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TWO Games Olympics: The Rules

Guest Russ

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Thanks for showing an interest in the TWO Games Olympics.


The idea of the competition is to find out just who is the best gamer at TWO. There will be different challenges set every two weeks. Some will require quick reactions, others will need skill or mental ability. To enter the Olympics, just do the following.


1. Click on the link given fortnightly, and play the game.


2. Once you have achieved what you think is your best score, take a screencap of it. To do this...


Go to the page with your high score shown clearly on it, then press the PRINT SCREEN button on your keyboard.


Next, open up a document which you can paste pictures into (For instance, MS Paint).


Use the paste function to show the screen in the program. Feel free to remove your taskbar from the picture, or anything else you don't wish people to see. Do NOT edit your score, as it's very easy to see who has altered a graphic, and cheaters WILL be disqualified for the duration of the Olympics.


Save this picture as normal, and you've just taken a screencap!


3. Attatch the screencap to an email, and clearly state your Forum username in the email, then email it to olympics@talkwrestlingonline.com


Note- Webmasters may upload their screencap to their own site, as long as they send in an email stating the URL of the picture, and their forum username.


4. The highest score in the 2 week time period will recieve 5 points. 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th will recieve 4, 3, 2 and 1 points, respectivly. You can send in as many efforts as you like, but please only send in scores that are better than your previous attempt.


5. The scores will be recorded, and made into a league table, with the person on top at the end of the current olympics getting the TWO Gold Medal!



That's all there is to it. If you have problems sending the screencap of your score in, simply send an email to olympics@talkwrestlingonline.com and tell us where you are having problems.


I hope everyone enjoys the Olympics, and good luck to all.

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Depends on a few things really. I don't want to say a set time period, as if no one is playing it by then, then I can't end it. We'll say at least 8 rounds for now, but it could change depending on how successful it is.
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Guest Peter K

After playing the game - unforunately there is no indicator of the best record so - you should say what score is respectable so to enter the games?


Just a thought.

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