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Best Tag Team of all time?

Guest Simon

Greatest tag team ever?  

46 members have voted

  1. 1. Greatest tag team ever?

    • British Bulldogs
    • Demolition
    • Legion of Doom
    • Hart Foundation
    • The Outsiders
    • New Age Outlaws
    • Edge and Christian
    • Dudley Boys
    • Other (please state)

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Now heres a reasonably original and interesting poll :D . I was just walking around outside and then suddenly I started singing Road Dogg's music. It reminded me of the new age outlaws of course, and how many considered them to be one of the greatest tag teams of all time.


And that got me thinking....who has been the greatest tag team of all time? Its a damn tough question. The choices are the ones who you hear being mentioned a lot as one of the greatest tag teams of all time, hopefully I got all the main ones. Just be realistic ok, in other words dont say the Hardyz or High Energy or something.



Personally my vote goes to the Hart Foundation. Loved their promos and their matches, and they had the Hitman. What more could you ask for. I was close to saying Edge and Christian because they too were fantastic, but really....I just dont feel right not saying the Hart Foundation. I should state that all the choices I listed in my opinion all have a pretty decent claim to being the greatest tag team of all time, bar Legion of Doom....to me they were never anything special.

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The British Bulldogs were an incredible team. Some of their matches were absolutly mind blowing.


I've seen a lot of LOD and Demolition stuff, but neither of these teams compare to Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith.


In more recent years though, Edge and Christian were an extremely entertaining team, both in and out of the ring. Once they were allowed to show off their mic skills, the team flourished, and their matches became a lot more fun to watch due to the charisma and chemistry shared between both Edge and Christian.

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Guest Pabster

Not many at the moent we see them as the "best ever" but I'm sure in around 10 years time people will see the Dudleyz as the best ever.l


They were awesome in ECW and then they took the tables with them to the WWE. They created a new way of tag team wrestling and noramlly in tag teams you have a strong and a weaker wrestler but the Dudleyz included two highly talented wrestlers.


D-Von - Get more votes for the Dudleyz in this poll!!!!!!!!



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Guest Pseudonym Anonymity

Well when I break it down to simply this "who has entertained me most over the years"


I'd have to go with these, and not be able to choose between them.


The Steiners, Road Warriors, Midnight Express, Hart foundation, British Bulldogs and the Brain Busters


In terms of the more modern day teams I'd have to go with Edge and Christian as they had it all, good mic work and good in the ring and hopefully in 10 years time they'll be looked upon with the same respect as teams like the Bulldogs and Hart Foundation.


Bit of a cop out I know but I just can't split them. I also loved the Eliminators but having spent a lot of time recently watching some old ECW stuff I've realised that they were nowhere near as good as I thought and certainly not in the same league as the guys I've mentioned above

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Why, Oh Why has no one mentioned the Bushwackers? They were fantastic! They would march to the ring,get beat up/chucked out of the ring and march out again! They should of been top of the poll!!
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Guest kid banzai

I've always been a fan of the Fabulous Freebirds - if you check my location you'll see that we even come from the same place !


Certainly, the Steiner Bothers are deserving of a mention (even though they began to nosedive after they joined the WWF) as are the Midnight Express (Lane & Eaton). Quality teams both.

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Guest Pseudonym Anonymity

yeah i thought about mentioning the freebirds


they were cool, and being a bit of an nwa/wcw fan i enjoyed a lot of their stuff, not only were they damn funny on the mic, but they could actually get the ddt right, unlike most wrestlers.


i forgot about the other midnight express, well the bob holly/bart gunn one.


i was actually watching the midnight express vs midnight express match the other day, lane and eaton vs condrey and victory. heyman and cornette were superb, the match really shows why you need managers in wrestling.

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Guest sam bird

You put a team like the New Age Outlaws in there but leave out teams like 'The Rockers' or 'The Rock 'N Roll Express'?!


I'm not gonna comment on who's the 'Best' but one of the most influential tag teams of all time are the 'Fabulous Kangaroos' who were some of the first wrestlers ever to have a sort of high-flying repetoire,therefore help set the tone for future high-flyers.

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erm i liked the steiners, LOD in their prime, hollywood blondes, e and c and the midnights myself. Even tho did love the Nasty Boys promos for some strange reason
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Guest SiMania
Original Midnight Express (Beautiful Bobby and Lover boy Dennis) and Freebirds (Hayes, Gordy and Roberts not the Shitty WCW version with hayes and garvin) are 2 of my favs
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For Gods sake sam, can you honestly say you have ever heard any wrestling commentator (or fan for that matter) say that the Rockers were the greatest tag team ever? And the Bushwhackers?


Plus, I never realised that the Freebirds were so popular....you really think they were the greatest of all time? Like I said, anyone who wasnt mentioned really has never been suggested to have been a contender to the title "greatest ever". I'll grant you though that the Freebirds and the Brainbusters should maybe have been options, but then thered have been too many. Forgive me eh.


I spit on your Steiner Brothers :P

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