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Things that piss u off.


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Guest TsuMirren

I doubt the kid even has the po-go stick anymore....


It's one of the MANY reasons that Christmas has absolutely no purpose in today's society.


"What did you get?"


"Well, my parents don't have much mo..."


"Hahaha, he's poor....kick him, prod him, mock him!"


Religion hasn't brought togetherness for one single God damned day!


Religion pisses me off...people who NEED religion pisses me off...Priests/Ministers etc who get paid pisses me off.


The abolition of the death penalty...that was a mistake.

The ability for criminals to plead insanity, that really pisses me off. Vegetarians...they would have been dead inside a week when man first walked this earth.

Parents who swear at their kids or hit them in public., I'm not against giving to charity but Governments all across the Globe could feed, clothe and house every single living being on this planet but they'd rather spend on war and have us give to charity instead. they Irish, from the Middle East, Europe or even the US Government.


Hmmmm, I'll leave all the petty and meaningless stuff to the rest of you. :)

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Originally posted by BRM

Today on my way back to work at lunch, i saw a gang of groups picking on a kid because he only got a po-go stick for chrimbo. The young un really wanted to play with these others. this just pissed me off

He should have rockbottomed them.
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Guest The Vulcanized One
Lol Cloud. Things that piss me off. Um people getting on their high horses bullying a bit of gentle ribbing is Ok but more than that shouldn't be stood for. Once my whole class attacked me with pencil cases, most of them metal and repeatedly hit me in the head for about a minute while my teacher was out of the class. nice lot in my school.
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I share many an opinion with Tsu, but we differ on some topics. I'll split my pet hates into topics.




War- It's depressing to see people giving their lifes, because two pollitical leaders can't agree on a matter. Most of the time we hear on the news about how there are constant wars, leading to increased poverty in their own countries. It's such a shame how we can't do anything to stop the wars though.


Vegetarianism- So people don't eat meat because it's murder. Fine, let's say that everyone in the world stops eating meat. Farmers have no reason to keep cows, pigs, sheep etc. All the animals are slaughtered, for no reason. If animals are gonna die anyway, may as well enjoy a burger.


Spoiled Children- Kids now think of Xmas as "The day we get presents", Easter is now unofficially called "The day we get chocolate" and school is a waste of time. Once you're out of school, having to buy presents for people and only getting socks in return, you appreciate each festive holiday a little bit more.


Crime- Goes without saying that the world would be a much better place without murders, theft, rape, arson etc. It's a scary thought that someone out there could kill you one day.


The music industry- Music that is composed on a computer, with a repatitive beat and talentless girl singing over it is now accepted as being popular. Urgh. The fans of these crap bands make it worse for us all. If a song reaches no1, it's played more often. I can't stand how bands bring out songs that sound identical to their others, and that people still buy them.


Pay Per View TV- If I already subscribe to Sky, why do I need to pay more to see something? If no one bought these shows, the whole scheme would be abolished, but there always has to be someone who buys Lennox Lewis Vs <Insert Unknown Guy Here> for £15. It's even worse with the football. You pay £60 for a Premiership Plus thing, then see all the goals the next day on the news.


Smoking- I don't get why people smoke. It stinks, it's expensive, it kills you, it affects your sex drive, it ruins your body and makes you unhealthy. I don't mind people drinking, it's good, safe and can even be a healthy way to relax. Smoking has no plus sides.


Price of Video games- The CD costs £2, the price of advertising and other overheads is about on average £20 per disc. So why do we settle for companies adding on about £20 profit margin? No wonder software piracy is so common.


Racism- All kinds of it, from Religion to skin colour to country of birth. I often go to Rangers games, and hear adults encouraging their kids to sing the Sash or other start sectarian chants. Go to a Hamilton match and all you hear is "Sack The Board" for 90 minutes. I'd rather listen to the boring chants to get Watson out of the boardroom, than listen to songs that would cause murders in Ireland.




Slow Internet- I pay £40 per month for Broadband internet, and sometimes at night it's just as slow as a normal connection. Just another way for the telecommunication firms to rip us off.


Mobile phones- If you didn't know, I can't stand them. I hate how people pay stupid prices for them. You can save so much money by emailing or using MSN to talk to people, but still people text and phone each other. People scream into their mobiles in public places, to let everyone know they have a life. All it does is just annoy the masses. As for ringtones...They're just 3 random beeps that are made out to sound exactly like a song. My girlfriend recently urged me to "text" her. I told her to buy a PC and reap the benefits.


My mum- My mum won't eat anythng made outside of the UK. Hell, it took her years to finally eat at McDonalds. Anyway, every time I have a foreign food, I'm met with gasps of "How can you eat that, it looks like crap!". Might not sound to bad....But she says it every night! I have to cook my own dinner now, because my mum won't come near a curry.


TWO- OK, not the chat itself...But the people who think it's funny to deliberatly get booted. I mean, it takes a mod 2 seconds to press the kick button, and he's gone. I also can't stand folk who moan about the chatroom. "Why did you kick my mate? How can I get that icon? Why can't you make me a Mod? I didn't swear in caps, it was my brother!". Just grow up if you want to chat about wrestling.


The dreaded 6:30pm time slot- If you're wanting to watch TV fro about 6pm onwards, you have it easy to start off. Friends, Robot Wars, the Simpsons etc are all on. Then, when they finish at 6:30pm, you need something to tide you over untill the double Simpsons at 7pm. I have never seen a decent program start at 6:30pm. Sky show some Star Trek/Star Gate/Star something else, Channel 4 shows Hollyoaks, Beeb2 shows Captain Scarlet...Why doesn't someone put on a half decent show at 6:30pm????!!! And don't even think of telling me to watch Livewire....


The New MSN Messenger- You log in, and you can't change sites for the minute it takes to log in. Then, once you look at your emails, MSN freezes and you have to log back in. Then it freezes again. Continue this until you stay signed in for more than a minute.


Ignorant People- If anyone can argue against something I believe in, and use evidence, I'll listen to their point. I can't stand when people refuse to change their opinions, even if you have hard proof. I don't expect everyone to agree with me, but all I ask is for a chance to prove my point.



There. Rant over. I feel so much better now....

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Guest Anna-Louise

Wow......lots of happy people here then......


I only have one thing that really annoys me and that is people who treat other people like they are less worthy than them even if they are not. And they do it for the stupidest reasons too....maybe they have more money than someone or they know more about a specific subject than that person or they have a different religion and think the other persons religion is somehow insignificant compared to their own.

Its just pathetic and is no better than bullying. I'm sure if these people were treated like that themselves then they would stop it.

I'm sure we have all been guilty of it at some time but some people make it a way of life.


Also Tsumirren I know that you do not believe in God or any kind of religion but I cannot see how the people that do annoy you so much. I may not be religious but I have been brought up the same as many of the other people on the chatroom to respect other peoples beliefs and views even though they do not agree with my own.


I expect you to come back with an argument saying that all of these different beliefs and views cause wars. I agree and that statement is largely true but also people with views such as your own, people with a lack of tolerance to religion cause wars too.



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Guest The Crippler

I wasn't going to comment on this thread but then something happened tonight. During an admittedly alcohol fuelled night with friends, we came across the topic of wrestling.


I got into a heated exchange with my friends who said it was totally fake. They said none of the moves hurt, the blood was really capsules and that the canvas was soft and the chair shots weren't real. I'm sure most of you have had this debate before with friends. I found it very frustrating and thought it was a slap in the face of all the wrestlers who have busted their ass to entertain us.


Maybe I'm so pissed off cause I've had one too many, I don't know. But I find it very irritating how I have to justify why I enjoy watching wrestling.

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I get pissed off with not being able to walk along Argylle Street or Sauchiehall Street without having to dodge various assorted people trying to accost me for The Big Issue, Gouranga, The World Wildlife Fund, Oxfam, Save The Children - LEAVE ME BE!!!


I hate people who try and force themselves or their views on others - do what you want, believe what you want - just don't try and convert me - if I want to know about it, I'll ask.


Way too much stuff to list here - I'm pretty sick of everything right now, but I'm sure 90% of people here can identify with that.

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Guest Latino Reheat

My PC pisses me off !


Yes people, I'm not dead (to many peoples disappointment), just had a bastard of a week with my computer being very dodgy, because some little uninstall deleted a whole load of system files. Reformatting, copying stuff onto CD, its been a real nightmare.


But i'm glad to be back.

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