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Red Hot!!! E3 Revealed!!! U Have To See This Thread!!!

Guest ChrisfromBirtley

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Guest ChrisfromBirtley

As You can see I'm very excited. The reason? Have a ganda:


he E3 show in Los Angeles happened this month, well, this week I think.


And I have confirmation on the hottest stuff!!!



Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater looks like being the best game ever, It's true. Sorry, but it is.


Gran Trismo 4 Online- Damage? Bring It On!!!


Half Life 2!!!


Ratchet And Clamk 2!!!


Jak 2!!! (Jak and Daxter 2)




It's happening!!!


Metal Gear 3's screen shots are based in a rainforest. Swimming will be more of a feature, and get this...no Raiden! U play as Snake, Snake, and erm...Snake!!!


GT4 most realistic driving. Vehicles. Damage class!!!




U have got to go to that site!!!


It has an exclusive 12 minute MGS3 video to download!!!


Don't believe me? Check it your self!!!




Plz reply about your thoughts on the games featured at E3, I will preview all of them soon!!!






p.s: Sorry 4 the lack of qualoty, but I'm so excited, and had to get it down!!!

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Guest Peter
The MGS3 screens look awesome, I like the fact it is going to be set in the rainforest, should be more refreshing to play as opposed to the usual scenery. It also looks like it with have a few Splinter Cell elements in. Looking forward to it.
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Guest ChrisfromBirtley



PS Portable has been confirmed!!!


dunno the excact details.


but will report when I get 'em

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Guest Seabass

After RAW (and if i have the energy) i'll reaveal some more of the Games that will be showed at E3

...one day...i will go to E3

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Guest ......cjr......

MGS3 - The best looking game if i ever saw one.


This game is gonna be the dogs. I did hear that it was gonna be on the PS3 cause the PS2 was not good enough for Konami's plans for MGS3. I guess i was wrong. Still looks like the best game ever. Will blow GTA3 and SC away.


Thanks for that Chris, Keep em coming.



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Guest ChrisfromBirtley

No problem!


But...the sources did however come from the E3 show from gamesradar.com


cheers 4 replying/



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Guest Seabass

X-Box info


Sega will be deubting a NEW sonic game- called Sonic Heroes where u control Knuckles, Tails and Sonic. you can use theier ablities for various tasks as well as combine and control all three at the same time. (will be out for the PS2 as well)


Fable- which is being explained as the "best role player ever created" is being created by gaming legend- Peter Monyluex. it sees you control a boy and live out your lif in a fantasy world where every action can effect your fate- it looks to be an awesome game.


Project Gotham 2 improves on the orginal by having more cars, more cities and online compatiblity


Dino crisis sets to improve on the other two titles by having tougher puzzles, smarter AI and a better camera system


also being showed is; Lord of The ring: Return of the King, SSX 3, FIFA 2004, The sims bustin' out and Medal of Honour: Rising Sun, Ghost Recon: Island Thunder, Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Acdamy,Lord of the rings: Treason of Isengard, Call of Duty and Battlestar Galactica (!)

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Guest Peter K

Finally a Sonic game for the X-Box at long last!!!!!!! :jump :partysmil


FIFA 2004 - what are the confirmed features?



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Guest ChrisfromBirtley

FIFA 2004


I'm going to preview it soon in my thread.


But... FIFA promises the most up to date features possible (including Becham's new haircut!!!)


The best graphics...they promise to beat Pro Evo's efforts.(Is that possible?)


And they hope to have an even better Season mode.


All sounds quite promising...


I'll preview it soon.



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Guest Peter K

Yes ChrisfromBirtley - it is possible for FIFA 2004 to beat Pro Evo graphics and dare I say - be better than Pro Evo at all....


As long EA Sports doesn't skive off thats all :D


Loved FIFA 2003 myself :)

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Guest ChrisfromBirtley

Footy Games


As fra as footy games go...


I never really liked 'em at all.


However, if you sat me down and forced me to play one...


it would have to be...


Pro Evo 2


Because...having played it..in my view, it IS the best footy game out there.


Feel free to disagree, but...I do.

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