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The Sims

Guest Nicole

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Guest Nicole

Anyone played any one of the Sims series?


On me old comp I had the original and Holiday and Pet sims. I really enjoyed the game, even though the level of interactivity gets boring after a while.


I now own the Ps2 version, and I think that's pretty good too, although it's limited. It's much easier on the ps2, and I've enjoyed a good hour or two going through the new levels mode.


The sims 2 is being developed currently, to add more interactivity and stuff, sounds really good and I can't wait to try it.


Anyone gonna buy the new extension: Superstar? Anyone interested in the Sims 2?


(Btw, I dont want any replys of "I'll do a review of it" or "I'm not interested in the game, but I'll post anyway cos I'm interested in the series", Thanks :D)

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Guest Verb
yeah, I downloaded the original version of the sims, although I got bored quite easy (for some reason I can't download add-ons that work) I'll probably buy sims 2 when it comes out....anyone have any screen shots??
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Guest Seabass

i liked the sims to boredom sets in

the problem is you don't have full control over your character- something that dampens my enjoyment for the game


hopefully Sims 2 will fix this

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Guest Russ

I used to really love The Sims.


I downloaded heaps of skins, and did different situations. From everything from The Simpsons, to Friends, to Frasier, to a house full of movie stars, I had a lot of fun.


But my favourite game had to be when I made loads of WWE/WCW related houses. The Dudleyz lived in one big table, and Debra dumped Stone Cold for D-Von, in a shocking love story. Ric Flair and Chris Jericho became enemies, and couldn't stand to be in the same room as each other. The best part was that I trapped Hulk Hogan in a cell, with no food or water, and after several days of soiling himself, he died.


Yes, I passed many hours playing away on The Sims, but it just gets too repetitive after a while. I never bothered much with the expansion packs or the online version of the game, and I don't think I would buy a sequel, but I loved it for the first few months that I owned it.

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