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Who is or was WWE's greatest Masked Wrestler(S)

Guest therock88

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Guest therock88

I have always been facinated by masked wrestlers, and WWF(E) have had their fair share over the years and i just wondered who you guys considered to be the best of the bunch?


Some of then didnt compete in WWE while masked, but they have all been in WWE at one time or another.



Shinobi - al snow

Red Knight - Barry Horowitz

Max Moon - Konnan

Blue Blazer - Owen Hart


Aldo Montoya - Justin Credible

The Patriot - ?




Those are just a few, fell free to add to it.


My choice is the Blue Blazer, when he exploded onto the scene in 1989 at Wrestlemania 5 he stole the show IMO, he then went onto become one of the best young wwf stars of that time as himself - Owen Hart, and ironically it was as his old persona the blue blazer that owen hart so tragically lost his life.

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Does Chris Nowinski count?


Mine would be good old Mick Foley during his early Mankind days. With Mr.America coming in a close second. NOT!

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Guest therock88
Originally posted by Sharpshooter121

Anyone remember the conquestadors? (not the Edge & Christian gimmick).


yea i do, what a ateam..and those outfits...WOW...

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Guest DynamiteKid

Best Masked . . .?


Without a doubt you've got to put Mysterio at the top of your list as far as the WWE goes.


One of my favourites was Liger, man he could wrestle. You've also got to think further back to Tiger Mask! Never really seen him wrestle apart from the Royal Rumble he was in years ago but what about the old Mexican Chap Mil Masquarez (however it's spelt) he was suposed to be good was he not?


. . . . . . and of course we've not even scratched the surface, what about Avatar!!! and Justin Credibles old WWF Gimmick, I cant even remember what he was called? . . . . . . Remember the lad was skinny and wore a weird yellow mask tied at the back . . . . . mid 90s . . . . oh what was his name?

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Guest Anime Otaku

justin credable was Aldo Montoya, and that was a yellow JOCKSTRAP on his head.


Mysterio is probably my fave as well in the ring and Hurricane too, but no one else hs mentioned him yet... WHATSUPWITDAT?!

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Guest Rikidozan

The original Tiger Mask, Satoru Sayama was awesome in his prime, he attempted a come back in the 1990's and boy did he suck. Mil Mascaras is a legend in Mexico, but Foley didn't have any kind words for him in 'Have A Nice Day'. Liger is the greatest Junior flyer ever. 'Nough said. But in the WWE, i'd say the best worker under a hood is Rey Jr.

I'd put Mankind a close second, if not tie with Rey Jr. Foley put a hell of a lot into that persona and gimmick.


One of the Conquistadors was Juan Rivera, not sure of the name of the other.

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Guest kid banzai

Man, the greatest ever masked man in WWF/WWE is obvious - it's Kamala's handler Kim Chee!


The safari outfit, the helmet, the mask ... talk about a star in the making!

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Guest mysterio619

masked wrestlers


Hi just adding some more names to the list how about



Pegusas Kid (chris benoit)


Ultimo Dragon(coming soon)


Black Tiger


Great sasuke


Super Liger ( Chris Jerico)


Mil Maskerous ( mexican wrestler)


Mascarita Sagrada ( AAA mexican wrestler)


hope that helps please reply

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