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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue 7 - Apr 15th 2003


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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue 7 - Apr 15th 2003





Back again at last. Slightly shorter than normal but still.. with two weeks worth of action to cover, you'll still want to read this edition. Enjoy...


- Mitchell Jones

TWO Newsletter Editor



TWO Site News - By Mitchell Jones



- Backlash Quiz and Chat

As is our monthly tradition here at Talk Wrestling Online, we will be holding our monthly PPV Quiz and Chat night. And this month is the fallout from last months extravaganza that was Wrestlemania, aptly entitled "Backlash". So in anticipation for the big event, so far teasing The Rock vs Bill Goldberg and Triple H, Ric Flair and Chris Jericho vs Booker T, Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash, why not head over to the TWO chatroom on Sunday, April 27th at 8pm to enter our highly popular quiz. Then from 9pm until 1am, stay along for a good ol' chat about the PPV with all the TWO regulars. The more, the merrier. So pull up a chair, get your drinks ready, and join us for 5 hours of non-stop wrestling talk.


Backlash Quiz and Chat

Sunday, April 27th

Quiz: 8pm - 9pm

Chat: 9pm - 1am

Quiz Rules: http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/Quiz/quiz.shtml

Chatroom: http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/Chatrooms/chatrooms.shtml


- Product Rating and Discussion Zone Tournaments

Most of you own a wrestling product of some sort. Whether a video, or a video game, a book or a CD, almost all of you have at least something, if not a wide collection. But what is your favourite? What is the best of the best? It's time to have your say, and now you can, at the Talk Wrestling Online forums. Set up and maintained by my own personal lackey, Chris2k, this is a great way to voice your opinions and get your favourite product one step closer to beating off the competition. So what are you waiting for? Existing members can simply head over to the forums, then to the Product Rating and Discussion forum to cast your votes. For those who want to take part but aren't members, simply go to http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/forum and register. It takes about 60 seconds, if that. Even breathing isn't as easy as signing up for the forums. What have you got to lose?


Current Tournament: Video Games

- WCW/NWO Revenge (N64) vs SmackDown 2: Know Your Role (PS)

- SmackDown 3: Just Bring It (PS2) vs WWF No Mercy (N64)

- Extreme Warfare Revenge 3.0 (PC) vs WWF Wrestlemania 2000 (N64)

- WCW vs The World (PS) vs Road To Wrestlemania X8 (GC)

- Fire Pro Wrestling (GBA) vs Promotion Wars 1.2e (PC)

- WWF Warzone (PS, N64, DC) vs Legends of Wrestling 2 (PS2)

- WWF Attitude (PS, N64, DC) vs WWF SmackDown (PS)

- Def Jam Vendetta (PS2, GC) vs SmackDown 4: Shut Your Mouth (PS2)



US News - By HSM



Hello and welcome to the weekly US Scene update.


[uS News as of 6/4/03]


Starting off with post-Wrestlemania news and without a doubt the main event of Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle will probably be memorable for all the wrong reasons. Fan literally held their breath as Brock attempted a Shooting Star Press and badly misjudged it and appeared to land square on his head. Despite appearing very glassy eyed after the match and having to be helped to the back, Brock somehow only sustained a concussion and will only miss a weeks worth of action. Kurt Angle also survived the match without further damage to his neck although he did receive a badly pulled hamstring. Kurt has now decided to take the option of only missing 8 weeks of action instead of the alternative, which was to be at least a year away from the ring by choosing a less severe form of neck surgery. He is therefore expected back later in the summer which is a big bonus for the WWE considering all the long-term injuries they have suffered lately. It has also been revealed that Brock has been worrying a few people backstage with what appears to be a fast increasing ego. When Kurt approached Brock to discuss the plan for there match he was said to find Brock to be very stubborn and unwilling to listen to Kurt’s ideas and instead insisted that the match be played out how he wanted it. This is a very worrying sign as with so many Smackdown superstars out with long-term injuries the creative team will probably be relying heavily on Brock to carry the majority of main event matches for that side of the brand and a stubborn uncooperative champion is never good for business!


The WWE was expecting a buy rate for WrestleMania of around 850,000 but it has been revealed during the week that it is likely to be as much as 35-40% below that figure which has led to concern backstage amongst staff, as the post WrestleMania period is when the WWE normally carries out its ‘spring cleaning’ and bases the size of its roster for the coming year on how successful WrestleMania was. With such a disappointing buy rate coupled with the fact that a high profile backstage worker (Kevin Kelly) was released the week before Wrestlemania, it has led people to speculate that nobody’s job is safe in the WWE at the moment.


The night after WrestleMania of course gave host to RAW and along with it came the long awaited debut on WWE television of Goldberg. He appeared in a segment in which he came out and declared The Rock to be his next victim and followed this up with a spear before leaving Rock prone in the ring. Originally the plan was for Goldberg to come out and have a longer verbal confrontation with Rock and eventually give him both the Jackhammer and the Spear but it was decided to just go with a brief confrontation to leave the build up to their feud much more subtle and also to prevent exposing Goldberg’s limited mic skills. Goldberg was said to be already rubbing people the wrong way backstage which really does not bode well for the future given that he has supposedly signed a long-term contract. WWE is also reportedly worried about there fans not remembering who Goldberg is due to many of them not following WCW at the time he was a major star. Despite the debut of Goldberg RAW still only managed a 3.7 in the ratings which was very disappointing considering there is usually a boom in ratings for the few weeks following WrestleMania. Smackdown also only pulled a very average 3.3 rating which, while being the highest rated program for its network (UPN) is basically the same figure it has been pulling for the past few weeks so therefore the traditional post WrestleMania boom has failed to materialise.


As stated on RAW this week Stone Cold Steve Austin was admitted to hospital the night before WrestleMania. He was reportedly suffering from heart palpitations most likely brought on by stress. Austin has also been in a lot of discomfort since his return and has been having problems with both his knees and his neck and in fact Dr Lloyd Youngblood the noted WWE doctor is on record as saying Austin’s neck is “in the worst state I have ever seen”. Austin has also been saying backstage that he is beginning to feel his age. Austin who is 38 has been a multi time champion in the WWE and has headlined countless Wrestle Mania’s. With all this in mind speculation is rife that Austin may bring the curtain down on his in ring career immediately, however he is said to be keen to remain in an on screen role for the WWE.


Sable returned to the WWE this week on Smackdown. Her signing went completely unreported on the Internet as everyone refused to believe that she would ever work for the WWE again after she left on such bad terms. Upon leaving in 1999 Sable filed a multi million-dollar lawsuit against the WWE and it was therefore widely believed that she would never work for the McMahon family again.


‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper was also announced as making a full time return to the WWE this week and will be resurrecting his “Piper’s Pit” interview segments as from next week on Smackdown. Again this is another unreported signing as people believed it was very unlikely Piper would ever return to the WWE as he has been very outspoken with his opinions of them lately. He has done his reputation a lot of harm by signing and many people have now branded him hypocritical for signing with the company he so openly slated just a short while ago.


Many people were surprised Paul Heyman did not appear on screen at WrestleMania as many people thought he would be present for the Angle/Brock match. Heyman has asked to be left off TV for the next 6-8 weeks and has hired a personal trainer in an effort to lose 25-30 pounds. Heyman is also said to be enjoying his reduced role on the creative team of Smackdown as it leads to less confrontation. In the weeks leading up to his demotion Heyman was said to be in constant disagreement with Vince McMahon over a number of booking decisions and is now said to be much happier with the reduced responsibility. Although many people backstage feel that since Heyman left the booking team the creative edge on Smackdown has dropped noticeably.


Jim Ross is also said to have asked for his workload to be reduced and as a result Dave Finlay and Johnny Ace are now filling a number of his responsibilities in the talent relations department. Stephanie McMahon was said to be very vocal in pushing for the responsibility to be given to Ace. Ross will also no longer be producing Michael Cole and Tazz’s commentary on Smackdown as the WWE believes they have improved vastly and therefore no longer need the help. Vince McMahon himself will now oversee the commentary at the taping itself and Cole, Dave Lagana and Chris Lawler will still polish the production after the taping on a Wednesday night as usual.


UFC fighter Tito Ortiz was reportedly close to signing a deal with the WWE this week but there interest has since cooled as it has been revealed that Ortiz still has 4 fights remaining on his UFC contract and is in no hurry to fulfil them. This has led to the WWE cooling their interest in him and it is now unknown whether or not he will sign.


Finally in other US News the ECWA will be holding its annual super 8 tournament on the 5th of April. The tournament is now in its 7th year and it has gained a reputation as being the best tournament of the year for emerging Indy talents who are close to hitting the big time. Past winners include such names as Simon Diamond and Low Ki. This years eight entrants are the WWE ‘s own Brian Kendrick, Alex Arion, Paul London, Chance Beckett, Sedrick Strong, Chris Cage, Frankie Kazarian and Chris Sabin. Once again this tournament is expected to be one of the highlights on the year on the Indy circuit and it is certainly hard to pick a favourite. I will bring you the results in next weeks issue.


[uS News as of 15.4.03]


The overriding news of this week is the apparent confrontation that took place between Goldberg and Chris Jericho backstage at last weeks RAW. The two allegedly got into a confrontation backstage concerning Goldberg’s refusal to work a program with Jericho in there WCW days. Words were exchanged and quickly became heated and escalated to the point where punches were being thrown and the two had to be separated by trainers. Defiantly not a good start to Goldberg’s WWE career.


Raw pulled a 3.5 rating this week, which was down from the previous weeks 3.7. This was very disappointing as the WWE was hoping that Goldberg debut would cause a boost in the ratings.


Tough Enough 2 winner Jackie Gayda is scheduled to return to the WWE from OVW shortly. She will most likely be brought back as a valet and is rumoured to be working with Kanyon.


William Regal’s injury continues to baffle doctors. It was first thought that it was an infectious disease contracted on the recent tour to India. Now however doctors think he has a blood clot in his Inferior Vena Cava, which is cutting off circulation to his lower body. Even with blood thinning medication it could be 6-9 months before the clot is totally cleared and it is unknown if and when he will return to action.


Kurt Angle underwent surgery this past Thursday. If the surgery goes well then Angle is expected back as soon as 6 weeks from now. There are concerns however from people within the WWE that the surgery Angle underwent is only a temporary solution and that he will likely need the regular fusion surgery as early as 3-4 months from now.


In other Indy news OVW crowned a new champion at their recent TV taping when Doug Basham defeated Nick Dinsmore in a 2/3 falls match.


Paul London was crowned champion of the ECWA Super 8 tournament, WWE’s Brian Kendrick was eliminated at the semi-final stage.


--ROH results before about 550 fans last week in Philadelphia: Backseat Boyz b Hit Squad, Dixie & Jay Lethal b Carnage Crew and Dunn & Marcos, A.J Styles & Amazing Red b Mark & Jay Briscoe to keep tag titles in great match, C.M. Punk NC B.J. Whitmer, Homicide b Christopher Daniels (teased Daniels fade turn), Alexis Laree b Ariel (the only not good match on the show), Samoa Joe b Hotstuff Hernandez to keep ROH title, Samoa Joe won four-way over Matt Stryker, Reckless Youth and Colt Cabana to again keep the title, Paul London b American Dragon in a 2/3 fall which went 40:42 that was said to be one of the best in company history and perhaps hottest match in company history, Dusty Rhodes & Homicide & J-Train & Louie Ramos & Iceberg b Jack Victory & C.W. Anderson & David Young & Tank in I Quit match


Finally, the next WWA tour of Australia will feature a pretty strong line-up. The tour, that goes May 21st-25th features Sting, Jerry Lynn, Sabu, Shane Douglas, Disco Inferno, Frankie Kazarian, Konnan, Johnny Swinger, Joe E Legend, Horshu, Malice, Crowbar, Teo, Puppet, Meatball and Midajah. Jeff Jarrett will be doing one shot with the group on the 25th for their PPV in Auckland, NZ


That’s all for this week, catch you next time.



UK News - By Goldy



[uK News as of 15/04/03]


MPW Wrestling - 29/3/03 - Coventry

Show One:

- MPW Mat Master Trophy Tournament - Quarter final

- Kid Lightning def Leon Lionhear

Quarter final

- Hatred def Edgar Stryte

Semi final

- Kid Lightening def Hatred

- Jeff Black & Damien Ryback def Jetta & Raygon

- Samurai def Corey Vandal

- Andy Hughes def Henry Collins Jr.


Show two:

- MPW Mat Master Trophy Tournament quarter final

- Jekkel def Thor

Quarter final

- Dangerous Dan def Chris Charizma

Semi final

- Jekkel def Dangerous Dan

- Wolf Kallous def Storm

- Devilman & Conscience fought to a double countout.

- Raygon & Psycho Steve def Majic & Jetta


- Kid Lightning def Jekkal by pinfall.


Brawl Results - 30/3/03 - Baggeridge Social Welfare, The Straights, Lower Gornal

- Sam Green def Saul Adams & Chris Devilin in a three way match.

- Morales def A Star Athelete

- The Coalminers def Mark Hogan & Jack Storm

- Spud def Kevin O Neil

- GBH def Carl Conroy

- Rob Hunter def Five Star Flash.


As of March 30th "Brawl Midlands" will now be know as FCW - Future Championship Wrestling. FCWs aim is to bring quality affordable shows to the Midlands. Their next event is on April 27th at Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre, The Straights, Lower Gornal. Tickets are just £5.00 each or £17.00 for a family of four.


Robbie Brookside is set for a high profile clash with Flash Barker when Premier Promotions stage their first show in the last three years. The event is to be held at the Elmbridge Leisure Centre, Walton on Thames on Tuesday 15th of April. Other wrestlers on the card are Doug Williams, Jace the Ace and Lee Darren, The Masked Emperor, Hade Vanson and Duke of Danger. It's shaping up to be a good show, certainly worth a look if you are in the area!.


Continuing with Robbie Brookside, on Saturday the 12th of April Brookside defeated Karsten Kretschmer to capture the PWA title in Hamburg, following his win though Ulf Herman challenged The Wildcat to a match right then and there, Herman won the match leaving Brookside to return to the UK empty handed.


NWA - UK Hammerlock Wrestling this week announced the formation of a new organisation NWA Ireland. The organisation will be closely linked to NWA UK Hammerlock and will involve members of the Hammerlock team as well as Irish talent. This is good news for Irelands wrestling scene.


On a sadder note for Ireland, Irish Whip Wrestling is closing it's doors. A statement released from Irish Whip Wrestling has confirmed that they have been left with no choice but to cancel the April show in Temple Theatre after disappointing ticket sales. They would like to thank all the Irish Whip fans who have supported them.


Now onto the FWA, there have been many more matches set for the British Breakout tour, here is a list of the shows and matches so far:



FWA Heavyweight Title Match (2/3 Falls):

'Anarchist' Doug Williams © vs 'The Juice' Juventud Guerrera

All-England Title Match:

The Zebra Kid © vs Jack Xavier

FWA Tag Title Match:

The Family © vs 'Showstealer' Alex Shane & Nikita

Chris Chetti vs James Tighe

Flash Barker vs Raj Ghosh

Hade Vansen vs Simmons (with Duke of Danger & Buttercup)



FWA Heavyweight Title Match (2/3 Falls):

'Anarchist' Doug Williams © vs Chris Chetti

All-England Title Match:

The Zebra Kid © vs Hade Vansen

FWA Tag Title Match:

The Family © vs 'Showstealer' Alex Shane & Nikita

Juventud Guerrera vs Jack Xavier

James Tighe vs 'Specialist' Mark Sloan

Raj Ghosh vs Duke of Danger (with Buttercup & Simmons)



FWA Heavyweight Title Match (2/3 Falls):

'Anarchist' Doug Williams © vs 'The Juice' Juventud Guerrera

All-England Title Match:

The Zebra Kid © vs Chris Chetti

FWA Tag Title Match:

The Family © vs 'Showstealer' Alex Shane & Nikita

James Tighe vs Raj Ghosh

Jack Xavier vs Duke of Danger (with Buttercup & Simmons)

'Specialist' Mark Sloan vs Hade Vansen



FWA Heavyweight Title Match (2/3 Falls):

'Anarchist' Doug Williams © vs Chris Chetti

XPW European Title Match:

Wonderkid Jonny Storm © vs Juventud Guerrera

FWA Tag Title Match:

The Family © vs Alex Shane & Ulf Herman

All-England Title Match:

The Zebra Kid © vs Flash Barker

British Uprising 3-Way Rematch:

Raj Ghosh vs James Tighe vs Jack Xavier

'Specialist' Mark Sloan vs Nikita



XPW European Title Match:

Wonderkid Jonny Storm © vs Juventud Guerrera

FWA Tag Title Match:

The Family © vs Alex Shane & Ulf Herman

All-England Title Match:

The Zebra Kid © vs Raj Ghosh

Chris Chetti vs Jack Xavier

James Tighe vs Hade Vansen

Nikita vs Simmons (with Duke of Danger & Cuttercup)



XPW European Title Match:

Wonderkid Jonny Storm © vs Chris Chetti

All-England Title Match:

The Zebra Kid © vs Juventud Guerrera

FWA Tag Title Match:

The Family © vs Alex Shane & Ulf Herman

British Uprising 3-Way Rematch:

Raj Ghosh vs James Tighe vs Jack Xavier

Hade Vansen & Nikita vs Duke of Danger & Simmons (with Buttercup)

'Specialist' Mark Sloan vs Mark '5 Star' Belton



XPW European Title Match:

Wonderkid Jonny Storm © vs Flash Barker

All-England Title Match:

The Zebra Kid © vs Mark '5 Star' Belton

FWA Tag Title Match (Falls Count Anywhere):

The Family © vs Alex Shane & Ulf Herman

Juventud Guerrera vs James Tighe

Chris Chetti vs Jack Xavier

Raj Ghosh & Nikita vs Duke of Danger & Simmons (with Buttercup)

'Specialist' Mark Sloan vs Eamon Shrahan (FWA debut match)



XPW European Title Match:

Wonderkid Jonny Storm © vs Jack Xavier

FWA Tag Title Match:

The Family © vs Alex Shane & Ulf Herman

All-England Title Match:

The Zebra Kid © vs Mark '5 Star' Belton

Juventud Guerrera vs Flash Barker

Chris Chetti vs James Tighe

Nikita vs Simmons (with Duke of Danger & Buttercup)


As you can see the FWA did indeed add an extra date in Acton on the 24th of April, all of the shows are looking to have some excellent matches on the cards, with the addition of Jonny Storm and Flash Barker. We at TWO are looking forwards to seeing you at the Portsmouth show. For details of how to buy tickets please go to http://www.frontierwrestling.com/britishbreakout.


Jonny Storm made his second appearance for NWA TNA this week, wrestling in the main event in a six man tag match. It sounds like it was a terrific match, with many fans putting it as their match of the night!


SCW held their Golden Harvest show in Greenock Town Hall, Greenock, on the Saturday the 12th of April. These are the results:

- Majic def Eric Canyon

- Andy Hogg def Assasin

- Conscience defeated Adame Shame and Hatred in a triple threat elimination match.

- Iceman def Deacon Despair

- Karl Parker & Paul Parisio def The Avery Brothers

- Iceman, Andy Hogg, Majic and Conscience were then involved in an four way elimination match with the two remaining wrestlers then competing in a 20 minute ironman match.

- Conscience def Majic after sudden death.


Thats it for this week please check out Adam Sibley's UK Scene updates at http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com


Thanks for reading!




International News - By Matthew Singh



Hi readers, it’s another results-packed Puro and Lucha Libre news this week, enjoy…



All Japan Pro Wrestling:

Toshiaki has an autobiography currently out in Japan, entitled ‘Only My Royal Road’


House show results;


On 3/4 at Tomioka Gym with 2,800 paid attendance:

1. Masa Fuchi over Taichi Ishikari at 8 minutes 15 seconds with a ground submission hold for the tap-out

2. In the Junior Champions Carnival(JCC), Carl Malenko over Gran Hamada at 6 minutes 25 seconds with his Carl Shackle finish for the tap-out

3. In the JCC, Kaz Hayashi over Gran Naniwa at 9 minutes 46 seconds with his Final Cut finish for the pinfall

4. Kazushi Miyamoto & Tomoaki Honma over Hideki Hosaka & Ryuji Hijikata at 15 minutes 53 seconds when Miyamoto hit a bridging-German Suplex on Hijikata for the pin

5. Kendo Kashin over Tomohiko Hashimoto at 6 minutes 45 seconds with a cross-arm scissors hold for the tap-out

6. Genichiro Tenryu, Nobutaka Araya & Nobukazu Hirai over Gigantes, Johnny Smith & Shigeo Okumura at 14 minutes 1 second when Araya landed a moonsault press on Okumura for the pin

7. Satoshi Kojima & Jimmy Yang over Keiji Mutoh & George Hines at 17 minutes 50 seconds when Kojima hit a lariat on Hines for the pin


On 4/4 at Kooriyama City Gym with 2,300 paid attendance:

1. Masa Fuchi over Masayuki Kono at 7 minutes 11 seconds via tap-out

2. Tomoaki Honma, Kazushi Miyamoto & Tomohiko Hashimoto over Hideki Hosaka, Gran Hamada & Taichi Ishikari at 16 minutes 38 seconds when Honma hit a diving headbutt on Ishikari for the pin

3. In the JCC, Jimmy Yang over Ryuji Hijikata at 7 minutes 42 seconds with his Yang Time finish

4. In the JCC, Carl Malenko over Gran Hamada at 6 minutes 45 seconds via a double arm-bar tap-out

5. Kendo Kashin over Nobukazu Hirai at 7 minutes 14 seconds with a roll-up for the pinfall

6. Gigantes & Johnny Smith over Keiji Mutoh & Shigeo Okumura at 21 minutes 56 seconds when Gigantes used a chokeslam on Okumura for the pin

7. Genichiro Tenryu, Arashi & Nobutaka Araya over Satoshi Kojima, George Hines & Kaz Hayashi at 21 minutes 56 seconds after Arashi pinned Hines


On 5/4 at Nagaoka City Hall with 2,500 paid attendance:

1. In the JCC, Ryuji Hijikata over Gran Naniwa at 10 minutes 30 seconds with a Fisherman's Buster for the pinfall

2. In the JCC, Carl Malenko over Jimmy Yang at 7 minutes 53 seconds via referee stoppage after Malenko applied a Dragon sleeper on Yang

3. Johnny Smith, Nobukazu Hirai & Hideki Hosaka over Shigeo Okumura, Gran Hamada & Taichi Ishikari at 16 minutes 59 seconds when Hosaka pinned Ishikari.

4. Gigantes & George Hines over Tomoaki Honma & Kazushi Miyamoto at 14 minutes 54 seconds when Gigantes landed a chokeslam on Miyamoto for the pin

5. Satoshi Kojima & Kaz Hayashi over Kendo Kashin & Masa Fuchi at 14 minutes 57 seconds when Hayashi used an Air-Raid Crash finish on Kashin for the pin

6. Keiji Mutoh & Arashi over Genichiro Tenryu & Nobutaka Araya at 15 minutes 37 seconds when Arashi hit a Frog Splash on Araya for the pinfall



New Japan Pro Wrestling:

Tokyo Dome 2/5 line-up:

--KENGO (of Pancrase) versus Ryoto Machida

--Tsuyoshi Kosaka versus Sumiavaza Dolgolsuren (amateur wrestler who wrestled Kurt Angle in 1996)

--Shinsuke Nakamura versus Jan Nortje (K-1)

--Josh Barnett (former UFC champ.) versus Jimmy Ambriz (King of the Cage superheavyweight champion)

--Manabu Nakanishi versus Kazuyuki Fujita

--Enson Inoue versus Kazunari Murakami

--Hiroyoshi Tenzan versus U-30 tournament winner (winner gets an IWGP title shot)

--For the IWGP Junior Tag titles; Jushin Liger & Koji Kanemoto (champions) versus Heat & Tiger Mask

--Yuji Nagata versus Yoshihiro Takayama, to unify the IWGP and NWF Heavyweight titles

--Masahiro Chono versus Kenta Kobashi (main event)


--Ken Shamrock has been added to the line-up, and also added to the heel Foreigners Club faction



Pro Wrestling NOAH:

House shows results;


On 5/4 at Ishikawa Prefectural Building 3 with 3,200 paid attendance:

1. Haruka Eigen over Mitsuo Momota at 6 minutes 46 seconds with a back-slide for the pin

2. Makoto Hashi & Yoshinobu Kanemaru over Yasuhiro Suzuki & Masaji Aoyag at 13 minutes 47 seconds when Hashi used his Gori-Thunder finish on Suzuki for the pin

3. Michael Modest over Vinnie Valentino at 9 minutes 9 seconds when Modest hit his Reality Check finish for the pinfall

4. IZU & Akira Taue over Donovan Morgan & Scorpio at 8 minutes 1 second when IZU pinned Morgan

5. Yoshinari Ogawa & Mitsuharu Misawa over Masao Inoue & Takeshi Rikio at 18 minutes 51 seconds when Ogawa landed a back-drop suplex on Inoue for the pinfall

6. Tamon Honda over Bull Schmitt at 4 minutes 37 seconds with a side-crank hold for the tap-out

7. Takashi Sugiura, Daisuke Ikeda & Yoshihiro Takayama over Tsuyoshi Kikuchi, Naoki Sano & Kenta Kobashi at 25 minutes 46 seconds when Ikeda used a Death Valley bomb on Kikuchi for the pin

8. In a GHC Tag Titles Match, Akitoshi Saito Jun Akiyama over Naomichi Marufuji & Takeshi Morishima at 25 minutes 58 seconds when Saito hit his Death Brand finish on Marufuji for the pin








House show results:

On 3/5 at Cuernavaca:

1. Turbo & Wings over Black Thunder & Koreano

2. Mascarita Sagrada & Octagoncito over Pierrothito & Piratita Morgan

3. Crazzy 33, Impacto & Mosco de la Merced over Brazo de Platino, Super Brazo & Super Spider

4. Atlantis, Brazo de Plata & La Parka over Black Tiger, Dr. Wagner Jr. & Pierroth Jr.


On 6/4 at Arena Coliseo, Mexico City:

1. Bracito de Oro & Shockercito over Fire & Pequeno Olimpico

2. Starman, Alan & Chris Stone over Mogur, Ramstein & Sangre Azteca

3. Ringo Mendoza, El Sicodelico Jr. & Tigre Blanco over Mr. Power, Valentin Mayo & Nitro

4. Tinieblas Jr., Villanos III & IV over Averno, Bestia Salvaje & Mephisto

5. Atlantis, Negro Casas & Mr. Niebla over Blue Panther, Fuerza Guerrera & Universo 2000




House show results:

On 30/3 at Monterrey, Mexico:

1. La Chacala over Poly Star and Princesa Sugeith

2. Panthro over Tigre Universitario

3. Dos Caras, Diluvio Negro II & Mongol Chino Sr. over Canek, Hator & Monje Negro Jr.

4. Heavy Metal, Oriental & AAA Mascara Sagrada over El Brazo, Dandy & Sangre Chicana

5. Perro Aguayo Jr., Dos Caras Jr. & El Hijo del Solitario over Jerry Estrada, Hector Garza & Pimpinela Escarlata.



Youth of a Nation - By Mitchell Jones



Figuring out what to write in a column nowadays is hard work. Even more so when your writers have most things covered. Sara covers the WWE, Trinity covers the Independent scene, Goldy covers the UK scene, and Matthew Singh covers the Japanese wrestling scene (bar his truly excellent write-up on Curt Hennig). So that really doesn't leave much for myself to write on. So rather than steal someone's 'area', I thought maybe this time, as it is the holidays and I'm bored, I might as well just babble and take the easy way out. That's right... it's time for another one of those "Random Thoughts" columns. Oi, stop groaning at me. It won't be THAT bad... he hopes.


- Now I'm all for new guys coming in and getting a decent push. New stars like Batista, Randy Orton, Rene Dupree and so on getting pushes is a pretty good thing for business right now. But why, for the love of Eric Bischoff, are these "green" stars being pushed into the limelight over Rob Van Dam, Chris Kanyon and Sean O'Haire? Have they REALLY offended WWE officials that badly? Creating new stars is fine, but why push them over way more talented guys who are way more over? It's not exactly rocket science.


- On the opposite end of the spectrum, kudos to NWA TNA for realising the talent of their roster and pushing it to the limits. It's great to see AJ Styles come into his own as a main event calibre wrestler, complete with a personality too (something he didn't have at first), and Raven looks really comfortable out there, getting the shot he deserves at a main event push. TNA should also be credited with seeing the flaws of The Harris Boys and the New Church Disciples and hiding them excellently in super-hardcore battles, and adding hardcore veterans New Jack, Perry Saturn and Sandman to the fray as well. Makes for some exciting TV.


- Checked out FWA yet? Me neither. Not recently anyway. If anything, Revival put me off the UK scene. However, looking at the attendance records, and the opinions of many fans following the UK scene, I must say it certainly sounds like it's feet are finally firmly on the ground. Trying to break away for the "UK-based US Indy fed" stigma (and doing a so-so job of it by the looks), they most certainly have the talent there to make it work (I can recommend Jonny Storm first hand as the first who should hit the US Indy scene huge), and definitely have the heart and passion for it. So why not check them out? Even if just one show.


- Congratulations to Chris and Jessica Irvine (or Jericho, in wrestling terms) on the upcoming birth of their first child. Always a nice change to hear of something good in wrestling. Congratulations.


- So far, WWE has brought back Sable, Kevin Nash, Steve Austin and Roddy Piper, as well as bringing in Bill Goldberg and talking to Sting and Lex Luger. And all this will help WWE how? They'll have to take Bottom Line of the air soon. It'll be Classics looking more like the RAW highlight show.


- Who you would rather have seen as WCW champion: David Arquette or Tank Abbott? Call me stupid, but why was giving Tank the belt such a bad thing? I quite liked his seriousness, until Russo threw his image away totally by having him dance (quite well I may add) with 3 Count.


- Very impressed by MLW. Of all the ECW wannabe feds, this one probably is the closest you will ever get to ECW, and doesn't even look like it wants to be the next ECW. Having Joey Styles call the action is always a good thing, and he does an amazing job of putting new guys over and so forth. The storylines are logical with enough build up for people to care. The production has improved nicely in the space of two weeks programming. The promos are amazing (won't hear much better than the Steve Corino/Simon Diamond/Raven promos that aired recently). Squash matches are used effectively to get new teams over. And their choice of feuds and how to build them, even with just Joey Styles doing it, are amazing. Resurrecting Masato Tanaka's feud with Mike Awesome is genius, and the extreme feud between La Parka and Sabu, with Fonzie (Bill Alfonso, Sabu's manager) getting hospitalised and Sabu going ape over it has been built up really well. And you can't look past the Raven/Vampiro feud. Two former friends, looking to settle the score in a dark, powerful feud. Just the way ECW would have done it. Check out http://www.mlw.com for more information.


- Can anyone else tell which WWE divas are heel and face? They seem to change without any explanation by the week. The matches are improving. The booking is not.


- So the general consensus is that XPW is going to die. But what do you think is killing it? Shane Douglas and his over inflated ego? The departure of Kaos, X (Sean 'X'Pac' Waltman), GQ, J-Love and Sandman? The raid by federal officials on the Extreme Associates offices? Or the fact that the company is based solely on copying ECW in every manor in an attempt to be better than the never-can-be-duplicated ex-company?


- Looks like Goldberg will be heading back to Japan soon. The big guy still has Japan dates to fulfill, WWE contract or not, and plans to fulfill them. I wonder how WWE will feel about or overcome this.


- And finally... why is it that HHH is selfish enough for me to put my FWL in his hands, and then he goes and lets Booker pin him? It's a conspiracy I tell you... a CONSPIRACY!!!


See, wasn't so bad, was it? Next week's edition should be better. Sara shall be taking this spot so expect some full-on feminism thing going on. Probably something about how wonderful Sable is and how Molly will headline Wrestlemania next year...



...then again, beats seeing Piper in the main event.


Until next time, peace in!!!







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With that in mind, have a good week.


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