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TLW: 10 Biggest Moments in Wrestling


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Guest The Crippler

Another good column by TC. I'd actually disagree with 1 and 2. I'd have Montreal ahead of WWF purchasing WCW for shock value. I say this because everyone knew WCW was on its way out and so while it was a shocking moment, I think Montreal was more shocking. Of course with Bret leaving for WCW you could say you weren't entirely surprised by what went down but I'd say it was the most shocking moment since I've been watching wrestling - which is all I really care about.


Overall, although I disagree with the order slightly, I still probably agree with the actual incidents being in the top ten. Besides we couldn't have me agreeing totally with a Celt could we? :lol

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Guest Seabass

i disagree with the list...i just thought i'd say that to be different :P


in all seriousness, i agree with the list (to a certain extent, due to the fact i haven't seen some of the events take place)

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Excellent column as always and i pretty much agree with all the choices although personally I would have put Hogans heel turn at BATB 96 in there somewhere. Not neccesarily near the top but certainly in the top 10 for me.
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I was trying to think of other shocking moments, the only other one I can think of at the moment is Alundra "Madusa" Blaze (WWF Womens Champion) turning up on Nitro and binning the WWF Womens Title on the show.


Can anyone think of anything else?

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Guest Inno

Thanks for the kind words :D I appreciate the feedback, no, I mean it! I really, really do!


Just thought I'd weigh in with the "nearly" moments that I had written down on post-its as I was planning it - yes, I actually PLANNED this one!


The whole Tyson/DX/Austin business : Good call, Mr. Bass :D

Chyna winning the IC title

The WCW titles being wiped out at Survivor Series 01

Luger appearing on Nitro

Foley winning the World Title

Test & Steph's wedding : ruined by Trips

The steroid trials



And I nearly put in the ECW revival in 2001 AND the Hogan heel turn (hi Husim!) in as seperate entities - but I decided to try and cover them with the invasion / Hall & Nash moments to give me some more space ;)


Not totally happy with the order myself, but hey, whatcha gonna do, brother? Ya feel me, playa?

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