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***Official SmackDown Thread 21/5/03***


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Tazz and Michael Cole come down to the announce table for the SmackDown! tapings.


Lights and set change, SmackDown! tapings is up next.


Vince McMahon is shown arriving to the arena in a very bad mood. Vince heads straight to the ring with a mic in hand.


Vince says he is not happy about all the mistakes that have happened on SmackDown such as Mr. America's contract.


Every attempt to prove that Mr. America is Hulk Hogan has failed. Vince says he was embarassed at Judgment Day by some handicapped kid. Vince says all the mistakes are gonna change starting tonight. Vince says Stephanie is still GM, but as of tonight, he is taking over. Vince guaran-damn-tees by the end of the night, we will see a smile on his face.


WWE Tag-Team Championship

Team Angle © vs. Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri


Eddie Guerrero and Tajiri beat Team Angle by DQ when Haas got caught using a chair.


Winners: Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri


Backstage, Stephanie asks Vince why he is so obsesses with Mr. America. Stephanie wants to make sure Vince knows what he is doing. Vince says after tonight he will be out of control.




Vince comes back down to the ring.


Vince says Judgment Day was supposed to be the day that Piper beat Mr. America and then would have allowed Vince to rip the mask off Mr. America and prove that he really is Hulk Hogan. You have heard the expression that you have to pay the Piper? Tonight, the Piper will have to pay Mc. McMahon. So allow me to introduce you to Roddy Piper who will apologize to me.


Piper and O'Haire come to the ring. Piper says as difficult as it is for a man like him, he apologizes.


Vince tells Piper that he wanted to beat Hogan as badly as he did but all he gets is an apology? Vince calls Piper an SOB.


Piper says if Vince touches him again he will rip his throat out.


Vince says that will not happen and O'Haire has to seperate the two.


O'Haire says if anyone is to blame for what happened at Judgment Day it is him. He dropped the ball. O'Haire knows that they all want revenge. O'HAire proposes that he face Mr. America right here tonight in this ring.


Vince agrees to the match. Vince says if O'Haire does not beat Mr. America tonight then Piper is fired.


Piper says O'Haire will rip Mr. America's mask off and prove the fraud that Hogan really is.




Kurt Angle commercial says he will return to SmackDown! in two weeks.


John Cena vs. Spanky


John Cena beat Spanky with the fireman's carry slam.


Winner: John Cena


Backstage, The FBI talk about the match they have with Brock Lesnar tonight. They mention that he is not 100% after the stretcher match at Judgment Day. They laugh because Lesnar does not know which one of them he will face tonight.




Backstage, Matt Hardy, Shannon Moore, and Crash say that Greensboro sucks because it lacks Mattitude.


Non Title Match

Chris Benoit vs. Matt Hardy w/ Shannon Moore & Crash


Rey Mysterio is at the announce table for this match.


Chris Benoit beat Matt Hardy w/ Shannonre Moore & Crash win the crippler crossface. Mysterio did his part towards the end of the match on keeping Moore and Crash out of the ring.


After the match Matt issues Mysterio a shot at the cruiserweight title anytime he wants as long as he can beat Crash and Moore in a match right now.


Winner: Chris Benoit


Handicap Match

Rey Mysterio vs. Shannon Moore & Crash


Rey Mysterio beat Shannon Moore & Crash after a huricanrana on Crash.


After the match Matt gives both Crash and Shannon the twist of fate. Mysterio is helped to the back by trainers. Not sure if he was really hurt or they are just playing up his previous injury angle.


Winner: Rey Mysterio




Backstage in a special Smackdown set, Stephanie interview Zach Gowen. Stephanie asks about his prostetic leg. Zach says he was 8 years old in 1991 when he had to get his leg amputated.


Stephanie brings up the Make A Wish foundation and how they came to his hospital bed. His wish was to meet Hulk Hogan but he passed on the wish because he knew he was going to live. Stephanie asks Zach what his next goal is. Zach says his goal is to become a professional wrestler and with Hogan's help he may one day wrestle on Smackdown. Vince is shown elsewhere backstage watching the interview wrap up.




Backstage, Mr. America is taking pictures for a photographer. Vince walks up and says that if Mr. America loses his match tonight that he will agree to submit to a lie detector test. Mr. America says he is not losing tonight and he is not taking any test. Vince says the reason he will not take the test is because he is afraid we will find out. Vince tells Mr. America that Zach Gowen will never sign a WWE contract. Mr. America agrees to take the test provided he does lose tonight. Mr. America calls Vince an SOB and walks off.


Brock Lesnar vs. Johnny Stamboli w/ Nunzio & Chuck Palumbo


Brock Lesnar beat Johnny Stamboli by DQ when Nunzio and Chuck Palumbo interfered.


After the match the FBI were triple teaming Lesnar until The Undertaker came down to make the save.


Winner: Brock Lesnar




Sable comes down to the ring with a mic in hand.


Sable says she is here tonight for two reasons. Sable says she is on the cover of the new Raw magazine, which she has in her hand. Sable plugs the magazine saying the pictures inside are even hotter.


Sable questions Tazz's excitement over Torrie Wilson's appearance last Sunday. Sable says she does not think it is fair that Tazz made Torrie Wilson the winner of their bikini contest without asking the audience. Sable gets out of the ring and steps on the announce table in front of Tazz. Sable says she is hot right now and pours water down her chest. Sable says Tazz's decision at Judgment Day was a bit premature but premature comes naturally to him. Sable dumps water on Tazz's head and leaves.


Backstage, Vince and Piper talk with O'Haire about his upcoming match with Mr. America. Vince reminds them what will happen if O'Haire loses. Piper promises that Vince will have a happy night tonight. Vince says he will one way or the other.




Mr. America w/ Zach Gowen vs. Sean O'Haire w/ Roddy Piper


During the match Vince comes down to the ring with police officers to arrest Zach Gowen for criminal trespass and assault because Zach does not have a backstage pass and he assaulted Vince at Judgment Day.


During the confusion Mr. America is counted out and Sean O'Haire is declared the winner.


Winner: Sean O'Haire

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Guest Walshy

God, why does Vince/Hogan have to ruin every Smackdown! Remember at Saviour Series, when Smackdown was the best Wrestling Show in the world, how times change, Heyman is gone and Vince's ego is back!


Everything has gone to hell, Pipers pit was a good idea, but only to bring attention to new superstars not to put him in a feud. Sean Ohaire, the greatest build up ever and inside of 30 seconds of his opening speach, bang, everythong is undone as his character is destroyed.


Can't wait until NWA:TNA gets a TV deal, at least it can't be any worse than what is happening to smackdown now? (ie. 3 50+ men being the centre of the storyline!)

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Guest Peter

I thought bar all the Hogan/Piper/Vince stuff, Smackdown was good.


I like the new Smackdown opening video, although I question why Rock is in it and how Triple H manages to get his face in it too. The new theme is okay, a nice change from the stale Marilyn Manson one, and the new SD graphics are nice.


The opening match was a nice long tag match, slightly remiscent of the tag team stuff from late last year. Team Angle are improving more and more each week, and its good to see Tajiri on Smackdown now. The Cena/Spanky match was pretty much a squash, although an energetic one. Benoit/Hardy was excellent, and decent in length also. Rey vs. Shannon/Crash was just getting going when it had to be cut short due to Reys injury, hopefully its not too severe.


The rest of the show was very poor, but the first hour of good wrestling was enough to make the show worth watching.

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Guest Peter K

I enjoyed the show - thought it was solid from top to bottom.


Enjoyed the new intro - even downloaded it from WrestleFury! - top notch video!


However the show did leave me with a question to wonder till next week - is WWE trying to bring a quick conclusion to Mr. America's plight?


Overall - a solid show - 7/10

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