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I have returned


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I am back, to the dispair of many, but I wasn't going to tell you and just try and get back into the swing of things, but BRM persuided me.

I was involved in a car crash that about killed me in the October holidays and I was inprisoned, I mean in hospital for a month, when I got back I was unable to walk, never mind log online, then when I was suitable I found out my computer was knacked, this drove me insane, I finally got a computer on Christmas Eve, I went to PC world and asked for there cheapest computer, I gave it to my uncle and took his, I will hopefully have my own back by Febuary.

I am now reasonably fine and back. I wish you all a Happy New year.

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It's good to have you back and most importantly safe.

I was thinking the other day, but if you were to perish in some way or another your online friends would never know would they.

I started thinking of ways to let people know if i was in a acccident, so in my dafety deposit box i've left a little book with my passswords in.

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