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Talk Wrestling Online Video Games Week: June 16th - June 22nd


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To mark the one year anniversary of the new management of the Talk Wrestling Online Video Game section, we thought that we’d put on something a bit special to thank everyone who has used, contributed and, most importantly of all, enjoyed the service that we provide. So get ready for TWO Video Games week! Every day from June 16th to the 22nd, there’s going to be a treat for all Video Game fans.


Daily Reviews


First of all, we’ve got some brand new reviews. Each day there will be a rundown of a mix of wrestling games, from new releases to old favourites, gaming wonders to gaming blunders, we’re going to cover more games than ever before.


Special Video Games Update


There’s also going to be a special Video Games Update at TWO during the Video Games week, with a look back at some of our favourite games, and the ones we weren’t so keen on. Keep in mind that this month’s edition will also contain news on the latest titles that are being worked on right now, so you’ll still be able to keep up to date on the current happenings in the wrestling game world.


Talk Wrestling Online Game Olympics


If you’re a fan of online games, then this is for you. The TWO Video Games week will also see the launch of the TWO Game Olympics. We’ll provide you with an online game to keep you occupied, and the members of the community with the highest scores get points in the TWO Game Olympics league. If you fancy proving to everyone that you’re the greatest gamer on the planet, then this is your chance. Will you be the one who finishes top of the league and gets the gold medal?


Talk Wrestling Online Video Games Quiz


Finally, to cap off the week-long celebrations, we’ll be holding a Video Games quiz in the TWO Chatroom at 8pm on June 22nd. This is your chance to show TWO that you’re the biggest know-it-all when it comes to Video Games. If you know your Marios from your Luigis, and want to show it, this is your chance.


Remember, there would be no TWO Video Games section if it wasn’t for you. This is our way of thanking you, and we hope you enjoy TWO Video Games Week as much as we will. So brush up on your gaming knowledge and skills in the next few days, and we’ll see you June 16th, when the game commences.



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Guest ChrisfromBirtley

Funny guys.


I might be entering it.


dunno yet.


Wrestling games aren't really my Saturday in type of thing at the moment.


Can u review OTHER games besides.





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TWO is a wrestling site, so I won't be reviewing anything that's not wrestling/MMA based.


But look out for the first review coming tommorrow, with other fun stuff scattered throughout the week. :)

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TalkWrestlingOnline Video Games Week Quiz


On Sunday 22nd June at 8pm (UK Time), there will be a special one off Video Games quiz in the chatroom. Half of the questions will be on regular Video Games, with the other half being about Wrestling Games.


I urge everyone who has enjoyed the Video Games scene at TWO to take part, as the more people who enter, the more fun it will be for everyone.


Anyone can take part in the quiz, you do not need to register, just turn up in the Quiz Room at 8pm (UK Time).



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Guest Goldy
I'll be at the quiz even though i don't know to much about video games, i expect Seabass to win on my behalf!! :P but it's all good fun, so heres hoping lots of people turn up! :)
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