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***Official Bad Blood Thread***


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Tonight: TWO Bad Blood Quiz & Chat




Quiz (hosted by HSM): 8pm - 9pm




Chat: 9pm - 1am




TV Listings for Sky:


11pm - Velocity

12am - Heat International Edition

1am - Bad Blood






World Title Match

Hell In A Cell

Guest Referee - Mick Foley

HHH © vs. Kevin Nash


Chris Jericho vs. Goldberg


Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair


WWE Intercontinental Title Match

Christian © vs. Booker T


World Tag Team Title Match

(The Unlikely Duo of) Rob Van Dam & Kane © vs. La Resistance


Winner Gets Stacy Keibler

Scott Steiner vs. Test


The Dudley Boyz vs. Chris Nowinski & Rodney Mack




Leave your thoughts on the show here. The results will also be in this thread, so don't come here if you don't want to know them!



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Guest Seabass
if Jericho wins, i'll run outside nekkid and do DX style crotch chops in the middle of the street shouting "JERICHO WINS...OMG FREAKIN GOD JERICHO JUST BEAT WHISKER BISCUIT"
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Guest F_View



Hope u all like my lay out of ppv.


If Y2J wins it would be with help from 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999 Other People + Yokozuna coming back from the grave to whooooop his big retarded Butt.


Can u belive Y2J made him crazy not a good move lol.


Think the tag title match will be best match of night with Kane doingsomething to help loose the titles maybe.


Who thinks devon might back the mac and turn on his bro bubba ?

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Guest Goldy

F View no need to link to another forum we will have the results in this thread.


Well we won't get to see a nekkid Seabass :D


Very average ppv, cant say i enjoyed it much at all. Match of the night either Flair/HBK or Y2J/Goldburg. Flair sold really well for HBK, and HBK did some decent moves. The table spot was pretty awesome! I had a feeling there would be some interference from someone at the end and i was right, typical heel Flair. Winner Flair.


I didn't enjoy the Test/Steiner match at all.

Nowinski actually got a win, will Dvon turn again? do we care? hmm, not much of a match either. Winner Steiner.


Booker T/Christian was ok, pretty average match, Christian makes me laugh in his cowardly role. As much as i like Booker T i'm glad they're keeping the belt on Christian, i just wish the WWE would stop having him losing needlessely. Winner Booker by DQ.


La Resistance/RVD & Kane i quite enjoyed this for some reason, i think this will see the start of a Kane/RVD split and maybe a push for one of them, its looking likely it will be Kane although i would prefer an RVD push myself. Winner La Resistence.


Jericho started off getting hammered, i thought it was going to be a complete squash match but fortunately Goldburg did start to sell and it was a decent match. I knew what the outcome would be anyway, paving the way for HHH/Goldburg eventually. Winner Goldburg.


I have to mention the Austin/Bischoff segments lol, will anybody be able to look at pie again without thinking of Mai Young? lol, that lady has some guts :P we've seen her boobs, butt etc, i dread to think whats next lol. Poor Bishoff what with that and the pig muck, one wanders if Vince is enjoying a bit of payback hehe. Winner Austin.


Well the main event was exactly as i expected, no wrestling at all, just a blood bath. I cant say i enjoy these type of matches, but i did mark out for Mr.Socko w00t!! Eat that HHH!! I don't know if i've seen so much juice in one match. Again everyone knew who would win so the result was as i expected and HHH retains, again. Winner HHH.


Hopefully the Smackdown PPV will be better, it certainly should wrestling wise anyway. :)

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Guest Latino Reheat

Bad memories always stay with you, no matter how much you try to forget them.


So it saddens me to think that the image of Mae Youngs ass will haunt me for the rest of my days.....

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This is a joke!


Now i know most of us hate Triple H but i'll admit the hell in the cell was a great match. But who the hell is HHH screwing to be able to keep the belt for this long. Its a damn joke.

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Guest Craig Van Dam

Heres what I thought of the PPV


Dudleys Vs Nowinski/Mack - Pretty average match seemed more like a Raw match rather than a PPV woo hoo Nowinski got the win 5/10


Scott Steiner Vs Test - One of Steiner's better WWE matchs that Test carried IMO Test was great in his heel role a couple of messed up by Steiner spoiled an otherwise good match 6/10


Booker T Vs Christian - Good match here Booker got a huge pop in his home I was hoping WWE would give them 20 minutes or so the only thing I hated about this match was the crap D.Q ending 7/10


Kane/RVD Vs La Resistnace - Enjoyed this match La Resistance really showed what they can do here and the idea of Kane turning made the match interesting 6.5/10


Goldberg Vs Jericho - Suprsingly not a squash here Jericho managed to get as much offence as Goldberg which I'm happy a very good carried by Jericho easily Goldberg's best WWE match 8/10


HBK Vs Flair - I was expecting a lot from this but all I really wanted was an old fashioned clean wrestling match and I was really dissapointed don't get me wrong it wasnt a bad match just it could have been so much more 7/10


HHH Vs Nash - A lot better than I first thought it would be it wasnt a wrestling just a dam good brawl both men did well not the best Cell match I seen but certainly not the worst 7.5/10



Overall - Well I was pretty dissapointed only the Goldberg/Jericho and the HHH/Nash matchs were good like I said HBK vs Flair wasn't bad just it could have been so much more lets hope Smackdown do better next month 6/10

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Guest Seabass
I should stop trying to be a mod and allow Chris2K to show his evilness by bossing people around :) Edited by Chris2K
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Guest Seabass

my thoughts on the PPV


Dudleys Vs Nowinski/Mack- Not bad, quite an average Tag Team match with the neat exceptions of D'Von hesatating to get the table and Nowinski getting the win- 2.5/5


Scott Steiner Vs Test - my, my how this didn't end up being a stinker i don't know. nevertheless, it was a good match. test has gained more respect from me as he was playing the heel role brillantly, and stacy just puts other diva's to shame and manage to carry Steiner. also i think being this match being second on the card helped as there was less expectation from people of a good match. 3/5


Booker T Vs Christian - Good match, maybe not the blockbuster i was expecting, but i still enjoyed it. really it looked like a Booker squash with christian getting some good offense in. i was not surprised with the DQ (hmmm....couldn't be to do with my prediction :D), as WWE wanted Booker to win in his home town, but want Chistian to continue his push as IC champ- 3.5/5


Kane/RVD Vs La Resistnace -a good tag team match, La Resistance seem less green then when they first came to the WWE, and look to be capaable tag team champs. still need to improve in the promo department but hey- they are young- 3/10


Goldberg Vs Jericho- OMG! whisker Biscuit doing a convincing job of selling...for Chris Jericho...well somebody better call the doctorrrrrrr! seriously Jericho once again manages to make someone look good at the expense of looking at the stars. kudos to Jericho and Whsiker Biscuit for avioding a botched Lionsault counter. - 4/5


HBK vs Flair- not the classic we were all hoping for, but still it was good and had some unique spots like HBK's 180' slash on Ric flair who's on a table. didn't mind the randy orton interfernce finish as it sets for a HBK vs Orton match which should be nice to watch- 4/5


HHH Vs Nash - quite a good HIAC. while it certainly dosen't eclipse any of the previous HIAC matches. it was still good to watch. some weapons i've never seen in a HIAC match was a nice touch as well as foley's interaction. don't think anyone was surprised not to see HHH and Nash go outside or ontop of the cage match.- 3.5/5


overall- not anything exceptional. but it wasn't a disaster, in fact i would have to say i enjoyed the PPV, a success in my opinion and as a result a step in the right direction for the WWE

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Guest Simon



I can't believe I stayed up for it and was actually looking forward to it. Could it have been any worse?


Goldberg v Jericho was a disaster, I really was worried for Jericho at one point when Goldberg looked stiff as hell. Who in their right mind would actually want to work with that guy? Plus the match did nothing for either worker in my opinion. If Goldberg ends up getting the Raw title it'll be as much of a joke as Nash or HHH holding it, but worse. For the love of God, please don't give him the belt... can't you hear Vince... they ARE BOOING HIM... THEY DON'T LIKE HIM.


Flair v HBK was ok, a bit of a let down, but in my opinion it wasn't their fault, more the fault of that CRAP houston crowd. Could they have been any less enthusiastic about the event? I hate it when US wrestling crowds take what they have forgranted. Still, enjoyed the match anyway, glad HBK jobbed... if slightly unclean :P


I WISH MAE YOUNG WOULD JUST.... well you get the point. I wish I could meet the genius backstage who always books her into a segment... so I could kill him. What a joke, that whole redneck triathlon thing managed to be as bad as it possibly could have been. Just think how much of the PPV it actually took up... and then cry.


HHH v Nash... the less said the better. Absolutely diabolical. What was the point in having the hell in a cell there... it was just a confined streetfight. OH NO BUT WAIT. They did rub each others face against the cage... always entertaining. I can't believe Nash did the humiliating J-O-B. It really is getting to be a joke on Raw.


Infact screw it, that was the last straw. It's such a shame, because Raw did seem to have a glimmer of hope recently. After that show, its confirmed that its going nowhere though. I just don't think I can bring myself to watch Raw anymore, I'll just have to pick up the highlight reel on Bottom Line or something. VINCE I HATE YOU SO MUCH.


What a farce.

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Guest Rikidozan

Sorry to be predictable people, but this was bad. So bad, in fact, it sent be to sleep, literally. Why the hell was Booker/Christian on third from curtain-jerker?. They were in Houston for feck sake, Booker's home state, well, I guess that's what you get for having 'writers' instead of bookers.


The 'Redneck Challenge' skits were the worst i've ever seen in this industry, and anyone who knows the worst skits ever should know that covers ALOT of ground. No flyers on this show really shone through, if they're smart (and we know they're not) they'll bring some over from SD.




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Guest Cactus Jack

I actually enjoyed this event.


Part being I was watching it live, second that my Dad came down to watch it with me, which ended up trying to explain how WCW folded due to politics. Very hard to get across!


I like the Triathlon; Bischoff was hilarious!


If the is the end of the HHH/Nash fued, then a bad ending. If ti carries on, then just wait and see.


I thought the HIAC was better than expected.

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