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***Official Raw Thread 10th June 2003***


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We start in Stone Cold's office, where Triple H wants to know exactly who will be refereeing his match at Bad Blood. Stone Cold, upset at the confrontation, says that Triple H will find out when everyone finds out, so he should just sit back and have a nice day.


The Raw music video plays, and we are LIVE from Miami, Florida, with the Cell hanging ominously over the ring. They tell Goldberg that it's his time, and he begins his walk to the ring. His opponent will be Rosey, whom Goldberg Speared through the barrier a full six weeks ago.


Before the match can start, the Y2J Countdown hits 0.00 and out comes the Ayatollah, the Rock Star, the Highlight of the Night, the Living Legend, and the King of the World, Chris Jericho. Jericho comes out with a chair, but uses it to sit in on the stage.


In the ring, the match begins with Goldberg pushing Rosey into the corner and applying a headlock. Goldberg goes for a shoulder block, but it doesn't knock Rosey down. Rosey tells him to try again, but Goldberg just clotheslines him down. Low dropkick by Goldberg, then knees to the stomach. Rosey comes back with a Samoan Drop. Corner splash by Rosey. Goldberg comes back with a clothesline that knocks Rosey out of the ring.


Jericho seizes the opportunity by running into the ring, but Goldberg boots him right in the gut. As Jericho stumbles out, Rosey comes in and tries to attack from behind, but Goldberg Spears him down. He calls for the end and hits the Jackhammer 1-2-3! Fade Out


RVD and Dupree start out with a little shoving match, but RVD quickly hits a step-over heelkick to start the offense. Big boot by RVD, followed with a split-legged moonsault. He puts Dupree on the barrier and then leaps off the apron with a spinning legdrop.


Back in the ring, RVD with shoulder thrusts, but Dupree sidesteps him and Van Dam rams his shoulder into the post. Dupree comes back and hits some knee drops, before throwing Van Dam's shoulder back into the post. Snapmare by Dupree, into an armbar. RVD flips out and drop toeholds Dupree into the turnbuckles. Rolling thunder by RVD, who goes up top, but misses the Five Star.


Dupree goes for a gutwrench, but Van Dam flips out of the hold. Dupree ducks an enziguri but gets rolled up with a bodyscissors 1-2-3!


As soon as the bell rings, Grenier runs down and La Resistance begin taking out Van Dam with the double team. As King and JR demand to know why Kane doesn't help his parter, Dupree and Grenier slam Van Dam into the mat and walk out victorious. Fade Out.


As we return, Eric Bischoff shows Stone Cold his new Roulette Wheel, with various redneck games on it. They'll spin it three times to determine what they'll do in the Redneck Triathalon. Bischoff spins the first time and it lands on Pie Eating. Bischoff goes off on all the different types of pie. Austin tells him that when Rock does his promos, he's only talking about the Poontang Pie. Bischoff says he's down with that if Austin is. They agree that the first match will be a Poontang Pie Eating Contest.


JR and King talk more about the death of Freddie Blassie. They introduce some wrestlers' thoughts on the life of Blassie. Fade out.


In the back, RVD confronts a brooding Kane on where he was while his partner got destoryed. Kane doesn't answer, casuing Van Dam to interrogate him on what Austin said last week, and whether or not it's true.


In the ring, Teddy Long starts to talk, but Jazz tells him that this isn't his time. It's time for her to show Ivory that her pin last week was nothing but luck.


Ivory clocks Jazz and hits a scoop slam to begin the match. She knocks Victoria off the apron and tags in Trish. Double flapjack on Jazz. Trish and Jazz exchange chops, but Jazz scores a kick and a clothesline. Tag to Victoria.


Victoria smashes away on Trish, but Trish cradles her 1-2-broken by Jazz. Trish scores a hurricanrana with a pin 1-2-kickout. Jumping kicks by Trish, then a kick to the head 1-2-broken by Jazz.


Ivory runs in and beats on Jazz, but Victoria pulls her away. Ivory hits a big boot, then tosses Victoria out of the ring. Trish back body drops Jazz out of the ring and tags Ivory. Ivory goes up top, but Victoria grabs her and pulls her down. While Trish and Jazz fight outside, Victoria shoulder thrusts into Ivory. Blatant choke by Victoria. Tag to Jazz.


Double underhook suplex by Jazz, then another, then a third 1-2-shoulder up. Clubs by Jazz, then a powerslam. Tag to Victoria, who slingshots in with a legdrop 1-2-shoulder up. Neck wrench by Victoria, then a swinging sidewalk slam 1-2-broken by Trish.


Ivory takes out Victoria with a jawbreaker, but Jazz comes in and scores with a dropkick. Tag to Jazz. Jazz elbow drops onto Ivory, but Ivory cradles her 1-2-3! Ivory scores another clean pin over Jazz.


In the back, Christian tells Jericho that he has challenged Booker T to a Spinaroonie contest. Jericho says that he won't see it because he's leaving. He has Speared Goldberg, maced him, tossed paint on his car, and he would have done more tonight but Goldberg got lucky. Christian tells him that he's crazy for doing all this before Bad Blood, but Jericho says that the point is to make Goldberg so crazy that he does something wrong. And that's when Jericho capitalizes and defeats him. Fade Out.


Lance Storm comes out, followed by Scott Steiner and Stacy. Just before the match starts, Test comes out to do a little announcing.


Lance tries to attack from behind while Test comes out, but Steiner stops him. He goes for a powerslam, but Storm floats over and rams him into the turnbuckles 1-2-kickout.


Storm slides under Steiner, but Steiner nails him with a clothesline. Instead of pinning, Steiner does push-ups. Test suddenly leaves the announce booth and grabs Stacy, trying to take her away. Steiner rolls out and attacks him, allowing Storm to nail him from behind. Back in the ring, Storm goes up top and nails Steiner 1-2-shoulder up. Steiner quickly reverses the table and smashes Storm into the mat 1-2-3!


immediately after the bell, Test runs in and nails Steiner with a Big Boot. Test gets a chair and cracks Steiner directly in the head. Stacy lays on top of Steiner to keep him from any more chairshots. Test grabs a mic and corners Stacy. He asks if he's not good enough for her, to be her boyfriend. He comes to his senses and appologizes, saying that she doesn't have to be his girlfriend anymore, because this Sunday, he's going to make her his whore. He kisses her, and when she tries to slap him, he grabs her arm and forces her to the mat. Fade Out.


As we return, the glass breaks and Raw Co-GM Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out on stage while the Cell is lowered over the ring. It is with great pleasure that he introduces one of his toughest opponents, and the man he has deemed the referee for the Bad Blood main event...


Mick Foley!


Foley comes out and goes straight into the ring. There were times that he could have sworn he was done with wrestling, that he would never step foot in a ring again. But the truth is, you can take Foley out of WWE, but you can't take WWE out of Mick Foley.


As he watched Raw last week, he heard Stone Cold talk about the one man crazy enough, sick enough to be the referee of the match, he dreamed that it would be him. And when he saw Stone Cold's name on his Caller ID, he answered by saying "Hell yeah, I'll do it."


As he travels the world, telling the little kids to be good, to not be picked on, to be tolerant, to be good kids, he always asks for questions. And all the little kids raise their hands and ask what it was like to be thrown off the Hell in a Cell. They don't remember that match because of the outcome, but because of the heart and determination he showed. Next week at Bad Blood, no matter what carnage happens in the ring, all he has to do is count 1-2-3.


Triple H's music hits, the World Champion comes out on stage. He tells Foley that no matter what, he's just a regular guy now. And he's a regular guy because Triple H made him that way. Hell in a Cell, No Way Out, Triple H retired Mick Foley. Foley agrees, but what he did not do and what he could not do is keep Foley down. After he took everything Triple H had, Foley walked out under his own power, head held high.


Triple H tells him that if he still wants to be able to walk out under his own power, he should reconsider taking on this refereeing job. He is putting himself in the position to be hurt permanently. He tells Foley that he has a little less than an hour to make the decision, or he will go into the ring and make the decision for Foley. Fade Out.


As we return, Ric Flair introduces his protege, Randy Orton. Orton comes out to Flair's 2001 music, and even does a little strutting for the audience. Hurricane comes out with a friend of his own, Shawn Michaels.


Orton starts the match by ramming Hurricane into the turnbuckles, then slamming him to the mat for a two count. Hurricane comes back with two clotheslines, then goes up top for a flying cross body 1-2-shoulder up.


Helms goes up for the sommersault neckbreaker, but Orton sidesteps and Hurricane hits the mat. Atomic Drop by Hurricane, followed with the Shining Wizard 1-2-broken by Flair.


Shawn Michaels comes over and starts beating on Flair, but Flair smashes him into the ringpost. In the ring, Orton hits his own version of the Diamon Cutter 1-2-3!


After the amtch, Flair comes in and tells Orton to hit the move again, and he does. Shawn Michaels comes in and tosses Orton out of the ring, then starts beating on Flair. He tears Flair's shirt off and back bodydrops him to the mat. Michaels looks for Sweet Chin Music, but Orton pulls Flair out of the ring.


They try to escape up the ring, but Michaels runs after them and attacks, beating both of them to down to the steel of the ramp. Hebner forces Michaels from the ramp, allowing Fliar and Orton to regain their feet.


In the back, Spike comes up to Mick Foley. He says that he heard what Triple H said, and he'd love to see Foley back on tv, but does he really need this? He's got a beautiful daughter and a beautiful family. Mick says he'll think about what Spike has to say. Fade Out.


In the back, we can see Triple H and Eric Bischoff talking somewhere in the back, with Triple H making gestures that seem to indicate he won't put his Title on the line or something to that effect. The one time in the history of WWE that the cameras haven't been allowed in on a conversation...


In the ring, Jerry Lawler introduces us to the first Spinaroonie Contest. Booker T comes out, followed by IC Champion, Christian. Booker says that the people want to see a Kingaroonie to start them off.


Christian says that he's got a pizza with extra Peeparoonie. He starts to dance, throwing in a little robot before he does a Spinaroonie, ending in a seductive model-esque pose.


Booker calls his attempt pathetic and proceeds to start his move, when Christian runs at him with the Title belt. Booker sees it and ducks, knocking Christian out of the ring. Booker says that Christian can run, but he can't hide, because he will become the new IC Champ on Sunday. With that, he hits the original Spinaroonie. Fade Out.


Rodney Mack starts off by taking D-Von down with a shoulder block, but D-Von hiptosses him and armdrags him, before nailing a clothesline. Bulldog by D-Von 1-2-kickout.


Spinebuster by Mack, then a facebuster. Scoop slam by Mack 1-2-kickout. D-Von starts in with punches, but Mack smashes him down. D-Von elbows out and nails a flying forearm. Falling neckbreaker by D-Von 1-2-kickout.


Clothesline by D-Von. Nowinski gets on the apron, but D-Von knocks him off. He walks into a Mack slam 1-2-shoulder up. D-Von floats over Mack and hits a front suplex. Teddy Long leaves the announce booth and tries to get in the ring. He distracts the ref, allowing Nowinski to come in, but the Dudleys hit the 3D while the ref's back is turned. D-Von tries to attack Long, but Mack grabs D-Von and applies the Black Out for the submission victory!


In the back, Terri goes over all of the things Jericho has done to Goldberg. Goldberg says that at Bad Blood, Jericho is next. Suddenly, Jericho takes out Goldberg with a chairshot to the back and runs off, but Goldberg only smiles. Fade Out.


In the back, Stone Cold confonts Mick Foley. He brings Foley in to be the referee at Bad Blood, then Triple H comes out and he looks intimidated. Foley says that he might be afraid. Austin says he doesn't buy that, because he expects way more than that. In fact, he might be a little embarassed. He gives Foley two minutes before Triple H goes and calls him out. He's got two minutes to decide whether or not he can take it. Fade Out.


As we return, the Cell is lowered over the ring once more. Triple H's music plays, and the World Champion enters the cell and goes into the ring.


Triple H tells Foley that his time is up, so he better come out here and make the right decision, or else it will be beaten out of him.


Foley's music hits, and Mick comes out on stage. He agrees that it is decision time. He has listened to Stone Cold Steve Austin, and he made sense. He listened to what Triple H, and he made sense. He has decided that, while it was nice to come out here and have people chant his name like the star he used to be, he will return to his normal ordinary life...


...next Monday. Before that, he's going to stand in the Cell while Triple H and Kevin Nash tear the hell out of each other. He understands that part of that decision means he will get his ass kicked by Triple H. He doesn't know when it's coming, whether it's in the parking lot, at the hotel, or even at his house in front of his kids. It scares the hell out of him, but he knows that if it happened like that, they'd deny the chance for these people to see it go down. So he'll take his ass whooping right here in Miami!


He enters the ring and starts going at it with Triple H! Trips gets the upper hand, but Foley soon beats him into submission in the corner. Running knee by Foley, then a fist that sends Trips flying out of the ring. He smashes Triple H into the ringpost, but then Trips does the same to him.


Triple H gets a chair from under the ring and cracks it across Foley's back. Foley stumbles up and walks into a chairshot.


Triple H starts leaving the ring, but Foley gets on the mic and says that he has a lot more ass to kick. Triple H comes back in the ring and Pedigrees Foley onto the chair!


Trips leaves again, but Foley stumbles up and counts three on the mat. Trips turns around and runs back into the ring, along with Flair and Orton. They triple-team Foley, until Kevin Nash and HBK run into the ring.


Nash tosses Orton from the ring, and HBK clotheslines Flair over the ropes, then leaps onto both of them. Nash and Triple H go at it, with Nash scoring with a Big Boot. Jacknife by Nash who goes down and pins, while Foley rolls over and counts 1-2-3! End Show.

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Guest Dintrox

Nice to see Nick Foley again. The matches were mediocre. I am so tired of Rodney Mack!!! Teddy long find somebody else please!

I think this is the second or third Raw in a row that Flair has ended up beeding everywhere.


Kane's storyline heading into the ppv is interesting.

Will he turn on RVD about time this team dissolved.


As for the other matches:

HHH vs. Nash the only thing worth seeing in this match is Mick Foley... or will it be Mankind... or will it be Cactus Jack...


Michaels vs. Flair a yawner....


Goldberg vs. Jericho even the mind games aren't getting fans into this one. Can only hope that the ayatollah can pull off a good performance.

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Guest F_View
Is it me or can you see Kane turning Hell and maybe just maybe the tag belts being left to be deffended in a tournament style thing or RVD & Kane loosing them soon and then start a feude, winner will no doubt shoot up ranks towards the world champ title shot level ?
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Guest Seabass
Originally posted by F_View

Is it me or can you see Kane turning Hell...


No...but i do think he is turning heel :xyx

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Id like to see RVD turn heel, and then fued with Booker T (if he wins the IC title at Bad Blood) over the IC title. That could give us some pretty cool matches.


I hope Kane dies the big red ****tard, I couldnt give a damn about him.


Im looking forward to Bad Blood, Jericho vs Goldberg will probably be a squash due to the fact that Billy boy wont sell shit and doesnt seem to like letting his opponents get in any decent offense.


The Hell in the cell match could be suprising. Test vs Steiner could be interesting if they really go for it.

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Guest Seabass
Originally posted by FTW

I hope Kane dies the big red ****tard, I couldnt give a damn about him.



it's never cool to wish someone dies.

RVd wouldn't make a good heel. he lacks the intensity of Benoit so he can't keep his mouth shut and let his wrestling do all the heel talking for him, and he's not that good on the mic yet.

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Originally posted by Seabass

it's never cool to wish someone dies.

No one said it was cool. Lighten up serious sam.


Originally posted by Seabass

RVd wouldn't make a good heel. he lacks the intensity of Benoit so he can't keep his mouth shut and let his wrestling do all the heel talking for him, and he's not that good on the mic yet.

He doesnt need to have the intensity of Beniot or the mic skills of say The Rock to make a good heel.

RVD is obviously over with the fans. He could get heel heat with his cocky ways and brash behaviour. It has worked in the past, with the likes of DX. Not really being monster heels, but at the same time doing enough to be classed as the heel in the match, through their pre-match antics and the way that they softly dismissed their opponents and showed no respect for anyone.


All RVD needs to do, is slap the crap out of Kane with a chair for no real reason after their match at the PPV and his run as heel would start.

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Guest Seabass
Originally posted by FTW

No one said it was cool. Lighten up serious sam.



didn't seem like a joke....oh well...whatever...


anyway, RVD would need a mouth peice (like the fonz from ECW) if he would have any chance of being a good heel...actually, saying that- RVD would simply need to do what he did in ECW to be a good heel

it worked for DX cause they were an alternative to nWo, were unique, and cause they were in a stable (would have the antics worked for the DX members individually?).

RVD could be a good heel, but (maybe) only if he's in a stable that acts in a way DX did

Edited by Seabass
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Right, shut it the pair of you.


Seabass, I wouldn't have expected you to lower yourself to this level of stupidity. Although I can see that what you did didn't break any rules, it was daft to keep it going.


FTW, I know you're relatively new here, but we do not tolerate flaming of any sorts on these forums, so please watch your step in the future. Your input thus far has been very good, do not spoil it.


Disagree? Please check the: Forum Rules


The offending posts will be deleted from the thread in 15 minutes, and this one in 30.

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Guest The Crippler

I've deleted the three posts after Chris' post.


If you want to keep posting in this thread then keep all comments on the show please.



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Guest Simon

My my... Raw was bad. I was cringing as Mick Foley did his usual suck up to HHH routine. Bah.


Strangely though, I'm looking forward to Bad Blood, bar the Dudleyz match and the Hell in a Cell.

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Guest Cactus Jack

I liked Raw. Maybe it was becuase I was marking out as it was my first "live" Raw.


Foley! Foley! Foley! Foley! Foley!


Everything bar Dudley's vs. Nowinski & Mack looking good. Perhaps Teddy Long can save the match?

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