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***Official Raw Thread 20/5/03***


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The glass breaks, and we start with Raw Co-GM, Stone Cold Steve Austin. He has a lot of things to get off his chest. The first is Judgment Day, and the time he had. He ate some food, drank some beer, and watched some damn good matches. But he had to spend time with Eric Bischoff, who also ate some food, drank some beer, but as always, made an ass of himself. Austin rolls footage of Bischoff throwing up last night. Austin announces that we won't see much of Bischoff because he has a hangover.


But the big news is next month's PPV. It will be, Stone Cold Steve Austin's Badd Blood. He looks into the camera and says to trust in him, and he will never let the fans down.


Next point of order is the Goldberg situation. He replays the footage of Goldberg almost getting run over, or at least hit by a speeding car. Austin announces that he will find out tonight who tried to hit Goldberg, and when he finds out, he will take them to the ring and face him or her off against Goldberg.


Speaking of matches, Austin calls out current World Champion, Triple H. Trips limps out, accompanied by Ric Flair. Austin cancels Triple H's music as the champion gets to the apron, saying that they don't have time for him to spit out his water or any of his theatrics. He demands that Austin and Flair get in the ring immediately, as he is trying extremely hard to keep his composure.


Austin says that Triple H purposely got himself disqualified last night by hitting Earl Hebner with a sledgehammer, because Kevin Nash was kicking his ass. He shouldn't be Champion, but he is. Shouldn't be, but is. Austin says that because of that, Triple H will wrestle tonight.


Trips says that most people think that Austin is just a drunk. He thinks Austin is drunk with power. Triple H says that he is still World Heavyweight Champion, and thus still has some stroke. He is beat up, and will not be wrestling. Austin says that he will wrestle, but he will give Triple H the ability to choose his own opponent, so long as they are a former World Champion. Those people, Austin says, are Kane, Shawn Michaels, Jericho, or Kevin Nash.


Trips starts to retort, but then stops and thinks. He says that he will wrestle tonight, and he'll wrestle the most dominant World Champion of all time: Ric Flair. And that's the bottom line, because The Game said so.


-Three Minute Warning vs. The Dudley Boys

Rosie and D-Von start after some early fighting, with Rosie hitting a legdrop and a vertical splash. Tag to Jamal. Jamal hits a scoop slam, then a knee drop 1-2-kickout.


Kicks to the chest by Jamal, who then knocks BuhBuh off the apron. Rosie kicks D-Von to the chest and Jamal pins, but the ref is attending to D-Von 1-2-shoulder up.


Scoop slam by Jamal, who goes second rope for a splash, but D-Von gets his knees up. Tag to BuhBuh and Rosie.


Punches by BuhBuh, then chops in the corner. Back elbow by BuhBuh, who goes second rope for a flying cross body 1-2-kickout. back body drop to Jamal, then a neckbreaker to Rosie 1-2-broken by Jamal. Punches by BuhBuh, but Jamal smacks him in the face. Clothesline by BuhBuh, but then Rosie clotheslines him 1-2-shoulder up.


D-Von comes in and helps BuhBuh with a double suplex. BuhBuh pulls Rosie's legs back as D-Von goes up for the Wassup Headbutt. BuhBuh calls for the tables and D-Von goes to get one, but Jamal baseball slides it back into him.


Jamal beats on BuhBuh in the corner. Rosie goes for a corner splash, but BuhBuh boots him and rams him into the ringpost. Unfortunately, he turns around into Jamal, who nails a Samoan Drop. He goes to pin, but the ref says that Rosie is the legal man.


Now Rico puts the table in the ring, and sets D-Von on it. Jamal goes up top, despite the referee's insistance not to. He goes for a splash, but D-Von rolls away and Jamal smashes through the table. D-Von starts beating on Rosie and BuhBuh comes in for the 3D 1-2-3!


After the match, Rico voices his displeasures with his partners. He says that he has had enough and is leaving them.


In the back, Austin comes in on Bischoff. He tells Eric that the best thing to cure his hangover is the old "hair of the dog." He pops a beer for Bischoff and holds it under his nose. The mere smell causes Bischoff to throw up again.


Austin leaves, only to be stopped by Kevin Nash. Austin says he saw the statement Nash made last night, and as far as he is concerned, Nash is the #1 Contender for the Title. And Nash will get the winner of the Triple H/Ric Flair match.


Speaking of, in the back, Flair says that Triple H's decision is the best compliment he has ever gotten. Of all the champions, he chose Flair. The best vs. the best. Trips says that Flair doesn't understand. He's sore. He's beat up. He didn't chose Flair because he's Flair the Champion. He chose him because he's Flair, Triple H's manager. He figures that Flair will talk some smack, then Trips will talk some smack, then Flair will lay down and they'll go home. Trips gets ready, but Flair looks taken aback.


The Y2J Countdown hits 0.00 and out comes the Ayatollah, the Rock Star, the King of the World, the Living Legend, the Highlight of the Night, Chris Jericho. He introduces the most talked about show on television, Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel. He welcomes us to his new set which includes a plasma screen television, the Jeritron 5000, which is apprently more expensive than many of our houses.


Jericho rolls footage from the IC Battle Royal when Christian and Jericho were taking out Booker T, only for Christian to eliminate Jericho when going for the Lionsault. That's why his guest is the new IC Champion, CHristian.


Christian comes out with his belt and a new haircut. Jericho says that Christian's change in appearance doesn't change his actions last night. The first thing that comes to his mind when he looks at Christian is... that he would have done the exact same thing. They embrace and smile.


Christian says that he is a new man with a new look, and he couldn't have done it without all his loyal fans. His heart beats for his peeps. Forget about Clay; forget about Ruben. Christian is the real American Idol. Jericho comments on Christian not even being American. Jericho also brings up that some people think that Christian is a cheater. He plays the end of the match on the Jeritron 5000.


The clip is played of Christian getting knocked out of the ring while the ref is down, only to use the Title belt to lay out Booker T and throw him over while the ref revived himself. Christian says that the only thing he can say is that Booker T just isn't Championship material. He doesn't have cool clothes, a sweet haircut, or the brains. Christian is the new IC Champion, and the referee's decision is final. And the best part is that he did it with both GM's watching.


RVD's music hits, and Van Dam comes onto Jericho's set. RVD says that he sees what Christian is trying to do with the new look, but his catchphrase is weak. Van Dam says he has a good one for him: He's got the belt; he's making the bucks; but everyone knows that Christian sucks. Van Dam says that the people like it, and they like fighting Champions, so why not defend the Title tonight against RVD?


Christian turns down the challenge and says that he doesn't appreciate Van Dam's interruption. With that, he clocks RVD with the microphone, and he and Jericho begin beating on Van Dam. Eventually Kane runs down and the Tag Team Champions knock Christian and Jericho from the ring.


As Christian and Jericho back up the ramp, Stone Cold shows up on the TitanTron. He knows that Christian cheated to win the belt, and he can appreciate that. But he will defend the Title sometime soon. But right now he looks into the ring and sees the Tag Team Champions and two challengers, so once they clear the ring, it's time for a Tag Title Match.


WWE World Tag Team Championship

-Kane and RVD vs. Christian and Chris Jericho

As we return, the match is already underway, with Chris Jericho and RVD in the ring. Van Dam catches Jericho with a spinning heel kick, then a step-over mule kick. Backflip splash by RVD 1-2-shoulder up.


Choke by Jericho, but RVD catches him with a back elbow. Split-legged moonsault by Jericho 1-2-kickout. Jericho tags in Christian, but RVD kicks him back. Tag to Kane.


Kane punches away on on Christian, then chokes him with the boot. Powerslam by Kane 1-2-broken by Jericho. Christian clubs Kane in the back, but can't Irish whip him. Kane tosses Christian outside, then throws Jericho out onto him. RVD leaps onto both of them with a sommersault plancha. Sidewalk slam by Kane. Tag to RVD. Leg drop by RVD, then Rolling Thunder 1-2-kickout.


Shoulder thrusts by RVD. He goes for the monkey flip, but Christian holds Jericho in the corner. Dropkick by Jericho. Tag to Christian. Christian stomps on RVD's neck, then chokes Van Dam with his shirt. Boot choke by Christian, then a snapmare into a sleeper. Christian hits a reverse backbreaker 1-2-broken by Kane. Tag to Jericho.


Choke on the ropes by Jericho, then a running knee. Christian tags back in and hits a powerslam for a two count. Blatant choke by Christian. Tag to Jericho. Reverse chin lock applied by Jericho, but RVD uses the fans to fight up and out of the hold, only to run into Jericho's spinning heel kick. He looks for the Walls of Jericho, but RVD cradles him 1-2-shoulder up. Tag to Christian.


Van Dam fights off Christian and Jericho long enough to dive and tag in Kane. Kane clears house, eventually tossing Jericho from the ring and applying a double handed choke on Christian. He misses the legdrop, but sits up. As Jericho goes up top, Kane tosses Christian into him. Sidewalk slam to Christian 1-2-kickout. Kane goes up top for the flying clothesline 1-2-broken by Jericho.


RVD takes out Jericho with a flying kick, as Kane chokeslams Christian. RVD goes up top for the Five Star, but Jericho pushes him off. Kane pulls Jericho down and hits a tilt-a-whirl slam. He grabs Jericho in a choke, but Christian low blows him. Jericho distracts the ref as Christian attacks Kane. Jericho hits the Lionsault 1-2-shoulder up!


Jericho goes out and gets chairs for himself and his partner. They set Kane for a ConChairTo, but Booker T comes flying in and clears the ring of the challengers. But RVD tosses Christian back into the ring, where Booker hits a spinning heel kick on him. Jericho pulls Christian out and they escape, as Booker hits a Spinaroonie.


In the back, Ric Flair is getting coffee when Shawn Michaels comes up. He says that he comes to Flair out of respect for him. He can't lay down for Triple H. Flair has told the people time and again that he is the measuring stick of what a Champion should be, and that inspired Michaels to work on being the best in the world, and a part of him hopes he accomplished it. Flair, choking up, asks if Shawn really thinks that he has a chance against a guy like Triple H. Michaels says that it only matters if Flair himself thinks he can do it.


Five Minute White Boy Challenge

-Rodney Mack vs. Spike Dudley

Teddy Long and Rodney Mack come out. Teddy admits that so far in the White Boy Challenges, the White Boys have been unexperienced. So tonight he has an open Five Minute White Boy Challenge for any established superstar. The Dudley's music hits, and Little Spike comes out.


The five minutes begins, and Mack shoves Spike away. Spike goes for leaping punches, but again Mack shoves him away. Headscissors by Spike, then some running stomps. Mack clotheslines Spike down, then clubs him across the face. As the first minute comes to a close, Mack resorts to choking Spike on the ropes.


Fireman's carry by Mack, then clubs to the back. Mack smothers Spike into the mat, then hits a hiplock takeover 1-2-shoulder up.


Sleeper applied by Mack as the second minute ends. Spike goes low as Mack leaps over him, causing Mack to run through the ropes to the outside. Spike goes outside and htis a flying corss body. He goes for the move again, this time in the ring, but Mack catches Spike. Spike tries to roll Mack up 1-2-shoulder up.


With about 90 seconds remaining, Spike bulldogs Mack. Torpedo by Spike, then an inside cradle 1-2-shoulder up. Spike goes for the Acid Drop, but Mack holds onto Spike and hits a powerslam. Mack tries to pin him, but Spike holds onto the ropes. Mack pulls Spike off the ropes and applies the Black Out. Spike goes for an Acid Drop, but Mack keeps the hold applied. With only thirty seconds remaining, the two fall to the mat, with Spike reaching for the ropes. The fans count down as Spike only has ten seconds more, but with one second left, Spike taps out, preserving Mack's streak.


In the back, Bischoff is still trying to work through his hangover, when Stone Cold bursts in with a megaphone, yelling in Bischoff's ear. He then starts banging on trashcan lids, and then turns on the megaphone's siren. Finally he puts everything away and says that he has the real way to work of a hangover: female entertainment. It's going to lift Bischoff's spirits in more ways than one. Austin calls the girls in, and Moolah and Mae Young come in, groping Bischoff. Bischoff yells at them to get their saggy, smelly asses out of his office.


In the back, Flair has put on one of his famous robes. Upon looking at himself in the mirror, he checks himself out and starts getting pumped.


La Resistance vs. Scott Steiner and Test

In the arena, La Resistance come out, followed by Test, Steiner and Stacy. Test and Steiner argue over who will start the match, so La Resistance attack them both.


Steiner takes Dupree outside and beats on him, while Grenier thrusts his shoulder into Test. Dupree whips Steiner hard into the stairs, and Stacy goes over to help him. Dupree comes in the ring, and they double on Test 1-2-shoulder up.


Dupree legally tags in and starts clubbing on Test's back. Tag back to Grenier. Test nails Dupree with a Big Boot, but Grenier pushes him into the ropes, where he runs into Scott Steiner. Grenier rolls him up off the rebound 1-2-3!


After the match, Steiner and Test yell at each other while Stacy looks on in horror. They begin shoving each other, forcing Stacy to get in between them. Test grabs Stacy by the hand and leads her out, but Steiner grabs her and pulls her away. They resort to a game of tug-a-war with Stacy. Each yells at Stacy, causing her to leave on her own.


In the back, Stone Cold walks up to his "Interrogation Room" makes sure no one is around outside, then enters and turns off the lights and closes the blinds.


As we return, Stone Cold is in his dimly lit interrogation room, talking to someone who is not responding. The camera pans down to find Lance Storm under the light. Austin asks if it was Storm's car that hit Goldberg's limo. Storm doesn't answer. Austin laughs, saying that he has ways of making Storm talk. He asks Storm for the last time if he was driving the car. Storm breaks and says that the accelerator was broke and he lost control but he tried to swerve out of the way. Anyway, he's Canadian and they drive on the other side of the road. Austin says that they don't, so Storm is lying about something. Storm says that it wasn't his idea. Austin demands to know who's idea it was, but Storm won't say. Austin tells Storm to go get ready to face Goldberg.


In the back, Triple H is getting taped up, when Flair comes in. Flair says that six months ago, Triple H stopped him in the hall and asked where the Ric Flair he knew went. Triple H asked him to get back on his feet and earn the fan's respect again by being his partner. Tonight, he gets the chance to get their respect the hard way. He knows Triple H has a bad back and aching bones, but Flair wrestled a thousand matches like that because that's what a Champion does. Ric Flair doesn't lay down for anyone anymore anywhere, especially not Greenville, South Carolina. He is coming for Triple H and he's coming for the Title. WHOOO!


-Goldberg vs. Lance Storm

As soon as Storm steps on the ring, Goldberg starts clubbing away on his back. Powerslam by Goldberg, then knees to the gut and an overhead pumphandle slam. Goldberg sets himself and hits the Spear, then the Jackhammer 1-2-3!


After the match, Goldberg picks up Storm and demands to know who put him up to driving the car. Storm says he'll talk and announces that the man who got him to drive the car was... Chris Jericho!


During the break, Coach catches up with Chris Jericho, who is starting to leave. Coach asks about Lance Storm revealing Jericho as the man behind the Goldberg attack. Jericho says that it's true, but next week he'll do it face-to-face, because Goldberg will be his guest on the Highlight Reel.


WWE World Heavyweight Championship

-Triple H vs. Ric Flair


Flair and Triple H come to the ring. Before the match begins, Trips offers Flair the chance to lay down. Flair reaches out his hand for a handshake, but then pulls it away and struts.


The match begins with dueling WHOOOs, but then Flair sneaks an eyepoke. Trips comes back with an elbow. He goes for a suplex, but his ribs can't sustain it. Chops by Flair, who then whips Triple H out of the ring. Outside, the suplexes Trips onto the floor, then chops away. Back in the ring, Flair hits a stalled vertical suplex 1-2-shoulder up.


Chops by Flair, but he runs into Triple H's spinebuster. Again Triple H grabs his taped ribs. Punches and stomps by Trips, then a boot choke and a blatant choke. Flair comes back with chops, then straight punches, but Trips knees him in the but. Trips whiips Flair over the top, but Flair lands on the apron and goes up top for a flying ax handle smash. Punches by Flair, then a knockdown chop. Flair chops down Triple H's knee, then locks in the Figure Four! Flair fights off Trips' attempts to flip the hold, but is unable to keep him from grabbing the ropes.


Trips rests in the corner and decks Flair in the face. Flair comes back with chops, only to run into a sleeper. Flair tries to get out, and in doing so, they smash the referee in the corner. With the ref out, Triple H grabs the Title belt. Flair ducks the shot and pokes Triple H in the eyes. He lowblows Triple H and then decks him with the belt. He gets up and pulls the ref over for the pin 1-2-shoulder up!


Flair goes for the Figure Four, but Trips is able to kick Flair away. He goes for the Pedigree, but Flair back bodydrops him. Flair goes for the Pedigree, but Trips back bodydrops him and finally hits the Pedigree 1-2-3!


As the bell rings, Kevin Nash marches out to the ring. Triple H grabs his belt and runs out of the ring and up the ramp, collapsing in exhaustion. Stone Cold comes out and stands over the Champion. He congratulates Triple H on winning the Title. Now he'll face Kevin Nash in Houston, Texas at Bad Blood... in a Hell in a Cell match!

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Guest Jung
Flair, Triple H thing played out very well, was nicely done. Tis also good to see how I think they have realised that, as they have a Raw and SD only PPV's coming up, they have to push more guys to fit the roles, thus guys like Christian, Storm, 3 Minute Warning, Flair, Hurricane, possibly Rico, Mack, Spike, RVD seem to be getting more of a push. Hopefully it will last
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Guest Craig Van Dam

Raw was gotten a lot better in the last few weeks I think especially since Austin became GM and Goldberg came in.


Has anyone seen the pics on WWE.com Christian looks like a smaller version of Billy Gunn now lol

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Guest Cactus Jack

Here's the pic of Christian:



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Guest Nicole
Wahey, Christian looks nice. To think he wouldn't cut off his hair months ago, he looks much better without it. Doesn't look like a bad raw
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Nice to see Christian has adopted that stupid Test look... looks better than Test does with it though, but still.. WWE's fascination with short hair is pissing me off no end... if HHH does it, or Nash, then I'll reconsider my stance.. but we all know their stroke won't allow them to do it.



Raw looks... standard. Nothing great, but nothing awful (bar this Steiner/Test storyline.. TURN TEST ALREADY, F**KNUTS!!!). This Austin/Bisch thing is playing out quite well, and it is the only non-McMahon overkill show (although I dunno what is worst.. McMahon overkill or HHH overkill... although at least Hunter made himself useful this week). Still.. will give a look see on Friday.

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Guest Cactus Jack
Originally posted by The Crippler

Kevin Nash v Triple H in Hell in a Cell. :roll


I'm keeping an open mind. I didn't think the match @ Judgement Day was THAT bad.


*Upon re-reading that, Cactus realise's its the slaughter house for him!*

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Ok then did the raw crewhave to fly between venues on monday and sunday if so how did bischoff get to the raw venue whilst rat arsed?


As i'm currently watching raw i've got to say that the segments with austin and bischoff so reminded me of the austin/angle/vince segments going into the invasion ppv a few years ago classic

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