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What has happened to?

Guest The Crippler

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Guest The Crippler

Head to Head Wrestling?


I must admit I haven't kept up with the latest goings on in the wrestling sim world but i haven't heard much about this game. Initial screenshots looked promising and I was looking forward to playing it.


What is the latest news on it, if there is any?



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Guest Cactus Jack
I too am looking forward to this, but like you, need to catch up on the latest going-ons!
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Guest Seabass

well i did a lilttle more investgating and found 2 peices of news from the PWSE site (the second one being more worrying)


1st peice of news was posted on the 17th April


"Just a quick update to prove to you we're all still alive and well over this way...


OK, last time you heard anything from me we had just released a pre-alpha version to this very site for review. I'm glad Stu liked it :) Problems arising in that version of the sim have now been identified and solved.


That version allowed the player to actually book his/her cards for their shows, but not actually view the outcome. That's what we're working on now.


I've done some light coding on the match engine, but nothing major. I have exams coming up and I'm kind of holding out for my new PC arriving in June too.


However, the other members of the team have been busy typing up the match "commentary." No doubt in the next review of the game here at PWSE you'll see the need for the inverted commas. That's progressing very well and very quickly, too.


I've been working on the AI formulae for calculating ratings for the segments the player books.


And that's pretty much it for now. Further updates to follow when we've done enough to justify it. :)


Thanks for reading,



the other peice of news is worrying and can explain why the website won't work



Scotty writes "On Saturday 26th April, my computer was hit by W95_CIH, otherwise known as the Chernobyl Virus...


I was aware of the virus's existence on my machine several months ago, but read on the internet that its payload hit on the 26th of every month - as this hadn't happened, I had assumed my attempts to clean it had worked.


However, it hit last Saturday. I now cannot even start my PC. I don't know what the state of my hard drive is. Some half-decent news in this whole episode is that I had sent a backup of the H2H source to somewhere safe after the last alpha. Although the match engine coding will have to be re-done (assuming my hard drive has been wiped) - most of the game's code is still intact.


This is where you come in. I need any useful advice I can get on how to get back in to my computer. When I switch it on, the specs screen comes up as usual, then the following happens:


Starting Windows 98...


please insert bootable media in correct drive


or something similar. Holding Ctrl or F8 from start-up is no good, so I can't even get into safe mode or command prompts. Accessing my BIOS setup can be done but that's not really any good. I would appreciate if anyone could do some research for me and let me know what can be done by emailing me at:




At worst, my PC will be wrecked and I won't be able to work on H2H again until June/July when my new computer comes - also as I said, work will be set back by quite a few weeks as the match engine will need re-doing. Hopefully someone can help to reduce the damage that's been done.


Thanking you in advance,



hope this helps you guys in wondering what's been going on

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