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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue 15 - June 15th 2003


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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue 15 - June 15th 2003



Hey All,


It's Bad Blood tonight.. a joint production of Eric Bischoff and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The card looks promising to say the very least, and will definitely be staying up to watch.


Seeing how it's a PPV Sunday, and because the newsletter didn't go out last week (so sorry about that by the way), that means it's a bigger than normal Newsletter. How generous are we at TWO?


Don’t forget there will be a Bad Blood Quiz in the Talk Wrestling Online chatrooms tonight from 8pm and the Chat will go on from 9pm-1am (UK Times).


So with that in mind, enjoy.


- Mitchell Jones

TWO Newsletter Editor





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Forum News



Bad Blood Prediction League - You have until Midnight UK time tonight to predict who you think will win each match at Bad Blood tonight. Are you on level with the WWE bookers? Do you always get all your predictions right? Well bring your skills to the US forum and prove it.



Monthly Wrestling Awards - Each month, you now have the opportunity to have your vote on the current WWE product. Who is your favourite Diva of the past month? What match was better than any other? Have your say in the US forum, and make a difference.



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Forum Focus



"You are without a doubt, one fat, sweaty, hard looking bastard." - FTW to Iceman concerning the new pictures on his website (UK Forum)


"I also dont mind doing that stuff just to make sure that the people that have payed their hard earned money for a ticket can go home happy and think that they have seen something special." - Iceman on why he puts himself through such pain in his matches (UK Forum)


"Presuming Jamal was the one who got involved in the incident in a nightclub, I'm guessing its a case of "the straw that broke the camels back"" - Cactus Jack on the firing of Jamal from WWE (US Forum)


"Ultimo Dragon sucks" - Sharpshooter121 delivering the line of the month (US Forum)



WWE Bad Blood



Austin and Bischoff present - WWE Bad Blood


World Title Match

Hell In A Cell

Guest Referee - Mick Foley

HHH © vs. Kevin Nash


Chris Jericho vs. Goldberg


Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair


WWE Intercontinental Title Match

Christian © vs. Booker T


World Tag Team Title Match

(The Unlikely Duo of) Rob Van Dam & Kane © vs. La Resistance


Winner Gets Stacy Keibler

Scott Steiner vs. Test


The Dudley Boyz vs. Chris Nowinski & Rodney Mack



US News - By HSM





WWE has signed Aaron Stevens from Chaotic Wrestling to a developmental contract. He will start working in OVW soon.


The rating for RAW this week was a 3.5 with a 5.5 share. That is down from the 3.9 it scored last week and is not a good sign going into the Bad Blood PPV this Sunday. The first hour did a 3.3 and the second did a 3.7.


It has been reported this week that Goldberg forced management to rewrite parts of RAW this week. He thought that certain parts made him look "too weak" and that he had already been putting Chris Jericho over too much during the build for their Bad Blood match. He also had the booking for his match with Rosey changed so that he would win in a more dominating fashion. Most in WWE feel that Goldberg did the right thing in this situation and agreed that his character had been portrayed as too weak in recent weeks, which has hurt his image.


Lance Storm was not happy at RAW this week. The women's match ran long, forcing WWE to cut time from his match with Scott Steiner. WWE cut out his entrance and largely made the match look like a squash


Rico will be changing his character over the next few weeks. His new character will be a modern day version of the Exotic Adrian Street character. Jackie Gayda will play his version of Miss Linda. Rico actually met with the original Adrian Street and discussed the character with him.


WWE pleased its workers by chartering a jet for them on the way back from the UK tour. This gave everyone more room than a regular airline would have. No repeat of last years ‘Flight from hell’ has been reported thus far.


Al Snow was originally booked as part of Raw on Monday. The creative staff was hoping to draw upon Snow and Foley's long-time on air relationship, and Snow would have encouraged Foley to listen to HHH and not referee the match. However, Snow had flown home from the UK, believing he was not needed for the Raw tapings this week, as Heat is a pre-PPV week and he was not needed on commentary. Rather than charter him a flight, the parts were simply rewritten, with Spike Dudley taking Snow's role.


Kurt Angle and Edge were both approached during their injury rehab to contribute to the Smackdown creative team. Because of his faster than expected recovery, Angle never contributed, but Edge was part of the staff briefly. Edge was reportedly very critical of the shows that were being submitted to him for review, and his negativity did not go over well with Stephanie McMahon and the rest of the staff. As a result, he was told his critiques were too negative and his role with the creative staff was eliminated. However, word of his stint on the creative team got to the boys in the WWE locker room, and since then Edge has become a cult hero of sorts to many of the wrestlers who are also frustrated with the creative team.


Mick Foley's WWE return was actually the brainchild of Foley himself. Foley approached some WWE management with the idea of returning to WWE in a non-wrestling on-air role. Mick felt that he could come back and sell PPV’s and help promote his book. Foley wanted to referee a Hell in a Cell match, but wasn’t specific about it being between HHH and Nash. Although he is only signed for the Bad Blood PPV, it is not out of the realm of possibility that he could be back for more. However, it would probably be later in 2003 or beyond, as he has book tour commitments for much of the summer.


In a recent interview, Jim Ross said that he is not stepping down from his position as head of WWE talent relations this year. Regarding reports that John Lauranitis is working behind the scenes to seize the job, Ross says that bringing Lauranitis along was his idea. Ross feels that if he fully trains the former Johnny Ace, that when the times comes for Ross to step aside (he feels in 2-3 years), that the WWE as a company wont miss a beat.


Three Minute Warning member Jamal has been fired. No word yet on why.




NWA: TNA announced today that they have signed AJ Styles, D'Lo Brown and Chris Sabin to contract extensions. In recent weeks, there has been a lot of talk that Jeff Jarrett wants a commitment from wrestlers before they would get a major push from the company. Brown, Amazing Red and others have said publicly how they would like to be in WWE someday, and this has led to TNA officials asking for a commitment from the wrestlers before the company commits to a large push.


Kim Neilsen (Desire) suffered a back injury at the NWA: TNA PPV this week, taping a match for Xplosion. She remains hospitalised in Nashville. Desire completed her match but later collapsed backstage. It appears that she suffered a compression fracture of her L1 vertebrae. She is expected to be out for several weeks.


TNA will debut a new set and look for the show next week, updating the look they have had since right after their debut.


In results from this weeks PPV:

D Lo Brown defeated Julio

Chris Sabin pinned Shark Boy

Ron Killings and Konnan beat The Harris Brothers

Kid Kash defeated Trinity and Goldy

Sandman beat Devon Storm

Americas most wanted beat David Young & Tracy

AJ Styles defeated Jeff Jarrett to become the NEW NWA: TNA Champion!


-Selected Indy Results-



St. Petersburg, FL


The Vandalz def. Naturally Marvelous (Scoot Andrews/Mike Sullivan, Lennox def. Naphtali, Double Deuce, Inc. (Frankie Capone/Pat Powers/Pat McGroin def. IPW TV champion Mark Zout, Boules Azoules and Comic Book Guy Anderson, Luther Jackson def. Pretty Fly. Jackson, Kubiak def. Chaos in a first blood match, Agent Steele def. Havoc, NWA Florida Tag Team title Match: The Shane Brothers def. Jerelle Clark/Navy Seal, Florida Unified Cruiserweight champion Justice retained def. David Babylon, St. Pete Street Fight Match: Roderick Strong/Rod Steel def. Sedrick Strong/Mikey Tenderfoot.


Chaotic Wrestling

Tewksbury, MA


Arch Kincaid def. Antonio Thomas, Handsome Johnny def. Aaron Stevens, The Local Legends (Dukes Dalton/Tim McNeany) were the sole survivors in an 8-man Survivor Series-rules Tag Team Match, CW Champion Luis Ortiz def. Matthew Evagrius, Peter Mulloy def. Kevin Matthews, Vince Vicallo beat Billy Kryptonite to win the New England title.


That’s all for this week





UK News - By Goldy



Hi and welcome once again to the TWOs weekly UK Scene roundup. Before I get on with the results and news from this weeks events I would like to draw your attention to the TWOs Writers Challenge. As you will be aware by now, TWO are judging posts in all of the wrestling columns to find the best contributor in that forum. This also includes a prize for the best poster in the UK Scene forum, so get posting and you never know it just might be you choosing a video off Si Mania! :-) Now onto the results from UK shows from the past two weeks.


All Star Wrestling - Woodville Halls - Gravesend - 29/5/03

James Mason def Julio Torres

Kid Cool def Murat Bosporus

Mal Sanders def Steve Grey

American Dragon and Robbie Brookside def PN Neuz and Mike Miami.


All Star - Croydon - 10/6/2003

Spider-mask def Jorge Castano

Cruize def Charles Rhyse

Hade Vansen def Baxter Burridge

American Dragon def Doug Williams

Rob Brookside & Frankie Sloane def Mike Miami & Stixx 2 falls to 1.


IWF - 9/6/03 at the Stanley Central Club....

The Co-Hash Boys def The Punisher

Liam "The Player" Atkinson def Hot Ed

Chris Prime def Harry Pain

IWF Hardcore Championship

Angel & Phoenix w/Synn def Jimmy Blade

IWF North East Championship

Superfly def Lee Kyle

Youngster Avery def Shaun Avery

Carbon def Essay Locco

IWF Heavyweight Championship, Triple Threat match

Captain Carnage def Nero & Assassin

Hot Ed won a Royal Rumble


Premier Wrestling - Burgess Hill - 9/6/03

Jace The Ace & Mal Sanders def Masked Emperor & Mal Stuart

Lee Darren def Baxter Burridge

Brian Maxine def Barry Cooper

Mal Sanders won a Battle Royal.


TWA - Bournemouth - 10/6/03

Adam Angel def Phil Lea

D-Ron Rulz def Stace Oddity

Jonny Storm & Zebra Kid def Ricky Knight & Phil Powers

The Shooting Star def Jodie Fleisch

Mark Sloan & Andy Simmonz def Avid Maayan & Eamon Shrahan

Zebra Kid won a 20 man Royal Rumble.


TWA - Southampton - 11/6/03

Mal Sanders def D-Ron Rulz

X Factor & Flatliner def Phil Powers & Andy Simmonz

Jonny Storm def Shooting Star

Zebra Kid def Jodie Fleisch

Ricky Knight def Phil Lea

Robbie Brookside won a Royal Rumble.


TWA - Bridgwater - 12/6/03

Ricky Knight def Phil Lea

Robbie Brookside def Andy Simmonz

Jody Fleisch def Shooting Star

The Flatliner & X Factor def D-Ron Rulz & Stace Oddity

Zebra Kid def Mark Sloan

The Flatliner won a 20 man Royal Rumble.


Monday 30th June, will see the next wZw show. Monday Night Mayhem will be at North Ormesby Working Mens Club in Middlesborough. All your favourite wZw stars and some new faces will be making the trip to Middlesborough. General Trent Steel, Iceman, Crux, Middleman, Enigma, Rapstok, The Nattrass Boys, Lexx, Spitfire to name a few. New faces to wZw include Assassin, Angel and Joey Hayes. This should be a very good show.


Doug Williams continues his winning ways in Japans Pro Wrestling Noah. On May 31st in front of a sold out crowd of 2400 Doug teamed with "The Funky Headhunter" Scorpio to defeat Akitoshi Saito and Masashi Aoyagi. Williams returned to the same arena on June 1st, again wrestling in front of a sold out crowd of 2400. This time he teamed with Jun Izumida to defeat Takeshi Rikio and Kotaro Suzuki.


BCW Wrestler Tex Benedict is the latest UK talent to be offered work in the US. John Rambo owner of the National Wrestling League and House of Pain wrestling promotions in Maryland US, has invited Tex over to work with the US indy Promotion. Tex is due to work a number of shows and is sure to be a big hit in the US. We at TWO would like to wish Tex good luck with his venture in the US.


More matches from SCWs Summer Spirit Show in July have been released. Conscience's first title defence will be against "The Pigman" Andy Hogg. Other matches announced are Saltire vs Stephen Reeves and Aidan Corrigan in a handicap match and a triple threat match featuring The Avery Brothers, The Coalminers and the team of Karl Harker and Paul Parisio. Tickets for Summer Spirit are now on sale, for more information visit http://www.scottishcw.com.


FCW’s "Ring Warrior Tournament" Semi Final matches will be held at their next event on Friday June 13th at The Haden Hill Leisure Centre, Old Hill. FCW’s next show after that will be at The Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre will be on Sunday June 29th.


Kevin O’Neil runs a successful professional wrestling school in Dudley every Sunday afternoon. If you are interested in training to become a professional wrestler or fancy yourself to be a valet or a referee, then contact Kevin on tomcatkevo@aol.com. Or visit his website at http://www.kevinoneil.2ya.com


These are the revised dates for NWA Hammerlocks Ireland shows. Saturday June 21st. Mount Temple Comprehensive School. Malahide Road, Dublin 3. Ireland. Event to include both Singles and Tag Contests as well as a 15 man Over the Top Rope Rumble Match. Start time - 7.30 pm. Ticket prices £8 for adults and £6 for children.

Sunday June 22nd. Wolfe Tone Youth and Community Centre. Vevay Road, Bray. Co. Wicklow Ireland. Start time - 7.30 pm Ticket prices £8 for adults and £6 for children.

Talent from NWA-UK Hammerlock Wrestling currently scheduled to appear are as follows - Segen Carter, Kung Fu Kid, Paul Tracey, Fergal Devitt, Jezebel, Chamera, JP Monroe, Ross Browne, Gonzo de Mondo. NWA-UK Heavyweight Champion 'Vigilante' Johnny Moss will also be in attendance at the events. For further information about the upcoming NWA Ireland and NWA-UK Hammerlock live events please check out http://www.hammerlockwrestling.com


FWA have confirmed their card for Vendetta, this is the final line up:

- FWA Heavyweight Title Match: Doug Williams vs American Dragon (2/3 Falls)

- XPW European Title Match: Jonny Storm vs Super Crazy

- FWA Tag Team Champions: The Family vs Alex Shane and Ulf Herman in a first blood match

- FWA All-England Title Match: Zebra Kid vs Mark 'Five Star' Belton

- Number One Contenders Tournament: James Tighe vs Jody Fleisch

- Flash Barker vs Jack Xavier

- Nikita vs Raj Ghosh.

- Burchill (with Dean Ayass) vs Hampton Court

Venue: Broxbourne Civic Hall, High Street, Hoddesdon, Herts EN11 8BE .Doors: 5:30pm


In keeping with FWA news the FWA go on tour in August. The shows confirmed so far are:

August 2nd - Morecambe Dome, Morecambe, Lancashire

August 3rd - Horwich Leisure Centre, Bolton, Lancashire

August 4th - Winter Gardens, Cleethorpes, Lincs

August 22nd - NCLA, Newport, South Wales

More dates will be added soon including the FWA's debut in Plymouth.


The Garage Professional Wrestling Gym in association with The Frontier Wrestling Alliance is proud to announce the arrival of Super Crazy to the UK for the upcoming FWA Vendetta event in Hertfordshire on the 22nd June. As part of this excellent weekend, The Garage Professional Wrestling Gym will be hosting a 3 hour training session, with Super Crazy on Saturday 21st June at its home in Wigan, Lancashire.

Super Crazy will be on hand from 3pm to deliver a training session that will cover his vast knowledge of American, Japanese and Mexican style Professional Wrestling. He will be on site to train with a select number of trainees in a variety of moves and spots that we have seen him execute with the likes of Corino, Tajiri, Lynn, Jeff Hardy to name a few. Places are limited so book fast to avoid disappointment by calling either Mike Bishop 07761 27928 after 6pm or Lee Butler 07816 390257 after 6pm.


That's about everything for this week, as usual don't forget to check out Adam Sibleys excellent UK column, thank you all for reading and I'll see you next week.



Review Of Honor By "The Hardcore One" Mark Wright.



Woah...lets party like its 2001, I have awoken from my slumber, drunk the entire contents of the Nescafe Factory, and I'm back with a vengeance.


But with a difference, gone are my incoherent ramblings, gone are my markish tendencies towards Chris Hyatte, gone are my attempts on one-upmanship with Tony Cottam (who despite my attempts still didn't mention me in one of his columns) Here to stay is my love of a small promotion called Ring Of Honor, based in Philadelphia in the US of A they live off a code of Honor which is as follows:


Ring Of Honor has a goal to present wrestling as a sport, not sports entertainment. In order to achieve this goal, ROH will be based on the Code Of Honor, which is made up of five Laws Of Honor. These five Laws Of Honor are intended to promote sportsmanship, respect and honor inside the wrestling ring. The Laws Of Honor will allow ROH competitors to produce the most athletic matches possible. These are the sacred rules that will define Ring Of Honor's product. The Laws Of Honor are:


-Competitors must shake hands before and after their match.


-No interfering in matches or having others interfere on your behalf.


-No harming a referee or causing others to harm an official.


-No sneak attacks.


-If you are disqualified in your match, you have broken The Code Of Honor


However, some matches are not about respect, honor and sportsmanship. Some matches are about settling a heated issue. Some bouts are about hatred and just trying to hurt you adversary. As the issues in Ring Of Honor get more intense, ROH will present more gimmick matches centered on blood feuds. The Code Of Honor will not apply to these matches. Any bout labelled as a grudge match or with a violent stipulation will not be expected to adhere to the Code Of Honor.


The Code Of Honor will still apply to all other matches to insure only the best in ring action with clear winners and losers.


So there we go...a bit different from your normal wwweeeee rules, but the aim of this

column is not to introduce Ring Of Honor as a company but to review their tapes, put your seatbelts on, hold on to your hats, keep you arms and legs inside the car at all times ‘cause this is going to be one hell of a journey.


Issue One: The Era Of Honor begins..


The tape starts off with a Segment with a tag team called "Da' Hit Squad" who basically infiltrate some fans to hype them for the upcoming show... no need to rate this.


1st Match: The Christopher Street Connection vs. Da' Hit Squat


The CSC try to crash the opening of Ring Of Honor by renaming it "Ring of Homosexuality" which lead to the 2 men making out with each other :s. Thank God Da’ Hit Squad decide to come out and declare themselves "The Hardest Hitting Tag Team in the Business" by dropping Mace and Buff-E on their head with some brutal looking suplexes. Mafia clotheslined Buff-E so hard his earring got ripped out and got stuck in Mafias elbow pad.


Mafia picks up the pin via Burning hammer and puts CSC's Fag Hag Alison Danger through a table ala Dudley Boys and declared that "Sports Entertainment could kiss its ass good bye"

Rating: Squash


2nd Match: Amazing Red vs Jay Briscoe.


Red will be no stranger to those who follow NWA TNA, and Jay Briscoe made his name in CzW, both are young athletes with a huge future ahead of them.


In some what as a shock for Red and his flippy floppy gymnast ways, the match actually contained some psychology, Red picks up the duke by Red Star Press/Infa-Red combination.

Rating **


3rd Match: Xavier vs Scoot Andrews.


I'm neither a fan of Xavier or Scoot Andrews, but I'll try and keep my personal opinions to myself (c'mon this is me we are talking about...it'll never happen).


The match wasn't half bad to be perfectly honest, with Scoot Andrews nearly picking up the duke with some very close near-falls, Xavier even kicked out of the "Force of Nature" (Scoot Andrews calls himself the Black Nature boy (No Scoot isn't in his fifties, nor does he have saggy man breasts).


Xavier executes a perfect hanging neckbreaker to pin an annoyed Scoot Andrews...so much that Scoot tried to walk away from the ring without respecting the code of honor, Xavier brings up this point and the two shake hands.

Rating ** 1/2


4th Match: The Boogie Knights (Mike Tobin and Danny Drake) vs The Natural Born Sinners (Homocide..sorry Homicide I was having Christopher Street Connection flashbacks then, and Boogalou).


Pre match The Natural Born Sinners returned "home" to where Homicide was bought up, only to find that his house was knocked down, and all that lies in its place is a rubber chicken (I would love to put in a Monkey Island reference here, but sadly there was no pulley in the middle) which becomes Homicides symbol for the need to succeed (ha...there we go Monkey Island reference time..you need the rubber chicken (albeit with the pulley in the middle) to get over to the pirates house early in the first game, its the only way to succeed in the game...geddit??!).


Boogalou being of a championship amateur background dominated early proceedings whilst Homicide unleashed some punishing Japanese style moves (Homicide works for Big Japan over in the orient), after the beatings finished Homicide picked up the chicken and killed the


Boogie Knights with it (who both sold it like they were shot....I thought this wasn't Sports Entertainment), Extreme Official HC Loc DQs NBS for using an illegal weapon. After the bell Homicide and Boogalou had ECW flashbacks and spiked Loc with umm..a spike. Loc gets on the phone afterwards and says he has enough of the Extreme Official gimmick.

Rating: 3 rubber chickens.


5th Match: Flippy Floppy Gymnast rules match. Quiet Storm vs. SAT (Jose and Joel Maximo) vs. Chris Devine vs. Brian XL vs. ed with Mikey Whipwreck as the Special Ref.


This match has some sort of Lucha Libre rules which I won't go into mainly because they suck, and because I don't understand them...which is why they suck!


Whipwreck basically said that he reffing that match because he trained all the boys apart from Lil' Bow Wow (who wasn't actually at the Murphey Rec. Centre that day...oh wait he meant Brian XL, my bad) and said someone was missing Red.

The ROH site said words can't describe the moves that these guys put in this high flying contest...all Im saying to that is thankgod they didn't hire Donny Bucchi for this show.


Lots of flippy floppy action for you fans of highflying action with some of the best in N. America today, Quiet Storm picks up the win.

Rating: **** for highflying action. DUD for Psychology.


6th Match: Prince Nana vs "Towel boy" Eric Tuttle


Theres more squash here than in a Nursery School Annual General Meeting. ROH chief Rob Feinstein puts Tuttle in a last minute match as a way of "proving himself", needless to say, the only way Tuttle proved himself was that his skin has non-stick properties when it comes to cleaning the canvas.

Rating:...I'm not even going to bother


7th Match: Spanky and Ikaika Loa defeated Michael Shane and Oz in the Shawn Michaels’ Wrestling Academy Challenge.


Yes you heard that right WWeeeee fans, Spanky...the same guy that wrestles on Smackdown for your beloved company worked for ROH before Vinny Mac stole him from us. I would like to add before commentating on this match that Oz was not Kevin Nash in any way.


Ikaika Loa was wrestling with some herniated disks and took some big bumps...I'm impressed, its a shame though, with a back in a bad shape as his we won't go far.

Whoever wins this match wins a Ring Of Honor contract..Spanky wins...Spanky wins...Spanky wins!!!


After the match the TWA boys congratulate Spanky although Michael Shane (Shawn Michaels Cousin) was a little miffed, claiming that he will be back one day.

Rating: ***


8th Match: "The Insane Luchador" Super Crazy defeated "Latino Heat" Eddy Guerrero


Oh boy...this is more like it, I am a huge fan of Eddie Guerrero and Super Crazy is good as well (shame he went to XPW). An early match of the year Candidate and extremely hard fought, this is a match that must be seen. For the new IWA Intercontinental Title both guys gave their all and the fans were appreciative about it, Super Crazy picks up the win, but the real winners here were the fans as Eddie Guerrero gives one of the best promo/shoots of all time.


Rating: ****


9th Match: Low-Ki vs Christopher Daniels vs American Dragon


Let me take this match in for a few seconds....there.....UN 'BLOODY' BELEIVABLE!!!! Screw the last match...this is the match of the year; this was the match that made me a fan.


Words cannot describe the feelings of happiness I have when I watch this match, from the kicking contest between Am Drag and Low-Ki (with Daniels as the kicking dummy) to the phoenix Splash and the Ki-Krusher from Low-Ki, to the numerous pin falls, to the numerous move-countermove aspects of the match, this match had it all for every lover of the game (n. HHH). Low-Ki wins with the Ki-Krusher 99'on American Dragon


This match had the Philly crowd-chanting Match of the year, and if you know your Philly crowd they DO NOT chant that unless it is very good!


Daniels gets on the mic and says that he was robbed because he didn't actually lose the match and challenges Low-Ki and American Dragon to a round robin match, he also doesn't shake hands with them and disrespected the code of honor (boo, hiss).

Rating: ****3/4


Overall the card wasn't bad for a new promotion with enough action to suit the highflying fans as well as the die-hard mat wrestling fans


Next Week: will Sandy marry Charlene whilst engaged to Beccy who is married to Charlene’s ex-sheep....wait sorry next week I will review ROH: Round Robin Challenge (in the TWO Columns section). Will this card be as good as Era of Honor begins....I hope so!


This has been the UKs biggest ROH Fan signing out


Mark "The Hardcore One" Wright.






US News - HSM (HSM@talkwrestlingonline.com)

UK News - Goldy (Goldy@talkwrestlingonline.com)

Review Of Honor By Mark Wright (TVV@talkwrestlingonline.com)

All other Items - Mitchell Jones (Mitchell@talkwrestlingonline.com)



That's it for this week. Any feedback would be gladly appreciated. Send it, along with any questions or queries, to Mitchell@talkwrestlingonline.com or to any of our contributors. We want your input to help make the newsletter the best we can.


With that in mind, have a good week.


The TWO Newsletter - "So good, the cows want it back.. wait, that's gimmick infringement"



If you would NOT like to receive the TWO Newsletter and any emails regarding competitions at TWO, change your settings in your control panel:

http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/forum/member.php?s=&action=editoptions (Change "Allow Bulletin Board Administrators and Moderators To Send You Email Notices" to NO.)

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