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WWE: Rey Misterio 619


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WWE: Rey Misterio 619


Buy It:




VHS - £12.99 (Blackstar)


DVD - £17.99 (Blackstar)




VHS - $14.95 (Amazon)


DVD - $21.49 (Amazon)


Product Description:


"619" isn’t just San Diego’s area code, it’s WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio’s signature move, recalling his hometown. Join Rey for this special journey from his humble "619" beginnings...to his days in WCW...to his high-flyin’ WWE career. Rey takes us to Mexico, where he first began training. Get Rey’s unique perspectives on his fiercest rivals in the business.


For the first time anywhere, Rey’s family members and WWE Superstars help profile the most acrobatic and unique performer in WWE today.


DVD Extras:

10 Additional matches including:


    vs. Dean Malenko – Rey’s WCW Debut
  • NITRO 7.8.1996
    vs. Dean Malenko – 1st Cruiserweight win
  • SMACKDOWN! 7.23.2002
    vs. Chavo Guerrero – Rey’s WWE Debut
  • SMACKDOWN! 9.26.2002
    vs. Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit

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Guest Cactus Jack

Got the VHS.


Excellent tape! The best compilation tape produced by the WWE for a few months. Did anyone find it wierd that they continued the A-Train/Rey storyline on it? Also, how hard was that ring the students were training in? Ouch!


4/5 from me; well recommended :xyx

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Guest 619er

I think the DVD is great, but there are no matches of him unmasked, nothing about him being unmasked (Which was a big part of his carrer) or any footage of his face is bleeped out.


Very nice pad he's got

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Guest Mr.R_Wolverine
I got the DVD, which also has the Mysterio commercials for when he was coming to SD! I LOVE the Triple Threat with Benoit and Angle. My little sister loves how he talks, and enjoys the tattoo bit and when they show you round his crib. I can't wait until the Chris Benoit DVD comes out!
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Guest DannyG8one
I rate Rey Mysterio highly and I think that he has had some class matches I have a tape in the house of Rey (without his mask) vs Billy Kidman @ Starrcade 1999 when they were both tag team champions and the match was for the WCW cruiserweight championship.
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I have the dvd, and i thought it was fantastic. The matches put on in the extras are quality, and the actual feature is very interesting. However as 619er said, i was very dissapointed about the fact they blocked out his face, and didnt include any of his matches without the mask. I guess its for people who havent seen him before the WWE and the mystery remains as to what he looks like.
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