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***Official Raw Thread - 3rd June 2003***


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We start as a truck pulls into the garage, driven by none other than The Rock. The most electrifying man in sports and entertainment is here to talk to the people. Are you ready for the most electrifying night of Raw?


The Raw music video plays, the pyros explode, and we are LIVE from San Diego, California! Tonight, The Rock will be Chris Jericho's special guest, but first...


-Trish, Ivory, and Jacqueline vs. Jazz, Victoria, and Molly

Trish Stratus comes out, accompanied by Ivory and Jacqueline. Teddy Long comes out, accompanied by Victoria, Molly, and Women's Champ, Jazz.


The heelish women start by attacking as a group, with Molly and Jazz taking their opponents outside, while Victoria hits the Spider's Web on Trish 1-2-shoulder up.


Molly grabs Trish's ankle and comes in, but Trish ducks as Victoria clotheslines Molly out of the ring. Trish boots Victoria out as well, and Ivory leaps off the ringpost onto the two of them.


In the ring, Jazz lays elbows into Trish's back, then hits a powerslam 1-2-kickout. Knees to the back, then the lifting underhook. Jazz gets Jacqueline to distract the ref, while Victoria and Molly come in and apply submission holds. As order returns, Trish attempts an inside cradle 1-2-kickout. Schoolgirl 1-2-kickout. Tag to Jacqueline.


Jacqueline makes short work of Victoria and Molly, then flapjacks Jazz. Tag to Ivory, who goes up top and hits Jazz with a flying cross body 1-2-broken by Victoria.


Jacqueline 'buckles Victoria, then goes up with her. Victoria shoves Jacqueline away, but Trish hits the handspring hurricanrana. Jacqueline baseball slides into Molly, while Ivory kicks Jazz in the gut and smashes her face into the mat 1-2-3!


Outside again, Goldberg pulls up and shoves The Coach out of the way, making a quick entrance into the building.


As we return, Test and Stacy are in a heated fight about their recent activities. Stacy says that it's over between them, but Test says that she has a contract with him to be his marketing director, so it is far from over.


In the arena, The Hurricane comes out for a match, but Randy Orton jumps him and smashes him into the ramp. Triple H and Ric Flair come out as Orton tosses Helms backstage. The trio makes their way into the ring.


Flair says that he is honored that Shawn Michaels would come out and say that Flair was his boyhood idol. But imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and he has seen a hundred Ric Flair wannabe's come and go. He has had to go to airports and bars, listening to people across the country saying that Michaels has passed him by. Well Flair has never officially passed the torch. People have tossed the word 'legend' around too often. You know how you become a legend like Flair? You spend 30 million dollars, make love to 30,000 women, wrestle 350 times a year and bleed every night until the people say "He really is a legend." The saying goes, "You have to beat the man to be the man." Triple H beat him. Flair passed the torch to Triple H. Flair gave Triple H two pieces of advice: never got off the ladies until they scream that they can't go on, and never turn your back on the dirtiest player in the game. At Bad Blood, after Triple H wipes the floor with Kevin Nash, he can have the ladies, because Shawn Michaels will be Flair's bitch all night long.


Moans fill the arena as Shawn Michaels comes out on stage. He knew he was taking a chance when he revealed so much of himself to Flair last week. True to form, Flair made him pay for it. But Flair needs to understand something: he's not that boy standing in front of the tv watching his idol anymore. He is the Heartbreak Kid, and he has done it by wrestling so many dates a year, bleeding everywhere. But he doesn't need to brag about women. He doesn't need to brag about anything except his skills in the ring. Flair is right; he didn't pass the torch. Michaels took it from him. When Flair couldn't take the business anymore and ran south, Michaels stepped up with the World Championship and showed everyone that he was the new standard. At Bad Blood, the Heartbreak Kid will take the Nature Boy to school. He will do to Flair what he has done to every guy backstage: make him famous by getting in the ring and being taken down by the Heartbreak Kid, the Show Stopper, the Main Event.


Triple H asks if Michaels can find the torch and bring it to the ring. Michaels starts down the ramp, when Kevin Nash's music hits and he comes out as well. Michaels says that he isn't coming alone. Michaels attacks Flair and Nash attacks Triple H, allowing Hurricane to run down and take out Randy Orton with a chair. Michaels and Nash clear the ring of their opponents, with Hurricane gripping his weapon.


-Scott Steiner vs. Stevie Richards

As Steiner and Richards begin, Test stands on the ramp watching and smiling. Meanwhile, Steiner beats up on Richards, smashing him down and doing push-ups over him. Chops in the corner by Steiner, but Richards hits a big boot. Steiner grabs Richards' head and smashes it into the mat 1-2-3!


After the match, Steiner admires Stacy's ass, much to Test's chagrin. Eric Bischoff's music hits, and suddenly Test smiles again. Bischoff comes into the ring, saying that it's obvious that Stacy wants to manage Steiner while being obligated to Test. Therefore, at Bad Blood, it will be Steiner vs. Test, with the winner getting Stacy's managerial services.


In the back, Bischoff jokes with Stone Cold about how well they're starting to work together. Soon, however, they get into an argument over who will present Bad Blood. Austin says that he has an idea for a match tonight: Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, and The Hurricane vs. Triple H, Ric Flair, and Randy Orton. But onto their contests at Bad Blood, Austin says they should have more than one event. Bischoff says it should be a triathalon. Austin says that if Bischoff is a triathlete and Austin is a redneck, why not have a Redneck Triathalon? Bischoff agrees.


In the back, Goldberg tells Terri that he's fine physically, but mentally he's not. Tonight, he'll show Jericho the meaning of the highlight reel. On a monitor, we see Jericho outside with Goldberg's Barracuda. He grabs a bucket of paint and tosses it on the hood. Goldberg runs out of the interview to his car and speeds off to catch Jericho.


As we return, Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel is set up, but of course Jericho is speeding away from Goldberg. In his place, Christian comes out, welcoming us to the Peep Show. And for his first guest, he has the one and only, The Rock!


The Rock comes out and gets in his posing. He congratulates Christian on cutting his hair and winning a Title. Christian says that he has to be brutally honest: Rock has been replaced. There is a new Champion of the People, Christian. Rock tells Christian that he is the only People's Champ, the only jabroni-beatin, pie-eatin, trail-blazin, eyebrow-raisin, People's Champion of the World. Christian says that these people love him and have made him the new People's Champ. Rock says that they should ask the People. He hops out of the ring and goes out into the crowd. He asks some guy who the People's Champ is, and he says The Rock. He asks two more, and they say The Rock. There ain't but one Elvis, but one Statue of Liberty, and one People's Champion, and that is The Rock.


Chris Jericho walks down the ramp, saying that the Highlight Reel is back in the house. He tells Christian to step aside and Rock to get back in the ring. Jericho says that he didn't get Speared last week, won't get Speared tonight, and won't get Speared at Bad Blood. Since he's never felt it, he asks Rock what it feels like to be Speared by Goldberg. Rock says that it hurts. Jericho says that the interview is over now. Rock says that he's not done. The Spear hurts like hell, but it isn't going to hurt half as bad as Rock's foot up Jericho's ass. With that, Christian attacks Rock from behind and they double team Rock, stomping away on him.


Booker T runs in and knocks Christian from the ring. Outside, he continues to stop away, while in the ring Rock clotheslines Jericho down. Spinebuster by Rock, followed with the People's Elbow. Booker rolls Christian in the ring, and Rock gives him the Rock Bottom. Rock calls Booker in, and Booker hits the People's Elbow on Christian.


After Jericho and Christian have left, Booker tells Rock to give everyone a preview of his new spectacular: the Rockaroonie. Rock tries to get started, but can't. He gets Booker to show him one time, and then performs the Rockaroonie.


In the back, Christian and Jericho go to leave when the bump into Stone Cold. They say that they're leaving, but Austin tells them that they aren't.


-Kane vs. Rene Dupree

In the arena, Kane pulls Dupree in the ring and starts elbowing away on him in the ring. Back bodydrop by Kane. He goes for some sort of follow, but Grenier grabs his leg. Kane goes outside, but Dupree baseball slides into him.


In the ring, Dupree hits a big boot, then a second rope flying clothesline. Clothesline by Kane, then a sidewalk slam. Kane goes up top and hits a flying clothesline. Grenier gets on the apron, so RVD goes up and hits a flying side kick that knocks him off. Van Dam leaps off after him, but misses.


In the ring, Kane elbows Dupree away and chokes Grenier on the apron. While the ref yells at Kane, Dupree low blows him and rolls him up 1-2-3!


After the match, the glass breaks and Raw Co-GM Stone Cold Steve Austin marches to the ring with Kane and Van Dam. He tells RVD that he is dismissed. He tells Kane to come to the middle of the ring and listen up. Every single thing Kane has been doing lately has been unimpressive. His video reads: "The Fire Burns Within." Well where is it? Does he even want to be here anymore? He got rolled up and went down 1-2-3. Does this make him mad? Does it do anything? Austin shoves Kane and asks what he has to do to piss him off. He steps on Kane's foot. He grabs Kane's hand and puts it around his own neck, but Kane pulls it away. Austin wants to know where the Kane is that beat him in a First Blood match and took the World Title? Austin grabs Kane's hand again and puts it around his neck. Again, Kane pulls it away. Austin says that Kane is the sorriest, weakest son of a bitch he has ever seen. He slaps Kane, causing Kane to grab him with a choke. Austin screams for him to do it, but Kane shoves him away, so Austin grabs him and gives him a Stunner.


-Booker T and Goldust vs. Chris Jericho and Christian

Christian and Booker T start off, with Booker scoring a shoulder block and a short-arm clothesline. Scoop slam by Booker 1-2-shoulder up.


As we return, Jericho is driving his knee into Booker's back. Booker comes back with chops, but Christian knees him in the back and Jericho elbows him down 1-broken by Goldust. Tag to Christian.


Stomps by Christian, then a dropkick. Back elbow by Christian, who goes second rope and leaps, but Booker flapjacks him. Tag to Goldust.


Goldust knocks Jericho from the apron, then starts with knockdown punches to Christian. Atomic Drop to Christian, then a clothesline. Goldust goes for the 10 Punch, but after only seven has to stop and knock Jericho away. He slams Christian down 1-2-broken by Jericho. Goldust hits a Double DDT on his opponents, but does not tag.


He takes Christian into the corner and sets him up for Shattered Dreams, but Jericho blindsides him with an elbow to the head. Chops by Jericho, but Goldust tags and uppercuts Jericho.


Booker rolls up Christian, but Christian reverses and grabs the ropes 1-2-kickout. Booker nails Christian in the gut and hits the Scissors Kick 1-2-3!


After the match, Jericho runs in with Christians's IC Belt and takes out both Booker T and Goldust. As the ref tries to take the belt, Goldberg runs down the ramp. He dives for the Spear, but Jericho tosses the ref in front of him. As Goldberg drives the ref into the mat, Jericho and Goldberg run to the back. Goldberg is left in the ring, calling for EMTs to help the ref.


In the referee's offices, Austin and Bischoff confront the officials over what Triple H talked to them about. Hebner brings up that Triple H hit him with a sledgehammer and dislocated his shoulder. Another brings up that in the last Hell in a Cell, Triple H injured Tim White and he hasn't refereed since. Therefore, they refuse to officiate the Hell in a Cell match at Bad Blood. Bischoff asks what they're going to do. Austin says that he knows a guy who knows the match and is crazy enough to do it. He just has to make one phone call.


-Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, and The Hurricane vs. Triple H, Ric Flair, and Randy Orton

Everyone comes to the ring for the main event, but again, commercial breaks take precedent.


The match begins with Shawn Michaels facing Randy Orton. Michaels trips Orton up and steps on his back. Headlock by Michaels, who tags Hurricane in blindly. Helms dropkicks Orton down, then Michaels tosses him out of the ring. Outside, Nash beats on him and tosses him back in the ring. Helms clotheslines Orton 1-2-kickout.


Dropkick by Orton, tag to Triple H. Trips punches away on Helms in the corner. Helms comes back with two armdrags and a tag to Michaels. Michaels drops on Triple H's elbow. Big boot by Michaels, then a clothesline. HBK takes down Flair and knocks Orton out of the ring. Flair comes in and chop blocks Michaels in the knee. Triple H applies a submission on the leg and tags in Orton.


Stomps on the knee by Orton, then a tag right back to Triple H. Trips smashes Michaels' knee to the mat, then elbow drops onto it. Tag to Flair. Flair picks up Michaels and stomps away on him. Michels tries to take on all three of his opponents, but Flair hits a kneebreaker and applies the Figure Four, only for Kevin Nash to come in and elbow drop onto Flair. Tag to Nash and Orton.


Knockdown punches to Orton and Flair. Scoop slam to Orton, then to Flair. Nash pulls Triple H in the ring and elbows away on him. Double clothesline to Flair and Orton, then Nash drops Trips onto the turnbuckle. He sets for the Jacknife, but Flair chops him out of the set-up. Nash knocks Flair out of the ring, then does the same to Triple H. Big Boot to Orton, then a tag to Hurricane. Helms goes up top and hits a flying crossbody. Atomic Drop to Orton, then the Shining Wizard 1-2-shoulder up!


Back elbow to Helms, who goes second rope for the sommersault neckbreaker 1-2-broken by Flair. Helms clotheslines Flair down, only to walk into a Pedigree. Orton rolls over and pins Helms 1-2-3!


Immediately after the bell, Kevin Nash begins dismantling his opponents. He hits the Jacknife on Triple H after dealing with Orton and Flair.


Couple Of Things


Referee for HIAC? Looks like it's gonna be Mick Foley!


The pinfall that ended the Main Event was botched:


The plan was for Randy Orton to get a regular three-count over Hurricane. However, Earl Hebner forgot that the match was supposed to end at that point, so only counted twice, then waited for the kickout. When it never came, he did the old "shoulder was off the mat routine". At that point, he then realized that this was supposed to be the finish of the match, so he called for the bell.


WWE officials were upset at this, but there isn't really any significant heat on Earl Hebner. Additionally, WWE also benefited from Jim Ross' great impromptu commentary, which used the botched spot to actually further the "referees are afraid of the HIAC" angle.

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Originally posted by Chris2K

Referee for HIAC? Looks like it's gonna be Mick Foley!

Thats exactly what I was thinking when I read it. I really hope its good old Mick. I only just read 'Foley Is Good' so it would be nice to see him back.


On a side note, in that book he mentions that when a 'special' referee is in a match they should get involved. So maybe we'll get one last chance to see Mr. Socko! haha!

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Guest A.C.

It could actually help (God forbid!) get Nash over: If Foley backs Big Poochie due to his history with HHH ('00 - '01) it may make the match extremely watchable.


Having said all this it'll probably be some f***ing fossil from WCW who turns up...

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He has a new book?


Is it another biography? Or is it fictional?


If its a bio, its probably a day by day documentation from when his misses got preggers. Haha! ;)

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Guest A.C.
Originally posted by FTW

He has a new book?


Is it another biography? Or is it fictional?


If its a bio, its probably a day by day documentation from when his misses got preggers. Haha! ;)


It's called "Tietam Brown". It's a novel set during the American Civil War (one of his favourite subjects, as you'll know from the Airport scene in "Foley is Good")



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Ah! :)


Thanks for the info, but I doubt i'll bother getting it.


The legend of the penis suplex has to be the best story in there. haha!

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Guest Cactus Jack

*Enters Mark-Out Mode*


Foley! Foley! Foley! Foley! Foley! Foley!


The Legend Returns :xyx


*Exits Mark-Out Mode*

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Guest The Crippler
Heres hoping it is Mick. That would be a mark out moment. Kind of disappointed Rocky is a face again but I suppose he was too entertaining as a heel but we all know he can go terribly stale terribly quickly as a face.
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Guest Russ

I think it's shocking that Foley cut that worked shoot promo about how WWE is crap, with the titles meaning nothing and him not caring about the promotion, then when his next book is ready, he pulls a Sting and goes back on his word, wanting to get back into the promotion.


Anyway, I have a feeling that it won't be Mick Foley. It just seems too obvious that Austin would say something about a guy being crazy enough to be in a Hell In A Cell match, then not announce who it was straight away. If it was Mick Foley, I would have thought that WWE would want him announced as soon as possible, so they can start working on the HHH-Foley feud.


But with this Redneck Triathlon or whatever running at the PPV, and WWE building up the ref's job as a dangerous thing that no one wants to do, I've got a feeling that Austin will make Bischoff be the referee.


As for Raw itself, great news to see Rock back, even if it's only for a week, he makes a normal show into an unmissable one. And now that he's face, I can see everyone going back to their old ways of "rock sux as a face make him heel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".


But I'll certainly be watching all of Raw this week, which isn't something I've been able to say about most Raws in the past couples of months.

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Rock has had his three matches as a heel. Hogan, Austin & Goldberg.


I think the Rock loves being a face and besides, when he is heel. He becomes the top and best heel on the RAW roster, which Triple H cant allow to go on for too long.


I knew he would turn face soon enough. Even though I was liking him more as a heel rather than face.


Oh well. :(

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Guest Peter
Again doesn't look like a half bad show really. A few decent looking match ups, and The Rock segments will probably be very entertaining. Bad Blood isn't looking too bad really, if Jericho vs. Goldberg and Shawn Micheals vs. Ric Flair don't dissapoint it will be a good show.
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