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(WWE) Whatever Happened To ...(Superstars)

Guest ChrisfromBirtley

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Guest ChrisfromBirtley

I just wanna know what u all think on the following WWE superstars disappearing.


If anyone knows anything about 'em, plz post in 'ere.




educate us!



What Happened to:



The Bossman

Ken Shamrock

Steve Blackman

Jeff Hardy

Mark Henry


Grand Master Sexay

Paul Heyman


Molly Holly



and others etc





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Guest Peter



Ivory and Molly Holly - Still under contract, Ivory has been appearing on WWE TV a bit more lately, Molly is training people at OVW.


Chavo, Mark Henry, Scotty 2 Hotty - Out with injuries.


Road Dogg, X-Pac, Jeff Hardy, Grand Master Sexay, Perry Staurn - All of them have been fired I think.



Not too sure about the rest.

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Guest Rikidozan



Molly/Ivory: on T.V


Heyman: basically being paid to sit at home


Sexay/Gangrel/Blackman: released from contracts at least a year ago; Sexay works for NWA/TNA, Gangrel/Blackman work Indies


Bossman/Henry: down on Ohio Valley Wrestling, WWE's developmental camp


Shamrock: working for New Japan Pro Wrestling


Jeff Hardy: released after drug issues


Road Dogg/Saturn: working for NWA/TNA


X-Pac: working Indies


Tori: no longer in the industry


Buchannon: released last year


Chyna: no longer in the industry


Batista: injured, rehabbing in OVW

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Guest El Selecta
I've seen a couple of MMA fights with Ken Shamrock in from the last couple of years. One for Pride in Japan and one in UFC against Tito Ortiz.
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Guest RazorRoss

Gangrel: Released a long while back, worked for WWA for a while as Vampire Warrior, not sure what he's up to now.


Bossman: Still under contract I think, probably for his charity work if anything. Should imagine he's some kind of agent.


Shamrock: Left WWE in 2000, figured highly in NWA-TNA in 2002, was the champion a while.....think he is back in the UFC right now.


Blackman: Suffered a neck injury similar to Stone Cold and Scotty in 2001, no idea what's happened to him since.


Jeff Hardy: Was released only a few weeks back after testing positive for drugs of some kind, was last seen under his old Willow the Wisp guise working the indies.


Henry: Injured.......I think he's back now though, as Mr America ;)


Scotty: Injured too, soon to come back I've heard.


GMS: Was released back in 2001 for testing positive for cocaine I think, has been wrestling for NWA-TNA. Rumoured to be returning to WWE soon along with Scotty to reform Too Cool (Please God no!)


Heyman: Asked to be taken off screen a while, I think he is concentrating on booking.


Ivory: On Raw


Molly: On Raw occasionally also.


Road Dogg: Has been wrestling for NWA under his actual name, think he is still employed there.


X-Pac: Was released shortly prior to the nWo break up,has been working indies as Syxx-Pac.


Saturn: Was released early this year, I think he is wrestling in Japan right now.


Chavo: Shoulder injury.


Tori: Not entirely sure, I think she trains for the WWE but don't hold me to that.


Moolah and Mae: Not contracted, a little old for that.....still make occasional drop-ins on Raw, were at Bad Blood.


Chyna: Left while Women's Champion in 2001, wrestles in Japan under her given name. Engaged to X-Pac/Syxx-Pac.


Bull Buchanon: Released in the middle of his B-Squared stint, think he's on the indies right now.


Batista: Another injury.


Hmmm........I need to think of better ways to waste my time....


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Guest ChrisfromBirtley







Chaz/ Mosh

Thrasher (Mosh- Thrasher- Headbangers)




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Taka runs the Kaientai Dojo in Japan

D-Lo works for NWA TNA

Godfather worked for WWA, not sure where he is now.

not sure where the Headbangers are.

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Guest Rikidozan

Just to clear up about Heyman, he was removed from the writing staff because he was constantly butting-heads with Vince about creative direction, he's now doing virtually nothing for the company.


Perry Saturn works for New Japan and Toryumon (also in Japan)


Joanie Laurer doesn't work in the industry anymore and has split with Sean Waltman (X-Pac)

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Guest DynamiteKid

Paul Heyman was head writer for Smackdown for a while but was dropped a couple of months back because he won't be one of vince's YES men. I beleive he was re-appointed to Raw and Smackdown consultant. Basically he can give his ideas but nobody needs to take any notice of his ideas if they don't like them.


As mensioned earlier Saturn is in Japan working but I beleive he was also hired as a Dojo instructor between tours.


Shamrock was DESTROYED in the UFC not so long ago I beleive wasn't it that Ortiz guy that beat him? WWE are fairly interested in Ortiz are they not?


Batista re-injured the ripped arm muscle that he was re-habbing so god knows when he'll be seen again.

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