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Guest Russ

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I was watching "Wayne's World" last night on Sky One, the Rooney documentary, and I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that the producers of the show think that Rooney is the only player in the world who has the potential to be great. So, I've made a list of some of the most promising talents in world football, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on who's the next big thing in football.


10- James McFadden


OK, maybe he's not going to set the world on fire, Pele/Maradona style, but he's going to be one of the best players to come out of the UK for a long time. When he was 18, Leverkusen tried to get him to replace Ze Roberto, but failed when Motherwell were asking for too much. He's got bags and bags of confidence, and he's always trying something outrageous and fancy. If he leaves Scotland before he's 21, he'll go on to have a superb career, in my opinion.


9- Kim Kallstrom


I was watching Futbol Mundial last week, and I've never been so impressed with a player from only watching clips of him in a match. He was always looking for a pass, and to bring the ball forward, which makes him a better attacking midfielder than some of today's "superstars" who always seem to take it easy. He's apparently going to Villa in the summer, and if he does, it won't be long before he's called the next Juninho.


8- Martins


You'll probably know the young Inter striker from his goal against Milan in the Champion League semi finals. He's fast, a great finisher, superb in the air, and everything you want from a striker. The only thing, aside from injury, that I think could stop him from making a real name for himself is the competition at Inter. With Vieri, Crespo, Kallon and the returning Adriano ahead of him in the race for the 2 striker spots, he'll need to go on loan for a few seasons to get himself noticed.


7- Iniesta


From what I've seen from Iniesta in La Liga this season, Barca have a massive young talent on their books. Again, more experienced players are ahead of him in terms of a starting place, but Barca are famous for letting youth players come from their C side, right up to their first team. I've got a feeling Iniesta will be next to do so.


6- Wayne Rooney


You know him, I know him, we all know him. He's far overrated, as I can think of 5 players who have a bigger future in the game than Roonaldo, but he's still a great player. But will he "Le Tissier" his career by staying at Everton too long? Joe Cole is in danger of doing the same thing, and both need to move within 2 years to start letting people know what they can do at the top level.


5- Javier Portillo


He's another young striker way down the pecking order at a top club, but Portillo has already scored goals for Real, and if Morientes leaves in the summer (Which I think he might do), then I'd expect to see Portillo feature a lot more next season. He's already done wonders at Spanish U21 level, but the lack of first team football again might hurt his chances of playing the in big time every season.


4- Ricardo Quaresma


Some people have said that he's better than Beckham, and Man Utd should try to get him to replace the departing England captain. I'd say he was more like Figo or a right footed Ryan Giggs though. He runs at full backs, beats them, then crosses the ball. He has the advantage of being in Sporting's first team at the age of 19, and I've got a feeling that he'll have left Portugal within 3 years from now. He'd be perfect for a team like Liverpool, who lack width and quality delivery from the flanks.


3- Cavenghi


Is he the new Saviola? In my opinion, he could be better. He's been a first team regular at River since the age of 17, and he's been scoring 18+ goals every season since then. He's a lot better in the air than Saviola, and with D'Alessandro behind him in the playmaker role, he's going to keep scoring plenty of goals. Once he breaks into the Argentina squad, solving the work permit problem, I think he'll head to La Liga or Serie A before long.


2- Diego/Robinho


It's too hard to call. Both guys play for Santos, both are under 19 and both have been called "The New Pele". I can see these guys moving as a De Boer Brothers/Overmars+Petit "double package" to a big team before long, as it's probably safe to say that these two are the most promising footballers in the world who are playing first team football weekly.


1- Freddy Adu


Simply put, he's going to be a legend in the game. He's just turned 13, but already he's the best player in the world at Under 17 level. He's Tony Yeboah's nephew, he plays attacking midfielder and he keeps running with the ball in a Figo/Giggs manner, beating half of the team before setting up a team mate for an easy goal. He's already been offered a contract by Inter, which his mum turned down because she wants him to stay in the USA for a few more years before moving abroad. He's football's Lebron James, and in 15 years from now, he WILL be the best player on the planet. That is unless his 11 year old brother, who plays for the USA U15s is even better than him...


So, go on, gimmie your thoughts on who's better.

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Guest The Crippler

I've heard of quite a few of those guys through Championship Manager but I haven't seen them play so I can't comment too much on your choices. I think McFadden could be a top top player.


I liked what I saw of the guy of the young Scottish lad at Manchester United - Darren Fletcher I think he is called. He hasn't played too much for United but he was brilliant on his debut and I've heard quite a bit about him.


I think Stevie Hughes at Rangers will be a great player. Just needs to improve his strength and he'll be excellent.


My mind is blank at the minute of anyone else but I'll post some more when I think of them.

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Guest Tajiri

I agree with all the name said so far, a few more players I would add:


Djibril Cisse (Auxere/France)

Phillipe Mexes(Auxere/France)

Deco (Porto/Portugal)

Fernando Torres Torres (Atl Mardid/Spain)

Chivu (Ajax/Romania)

Van Der Meyde (Ajax/Holland)

Van Der Vart (Ajax/Holland)

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Guest Vampiro
And John O'Shea...what an incredible season he has had! He's well been overlooked because of all the hype surrounding Rooney.
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Dont forget Glen Johnson, he outshone the rest of the West Ham team since he broke into the first team last january. Ok maybe that wasnt hard but i can see him being one of the best defenders in the world in a few years time.
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