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Season 1 Discussion - The Last of Us on HBO

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  • The title was changed to The Last of Us Discussion (Possible Spoilers)

More than 3 months later

I FINISHED! I don't think Season 1 could have been handled any better. I feel the show even did a few things better than the game. It may be due to having a different medium or knowing more about the direction of certain characters and events for Season 2, but bravo.

What I felt the show did better than the game (Possible Spoilers):

Possible Spoilers
  1. Ellie's growth. In my opinion, Show Ellie was more hardened in the game than in the show. In the game, she had more of a kid-like innocence to her. It still shows in the show, but her direction felt much more in line with her path for Pt. 2, one scene in particular.They also did an outstanding job of giving a deeper dive into Ellie and her backstory.
  2. Filling in the gaps. I didn't expect them to dive into the whys but they did. We now know why the pandemic started and why Ellie is immune. And the explanations work well.
  3. The weight of the decisions made. In the game, I didn't feel the game really captured the essence of what Joel was doing in the hospital scene. It felt very Uncharted-like, instead of a murdering spree involving what were likely innocent people.

I can't wait for season 2

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  • The title was changed to Season 1 Discussion - The Last of Us on HBO

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