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Your favourite website?

Guest Pabster

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Guest Pabster



I was wondering what is the site you visit first when you log-on to the ol' internet? Why do you like that site?



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Guest The Crippler
The first site I go to is TWO. Don't know why I come here first, just a habit I suppose. I don't really go to many sites anyway.
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Guest Vampiro
at the moment i head straight to the kinesis site, then check out the hell is for heroes site..thats i all really check..and just send some emails and go on msn.
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Guest ......cjr......



First off....in this order....


TWO Forums

EWR Forums

UKFF Forums

TNA Revolution Message Board

Total Non Stop Message Board


Thats about it really...i dont talk to people online only on forums so its kinda boring. I talk to one person online who i dont know in real life and been talking to her for about a year and a half.



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Guest Seabass

TWO- though only becuase it's updated regualry

a few DBZ websites to see if they have and episodes i can watch

various porn sites



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Guest PeteR Richards
I just post here and sometimes check my dooyoo account. The other time I'm just bored or downloading and talking to people on MSN.
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Guest Goldy
I go to TWO first followed swiftly by ERE, after that its MCFC.co.uk, UKFF, frontierwrestling.com, followed by 1stop, followed by wrestlezone.co.uk all the UK sites really. Then the odd few forums i have joined which i post at very infrequently. Then a few more unofficial Man City sites :) :xyx
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Guest F_View

My default home page is set up for http://www.icbirmingham.co.uk

Great as its the Birmingham Evening Mail website so i can get all the 32p news paper for free :-)


And then I go to my buds site http://invisionfree.com/forums/DISCUZZION


good old banter on there,


Go to Birmingham City Football Club Forums Site followed by UglyFootballers.com



check my site the uglywrestlers board, and then come here its what I call the run !

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