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Fav murder/mystery show

Guest Goldy

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Guest Goldy
Hey, i was just wondering what everyones favourite murder/mystery show was? Are you a fan of the mac in Colombo, or do you prefer the serious Morse? Does Poirot annoy you? Do you like Quincy, Murder She Wrote, or maybe Prime Suspect? Theres so many to choose from, or do you just not watch those types of shows?. Anyway i would like to hear your views folks!! :)
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Guest kessler

Columbo was awesome, the mini-films still are great to see.


Quincy was another really good one that's great when they stick it on after Neighbours, not for a good few months now though.


Murder She Wrote is AWFUL, even if I did watch it when I was younger. Now I just think of Family Guy when I see that.

Someone: "I hear you've had an abortion"

Angela Lansbury: "Yes I have and i'm not ashamed to admit it"

Peter Griffin: "So she was the murderer all along!!"


Anyway, onto THE murder mystery show of all time - Diagnosis Murder!!!!!!! Oh how I treaure the days of post-Neighbours daytime tv with Diagnosis on BBC first then straight after on RTÉ or vice-versa with another showing earlier/later on Hallmark. Dick Van Dyke and all his extended family (especially Barry with his famous run and jump to catch everyone) rule the roost of murder mysteries, especially with their crossovers involving other shows or roping in cameos from the likes of Hasselhoff!

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Guest El Selecta

Its all about Columbo baby!

The best bit in Quincy is in the opening credits. It looks like he is examining a body then it zooms out to reveal a hot chick on a boat!

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Guest MillionLiraMan

Columbo is great, but surely someone here must remember the fantastic Banacek with George Peppard as the Polish descended detective. Every crime always involved there being an exact duplicate of something, and you would always get an old Polish proverb. He had his sidekick Jay as his driver, and his boss, I think he was called Thomas but I don't remember, who was always playing chess in a fancy house. That was the best if you ask me, but they haven't put it on again since about 1996.


Remember... twelve golden horses in silver candlesticks don't stop the snow falling in Viallistock!

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Originally posted by PK (WCW + ECW Fan)

Diagnosis Murder and Quincy RULES!!!!!


Remember our chat room chats about DM and Quincy Sabba?



I remember those chats PK, Quincy and Diagnosis Murder do indeed rule! :xyx

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