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WWE No Mercy 2002


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WWE No Mercy 2002






VHS: (VHS) $19.95 - Amazon.com (Out Now)


DVD: (DVD) $22.46 - Amazon.com (Out Now)






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More Details:


WWE Championship Hell in a Cell Match

Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker


WWE Women's Championship Match

Trish Stratus vs Victoria


Tag Team Championship Match

Edge & Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit


World Heavyweight Championship vs Intercontinental Championship

Triple H vs Kane


Cruiserweight Championship

Jamie Noble (with Nidia) vs Tajiri


Rob Van Dam vs Ric Flair


Torrie Wilson vs Dawn Marie


World Tag Team Championship

Chris Jericho & Christian vs Booker T & Goldust



DVD Extras:


- 12 bonus interviews

- Tag Team Tournament Highights

- "Trick or Pete" - the No Mercy TV commercial

- The making of "Trick or Pete"

- History of the Intercontinental Title

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Guest Peter

Heres my review of the actual event, I'll review the extras tommorow.


The event kicks off with the usual video packages, and then cuts to the arena for a nice pyrotechnic display, as fans are welcomed to No Mercy. The arena is far from sold out, with many of the upper decks blackened out.


First match is Chris Jericho and Christian battling the tandem of Booker T and Goldust for the World Tag Team titles. This provides to be a good, fast paced opener, as they crank things up near the end with many false finishes and near falls. The first five minutes or so are a little boring, with no crowd heat, but they make up for it with the finishing sequences. Disaster strikes however in the closing minutes of the match, as when Jericho goes for a springboard dropkick the rope ends up snapping, but luckily there were no injuries and the manage to work their way around the problem. A good way to start the show. ***


Next up is Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie. While not a good match in any way or form, both women gave a good effort, which made up for a decent match by two non-workers standards. There were a few awkward spots, but this match was far better than their Royal Rumble ’03 slopfest. Torrie takes the victory with a swinging neckbreaker. Could have been worse. *


Rob Van Dam vs. Ric Flair is the next bout, and although technically sound, it is a pretty boring and lifeless match, with no crowd heat, which is not surprising seeing as Triple H on the previous PPV had squashed Van Dam. Nice psychology, but neither of the men looked motivated or interested at all. *


Yay! We finally get some Cruiserweight action on PPV as Tajiri and Jamie Noble duke it out over the Cruiserweight belt in an excellent Cruiser match. Nice fast pace is kept up throughout, and near the end Tajiri performs a breathtaking Tornado DDT, and hits some swift kicks. Kind of a weak ending though, shame we couldn’t of gotten a clean finish. Still a thoroughly enjoyable match, and I really can’t understand why they don’t put more Cruiserweights on PPV. ****.


Backed up with a ridiculous storyline, Kane takes on Triple H next for the World title. Surprisingly, the match wasn’t as bad as I anticipated, and was actually quite enjoyable for a Triple H match. Triple H win’s with a slightly screwed up Pedigree, as Kane lifts up his knees before hitting the ground. What made me sick is how Hurricane also got squashed in the process, as he took a Pedigree also. Sadly this is as good as Triple H matches will be these days. **


And now the match of the night, as Rey Mysterio and Edge fight the duo of Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle for the SmackDown Tag titles in an amazing 20-minute+ match up. Near the end the crowd go absolutely wild as submissions are reversed, moves and finishers are traded and countered, and we get a good closing five minutes of non-stop action. A clean ending finishes an absolutely incredible match, which took match of the year honours last year. Big thumbs up to all four men for producing an excellent match. *****


Trish defends her women’s title against Victoria next, in a good women’s match up. Victoria’s time in OVW has clearly paid off as she seems to be the most confident and consistent female in the WWE, bar Molly, Jazz and maybe Ivory. Trish hit a nice pair of neckbreakers and a slick electric chair drop, and Victoria executed some nice moves, such as her Springboard Leg drop she does over the ropes. The finish seemed a bit botched though, as Trish seemed to slip slightly coming off the Stratusfaction before the rollup spot. Still a pretty good ladies match. **


The Hell in the Cell match between Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker is up next, and whereas it lacked the big spots and bumps, it made up for it with brutality, as ‘Taker does an awesome blade job, resulting it blood literally pouring out of the wound for the rest of the match. The match gets a little boring in spots, but entertains for the most part, and ‘Taker gave a really good effort for someone his age. The only problem I had really was with the psychology, as the angle with Undertaker wearing the cast was forgotten in the closing minutes of the match. I enjoyed the match overall really though, and it exceeded my expectations. ****


Overall pretty much everything exceeded my expectations, with the two World title matches being enjoyable, the opening Tag being a nice opener, and an amazing Tag Team match in the middle holding everything together. Recommended just for the Tag Team match alone, and everything else on top of that is satisfactory too.

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Guest Peter

Heres my review of the extras:


- 12 bonus interviews: Lots of interviews here, with the usual after match interviews with wrestlers like Rey Mysterio, RVD, Dawn Marie, Victoria, Trish and others, and Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman, Undertaker and referee Tim White all comment on the Hell in a Cell match. Pretty much your run of the mill interview section here.


- Tag Team Tournament Highights: The closing minutes of the matches on the previous Smackdown episode before the PPV, Edge and Rey Mysterio vs. Ron Simmons and D'Von, and Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit vs. Los Guerreros. Both were great matches, its just a shame they don't show them in full.


- "Trick or Pete" - the No Mercy TV commercial: The very funny commercial for No Mercy, which has various Trick or Treaters visiting Pete Roses house and getting turned away, and then Kane shows up and chokeslams him.


- The making of "Trick or Pete": Confidential segment where they show the making of the video. Quite lengthy, but still entertaining.


- History of the Intercontinental Title: A long segment with superstars talking about what the Intercontinetal title means to them. Just to clarify, this is not the video package they showed on the Raw before No Mercy.


Overall a good set of extras in my opinion.

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