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MTV...Music chan...what?

Guest Chyna

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1) The main problem : MTV stands for music television. Hang on, if that's true then HOW COME THEY NEVER PLAY ANY MUSIC? I mean, you get more music during the (numerous) advert breaks than during the music programs!


2) The music : Having said that, when they do play "music", it's not music, it's crap! But then Madonna called her latest album Music, which is definitely not the term I would use to describe it...

MTV defenders, please take note : I am not saying that mtv NEVER play any good music. It's true, if you're having a particularly lucky day you might just catch a good song. But the vast majority of songs are pop rubbish. So there.


3) The brainless VJs : When MTV have found a "hit" they play the video up to 15 times a day (that's a fact)... by doing that they destroy all songs which were any good. As for the songs which were awful initially, they just become unbearable.


4) Those stupid little jingles : You know, those little like adverts for MTV they play the whole time. Tell me, what is the point of an ad for MTV when you're watching MTV? Talk about brainwashing.


5 ) The European Top 20 : The Dance floor chart is bad enough, but have you ever heard a chart worse than the European? It almost makes me embarrassed to be European.


6) MTV Select : Possibly the most frustrating thing : watching people dedicate Backstreet Boy songs to their friends when they could be asking for Deftones. *sigh* what is the world coming to?


7) The News : Honestly, who cares?


8) The theme weekends : to name a few : the Michael Jackson Weekend, the Madonna Weekend ... and I thought the weekend was something you were supposed to look forward to. I must be mistaken.


9) The adverts : They always show the same three adverts again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again ....


10) The political correctness : The policy is "No swear words" even if it means leaving big blanks in the middle of songs. But that's ok, because the music isn't what's important after all, is it? Same for references to drugs. Take warning kids : drugs & swearing are baaaaaaaad.

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Guest craig p
mtv stands for Music TeleVision.when it should be pop television coz thats all they play no decent music alwas fn britney spears and crap like that all day long and when they show a good vid on select they go in hlfway through it and then only play about 30 seconds of it.The only decent show is brand new it plays decent music and i also like celebraty death match and jackass
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