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GTA Vice city

Guest cavjj

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can someone tell me what happens when you complete the game 100% without cheating


cos ive got 94% without cheats or a guide or anything




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Guest Seabass

the same thing that happens when you complete the game with 100% with cheats :D

i've checked with gamewinners, and there's no mentioning of anything unique happining if you get 100% without cheating. at least you can feel proud of yourself that you got 100% the hard way :xyx


while were on the subject of GTA:Vice city. all other versions will only be called Vice City. that's becuase Sony have gained the exclusive rights to GTA games till sometime in 2004. rockstar have found a lopp hole to realease GTA:VC on other systems by cutting the "Grand Theft Auto" part out

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What you get for completing 100% (with or without cheating) is bodyguards, a new outfit, infinite ammunition, and cars can take double the damage as opposed to beforehand.
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Guest ChrisfromBirtley



I haven't completed VC yet, as I've started again, partly because I made the early dat mistakes of: When I became wasted or busted, I continued with the game, instead of loading up my previous saved data, resulting in having hardly any of the weapons I needed, shame really...


Here's a question for you:


After completing VC 100% would you play it again, or trade it in?

Have you all kept GTA 3?

Did you buy GTA 3?


My answers:


keep it, and replay it, you hardly get any cash off 4 trade in's, I'd gladly trade in previous SmackDown incarnations though, as they all update each and every time


Yes, kept GTA 3, good game that, muh better storyline than VC, though feels slack next to VC, despite having the better game engine, and smoother graphics.


Yes bought it, when it was MUCH out of date, got a free Gangster DVD in the process to, not bad, even though there was the huge VC talks.


Chrus. Or Chris. Whatever.

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