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***Official Judgment Day Thread (Will Contain Spoilers)***


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HHH vs. Kevin Nash


Stretcher Match

Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show


Mr. America vs. Roddy Piper


Intercontinental Title Battle Royal

Ex-IC Champs on Raw


Ladder Match for the Tag Team Titles

Team Angle vs. Los Guerreros


La Resistance vs. Scott Steiner & Test


Bikini Contest

Torrie Wilson vs. Sable


Women's Title Match

Jazz vs. Trish vs. Victoria vs. Jacqueline



What do you think of the build up to the PPV?


What matches are you looking forward to?


Will you be watching?

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I cant say I've been looking forward to this PPV - the buildup has been terrible.


The only match that I was looking forward to was the ladder match, but now Chavo is injured, I'm not too sure...will depend on who his partner ends up being.


I wont be staying up for this, thats for sure! :)

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Guest MillionLiraMan

Well what do you know? I did stay up for it, and it wasn't all that bad but it certainly wasn't great.


Hogan against Piper was dire, as was to be expected, although I think even though he's not in great shape hot Rod's gut has decreased considerably since WrestleMania, so I'm going to have to figure out what he's doing that isn't working for me!


Triple H versus Nash wasn't great by any means, but after the bell I really enjoyed the massive brawl by the announce table! I think after they had the brawl on Raw they maybe realised they missed the boat with this match, they'll probably rehash it next month with a stipulation and then save Triple H versus Goldberg for SummerSlam that way, which is fair enough. Shame they had Michaels and Ric Flair kicked out until after the bell, Naitch was getting huge pops from his home fans so maybe they should have been allowed to see a bit more of him.


Lesnar versus Big Show wasn't as bad as I thought it might be, and we got to see something a bit different with a full vertical suplex on Show, holy shit! Rey making an appearance was a good idea for the PPV but spoiled the match a bit for me even if it was no disqualification. Also, Lesnar coming out on a forklift? Is he going to be trying to be the SmackDown! answer to Austin these days with the whole vehicle thing? Unexpected from Lesnar, a one-off so let it go I suppose. Thing is, if he can bodyslam, F5, belly-to-belly suplex, German suplex and vertical suplex him, surely you'd think he could put him on to a stretcher without any bother? I don't know. I think that it proves that there is a role for Big Show though, I think with his size they can always put him into some sort of program and make it work, since whil A-Train being 350 lbs isn't that significant in wrestling terms, Big Show is that much bigger and therefore could always be utilised in some meaningful way, and matches like these prove that he's no dead loss. Also he took a nasty throttle with that cable around his neck, that tightening up for him to fall foff the stretcher didn't look too pleasant!


Eddie having Tajiri as his partner was unexpected, even more surprised to see them win after that. I was sure it was going to be Rey, it'll be interesting to see how Eddie and Tajiri gel because it's not a partnership you would maybe expect to see lasting for a very long time. I think this could spell the end of Team Angle within the next couple of months, I think something will happen to change things when Kurt Angle returns, which should really be any time soon.


The Intercontinental title Battle Royal looked like it was going to be poor with it going down to Book-Dust and Christian and Jericho virtually straight away, but after that it was really enjoyable. Nice to see Booker T and Goldust having a go at each other, and Christian screwing Jericho then screwing Booker T! That was exactly what Christian needed, people talked about Michaels or Jericho needing to give the title instant credibility, but for me Christian has done that with the way he was put over in the match, he was outstanding. This is exactly what should be the purpose of the Intercontinental title, because Christian wasn't quite considered in the same bracket as the other two main Raw heels Triple H and Chris Jericho, but now that match has really elevated him even more and he looks set for a cracking feud with Booker T. I know people will not be happy that Booker T still doesn't have a title, but obviously he will, it just means that he has to wait for a little while longer while we get to watch a great feud and another top heel on Raw becoming fully established!


La Résistance also got the debut win over Test and Steiner, but when are they just going to have the Mega Powers rip-off storyline come to a head instead of just putting us through more Test and Steiner tag matches? Nice to see the French guys get the win, but even so they are still being made to look a little weak in my view. I think they're still a bit green right now so maybe in a little while they will have more confidence to show a bit more of their capabilities during their matches.


The other SmackDown! tag match was a bit disappointing for me. Spanky was the only face who really got any significant time in the ring, Benoit did a bit and livened up things but Rhyno barely featured at all, makes you wonder if he wasn't at full strength after his Velocity match with big, mean, intense Bill DeMott. Still it was a decent enough match, just it wasn't what it might have been.


The women's Raw title match was OK, I think it was the right call to keep Jazz with the title. It was quite good when they had Trish and Victoria both nearly tapping out, that had a bit of suspense in it even though there's not much chance of a title match ending with a tap out to a half Boston Crab. Trish actually bled as well, so there was definitely some intensity there! I still thought the WrestleMania three way was better, and I don't quite get how Jackie turns up in the PPV match without being on Raw to build up to it, but there you go. They made not a bad job of it, I just hope it doesn't mean another month of Teddy Long spouting out utter crap that makes no sense about racism.


As for Sable and Torrie, it was predictable but it was quite weird to see Sable 'job' as it were! I thought Sable actually got the louder pop before Torrie did her second routine and got the obvious decision. Somehow when Ric Flair bared his ass on Raw the other day there wasn't quite the same positive reaction! not the best bit of the PPV, but didn't promise anything fantastic so taking it for what it was, I suppose people got what they expected to see.


All in all not as bad as I thought it could have been, not fantastic but for one of the lesser considered PPVs I thought it was decent enough. I wouldn't have paid for it, but I wouldn't say it was the worst thing I'd ever seen from the WWE.

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Guest Jung

I have to say the PPV was pretty poor, admittedly the line up was quite terrible, but with the talent they have, they really should be producing better. The fact the first 2 matches, didn't even amount to 10 minutes, where as they'd rather give an hour to Austin and Bischoff, just for the Bischoff throws up punchline, was rather insulting, and a reason why barely anyone is over in WWE, and no-one gives a damn about the product.


Every way match was below 10 minutes, except 2. I'm sorry, but that is unacceptable. How are you going to get people to buy PPV's, when you have longer, better matches on TV, and month long feuds are brushed over in under 10 minutes?


It's almost like Vinnie Mac, has gone insane, ways to get out of this rut are there a plenty, but he keeps on digging further. Everything was super rushed, I found it funny, how the 6 man and IC Battle Royal introductions, lasted longer than the actual matches. Somebody needs to give Vince a kick up the backside, cause he has no idea, and its sad watching this slow painful death, at the moment. Hey, here is a novel idea Vince, you know you do a wrestling show yeah? Well how about PUSHING THE WRESTLERS!!!!!


It wasn't the worst I've ever seen, but WWE's worst PPV in a long while.

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Guest Craig Van Dam

Heres what I thought of the PPV


Benoit/Rhyno/Spanky Vs FBI and Cena 6/10 - A good short match here I think this could have been a hell of a match if it had been give longer oh well least it was a PPV match for Spanky


Steiner/Test Vs La Resistance 6/10 - A good match here a lot better than I was expecting La Resistance impressed me in this match looks like the Steiner Vs Test fued is set up now but I'd rather Steiner be the heel


Eddie/Tajiri Vs Team Angle 8/10 - Match of the night here a suprise to see Tajiri be Eddie's partner it proved to be a pretty entertaing match in my view probably Team Angle's best outing


I.C Title Battle Royal 7/10 - At the start I thought it was gonna suck when almost everyone went out in 2 minutes then it got down to Booker and Goldust and Y2J and Christian it was good nice twist doing the Austin Rumble 97 thing with Christian


Torrie Vs Sable - Wasn't really a match so I can't rate it


Mr America Vs Roddy Piper 4/10 - Yuck this match dam well sucked it was like 1985 all over again


HHH Vs Nash 6/10 - I think this suprised a lot of people it was by no means a great match but it didn't suck I liked it looks like we will see another match at Bad Blood due to the D.Q finish


Jazz Vs Trish Vs Victoria Vs Jackie 5/10 - An average womens match here with Jazz going over least it was a change from Trish Vs Jazz singles matchs


Brock Vs Bigshow 6.5/10 - A lot better than expected both men did well here I thought this was gonna suck but I was proved wrong


Overall 6/10 - Not the best PPV I have seen but certanally not the worst it was an ok PPV could have been better though

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Guest Goldy

The ppv wasn't as bad as i expected, heres what i thought:

Benoit/Rhyno/Spanky vs FBI/Cena: A good match but far to short with the talent in the ring it should of gone longer.


Steiner/Test vs La Resistance : Not a bad match, glad the French guys got the win, with the predictable fall out at the end.


Eddie/Tajiri vs Team Angle : I really enjoyed this match, my match of the night. Great to see Tajiri show what he can do as i feel he is totally wasted by the WWE. Some great spots in this match with the frog spash off the ladder being the best.


Battle Royal : This was also enjoyable, all the wrestlers teaming on Kane, lol, the end was good and i'm really pleased for Christian as i like his charater, shame Jericho didnt win but still, a good match.


Hogan vs Piper : i didnt enjoy it at all, nuff said.


HHH vs Nash : ditto, not too bad just not my type of match.


The womens match was your usual affair, im pleased they're keeping the belt on Jazz.


I'm not going to mention the bikini match will leave that to the guys :D


Lesnar/Show : this was better than i was expecting, although Big Shows lack of fitness levels were obvious for all to see. Have to admire Lesnars pure strenth wow, the ending was good too as it was something different, although i couldn't help thinking Big Show looked like a stranded whale on the forklift lol.


Overall better than expected, but could of been alot better. :)

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