it's not about Kane and RVD right now. He senses a little bit of tension and he likes it but he knows how to release tension and that's by drinking beer.


Austin called for another beer bash but Eric Bischoff's music hit and he made his way out. Eric said to cut the music and cut the crap. It appears to him that we need some control in this situation, so let him lend his experience. Austin claimed that he had everything under control but Bischoff disagreed. In fact, he thought he heard something about a beer bash but Eric told Austin that there's going to be no beer bash tonight. Austin can catch a couple of cold ones after the show for sure. If he remembers correctly, last week Eric said that he was going to raise the bar tonight and he wasn't talking about the beer you find at the bar. As a matter a fact, as luck would have it, he was thinking about RVD and Kane here so what he decided to do was sign a match where Rob Van Dam and Kane will defend their Tag Team Championships here tonight against a team that they have never faced before. A team that may be one of the best, if not the best tag teams in the history of our industry! And that team is none other than the Legion of Doom!


WWE World Tag Team Championship

-Kane and Rob Van Dam © vs. The Legion of Doom

LOD's music hit in the arena and they made their way out to the ring as the challengers for the World Tag Team Titles!


Animal started it off in the ring against Rob Van Dam and Animal kicked RVD in the gut and then he backed him into the corner and hammered away on him.


RVD hit Hawk with the rolling thunder and then Animal gave Rob a shot to the back and then RVD went for a pin kick but Animal caught him in a power bomb.


The Legion of Doom went for the Devastation device but RVD ducked the clothesline and ducked behind Animal and Kane got in the ring and gave Animal a big boot to send him down to the mat.


Kane gave Hawk a big boot and then Rob Van Dam went to the top rope and came off with the frog splash and a pin for the three count to get the win and retain the titles!


Trish was shown getting some make up on when Steven and Victoria showed up. Victoria said that she lost her title at Backlash and she might get that back but in tonight's hardcore match, there's plenty of weapons that she could use to disfigure that pretty little face of hers. Because when she takes Trish's looks away, that's something that she could never get back.


Chris Jericho was shown getting ready for tonight and Triple H showed up. Triple H told Chris that he was just sitting back there thinking to himself that they're in Philly tonight. This is one of the most famous arenas in the company. Chris disagreed because all their teams suck. Triple H said that this is famous because this is the place that one year ago, Kevin Nash tore his quad. Chris asked Triple H how ironic it is that he's wrestling the man that tore Triple H's quad two years ago? Triple H said what's even funnier is that Chris Jericho went from being a nothing to being an undisputed champion just on the reputation that he built after he tore Triple H's quad. Imagine what it would do for his reputation and career if he was to tear Kevin Nash's quad tonight? It would make him the biggest Superstar of all time. Chris pointed out what it would do for Triple H and his match at Judgment Day and Triple H wished him good luck as Chris had a smile on his face.


A limo was shown pulling up and it was Goldberg. Goldberg opened the door and a car drove by, slamming the limo door shut, pissing Goldberg off.


In the back, Teddy Long approaches Austin, saying that he is missing the opportunity to have a man of color and a man of soul in the IC Battle Royal. Mack says that he deserves to be the Intercontinental Champ. Austin says that it's his fault and he realizes that he was wrong; but it isn't Rodney Mack. He forgot about Booker T. Austin says that he hears Mack's music so they better get out of here.


Five Minute Double White Boy Challenge

In the ring, the Phoenix Brothers wait in the ring for the first ever Five Minute Double White Boy Challenge. Mack comes out and into the ring, while Teddy says that this will prove how bad Rodney Mack is.


Mack knocks one ofthe White Boys away, then starts beating on the other in the corner. Mack drops Blonde White Boy on the ropes. White Boy Two knocks him away and Blonde rolls him up for a two count.


Mack tosses White Boy Two over the top and applies a sleeper on Blonde White Boy. He taps out, but the bell doesn't ring. Mack goes outside and pulls White Boy Two inside, then applies the same submission for the victory.


Outside, Coach catches up with Bischoff and asks him about what happened to Goldberg. Bischoff says that nothing happened and he has no comment.


Bischoff walks out and finds Classy Freddie Blassie. Bischoff complains about having to promote Blassie's book. Rico walks up and Bischoff blows off Blassie. Rico says that he's in a funk and needs to get back on track. Bischoff looks over at Blassie and gets an idea. He calls Blassie inside.


In the back, Austin walks up to Goldberg and asks if he saw the driver of the car that almost hit him. Goldberg says that he didn't, but he's going to take it out on Christian. Austin tells him to get ready for his match.


As we return, Freddie Blassie is wheeled out on stage. Bischoff comes out and plugs Blassie's book. Bischoff says that at Blassie's age, he wonders if Blassie will be around for even three minutes more.


Rico, Rosie and Jamal enter the ring from the crowd, as Bischoff wheels Blassie down the ramp. Bischoff says that they can take him. Rosie and Jamal pick up the wheelchair, but Austin comes out saying no.


Austin tells all of them to back off. Austin wheels Blassie further away from the four others. Austin asks if Bischoff remembers the guys he suspended a few weeks ago. Bischoff does. Austin just unsuspended them.


The D-Bombs drop and BuhBuh and D-Von run out. BuhBuh takes Rosie while D-Von chops away on Jamal. BuhBuh clotheslines Rosie over, then hits Rico with a BuhBuh Bomb. Jamal whips D-Von into the corner, but BuhBuh clotheslines him down. D-Von goes up top and hits the Wassup Headbutt.


Austin says that Classy has something to say. He gives Freddie the mic, and he tells D-Von to get the tables. D-Von obliges and sets up a table in the ring. Rico stumbles up and gets 3Ded through the table. Austin gets the Dudleys some beer, and they celebrate.


Steel Cage

-Goldberg vs. Christian

As we return, the Steel Cage is lowered and Christian comes out with a steel chair. Unfortunately, JR announces that the match can be won by going over the top, out the door, or by pinfall. Boo. Christian says that he doesn't just have any chair; it's the chair the Rock used to beat the crap out of Goldberg. Goldberg makes the long walk to the ring.


Christian throws the chair at Goldberg and tries to quickly get out of the ring, but Goldberg grabs him. Headlock suplex by Goldberg. Goldberg lets Christian climb up, only to upll him back down. Kick by Goldberg, then a punch, as Goldberg starts yelling about almost being hit by the car. Knee by Goldberg. Christian climbs to the door but can't get out. He is able to grab his chair though.


Low blow by Christian, allowing him to get his chair. He smacks it onto Goldberg's head, and then repeatedly cracks him across the back. Christian starts ramming the thin end into Goldbergs back. He goes for a pin, but only gets two. Christian stomps on Goldberg's head, then a choke on the ropes. After some gloating, Christian starts climbing and gets over the top, but Goldberg grabs his last foot, and pulls him back into the ring.


Christian again nails Goldberg with the chair, then hits a falling neckbreaker. Christian rears back and waits, running for a Spear, but Goldberg sidesteps him and rams him into the cage.


Goldberg regains his senses and starts knocking down Christian with punches. He picks up Christian and tosses him into the cage, then does it again. He picks up Christian and rams him into the cage, then slams him into the mat. Goldberg sits in wait, finally hitting the Spear. Goldberg calls for the end and hits the Jackhammer 1-2-3!


-Ric Flair vs. The Hurricane

In the back, Ric Flair congratulates Austin on becoming Co-GM, but says that Triple H runs this show. Hurricane flies in and says that at Judgment Day, Kevin Nash will beat Triple H down. Nash is going to change Trips' name from Triple H to Triple Biatch. Flair gets up in Helms' face, but Austin separates them. Austin says that if they're that angry, why not have Flair face Helms. Flair says he has to get his stuff on, but Austin says it's going to start right here and now as long as it ends in the ring.


Austin says "Ding Ding" and Flair jacks Helms in the face. THey battle out to the technical area. Helms drags Flair up the steps to the announce table. Flair knocks Helms onto the table and walks to the ring. Helms runs after him, but Flair pulls him down.


Helms starts fighting back, pulling down Flair's pants and exposing his buttocks. As Flair tries to pull his pants up, Helms suplexes Flair. Helms goes up top for a flying crossbody 1-2-shoulder up.


Flair pokes Helms in the eyes, then goes up top. Helms grabs him and tosses him to the mat. Hurricane goes for a chokeslam, but Flair low blows him. Flair struts right into the Hurrislam. Helms struts to the corner and hits the Shining Wizard 1-2-foot on the ropes.


As the ref yells at Helms, Flair rolls down and chop-blocks Helms. Hurricane grabs his ankle in pain. Flair lowblows Helms and stomps on his injured leg. Kneedrop by Flair. Flair applies the Figure Four and fights to keep Helms from rolling over. Helms collapses in pain 1-2-shoulder up. Helms tries to roll it over but can't, and he submits to the pain.


After the bell, Flair keeps the Four applied. Triple H comes down and gets Flair to break the hold. Trips raises Flair's arm in victory. Triple H suddenly turns around and Pedigrees Hurricane for good measure.


-Goldust, Test and Scott Steiner vs. Chris Nowinski and La Resistance

With Test, Steiner and Goldust waiting in the ring, Nowinski and La Resistance come out. Grenier says that Americans find any reason to go to war. They didn't find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, so why not go to Syria or North Korea? Dupree says that France did not help the Americans because they are barbarians. They searched high and low for an exception and found him in the educated Chris Nowinski.


Steiner, Test and Goldust leap out of the ring and start attacking early. Test brings Dupree into the ring and starts stomping away to begin the match. Clothesline by Test, then another. Test clotheslines Nowinski off the apron, then another. Tag to Goldust. Dupree pokes Goldust in the eys and tags in Nowinski.


Goldust uppercuts Nowinski then hits an atomic drop. Clothesline by Goldust for a two count. Tag to Grenier. Hiptoss by Goldust. Tag to Steiner.


Steiner chops away on Grenier, then clotheslines him down. Elbow drop by Steiner. Tag to Test, who knocks Dupree off the apron. Nowinski guillotines Test. Tag to Dupree.


Dupree rams Test's shoulder into the ringpost, then elbows him down. Tag to Grenier, who hits repeated elbow drops. Tag to Nowinski, who applies an armbar. Test clotheslines out of the hold, but Nowinski takes him down. Nowinski misses the elbow drop, allowing Steiner to tag in.


Clotheslines all around by Steiner. Suplex to Nowinski. He knocks Grenier out of the ring. Dupree goes up top and leaps, but Steiner catches him and hits an overhead belly-belly. Grenier knocks Steiner away, but Test knocks him out, but Goldust knocks him out, but Nowinski knocks him out. Steiner comes back and hits a running powerbomb on Nowinski 1-2-3!


Terri asks Jericho if he has any idea who tried to run over Goldberg. Jericho says that it wasn't him if that's what she is insinuating, because if he wanted to do it, he would do it face-to-face. But it pales in comparison to what he's going to do to Kevin Nash tonight and then go into Judgment Day and get his IC Title back.


Hardcore Match

-Trish Stratus vs. Victoria

Trish Stratus waits in the ring as Victoria and Stevie Richards come out. Tommy Dreamer comes out, seemingly to keep Stevie from interfering.


Victoria pulls Trish down. Trish goes to the corner and hits a headscissors. She tries to pull something out of the trashcan in the corner, but Victoria picks her up. Trish rolls down her back 1-2-shoulder up.


Victoria gets a cookie tray, but Trish kicks it back at her. Trish ducks a shot and punches the tray into Victoria 1-2-shoulder up. Trish knocks Victoria and tries to hit Stevie. Victoria rolls her up with a legscissors and smashes her face into the plate.


Victoria hits a tornado sidewalk slam onto the tray. She gets a trascan lid, but Trish bends back Matrix-style and then kicks the tray back into Victoria. Victoria again picks Trish up on her shoulders and tosses her to the mat 1-2-shouder up.


Victoria takes out a leather strap and starts cracking it across Trish's back. She chokes Trish with it and applies a Bow and Arrow. She continues with the choke, going onto the turnbuckle to lift Trish off the mat. Trish frees herself from the hold and goes for a hurricanrana, but Victoria holds onto Trish's legs. Trish punches Victoria and hits the move.


Stevie guillotines Trish, so Tommy pulls Stevie off the apron and starts beating on him. Victoria grabs a kendo stick, but Trish kicks it into Victoria. She takes the stick and cracks Victoria across the stomach, then hits the Stratusfaction 1-2-3!


-Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Nash

Nash starts by shoving Jericho away, then elbowing him down. Knees by Nash, then a toss to the mat. Jericho ducks Nash and tries to push him into the corner, but Nash knocks him away. Jericho tries to pull at Nash's quadricep, but Nash keeps clubbing him down. Knee by Nash that knocks Jericho out of the ring.


Jericho tries to reenter with a flying crossbody, but Nash catches him with a choke and slams him down. Jericho dives at Nash's knees, falling the big man. Elbows to the knee by Jericho. He goes outside and smacks Nash's leg on the apron. He pulls Nash to the corner and wraps his knee around the ringpost.


Back in the ring, Jericho kicks at Nash's knee, but Nash hits a sidewalk slam. Jericho ducks a Big Boot and again kicks at Nash's knees. Bulldog by Jericho, then the Lionsault 1-2-shoulder up.


Triple H and Flair run down, and Nash takes them all down. Triple H dives and takes out Nash's knee. Trips then tosses Earl Hebner from the ring. Shawn Michaels runs down and helps even the odds. Nash gets back up and knocks Flair away. He drops Triple H on the turnbuckle then clotheslines him over teh top. Big boot to Jericho. HBK gives Flair some Sweet Chin Music as Nash hits Jericho with the Jacknife. Nash stands on Jericho as Michaels counts the 1-2-3.


Triple H tries to run in with the Title belt, but Nash turns and catches him with a boot. Nash grabs Triple H and clubs him down. He lowers the straps and Jacknifes Triple H! Nash stands on Triple H, and again Michaels counts the 1-2-3.

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Guest Craig Van Dam

Just wondering if Goldberg will have a match at Judgement Day?


Anyway a decent looking Raw I wonder if the L.O.D were any good in there match also I like the way WWE are teasing a Steiner/Test fued I would bet on Steiner Vs Test happening at Bad Blood

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RAW didn't look to bad this week, I'll be interested to seehow the LOD match went, anyone got any feedback from it, see if Hawk and Animal are any good?
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Guest MillionLiraMan
I'll reserve judgment until I've seen the show, but I'm pretty psyched at the prospect of the Legion Of Doom being on it. What a shame that Jericho and Christian had to job to Nash and Goldberg though, it makes for a good Raw but if they had blown off those matches with some interference they could have used them on a PPV. I presume now that Triple H must be retaining, because if Nash did win he's already beaten Jericho now, leaving him with no-one to face if he was to beat Triple H and have done with that feud. That said, if Nash did win I suppose he'd just job the belt back to Triple H at the next month's PPV so he could get the win I suppose.
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Guest Jung
Goldberg will not be wrestling at the PPV. Also gotta find it lovely how Nash stinking the joint up every week, and still gets the super push, yet someone like Edge has 1 bad match within 10, and gets demoted. Love the politics.
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Guest The Crippler

Seems like a pretty good show. I'm liking Austin's involvement - reminds me of the Foley commissionership a little.


They could maybe have had Goldberg v Christian in that Cage Match at PPV. It would have given Christian a bit of the spotlight which he really deserves.

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LOD were supposed to look totally pathetic. Apparently, they were pretty slow and rusty, but the crowd popped huge (as they would). Unfortunately, I think they will be signed and pushed.



As for the rest of the show.. I'll give it a miss this week.

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