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I’ve decided to wait before I start the next FWL. The main reason is waiting to see if the WWF splits (which is meant to be on Jan 21). If they do, I’ll probably have to make some changes anyway, so it would be easier for me to wait.


So I’ll email you when you can start sending in your entries. I’ll also include who were the best/worst performers from the last FWL.


If any of you have any suggestions/comments about the FWL – just reply to this email.


TWO Updates:



Aaron Interviews: UK Star, Drew McDonald





Dan has reviewed the new Undertaker: This is my yard DVD:


We have seen The Undertaker in the WWF for over 11 years, but never have we seen an in-depth look at the Undertaker’s wrestling career. Until now, in this new Video/DVD, we see The Undertaker’s whole Pro-Wrestling career, from his days in WCW, to the current day in the WWF with his American Bad Ass gimmick.





Wondering when the upcoming wrestling events in the UK are? When new WWF products are coming out? Check out the TWO Calendar:








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