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***Official Smackdown Thread - 11 June 2003***


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***Official Smackdown Thread 11 June 2003***


Michael Cole and Tazz come down to Tazz's music. The pyro hits, and they start with a recap of last week, where Rey Mysterio wins the Cruiserweight title from Matt Hardy.


1) Rey Mysterio vs. Matt Hardy (WWE Cruiserweight title rematch)


Rey pops up, and comes to the ring first. Then we see Matt backstage with Shannon and Crash. He blames them for his loss last week, and says they are not allowed at ringside. He then proceeds to deck Shannon in the face, and throws Crash into some stage equipment. Looked pretty brutal. He comes down to the ring, and gets serious heat from the crowd for his actions.


The match was good, but different than last week. Mysterio hits the 619 and the West Coast Pop, but Matt kicks out after 2. Rey goes up top, and hits a great looking bulldog, but only a 2 count. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate near the ropes, but Rey blocks it by grabbing the ropes. He then hits a hurricarana off the top rope for the win. Matt does the job for Rey.


WINNER: Rey Mysterio (retains title)


- The ring is set up for Piper's Pit. Roddy comes down with Sean O'Haire to bagpipes. There's a table set up in the ring. Half of it has sushi and half has beans and salsa. Roddy announces his guests on this international edition of Piper's Pit, Eddie Guerrero and Tajiri. Eddie and Tajiri drive down in the low-rider from last week. Funny segment, with loud "Eddie" chants. Sean wants to hold Eddie's tag team belt, but Eddie's too smart for that. Tajiri, however, wants to munch on some sushi, so he lets O'Haire hold his belt for a plate of sushi. Sean won't give it back. Roddy offers a toast of (almost) friendship. Tajiri sprays it back in their faces, as Eddie turns the buffet table over on them, and steals Tajiri's belt back.


Then, they get back in the car, and try to back it out, but it keeps stalling out. I don't think that'll be on Smackdown. The stage crew had to push it out.


- Sable appears on screen, as Stephanie enters the picture. They talk about Zach Gowen's chances for a contract, and Steph knows Sable is up to something. She also mentions that she is bringing back the U.S. Title (!). Kick ass!!


2) A-Train vs. Billy Gunn (Guest ring announcer - Torrie Wilson)


Billy makes his return to Smackdown in style. He comes down to his Mr. Ass music and gimmick, and Torrie is all over him. Lots of "Shave your back" chants for Albert, as you might expect. The crowd was all over A-Train's ass (or wait, no... no...). Billy wins with the Fame-ass-er, and then exchanges playful spankings with Torrie. They leave arm in arm.


3) Undertaker vs. Johnny Stamboli (w/ Chuck Palumbo and Nunzio)


The best part about this match was that I didn't have to hear Michael Cole mention a "numbers game" or someone getting "whacked"... but, I'll hear it when I watch Thursday, I'm sure. Stamboli looked good in this match. He had Taker stunned with a spinebuster and started slapping him in the face. That didn't last too long, as Taker got pissed and came back momentarily. UT spent a good part of the match chasing Nunzio, which was pretty funny. Stamboli hit a beautiful suplex, considering how tall the Undertaker is. Johnny misses a leg drop from the top rope, and Taker capitalizes, hitting the Last Ride for the win.


After the match, Palumbo gets involved, and gets a nice chokeslam for his efforts. But, Nunzio smacks Undertaker in the face with a steel chair to leave him laying in the ring.


- Backstage, Zach Gowen is getting a pep talk from Mr. America.


- After the break, Stephanie comes down to ringside to oversee the arm wrestling contest. She is about to announce Zach, but Sable's music starts instead. Sable comes down to the ring, and starts to say something, but Steph cuts her off. She finally gets to announce Zach, accompanied by Mr. America. Then, "No Chance" hits, and here comes the boss! Vince is wearing a tank top and workout pants, and he's pumped up huge for this.


Hogan gets on the mic, and says this is about you and me, McMahon. Why don't you put that little spaghetti arm up here, and let's settle it. Vince says he'll arm wrestle Hogan on two conditions. First, it has no bearing on Zach's contract, and second, if Mr. America loses, he has to leave the ring. They lock up left-handed, and go at it. It looks like Hogan might win, but Sable interferes and they stop the contest.


Steph warns her not to get involved again. They try it again, right-handed. This time, Hulk is keeping an eye on Sable to make sure she doesn't interfere again. He's about to beat Vince again, when suddenly Sable flashes her tits at Mr. America. He's momentarily stunned (and who wouldn't be?) and Vince takes advantage and wins. He then forces Mr. America, Stephanie and Sable all to leave the ring.


Now, Vince starts verbally trashing Zach, and they get set for the real arm-wrestling contest. Left-handed, Vince sells big time to Zach. It almost looks like Zach is going to pull off a miraculous upset, when Vince kicks Zach's leg from under the table, and pins his arm down. The ref didn't see it. LOL. He continues to berate Zach, forcing him to leave the ring.


4) Chris Benoit & Rhyno vs. Doug & Dave Basham (w/ Shaniqua)


The Bashams have gotten themselves a valet, and it's none other than Linda Miles! This was a pretty decent match, with Rhyno taking a beating. Chris goes up top for the flying headbutt, and Linda tries to interfere. He just kicks her away, but he misses the headbutt. The match ends with Rhyno accidentally punching Benoit in the face, and one of the Bashams pins Benoit. After the match, he's not a happy camper.


Later, backstage, Benoit and Rhyno get into a shouting match, with Rhyno trying to tell Benoit that he didn't mean it. Benoit wants to know how he can trust Rhyno.


5) Funaki vs. John Cena


Cena does a cool rap about Michael Cole liking boy bands, and gave props to Orlando. Kind of surprising, considering he's still the heel. But, he got one of the biggest pops of the night when his music hit. Funaki tried to do a rap, calling Cena ugly. He got a hard clothesline for his trouble. This match was a total squash, and lasted all of 30 seconds or so. The first clothesline, and his F-U finisher for the win.


- Kurt Angle comes down to the ring to the biggest pop of the night. He said he was happy to come back to Smackdown last week, but this week he has unfinished business to take care of. He calls out Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. The crowd is definitely not happy to see Team Angle. Kurt says he understands why they didn't call him in the hospital, but why weren't they at Smackdown last week to welcome him back? Shelton says they were sick... sick of living in Kurt's shadow. And where was Kurt when they were forced to wrestle in a ladder match? Kurt says it's too bad they lost the tag team belts, so let's go sit down and figure out how to win them back. Charlie takes the mic, and says no... they aren't going anywhere. They are tired of Kurt calling all the shots, and tired of the crowd yelling "You Suck" when they walk to the ring, so Kurt is now no longer in charge. Angle says there's only one reason the crowd chants "You Suck"... because he earned it... four years, title after title. Basically, he fires Team Angle to the crowd's delight.


After the break, we see Charlie and Shelton waiting on Kurt to come backstage. Some words are exchanged, and they attack him from behind.


- Video recap of the Brock Lesnar / Big Show feud, going back to last Summerslam.


6) Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show (WWE Championship)


*WOW*... ok, match starts kind of slow. Big Show goes over the top rope to the outside. Brock follows him, but gets thrown head-first into the steps. Lots of heat for the Big Show, chants of "Big Show sucks" throughout the whole match. Brock is selling an injury, probably his shoulder from the steel steps. He tries an F-5 on Show, but collapses. Big Show goes for a chokeslam, but Brock gets out of it. Show hits a big leg drop, but only a 2 count. He finally hits a chokeslam, but again, only for 2. He's going for a 3rd chokeslam attempt, and he looks like he's trying to drag Brock to the top rope. Brock blocks it, and crotches Big Show. Brock sets him up for a superplex off the 2nd rope. He hits a massive superplex, and the RING COLLAPSES!! The ropes come down first, then the bottom drops out of one side. It was amazing to watch. It's going to look great on television! The crowd was in shock, and both wrestlers were on their backs as the show went off the air. The "Holy Shit" chants started as the EMT's came to ringside with stretchers.

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*Starts his own private chant at home!*


Haha! :)


I cant believe that the ring collapsed. I wonder if it was setup or legit. I would like to think that it was legit, but you cant help but wonder if the whole thing was setup.


Overall Smackdown! seems pretty cool this week. A rematch of Rey / Hardy cant be too bad. Also the US title returning. Vince picking on a retard (again) and the ring collapsing can only equal some cool shit.


Oh, yeah and Mr.Ass returned. Yup............

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I think it's obvious the ring collapsed on purpose. They've had heavier in the ring without it falling, so I'm guessing it was just to show how big and strong these two guys are. Looks impressive though.


Mr Ass is back.. whoopy f**king do :roll


Someone end this Mr America crap NOW!!!


Besides that, sounds like a good show.

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Originally posted by draVen

Mr Ass is back.. whoopy f**king do :roll




*cracks knuckles*


I cant believe they let the guy in a WWE ring again and to give him back his Mr.Ass gimmick they really arent doing anyone any favors. Billy has to shake his tail at the camera's and us poor ****ers have to look at the damn thing. Putting him with Torrie could be cool though. The WWE could use a good old fashion Billy Kidman vs Random wrestler over Torrie Wilson fued going on.


Another thing I cant wait for is to see how Zack Gowen makes his way to the ring. Skateboard anybody? haha!

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Guest Peter

Sounds like a fairly decent show, haven't been watching much WWE TV recently, but I'll definately try to catch the Brock/Show bump on one of the recap shows or something. It should come off visually incredible on TV, from what reports have been saying. I'm just wondering whether it was planned or not, I suspect it was, although the fact they didn't do a pin or anything after that makes me think otherwise.


As for the rest of the show, Rey vs. Hardy should be a good match, as should Chris Benoit & Rhyno vs. Doug & Dave Basham, but I can't see the rest of the show being much good. I'm especially tired of all the Mr America stuff, no one gives a shit about it. The Sable/Stephanie storyline should also be less than thrilling, but I do like the fact the US title is being brought back.


Seems to be a lot of new stars debuting/returning lately, like Linda Miles, Billy Gunn and the Basham Brothers. I don't have a huge problem with Gunn returning, as I am one of the few people who don't find him as bad in the ring as he is made out to be. The Torrie Wilson storyline is likely to lead to something silly though. A Rhyno/Benoit feud seems to be being teased, hope its Benoit who turns, as he is better as a heel IMO, and they could feud over the US belt when it comes in.


Should come off well on TV, might give it a look.

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Guest Cactus Jack

Excellent Show!


Enjoyed it, and thought Vince kicking Tenacious Z's leg kinda funny.


US Title back! Give it to Cena.


Ring Collapsing: OM F'N G! What a time to watch my first ever "live" SmackDown! Any news on if they are injured? This will give the fued a lot more realism.

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Guest BlueDragon



Well i thought Smackdown was pretty good this week, it was the first one in ages that i hav'ent fell asleep with half way through. What did every1 else think of WWE this week.

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