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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue 16 - June 22nd 2003


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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue 16 - June 22nd 2003



Hey All,


What a week it's been in the world of wrestling. The return of Sting to live American TV, TNA's one-year celebration, and the start of what looks to be a huge Randy Orton push. Only in wrestling, folks.


The week ahead also looks to be a good one, not just for wrestling, but for TWO also. Read the next section for more information.


Besides all that, we still have all the latest news and views, and more. So sit back and enjoy.


- Mitchell Jones

TWO Newsletter Editor





TWO's 3rd Birthday



This Tuesday marks Talk Wrestling Online's 3rd birthday, and to celebrate, TWO will be sending out a special 3rd Birthday edition of the TWO Newsletter. What was the wrestling scene up to back when TWO just begun? What does Kam have to say about the evolution of the site? What do the people associated with the site think of the site? Does TWO have any deep dark secrets that they'd rather you NOT know about? Find out this and so much more this Tuesday.


And while on the subject, why not head to the forums and leave a special message for TWO's birthday, or even pop into the chatroom for a little chat? Let's celebrate TWO's birthday in style.



Forum News



TWO Video Games Quiz TONIGHT - Are you a know-it-all when it comes to video games? Are you a pro at Fire Pro? Do you lay the smack down on SmackDown 1, 2, 3 and 4? Well come along to the chat room tonight and go head to head with other game players like you, for the Video Games Quiz as part of TWO Video Games week. You might even be our lucky winner. But you never know unless you enter.




Monthly Wrestling Awards - Each month, you now have the opportunity to have your vote on the current WWE product. Who is your favourite Diva of the past month? What match was better than any other? Have your say in the US forum, and make a difference.



TWO Writers Competition - So simple, even a child can understand it. Posting = prizes. If we see you posting quality posts and threads, and making a valid point towards any of the wrestling forums, then you could win a video from Simania.co.uk - yes, any video. Just get posting in the wrestling forums, and you could be a lucky winner.




Forum Focus



"Is Jonny Storm gay?" - saltedpeanuts! Questioning Storm's sexuality during discussion of his injury. (UK Forum)


"Jonny takes it, Jonny takes it, Jonny takes it up the arse....Jonny takes it up the arse." - Verb, clearing up the situation. (UK Forum)


"Man, the greatest ever masked man in WWF/WWE is obvious - it's Kamala's handler Kim Chee!" - Kid Banzai on WWE's greatest ever masked man (US Forum)


"Christian loses once again...hmmmm wonder if that's WWE's new way to make champions look good....make them look weak and then have them win by fluke or a crap decision (e.g. DQ)....yeah that makes sense" - Seabass making sense for once, on Christian losing yet again on RAW (US Forum)



US News - By HSM



-WWE News-


There was reportedly a major backstage problem between Goldberg and Vince McMahon at Raw last week. The booking for the June 9 edition of Raw was largely to bury Goldberg, either out of spite or just in some kind of attempt to put heat on Jericho for the PPV match. Goldberg was scheduled to squash Rosey, and then Jericho would run in and injure Goldberg’s hand. Goldberg would have left the arena, then came back and been laid out in an interview backstage with Terri. Goldberg showed up to the arena, and refused that script. Goldberg and McMahon had to instead work out a compromise where Goldberg wouldn’t look as weak. Goldberg’s contract is reported to be $1.5 million for one year with 6 dates per month. He had heat with management over whether or not he would go to the UK for the Insurrextion show as well. Goldberg is still expected to face HHH at Summerslam for the World Title, although it is not a lock HHH will lose the title. There are some who believe WWE would prefer if they could get out of the contract with Goldberg.


Goldberg was also very upset last week at Bad Blood once he heard that Linda McMahon called him a "disappointment" at the WWE conference call on Friday. Goldberg had been upset almost the entire week, starting on Monday when he had storylines for RAW changed because he thought they made him look too weak. Heat continues to mount between Goldberg and WWE, mainly because WWE is very disappointed in the lack of impact Goldberg has made. WWE thought Goldberg would be a major star, be very over, and increase business. None of that has happened and they are blaming him rather than the creative team.


Shawn Michaels was also unhappy at Bad Blood. HBK wanted his match with Ric Flair to be given more time. HBK spoke about his frustrations in a WWE.com article which was later removed from the website.


Kevin Nash is now questioning what happens to him next now that he has feuded with Triple H. Just about everyone who has worked a PPV feud with Triple H and lost has been sent way down the card shortly after (for example, Booker T, Scott Steiner, RVD, Kane).


Booker T was also unhappy with how the finish to his match with Christian was booked.


Eric Bischoff was not happy about having to do the Mae Young broncobuster spot at Bad Blood and Mae Young knew it. Because of this, Mae put an anchovy in her underwear before the spot took place, making the incident that much worse for Bischoff!


And finally, the Dudley Boyz were also upset at having to job on the PPV because they are/were under the impression that they will be feuding with La Resistance over the World Tag Team Titles.


With the serious, recurring triceps injury to Dave Batista, there is room in the Evolution stable for another wrestler. The latest report is that Mark Jindrak will fill the enforcer role in the faction, backing up HHH, Ric Flair and Randy Orton.


The lackluster WWE Insurrextion PPV is being blamed creatively on Ed Koskie, a more junior member of the staff. Brian Gewirtz does not like to travel, and thus did not make the trip to the UK. Also Vince McMahon was not there, although Stephanie McMahon, Johnny Ace and Bruce Pritchard were. The unorganised nature of the show was blamed on Koskie rewriting the show several times during the event.


Summerslam is already starting to take shape in WWE booking. Paul Heyman is expected to return to an on-camera role with Smackdown at Summerslam. While Heyman is suggesting that Cena be placed as a mouthpiece for Chris Benoit and Rhyno in a feud against Angle and Brock Lesnar. Vince McMahon and Angle himself are pushing that Heyman take that role. With Angle vs. Lesnar set for the Smackdown-only PPV Vengeance, it is unknown whether that same match will be at Summerslam. WWE could instead go with Angle vs. a freshly turned Benoit to rebuild Benoit as a top contender. Rey Mysterio is rumoured to defend the Cruiserweight title against the Ultimo Dragon, unless that match is moved up to Vengeance


Whereas a few months ago it seemed dead, Tough Enough is now expected to return for a fourth season. It is not yet known whether it will air on MTV or TNN/Spike TV, but it will reportedly either start taping or airing in January, with major changes to its format.


WWE Raw scored a 4.1 cable rating this week, with a 6.6 share. The show did hours of 3.8 and 4.3, and was up .6 from last week's 3.5 rating. The highest rated segment on RAW this past Monday was a 4.6 for the Goldberg & Booker T vs. Chris Jericho & Christian match. The second highest rated segment was a 4.5 for the overrun.


Putting the Rey Mysterio vs. Matt Hardy match for the cruiserweight title in the main event slot of Smackdown a few weeks ago was viewed as an experiment set up to fail, but it succeeded. While Paul Heyman had been pushing for the ratings draw ability of Rey Mysterio and the cruiserweight title, it was actually Dave Lagana who was the man behind the push. There was some disagreement about using his family in the segment, as some felt it would remove some of the mystery around his character and the mask, but it worked out for them.


Kurt Angle’s returning babyface promo was done by Adam Penucci, a member of the WWE production staff. Angle was recently quoted as saying he loved the promo and pointed to Adam as an example of why the WWE Production staff is the best. Angle will not, as expected, be going back to amateur wrestling for the next Olympics. Angle was reportedly very happy with the match against Brock Lesnar at WM19, noting that he was worried that two guys would have a broken neck after the botched Shooting Star Press.


Brian Gewirtz, the head of creative on the RAW side, has several favourite wrestlers that he has taken special care to write for as of late. The Hurricane, Chris Nowinski and Christian are all said to be Gewirtz favourites.


One of Vince and Stephanie McMahon’s favourite characters right now is said to be Sable. Vince McMahon is also said to be the creator of the White Boy Challenge that Theodore Long and Rodney Mack throw out every week. Apparently Vince McMahon and the writing staff justify not pushing mid and low card wrestlers because “they wont be the next Rock”. This attitude is reportedly angering many non-main eventers.


Lita’s neck is reportedly feeling good on her rehab assignment in OVW. She is expected to return to the RAW roster, despite being linked with Matt Hardy. She is to continue in the woman’s division probably in a feud with Jazz.


Kidman is rehabbing in OVW with a new short haircut and is expected back on Smackdown soon.


WWE writer Chris Bell was told that this week that that his 3-month contract would not be renewed. Bell was working on the RAW creative team and previously worked with UPW. No word on why he was released.


WWE is apparently serious about improving house shows. Linda McMahon mentioned this at the WWE conference call recently. Vince McMahon will be appearing at some upcoming house shows, and the plan is to have McMahon family members attend various shows and see who gets the best reactions at non-televised events.


After the so-called disappointing first three months of Bill Goldberg's WWE tenure, his push and character are going to undergo a change. In a recent taping of "Off The Record", Jim Ross noted that Goldberg would now be presented as an "animal" that fights a lot and talks very little.


Brock Lesnar was injured this week in a boating accident. Lesnar stayed in San Antonio, TX following Smackdown on Tuesday this week so that he could have his injured rib looked into. He and some friends went out on the water on a boat, but Brock fell out and his leg was sliced open by the propeller. The cut he got was about three inches long and one inch deep behind his knee. He received many stitches to close up the cut and the next day, the knee became extremely swollen. Despite the severity of the injury, Brock did refuse to take pain medicine. At this point, it looks like a possibility that Brock may not be able to wrestle at the big Smackdown taping at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday.


-NWA: TNA News-


Raven is apparently politicking to get Mike Tenay fired as the lead announcer for NWA: TNA. No word on what causes the heat, but Mike Sanders also reportedly has heat with Tenay. During recent interviews, Raven has not shown any real contempt for Tenay, but Sanders does when he joins commentary during some PPV’s.


Very little other TNA news as the main focus of the week was the one-year anniversary show and the results were as follows


D Lo, Sandman & Frankie Kazarian defeated Sonny Siaki, Don Harris & David Young

Chris Sabin beat Paul London

New Jack over Mike Sanders

Justin Credible bested Jerry Lynn

Kenzo Suzuki and Perry Saturn went to a No Contest after interference from Credible and Lynn

XXX (Elix Skipper & Christopher Daniels) defeated Americas Most Wanted

In the Main Event Jeff Jarrett & Sting beat AJ Styles and Syxx Pac


-Selected Indy Results-


USA Championship Wrestling

Gainesville, Georgia

Viscera def.?, Hacksaw Jim Duggan def. the Barbarian, Derrik Booth def. Jimmy Hart, The Road Warriors def. The New Blue Bloods, Ricky Morton def. Bobby Eaton, Terry Gordy, Jr. w/Michael Hayes def. David Flair, NWA World Champion A.J. Styles def. Kid Kash, Konnan def. Disco Inferno, Raven def. Buff Bagwell.


Stampede Wrestling

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Karnage d. Kid Nicholls, Duke Durrango vs. Apocalypse went to a draw, Harry "Bulldog" Smith d. Marky Starr, Bruce Hart d. Rory Jackson, Randy Myers d. Nattie Niedhart by submission, Juggernaut d. Johnny Devine by countout.


Combat Zone Wrestling

Viking Hall - Philadelphia, PA


Nick Gage defeated Nate Hatred and Messiah in the steel cage match to become BJW Death Match Champion, Sonjay Dutt defeated Deranged, Jon Dahmer defeated Niles Young and The Grim Reefer in a three-way match, Ian Knoxx, Adam Flash, and Danny Rose defeated Z-Barr, Greg Matthews, and Derek Frazier, GQ defeated Chris Cash, B-Boy defeated Jimmy Rave, Tony Mamaluke and Reckless Youth defeated Nick Berk by simultaneous Submissions, Junior Heavyweight Champion Ruckus defeated Ric Blade, Tag Team Champions the Backseat Boyz defeated the Briscoe Brothers, Rebel defeated Zandig in an I Quit Strap Match.


That’s all for this week folks





UK News - By Goldy



Hi everyone, welcome to this weeks UK scene news and results. It's been a fairly quiet week this week on the UK scene front. I have been busy updating the TWO calendar this week and will continue to do so on a very regular basis. If anyone would like me to add a UK event to the calendar please feel free to email me at Goldy@talkwrestlingonline.com


RBW - Lincoln - 15/6/03

"Shooting Star" Kris Travis def El Super Ligero

Stixx def "Little Dragon" Ross Jordan

Scotty Hex def Will Assault

"Sensation Of The Nation" Rob Hunter def Spud

Spud won a Battle Royal


Jonny Storm, one of the most sought after UK Indy wrestlers, last week was wrestling for UK promotion the TWA, when an over the top rope hurricanrana went wrong. Storm went over the top rope and took the Zebra Kid over with him, only Storm landed awkwardly and caused obvious injury to his shoulder. Storm was set to main event this Sunday evening for the FWA on the Vendetta show against ex-ECW star Super Crazy. Although it has been reported that Storm could be out for 4 weeks there has been no mention from the FWA of a replacement for Jonny as well as no confirmation as to whether or not Jonny will be on the card. So we will have to wait and see. Either way, TWO would like to wish Jonny a speedy recovery.


The next wZw show will be at one of the largest and most popular Working Men's Club in the region, The North Ormesby WMC, in Middlesborough on the 30th of June. Earlier this week BCW (British Championship Wrestling) Owner "The Highlander" Colin McKay made an open challenge to wZw's number 1 tag team The Nattrass Boys. He reckons its about time the best in the North of England faced the best in the Scotland. "The Highlander", Wolfgang and "The G'vner" Carl Conroy are coming across the border to invade the show. Will the Nattrass Boys take up the challenge? If so this will mean some serious match alterations. The name of the show Monday Night Mayhem is already living up to its name......


Firecracker films are currently making a 1 hour documentary on Backyard Wrestling in the UK, they are not only focusing on BYW, they want to the opinions from the other side of the coin, the pro wrestling industry and what BYW is doing to the wrestling scene in the UK. They were originally in touch with Iceman, as he is the crazy hardcore icon in the UK, and someone a lot of BYW's look up to. Iceman is totally against BYW and is going to be making his opinion count in the documentary. Firecracker films are going to be filming at the show and maybe at the training school to see the other side of the coin. For more information on the show please visit http://www.wzwuk.com


B.C.W are returning to Kilmarnock on the 29th of august and this show will be taped for TV. Tickets are now on sale, adults priced at £6, kids £4, and a family ticket costing £18. The show is being called Deliverance and will host wrestlers such as Spinner McKenzie, "The Guvnor" Carl Conroy, Wolfgang, Blade, Stu Pendous, Red Lightning, BCW lightweight champion Tex Benedict as well as Stevie Knight. For more information e-mail - britishchampionshipwrestling@hotmail.com or phone - 07903 209 067.


This weeks edition of Total Wrestling Magazine features a two page review about the FWAs Frontier Of Honor show as well as promoting SCWs upcoming show. It also asks promoters of UK shows to get in contact with them if they want to be included in upcoming editions. I think it's great that a mainstream magazine is getting behind the UK scene so much and congratulate the mag for it's efforts.


After a successful outing last year with All Japan Pro Wrestling, the 'Wildcat' Robbie Brookside has been invited back for a two week tour in July. Last year, him and his partner Kendo Ka Shin came runners up in the Real World Junior Tag League. This year though Robbie has very different plans as he would like to take the All Japan World Junior heavyweight title from his former partner Kendo Ka Shin. So this should be another exciting tour for Robbie which follows hot of the heels from Doug Williams Japanese tour. We at TWO would like to wish Robbie all the best with the trip.


I would like to mention the UPW group based in Northampton. Due to lack of time and money they will not be promoting shows themselves in the near future. What they are doing is concentrating 100% on training their students and working every weekend for Brian Dixon on the Butlins camps and have been since the season started. Anyway they are currently taking on new students so if you are interested in training or if you are a UK or European promotion who would like to book their students or who would like more details about UPW and their students please ring 0771 731 4530 or e-mail steve@unitedprowrestling.com. The website is in the midst of a revamp but can be visited at http://www.unitedprowrestling.com.


Finally, by the time you receive this newsletter TWA will of closed their doors for good. We at TWO would like to wish their promoter Scott Conway all the best with his future business ventures in Thailand. It will be interesting to see now which promotions take over the venues left available from the departure of TWA.


That's about everything for this week. Thank you for reading, and as always please remember to check out Adam Sibleys excellent UK wrestling column. This weeks edition is now up at: http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/UKScene/UKS76.shtml


Have a good week!



International Scene - By Rikidozan



Hi readers, a relatively small Puro section this week with no results as the Puro industry doesn’t hit the road until next week.


New Japan Pro Wrestling:


The promotion’s annual G-1 Climax tournament kicks off soon, with the following workers in each block. More on the tourney next week.


G-1 Climax 2003 Tournament A & B Blocks:


A Block

-- Masa Chono--

-- Hiroyoshi Tenzan--

-- Osamu Nishimura--

-- Hiroshi Tanahashi--

-- Ken Shamrock--

-- Jun Akiyama--


B Block

--Yuji Nagata--

--Yoshihiro Takayama--

--Yutaka Yoshie--

--Shinsuke Nakamura--

--Tadao Yasuda--

--Inoki's choice—

Management is predicting the tourney to draw well in Tokyo, where the promotion has had trouble drawing over the past couple of years. The addition of NOAH’s Jun Akiyama Yoshihiro Takayama is the main factor in management’s said prediction they’ll draw as NOAH fans are expected to flock to Tokyo to watch the tourney. Advance tickets sales for the tourney have been very strong, and with some good workers like Akiyama, Tenzan and Shamrock, this should be a great G-1 tournament this year.


Masahiro Chono, Jushin Liger, Tiger Mask IV and Yuji Nagata will be present at newly formed Hawaiian Championship Wrestling’s 26/7 show as New Japan and HCW have strong ties. Former WWF worker Don Muraco heads HCW.


All Japan Pro Wrestling:


Arashi and Nobutaka Araya have vacated All Japan’s All-Asia tag titles (with no reason given), and talk is that Kazushi Miyamoto and Tomoaki Honma will get a run with the straps. Management currently is considering an All-Asia tag titles tournament when they next hit the road.


The promotion runs the Osaka Prefectural Gym on 13/7 with a huge match of Keiji Mutoh versus Toshiaki Kawada to determine the No.1 contender to who will challenge Triple Crown challenger Shinya Hashimoto at the group’s 19/7 Nippon Budokan Hall show.


Satoshi Kojima lost the Major League Wrestling title to Mike Awesome on the group’s 21/6 television taping. Awesome finished with a running Awesome-Bomb through a table. Awesome also works for All Japan, and has worked for Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling in the past as Big Titan.




The promotion runs the Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Hall on 6/7 with a big tag main event of Kawada/Mutoh versus Hashimoto and Naoya Ogawa. Advanced tickets sales are said to shifting ok/good.


Lucha Libre News




Television taping results for 19/6 at Arena Coliseo, Mexico City;


1. Brazo de Plata Jr., Sombra de Plata & Zetta over La Flecha, Polvora & Super Comando

2. Pantera, Tigre Blanco & Virus over Halcon Negro, Reyes Veloz & Valentin Mayo

3. Angel Azteca, Tinieblas Jr. & Villano III over Bestia Salvaje, Hooligan & Scorpio Jr.

4. Atlantis, Brazo de Plata & El Sicodelico Jr. over Dr. Wagner Jr., Fuerza Guerrera & Super Crazy

5. Shocker over Ultimo Guerrero



Indy 101 - By Trinity



There is an old phrase that most of you all probably know: patience is a virtue. Most of the time we’re getting it from our mothers, in a way to inform us that what we want is coming soon. At the end of the recent CZW show a week ago on June 14th, blood marks got what they were waiting for. During the Zandig versus Rocking Rebel main event, Ian Rotten, Corporal Robinson and JC Bailey, wrestlers from a small Midwest fed, IWA Mid South, brought Zandig's wife to the ring, tied her to the ring post and watched as they beat the living crap out of Zandig, CZW’s owner, even stapling a dollar bill to the side of his face. As it finally ended, Rotten took to the mic and basically declared that there would be a new Invasion, and maybe perhaps they would see “a Madman and a Butcher”, obvious references to Madman Pondo and Necro Butcher, probably two of the best at what they do, garbage death match wrestling.


With this, and the riot that ensued after, in which the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commissioner, Frank Talent took a chair to the head, gives the blood marks all over the world to rejoice, along with the blood marks of CZW as well. While CZW’s juniors get a lot of the notice, like Tony Mamaluke, Sonjay Dutt, Ruckus and Chris Cash, in their early days their deathmatch wrestlers took a lot of the credit as well. But as the laws against weapons became stricter, bloodfests became few and far between. The invasion was built at the right time. Summertime brings the two shows the deathmatch fans live for; CZW’s Tournament of Death, and IWA’s King of the Deathmatch. in July and August respectively.


With an oncoming invasion angle, which will completely help IWA, which might close in December due to lack of funds, it leads to question, who might else be a part of the angle? For the blood marks, Madman Pondo and Necro Butcher are on the top of the list, but who else would be willing to join in? Guys like Nate Webb, Chris Hero, Colt Cobana and CM Punk would be some of my personal choices to see, just because I tend to not be as extreme of a blood fan as others. But I doubt that I would get all of them except for Webb, just because of heat Hero has from a former match he had against the H8 Club where Nate Hatred stiffed him. With CM Punk, he’s not been too keen on going to do a show for them. I hope that Ian Rotten could change their mind, because I would love to see matches with them. Its now just a time to wait, IWA’s King of the Deathmatch has an empty spot, Zandig’s Tournament of Death combatants are unknown , so all is left up to the two owners to make this Invasion, memorable, instead of the last invasion we all saw that was less than mind-blowing.






US News - HSM (HSM@talkwrestlingonline.com)

UK News - Goldy (Goldy@talkwrestlingonline.com)

Int. News – Rikidozan (Rikidozan@talkwrestlingonline.com)

Indy 101 - Trinity (Trinity@talkwrestlingonline.com)

All other Items - Mitchell Jones (Mitchell@talkwrestlingonline.com)



That's it for this week. Any feedback would be gladly appreciated. Send it, along with any questions or queries, to Mitchell@talkwrestlingonline.com or to any of our contributors. We want your input to help make the newsletter the best we can.


With that in mind, have a good week.


The TWO Newsletter - "Evolution is the solution"



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