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Big Brother Week 4: Who's STAYING in the house?

Guest Feenix

Who is going to STAY in the bb house this week  

10 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is going to STAY in the bb house this week

    • Cameron
    • Federico
    • Jon

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Guest Feenix

Big Brother, Week 4


Sissy was the next to leave the house on Friday night. The favourite to go, Federico managed to escape eviction yet again even after calling all women who wouldn't pay for dinner slags! Tonight is the Satarday night task. I don't know what it is yet but i'll be tuning in.

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Guest Seabass

federico is going....i think the audience actually want to see the housemates complete a challenge successfuly

cameron maybe be going cause nobody wants to see a wa**er :P

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Guest Peter
Cameron is very creepy, he sounded somewhat perverted the other night when he was going on about Tania. I think Fed will go too, for failing the first two tasks and nearly costing them this one.
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Guest The Vulcanized One
No! We must keep Fed in! He is on the verge of a nervous breakdown! it'll be hilarious to watch him go crackers and **** up another task. Cameron has to go the creepy ****in Scottishman (Och no) and Jon has served his purpose. Now he's not funny just dull. Keep Fed in!
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I was listening to Radio 1 earlier and they were talking about the Jon thing not really being that funny anymore and it will be better to watch Federico. Hes doing well, winding up the other members of the house and screwing up the tasks. And how he was when he wanted to bet 100% of the cash on the task this week. I hope he stays just to stur things up a little.


Its a shame that two have to go, as I would like to see Cameron go, due to his general boringness. I would like to see Jon stay however to see how he progresses.


But my bet is that Federico will hang on...............just.

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Guest Goldy
Originally posted by TVV

wtf...I thought Fed failed it, he didn't get on the podium until after the music started


He did fail it, surprise surprie, but BB allowed for one mistake. :)

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