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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue 18 – July 6th 2003


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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue 18 – July 6th 2003



Hey All,


Welcome to the newsletter, Mitchells on a break this week so I’ve got the job for the time being.


Its my Birthday today…and what am I doing? Sitting infront of a computer sorting out stuff for Talk Wrestling Online (FWL, Newsletter etc) – my lifes just one big party! :D


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Forum News



New Cool Off Period and Community Rep


Some of you may have noticed there has been an increased amount of bickering on the forums. I’ve decided to do a new feature at Talk Wrestling Online, anyone who I think is either causing too much trouble or is getting too caught up in a thread will be sent off to “cool off”. This means they wont be able to post for 2 days on the forums (they will receive a standard email from me stating this). If they comeback and continue to cause trouble they will more than likely get banned.


It starts from now, so if you find your not able to access the forums in the future, check your email. If anyone has a problem with me sending them to “cool off” they can reply to my email.


This "cool off" period applies to everyone.


Also another new feature: Community Rep


I’ve appointed Pabster as the Talk Wrestling Online Community Rep. His job it to make the Talk Wrestling Online Forum members feel at home and part of this growing and thriving community. Whether you've had a run in with another member, or feel intimidated because you're new here, then please contact Pabster. (Pabster@TalkWrestlingOnline.com)


Monthly Wrestling Awards – June 2003


Each month, you now have the opportunity to have your vote on the current WWE product. Who is your favourite Diva of the past month? What match was better than any other? Have your say in the US forum, and make a difference.



TWO Writers Competition


So simple, even a child can understand it. Posting = prizes. If we see you posting quality posts and threads, and making a valid point towards any of the wrestling forums, then you could win a video from Simania.co.uk - yes, any video. Just get posting in the wrestling forums, and you could be a lucky winner.




Forum Focus



“…even though I don't have long sideburns like Rico - I always do the thing which Rico rubs his right sideburn and point forward – PK is just as interesting in real life! (US Forum)


“Bye bye you pathetic, old buffoon Hogan, don't let the door hit you in your no-selling, holding young workers down, ass on the way out”. Rikidozan on hearing Hogan has left the WWE (US Forum)


“Crash Holly terminated by WWE? You'd think it would have been enough just to end his contract without actually snuffing out the poor guy as well.” MillionLiraMan feels for Crash (US Forum)


“Oh, and I agree that not everything WWE says is fabricated...only 99.999%” Rikidozan still has some faith left in the WWE (US Forum)



US News - By HSM



WWE News:


Roddy Piper's bio has been removed from WWE.com following his firing earlier this week.


Roddy Piper was originally scheduled to do a Piper's Pit with Vince McMahon at a house show this weekend, but was replaced by Brother Love. This could indicate that Brother Love may be getting a bigger role on TV in upcoming weeks as a replacement of sorts for Sean O'Haire, or it could just be that WWE had to have a quick replacement and Brother Love (Bruce Prichard) already works for the company in other capacities.


While there are rumours constantly that WWE might bring back the WCW brand or turn WWE Raw into Nitro, that is apparently not in any immediate plans. Vince McMahon continues to object to any storyline idea that suggests bringing back the WCW name, because he doesn’t see the point in using the name of a failed, dead brand.


Jamal of Three Minute Warning was known as cocky backstage and sloppy in the ring, which contributed to his release. There was also an incident in a nightclub where he was arrested for threatening a police officer that had tried to remove his wife from the club. Rosey, Jamal’s former tag partner, has the opposite reputation, and is well liked by management and his fellow workers.


The initial buyrate estimate for WWE Judgment Day in May is 450,000, which would be considered a success for that event. WWE Backlash in April is now estimated to have gotten about 275,000 buys. WWE is hopeful that WWE Bad Blood will get a higher buyrate due to the added bonus of Mick Foley’s return to PPV.


WWE.com has put up a photo of Kane and his new look on his bio page. The new Kane was involved at WWE house shows over the weekend and is completely bald now.


Crash Holly has been released by WWE. He was most recently working with Matt Hardy as an "MFer".


It does appear as if Hulk Hogan is gone from WWE, at least for now.


Apparently Hogan and Vince McMahon had a phone conversation late last week, and were unable to come to new terms. The split it said to be amicable. The main concern is reportedly that Hogan was uncomfortable with the creative direction of his character. He felt that he was not being used properly, in that he wanted to be a feature performer not "just another wrestler". During the Smackdown six-man tag main event, Hogan was reportedly upset that Lesnar and Angle did not tag him in when the crowd chanted his name, which would have been an improvisation of the script of the match. In addition, Hogan might have been upset that his headlining of MSG did not sell out, whereas Raw the night before was a sell out. Hogan was also said to be upset because of the small payoffs much of the WWE staff including himself got from WrestleMania. The payoffs came in much lower than everyone was expecting. There are apparently rumblings that Hogan will once again look to start his own promotion, perhaps resurrecting the XWF.


There is reportedly talk of moving Bill Goldberg to Smackdown, to give him a fresh start. He would be positioned as a heel, and built up for a major program with Brock Lesnar. However, it is more likely that he will stay on Raw at this point, as a face, and move towards a main event World Title match with HHH at Summerslam. WWE officials were said to be pleased with the reaction Goldberg got in MSG on Raw last week.


WWE has officially taken over the entire ECW tape library from American Cable Productions. WWE is now looking through the footage. The company had to put roughly $250,000 in a trust account owed to ACP. Basically this means that WWE can now do whatever they want with the ECW footage. They already own the rights to the ECW name and trademarks.


Steve Austin was not at Raw this week, but not because he had food poisoning as was mentioned in the storyline. Actually, Austin had the night as a scheduled day off, and the company used his absence to further the character of Eric Bischoff. It is expected that Austin will be back next Monday to make up for what Bischoff did this week, and will presumably blame Bischoff for his food poisoning as well.


Jazz was selling an injury during the Woman's Battle Royal, and was not legitimately injured. The match went as planned, with Gail Kim getting the title on her first night.


The payoffs for Wrestlemania are said to be lower than expected as mentioned before. It is said to be a sobering sign to even the biggest sceptics that business for WWE is way down.


Raw dropped back down to a 3.6 rating this week, with hours of 3.3 and 3.8.


As has been reported, the fourth member of HHH's Evolution faction will probably be Mark Jindrack. WWE has reportedly filmed vignettes for the faction that feature Jindrack alongside HHH, Ric Flair and Randy Orton. In addition, Orton and Jindrack have teamed on recent house shows.


Kevin Nash has been lobbying to be a part of Evolution, but it isn’t known at this point if his lobbying has been successful. He previously had a good relationship with Vince McMahon and got a huge push following his return, but had his push largely pulled even before his match with HHH at Bad Blood. Nash is worried about his position in the company for the rest of 2003, and the placement of other wrestlers after losing to HHH has not always been good.


Problems between Goldberg and WWE continue to escalate backstage. Goldberg remains very unhappy with how he is being used. He has been upset since entering WWE at how the company has not been booking him as a "special attraction." He also remains very upset over the fact that Linda McMahon called him a "disappointment" at WWE's conference call a few weeks ago. Goldberg is financially set and, as he has pointed out in the past, has no real love for the wrestling industry. Because of that, many in WWE are starting to suspect that he could leave in the next few months, especially if he isn't booked in the main event of Summerslam against Triple H and doesn't win. If WWE does opt to not go ahead with the original plan of having Triple H/Goldberg headline Summerslam and have Goldberg be the man to finally beat Triple H, you have to wonder who the company has left to be a good opponent for the Game since he has gone through everyone.


Vince McMahon has apparently been taking an "everything is OK" attitude to WWE lately and has been assuming that business will pick up again. Some people do believe that the impact of decreasing ratings and house show business is finally starting to get to him, and he is realising that it may be a bigger problem than expected.


NWA: TNA News:


There is talk backstage in NWA: TNA of moving Julio Deniro and Alexis Laree from Raven to the New Church, as there is a belief that Jim Mitchell is under-utilised. TNA did pair Shane Douglas with Mitchell at the most recent PPV.


There is also talk of putting D’Lo Brown with Jerry Lynn as a heel tag team, although that appears to be more of a long-term idea given recent TNA storylines.


TNA has signed a new deal with the NWA, which will allow them to continue to use the NWA name. TNA briefly thought they would have to move forward without the NWA name.


TNA is releasing a new "F*** Vince" t-shirt that will be aimed at Vince Russo, but also has a second obvious meaning towards Vince McMahon and WWE.


In results from this weeks PPV:


Shane Douglas defeated CM Punk


Americas Most wanted beat Sonny Siaki and David Young to retain the Tag Team titles.


Abyss pinned Erik Watts


Jerry Lynn beat Justin Credible in a Dog Collar match


Shark Boy bested Mike Sanders


Sandman beat New Jack to become the Hard 10 champion


AJ Styles defeated Frankie Kazarian to retain the NWA: TNA title


Selected Indy Results:


(Provided by Nate Steins Wrestling News)


USA Pro Wrestling

Friday, June 27 - Queens, NY



*The Solution (Papadon/Havoc w/ Miss Michelle) def. Team Target

*"All Around Best" Xavier def. Dan Barry

*Tim Arson won the Third Annual Lord of The Ring Match that included Poppalicious, Josh Deeley, Jimmy Hustler, Zena, Darksyde, Triple B, Johnny Bravado, Nuke, The Motivator, J-Kronik, Southern Vinny Stylin, Monsta Mack, Azreal, J-Train, J-Busta, R.G., and Prince Nana

*Slyk Wagner Brown (w/ April Hunter) def. Skinhead Ivan

*The Flock (Mikey/Wayne) def. Christopher Street Connection

*Norman/McKenny def. Justin Cage/Jay Static

*USA Pro Xtreme Ladder Match: champion Reefer retained against Deranged

*Bam Bam Bigelow/Crowbar/Masked Maniac def. The Elm Street Kids (Psycho/Rayza/Danny Yams)

*"Low Life" Louie Ramos def. Danny Demanto

*The Boogie Knights def. Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz

*"Bullet Proof" Billy Reil def. Luscious

*USA Pro U.S. Title Match: Mike "The Shooter" Kruel retained against "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels

*USA Pro Wrestling Tag Title Match: SAT (Jose and Joel Maximo) def. Simon Diamond/Striker (w/ Becky Bayless)

*Perry Saturn defeated "Notorious 187" Homicide

*Justin Credible def. Balls Mahoney

*USA Pro Wrestling champion Raven retained against The Sandman


Ring of Honor

Saturday, June 28 - Philadelphia, PA



*Eddie Guapo def. Special K's Lit

*Hydro def. Angel Dust

*Christopher Street Connection def. Outkast Killaz

*Dunn and Marcos def. Prince Nana/Jimmy Jet Cash

*Alexis Laree def. Sumie Sakai

*Chad "Captain Charisma" Collyer def. Matt Stryker

*Carnage Crew (including Justin Credible) def. Izzy/Dixie/Deranged

*Samoa Joe def. Danny Maff

*BJ Whitmer defeated Tony Mamaluke, Alex Shelley, and Jimmy Jacobs

*CM Punk/Colt Cabana def. Christopher Daniels/Raven

*AJ Styles retained the NWA World Title against NWA-TNA X champion Chris Sabin

*Trent Acid def. Homicide


Combat Zone Wrestling

Saturday, June 28 - Dover, DE



Extreme 8 qualifier matches:

*Barbed Wire Boards and Tables Match: Corporal Robinson def. Deranged (Independent Wrestling Revolution/XICW)

*Fans bring the Weapons/5 Man Gauntlet of Death match: Necro Butcher def. Bishop Slade (AIWF/HOPWF), Van Hughes (CWF/Pittsburgh), Axl Rotten, and Nate Webb.

*Unlucky 13 Match (winner must staple 13 dollar bills to his opponent): JC Bailey def. Toby Klein

*Barbed Wire Bat/Thumb Tack Bats Match: Ian Rotten def. "Low Life" Louie Ramos


*CZW Tag Team champions The Backseat Boyz (Johnny Kashmere/Trent Acid) retained against Ruckus/Sonjay Dutt

*Chris$ Cash def. GQ, Jon Dahmer and Z-Barr.

*Ian Knoxx/Adam Flash def. Jude and Niles Young.

*Zandig/Nick Gage def. Messiah/Nate Hatred.


Heartland Wrestling Association

Tuesday, July 2 - Sharonville, OH



*El Temor/TJ Dalton/JT Stahr def. The South Side Playaz/Ric Byrne via DQ

*"High IQ" Quinten Lee def. Monty Fabulous

*Crazy Jay def. Time Bomb

*Brother Clay (w/ Jaxon Breeze) def. Lotus

*Hoss and Poison Apollo went to a Double DQ

*Rory Fox def. Big Al to advance in the HWA Heavyweight Tournament

*Matt Stryker def. Chet "The Jet" Jablonski


That’s it for this week, thanks for reading





UK News - By Goldy



Hello, welcome to the TWO UK Scene wrestling news and results section. I hope you are all well. I will get straight on with this weeks show results:


FCW Results - Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre, Lower Gornal - 29/6/2003

"High Impact" Sam Green dft Damien Grant

"Heavy Metal Maniac" Mark Hogan dft The Bouncer w/Bad Boy Steel

Laken Xander & Spud dft "Tomcat" Kevin O'Neil & A-Star Athlete

"The Sensation Of The Nation" Rob Hunter dft Jack Storm

Survivor Tag Match -

GBH, Sam Green, Spud & Laken Xander dft

Kevin O'Neil, A-Star Athlete, Rob Hunter & The Bouncer

Laken Xander survived last pinning A-Star Athlete.


wZw - Middlesbororugh - 1/7/03.

Middleman def Joey Hayes.

Crux def Spitfire

Chris Cannon def Dangerous Damon Leigh.

Highlander, Wolfgang and Red Lighting (BCW - Scotland) def J, XL and Shady The Nattrass Boys.(wZw - England)

Lexx def Iain Robinson "The Northern Express"

General Trent Steel def Iceman

Enigma def Deacon Despair

Domino won a Royal Rumble. (Domino will now face Middleman at the next wZw event.)


IMPACT Promotion are pleased to announce the arrival of UKPW – United Kingdom Pro Wrestling. Featuring some of the country's finest young talent, UKPW aim to provide great wrestling action and make an IMPACT on the British wrestling scene!

Wrestlers already confirmed to compete for United Kingdom Pro Wrestling include:

'Wyld Chyld' Chris Wyld

'Wrestlings Cool Kid' Stevie James

'The Atomic Ant' Anton Green

'The Silent Riot' Corey Davis

'Electric' Ethan Hayze

Marcus 'The Toad' Hiscott

JD Street


http://www.UKPW.com will be launched on Sunday 6th July and show details will be announced soon!


Tuesday night (July 8th) sees All Star return to Fairfields Hall for what looks set to be a great show. With a main event of Doug Williams vs Jonny Storm vs American Dragon in a ladder match! If that isn't enough to wet your appetite Chic Cullen will be appearing in his final match against "The Highlander" Drew McDonald. These two men were both involved in the Golden age of British wrestling and are both highly respected. Also due to appear on the card is: Flash barker vs Broady Steele, The UK Pitbulls vs The Yorkshire Bulldogs and one further match yet to be announced. This sounds like it will be a great show! For further details please go to http://bigtimewrestlinguk.com


Wrestlezone Wrestling (wZw) is opening a Pro Wrestling training class at the Thornaby Pavilion in Thornaby, the first class will be starting this coming Monday (July 7th) at 7pm - 9pm and will be running weekly from then onwards same time and place. General Trent Steel and Iceman will be taking classes, teaching all aspects of wrestling. Prices are £4.00 for under 15s and £5.00 for over 15s. For further details Email training@wzwuk.com/training or phone 07986 431206.


AIWF (GB) Wrestling are putting on shows every month from now until Christmas in Stoke. With the next one being on July 11th. At Bidds Club in Longton, Stoke On Trent. For details of this or any of their other shows please visit: http://www.gbhwrestling.freeserve.co.uk.


As there is still not much news around the UK wrestling scene at the moment, I have added a column sent to me from Kessler, viewing a Hammerlock show in Dublin. It's an interesting read and makes a nice change to be able to include a review of NWA Hammerlock:


I got told a few weeks ago that NWA Hammerlock-Ireland are doing a show Saturday night June 21st in Mount Temple Comprehensive School in Dublin, Ireland. Considering that I live all of a 3 minute walk from the venue, I decide I may as well go along to it. I have heard of them for a while now and their training camp in Bray, Wicklow just outside of Dublin. They've run some shows there, as well as down in Cork on the south coast. I've even had some people ask me if Id recommend enrolling in their training programme, which obviously I couldn't answer since I didn't really know all that much about it. I figured that since I've been hearing about them for long enough, I should finally see what the fuss was about and form my own opinion on them. After all, I could hardly use the excuse of not wanting to travel too far.


7:33pm on Saturday night came and I left my house to make the short walk. Sure I was going to be a few minutes late, but then I'm always late. Besides, events never start on time for anything – sport, music, wrestling or whatever. There's always a delay for some reason, who knows, maybe just for the sake of having a delay and building anticipation. Of course, naturally I reached the venue and when I had the decision to walk around the building to try and find the entrance to the right or left I chose the right, when in fact the door turned out to be all of a few feet from where I began to my left. Still, I walked in and paid my 8 euros - slightly more if I was being picky since there wasn't proper change at the time (serves me right for being late), but I can live with missing out on 50 cent (not the rapper, I only wish I could miss out on him too).


I was greeted by a larger crowd than I had figured would be there as I estimated about 100 people turned up to support the show. Not a huge figure you might think, but bearing in mind the non-existent advertising for the show locally combined with the fact that they'd never run anywhere near the area before and it was quite impressive. It turned out to be perfect timing as the ring announcer started talking while I was going to my seat and introduced the show for the evening.


The first guys out got a good reaction from an eager crowd that was insanely mixed between young kids, the teenage and 20-something youth combined with the older parent of the young kid and a shocking near even split between male and female. The female contingent really did surprise me in their numbers. A nice singles opener was followed by a tag match, back to a singles (this one being the David vs Goliath psychology for the night which worked rather well) before going for another tag but the latter in the form of a mixed-tag match. The opening few matches were surprisingly good and got the show and the crowd off to a hot start.


The fans seemed to be going for the theory that the faces were coming out first with the heels second and reacted as thus. If ever there was any doubt, the heel did some mic work to enforce his position quite obviously. It worked well too and created a good atmosphere in the matches. Even Jezebel, playing a heel but in a tight outfit, managed to get the heel reaction just by her actions and overcame the natural stigma attached to nice looking women of being cheered. On the opposing team in that mixed tag match was a tremendous worker, whose name I can't be sure of due to a combination of dodgy acoustics (it was a school hall, so I can't expect any better) and maybe just my bad hearing. She completely stood out above all else though.


She may have been called Chamera, but whatever her name was she stole the show in the mixed tag working most of the match (long girl-girl and guy-girl aspects) as well as a stint in the Battle Royal and if sent to OVW for 6-12 months would come back a finely tuned Victoria level wrestler in the women's division in the WWE. She sounded Irish so i'm not even sure if the UK scene has picked her up yet on the indies but she's someone who's going to keep cropping up on tapes over the next few years no matter what and had a distinctive bright pink and yellow outfit.


An all-Irish battle was waged afterwards with a Dublin worker taking on a guy from Cork who's broken into the Hammerlock UK scene. They both did some pre-match mic work to play off the sheep-shagger aspect of the Cork wrestler and create some obvious chants from the crowd. Personally my main worry wasn't about what he did to sheep but rather why his outfit were so revealing.


Next up was London's Segen Carter vs Kung Fu Kid from Essex as I believe Carter got the victory here. To be honest, I expected more from these two since they had bigger names than most on the card and it was a bit of a letdown. Nothing necessarily wrong with the match but it was rather slow paced with neither guy seeming too interested really.


A Bray vs Bray battle was next up with Darren Cleary going over Paul Tracey. This was better than expected after a sluggish start as it really picked up the longer it went and ended up very enjoyable. Last up was the Battle Royal mentioned earlier with 15 wrestlers in the match coming out at 30 second intervals with most doing double duty from earlier matches. Typical Battle Royal with a bit of a personally anti-climatic finish as the Kung Fu Kid was victorious. I was disappointed the female worker (Chamera?) I mentioned earlier only got a short run in it but they went with the face victory anyway to send the crowd home happy after just over 2 hours of action.


Overall, the venue was handy but for the future they could do with placing a couple of signs on the main road that runs by it since it's tucked away a little. Scheduling it the same night as the Special Olympics kicked off in Dublin a few minutes down the road in front of over 80,000 live spectators may not have been the best business move. No offence to Carter or the Kung Fu Kid but they can't compete in drawing power with U2, The Corrs, Ronan Keating, Nelson Mandela, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Ali, Colin Farrell and a galaxy of other stars. I'm sure with a better date and some local advertising in the future they could get even bigger numbers. The lighting and sound was as I expected and the ring looked good. One kid, who looked about 6, ran over and hit a couple of the wrestlers after they got eliminated from the Battle Royal and they reacted perfectly by just shrugging it off so fair play. The psychology in all the matches throughout the night was really good and had a lot of classic old school spots in them that worked wonders. The in ring action itself from the wrestlers for the most part was impressive and I can have no complaints for an 8 euros ticket and I would certainly go again if/when they return to the venue. Worth a look if you get the chance.



International News - By Matthew Singh



Hi readers, the Puro leagues got back on the road since we last checked-in, so a lager Puroresu/Lucha Libre News this week…




New Japan Pro Wrestling:


The promotion’s annual G-1 Climax tournament line-up is as follows…New Japan 2003 G-1 Tournament match line-ups:


On 10/8 at Kobe World Hall, Hyogo:

-A Block: Hiroyoshi Tenzan versus Jun Akiyama-

-A Block: Masa Chono versus Osamu Nishimura-

-A Block: Hiroshi Tanahashi versus Ken Shamrock-

-B Block: Yoshihiro Takayama versus Tadao Yasuda-

-B Block: Yuji Nagata versus Yutaka Yoshie-

-B Block: Shinsuke Nakamura versus Katsuyori Shibata-


On 11/8 at Aiichi Prefectural Gym, Nagoya:

-A Block: Masa Chono versus Ken Shamrock-

-A Block: Osamu Nishimura versus Jun Akiyama-

-A Block: Hiroyoshi Tenzan versus Hiroshi Tanahashi-

-B Block: Yuji Nagata versus Yoshihiro Takayama-

-B Block: Yutaka Yoshie versus Shinsuke Nakamura-

-B Block: Tadao Yasuda versus Katsuyori Shibata-


On 12/8 at Grand Ship Convention Centre, Shizuoka:

-A Block: Hiroyoshi Tenzan versus Osamu Nishimura-

-A Block: Masa Chono versus Hiroshi Tanahashi-

-A Block: Jun Akiyama versus Ken Shamrock-

-B Block: Yuji Nagata versus Tadao Yasuda-

-B Block: Yoshihiro Takayama versus Shinsuke Nakamura-

-B Block: Yutaka Yoshie versus Katsuyori Shibata-


On 14/8 at Miyagi Prefectural Sports Centre, Sendai:

-A Block: Masa Chono versus Hiroyoshi Tenzan-

-A Block: Hiroshi Tanahashi versus Jun Akiyama-

-A Block: Osamu Nishimura versus Ken Shamrock-

-B Block: Yuji Nagata versus Katsuyori Shibata-

-B Block: Yutaka Yoshie versus Yoshihiro Takayama-

-B Block: Tadao Yasuda versus Shinsuke Nakamura-


On 15/8 at Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Hall, Tokyo:

-A Block: Masa Chono versus Jun Akiyama-

-A Block: Hiroyoshi Tenzan versus Ken Shamrock-

-A Block: Osamu Nishimura versus Hiroshi Tanahashi-

-B Block: Yuji Nagata versus Shinsuke Nakamura-

-B Block: Yoshihiro Takayama vs. Katsuyori Shibata-

-B Block: Tadao Yasuda versus Yutaka Yoshie-


On 16/8 at Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Hall, Tokyo:

-A Block #1 versus B Block #2

-A Block #2 versus B Block #1


Masahiro Chono, Yuji Nagata, Tiger Mask IV and Jushin Liger with work the forthcoming 26/7 Hawaiian Championship Wrestling show at Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park




House show results;


On 29/6 at Shimonoseki Channel Messe, Yamaguchi with 2,000 paid attendance:


1. Naohiro Hoshikawa over Taichi Ishikari at 9 minutes 54 seconds with a crab hold for the tap-out


2. Jun Kasai & Yoshito Sasaki over Vansack Acid & Fuyuki Takahashi at 9 minutes 47 seconds when Kasai landed a pool-hopper splash on Takahashi for the pinfall


3. Michael Shane & Paul London (both Ring of Honour) over Ikuto Hidaka (part-time Major League Wrestling) & Tatsuhito Takaiwa at 13 minutes 5 seconds when London hit a shooting star press on Hidaka for the pin


4. CW Anderson over Hiro Yokoi 5 minutes 35 seconds with a back-slide for the pinfall


5. The Predator over Tengukaizer at 8 minutes 30 seconds with a king kong knee drop for the pin


6. Shinjiro Ohtani, Masato Tanaka & Hideki Hosaka over King Dabada, Tom Howard & Steve Corino at 16 minutes 51 seconds when Ohtani used a cobra hold on Corino for the tap-out


7. Naoya Ogawa & Kohei Sato over King Adamo & Matt Ghaffari at 10 minutes 16 seconds when Ogawa used an STO Bomber on Adamo for the pinfall



On 30/6 at Sasebo City Gym, Nagasaki with 2,000 paid attendance:


1. Fuyuki Takahashi over Taichi Ishikari at 7 minutes 55 seconds with a bridging German Suplex for the pin


2. Paul London over Yoshito Sasaki at 6 minutes 49 seconds with a shooting star press for the pin


3. Vansack Acid & Ikuto Hidaka over Jun Kasai & Naohiro Hoshikawa at 11 minutes 54 seconds when Hidaka landed a shone-capture on Kasai for the win


4. King Dabada & King Adamo over Katsuhisa Fujii & Tatsuhito Takaiwa at 11 minutes 30 seconds when Dabada used a modified driver on Takaiwa for the pin


5. Steve Corino & The Predator over Hiro Yokoi & Kohei Sato at 11 minutes 50 seconds when Predator hit a diving guillotine drop on Yokoi for the pinfall


6. Masato Tanaka & Hideki Hosaka over CW Anderson & Tom Howard at 9 minutes 6 seconds when Tanaka landed an elbow on Anderson for the pin


7. Shinjiro Ohtani over Tengukaizer at 7 minutes 40 seconds with a spiral bomb for the pinfall


8. Naoya Ogawa & Wataru Sakata over Michael Shane & Matt Ghaffari at 9 minutes 31 seconds when Ogawa used an STO Bomber on Shane for the pinfall


On 1/7 at Karatsu City Gym with 1,800 paid attendance:


1. Ikuto Hidaka over Taichi Ishikari at 8 minutes 51 seconds with a Figure-4 Leg Lock for the tap-out


2. Michael Shane & Paul London over Vansack Acid & Naohiro Hoshikawa at 13 minutes 29 seconds when London landed a shooting star press on Acid for the pinfall


3. King Dabada over Fuyuki Takahashi at 2 minutes 56 seconds with a modified driver for the pin


4. Jun Kasai & Tengukaizer over Yoshito Sasaki & Fuyuki Takahashi at 13 minutes 43 seconds when Tengukaizer used a tornado finisher on Sasaki for the pin


5. King Adamo, Matt Ghaffari & Tom Howard over Hideki Hosaka, Masato Tanaka & Shinjiro Ohtani at 15 minutes 14 seconds when Ghaffari hit a body press on Tanaka for the pin


6. Naoya Ogawa, Katsuhisa Fujii & Hiro Yokoi over CW Anderson, Steve Corino & The Predator at 18 minutes 23 seconds when Ogawa used an STO Bomber on Corino for the pinfall




Lucha Libre




House show results;


On 29/6 in Monterry, Mexico:


1. Felina, Mitsunori & Princesa Sugeith over Falcon Kid, Princesa Yara & Raton Hernandez

2. Barnus, Coco Rayado & Solei over Angel de Barrio, Mercurio & Tigre Universitario

3. Astro Negro Jr., Hijo del Sangre Chicana , Monje Negro Jr. & Potro Jr. over May Flowers, Nygma, Polvo de Estrellas & Sexy Francis

4. Diluvio Negro I & The Head Hunters (former IWA guys, also worked on the ’95 Death Match card) over Diluvio Negro II, Silver Star & Super Calo

5. Pimpinela Escarlata over Hector Garza

6. El Hijo del Santo, Octagon & Lizmark Sr. over Mr. Aguila, Hator & Juventud Guerrera



The Live Wire: Half Year Awards – By Tony Cottam



Well, hello. Welcome to this week’s dollop of The Live Wire, with a special surprise - it’s the end of June, so it’s time for the Annual Half Year Awards! yeah, well whatever - it’s happening whether or not you want it to... especially you at the back - if the wind changes, your face is gonna stay that way...


Anyway, with yet another desperately unfunny intro out of the way, let’s get on with business!


Best Face :

1. Rob Van Dam

2. Rey Mysterio

3. Mr. America


Yeah, Mr. America. Like him or not, you can’t deny he can work a crowd like nobody else can. Amazing to think he’s doing so well in his *cough* debut year *cough* as well... you really would think he’s a 20 year veteran... Whatever you think about the amount of TV time being given to him and the seemingly endless feud with Vince McMahon, the fact is that he is incredibly over with the crowd, and the lie detector skit was genuinely entertaining.


Rey Rey and his array of high flying moves and seemingly endless wardrobe springboards his way into the #2 slot. His size and style make him an instant favourite with the crowd, and when he has been called on to do an interview, he’s been on the money. Fact is, everyone loves an underdog, and Rey is the perfect guy to fill that role. Plus, he can wrestle too, which is always a bonus.


Everyone’s favourite wrestler claims the #1 spot - it seems that no matter what happens to RVD, no matter what angle or what feud he’s pushed into, he remains over with the fans. And hey, that’s no bad thing. If ever the WWE need to get a huge pop from the fans, then putting the belt on RVD is the sure-fire way to go. I guess everything IS cool when you’re Rob Van Dam...


Best Heel :

1. Chris Jericho

2. John Cena

3. Christian


Christian may not have had the same breaks as his “brother” Edge, but he’s always had the charisma to make up for it. Since he’s been given the returning IC title, Christian has become the textbook cowardly heel - using DQs, count-outs and flat out cheating to hang on to his title by any means necessary. His elimination of partner Chris Jericho in the IC Battle Royal at Judgment Day was a thing of beauty... and his dancing isn’t bad either...


John Cena is the revelation of the year for me - I’d read that he was much better as the heel than as the bland rookie babyface, and that’s certainly how it’s panned out. He’s even managed to recover from failed alliances with B Squared (remember him?) and Rodney Mack before stepping into the light. He stole the show at WrestleMania with a rap on Heat, and who wouldn’t bet on his chances of headlining WrestleMania XX?


At the end of the day, when it comes sheer out and out heel-dom, only one man deserves this award - and that man is Chris Jericho. Never shy to use cheap heat, or promote his own achievements, the Hi Lite Reel is fast becoming just that - a highlight of Raw. His mic work at the recent UK only PPV Insurrextion was genius - no other word for it. At the top of his game right now.


Best Mic Work :

1. Chris Jericho

2. Steve Austin

3. Theodore Long


Let me holla at ya, playa - Theodore Long earns his spot in here at number 3 - ya feel me? Who would have thought that Theodore’s one man crusade to stop the haterisin’ would ever turn out to be as entertaining? His weekly journey to the commentary table to yack with The King and JR are the only thing worth watching Rodney Mack matches for. Here’s to you, Theodore - keep on thuggin’ and buggin’.


Austin’s return to the WWE hasn’t exactly set the world alight, but it has proven that his mic skills haven’t vanished. While the Redneck Triathlon and beer bashes might not be everyone’s ideal way to fill up TV time, but damn, if Austin doesn’t make me laugh. Austin on the mic is like a man possessed right now, but part of his credit has to go to his “straight man” Eric Bischoff.


Good as Austin is, he ain’t no Chris Jericho right now. Jericho is on fire. With his Hi Lite Reel, he’s getting more mic time than ever, and he’s making the most of it by being constantly entertaining. His habit of calling the production crew monkeys, and his insistence that his set contains to Dali artpieces, right down to the Jeritron 5000 - class. Jericho is the best mic worker in the business right now.


Worst Mic Work :

1. Big Show

2. Test

3. Brock Lesnar


See, I feel sorry for Brock. When he was a evil heel, he had Heyman to speak for him, and learn from. As soon as he was turned face, all the lessons he learnt were useless... and we were presented with a madman running about smiling like he’d been injected with laughing gas. Add to that his delivery is just a tad on the wooden side, and it’s not the best mix - hopefully, he’ll be able to pick up a few tips from Kurt Angle in his current run as a face.


Test works his way in here for... well, being Test. Marked out as one to watch by many - well, probably just me actually, but never mind - his cockiness in the ring as a heel hasn’t been matched out of the ring - his mic work is old, and just not very entertaining. You’d think there would be some chemistry with Test and his real life squeeze, Stacy, but nothing. Reminds me of a taller Billy Kidman...


Big Show. What can you say about the Big Show? Well, he’s Big... and that’s about it. Good job he has that size, because that’s the only interesting thing about him. Big Show was at his best when he was a face, and doing all the impressions. His heel work just doesn’t cut it for me, unless you count staring intently and drooling more than the average walrus as quality. I don’t.


Best Tag Team :

1. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas

2. Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero / Tajiri

3. Rob Van Dam and Kane


RVD and Kane prove that you can be thrown together as a team, and make the most out of it. The most unlikely tag team in the history of the WWE, as JR keeps insisting on calling them, made the most of some bad booking by claiming the Tag Titles and making them their own. It’s a shame that they had to be sacrificed for the sake of unmasking Kane and putting the belts on La Resistance.


Injuries took Chavo out of the game, and it’s a real shame - as it looked like they were set to get the Tag Titles and get a decent run as champions, proven by the fact that Eddie and his replacement Tajiri still have them. Tajiri is a good replacement, and the promos between he and Eddie have been priceless. I love the way Tajiri has been edited into the entrance video as well, just thought I’d mention that too!


Benjamin and Haas came into the WWE with a lot to prove, as they were instantly labelled Team Angle... they lived up to that burden and thrived on it. Benjamin is perhaps the best long term singles bet of the two, but I don’t see any reason for them to be split up - they work so well as a tag team that they could easily go on to be the (no pun intended) Kurt Angle of the tag division.


Worst Tag Team :

1. 3 Minute Warning

2. La Resistance

3. Chris Nowinski and Rodney Mack


Nowinski and Mack seem to have been thrown together for a few matches and then, quite rightfully, forgot about. Nowinski could do with a run in a tag team, but with a veteran to help him find his feet, as he is talented. Sadly, Rodney Mack is not that veteran. Only Theodore Long could redeem this tag team, or they would have been in at #1.


Poor, poor Sylvain Grenier and Rene Dupree - just watching them you can tell that they are nowhere near ready to be called up to the big leagues, let alone be carrying the tag belts. At times, they both look like they have a fair bit of potential about them, then at other times it looks like they can barely walk in a straight line without screwing it up.


But they were by no means the worst - Jamal has gone already, just to prove how bad 3 Minute Warning were. They could have been huge, as they had a great gimmick going for them, but they just couldn’t follow it through. There was just no interest in them as they became just another tag team.


Best Angle :

1. Ric Flair vs. Triple H

2. Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho

3. Matt Hardy vs. Rey Mysterio


The build to the Mysterio vs. Hardy title match was great - it really did push the Cruiserweight belt as something special, not least the fact that it ended up being the main event of Smackdown one week. Of course, the next week, they opened the show with the rematch, but hey, can’t have everything I suppose. That one match did more for the Cruiserweight division than anything that happened in the entire Billy Kidman era.


The build up to the WrestleMania match between Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels was excellent - well worked from before the Royal Rumble right up to WrestleMania itself - it helped that a great match ended the feud and left it without a bitter taste in the mouth as well. The footage they pulled of a young Jericho and Michaels just showed what can be done with archives...


Yes, I’m saying this was the best angle of the year, even though it only really lasted one night. Why? Because it was everything that a classic feud should be - it had the beginning (Triple H picking Flair to be the fall guy), a middle (Flair wondering if he could still do it, and the Michaels pep-talk) and an end (Flair putting in the best match he’d had since WrestleMania X8 and nearly giving the crowd the pay-off they wanted. Brilliant, simple booking, and well executed by everyone involved.


Worst Angle :

1. Torrie & Sable

2. Vince McMahon vs. Mr. America

3. Anything to do with Nathan Jones


Gyah! Nathan Jones... ooo he’s tall and has been in prison - doesn’t matter that he can’t actually work in the ring, let’s just slot him into a high profile match at WrestleMania, then realise that he can’t actually do anything worth a damn, and write him out again. Genius!


Vince and Mr. America... it was fun at first, for about 3 weeks - from then, it’s just seemed to drag on and on and on and on... and it still rumbles on, encompassing Roddy Piper and Zach Gowen along the way as well. Will it never end? Probably not.


Even Mr. A and Vince pale into insignificance when compared to the crap that is the Sable and Torrie “angle” that seemed to die without any resolution. Thankfully. It was one of those things that once it was dead, then that was fine - it didn’t need to be explained, just killed. Sable quit because of stuff like this, but I guess the almighty dollar speaks a bit louder than her morals... Pointless, badly acted, and annoying. Not good TV.


Best Commentator :

1= Michael Cole

1= Tazz

3. JR


Jim Ross gets this by default for a) not being Lawler b) not being The Cat and c) not being The Coach.


Last year, I couldn’t split Michael Cole and Tazz for joint second - this time, I can’t split them for joint first place. They just work well together, and Michael Cole has improved tenfold in the past year. Look at his building up of Ultimo Dragon on last week’s Smackdown - he did what any commentator should do and made you even more interested in the talent. Tazz has become the best colour man on TV, but his interplay with Cole is what makes them a team, and why I can’t split them.


Worst Commentator :

1. Jerry Lawler

2. The Cat

3. The Coach


Just mentioning the Coach’s name makes me want to rip my ears off. He actually made me miss JR. He got kicked back to Heat, but I watch that, so I suffer anyway. Paaaaaaaaaayce.

The Cat is just flat out annoying. If he’s not trying to score points off Josh (and failing miserably) it’s ridiculing the guy in the ring - I remember him laughing at a cruiserweight try-out for being too damn small. Great way to make people care about the guy in the ring...


As for Lawler, well his act was old last year, and it hasn’t got any better. The “whoo hoo! puppies!” schtick wasn’t that funny at first, and it’s downright irritating now. The seeming hatred he has towards Booker is embarrassing too – I know colour commentators are supposed to act like a heel, but some of Lawler’s comments were verging on evil. Surely Vince can see his time is up?


Best Match :

1. Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit, Royal Rumble

2. Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels, WrestleMania

3. Triple H vs. Ric Flair, Raw


Triple H’s finest match this year - not hard considering some of the clunkers he’s had previous to this, and also Ric Flair’s finest match in a long time - the two of them put on a great show, that had people in the crowd and at home believing that Flair could pull it off, and take home the gold one more time. Flair hit all of his spots, even managing the fabled axe handle from the top rope. A great match, and even the ending made sense - yes, Triple H winning was the right thing to do.


Shawn Michaels always seemed to lift his game a notch for WrestleMania, and this one was no exception. A great match that both men put everything into, right down to entrances and after match shenanigans - Jericho’s parting shot to Michaels fitted in perfectly. Michaels winning didn’t make much sense at the time, but now that he’s stuck about a bit longer, it’s not as pointless as it seemed. Best match at WrestleMania this year.


Not the best match of the year so far, however - that honour goes instead to Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle’s masterclass at the Royal Rumble. I thought at the time that it would take a lot to top that as match of the year, and I still stand by that. Angle and Benoit have the best in-ring chemistry of anyone I’ve seen since Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, and this is probably the best match that the two of them have ever had... possibly ever will have. If you only see one match this year, it has to be this one.


Worst Match :

1. Triple H vs. Scott Steiner, Royal Rumble

3. Triple H vs. Scott Steiner, No Way Out

2. Triple H vs. Kevin Nash, Judgment Day

Sorry Triple H fans, but yes, he gets three nominations in this category – but not all of them are totally his fault. The Judgment Day match with Nash was badly booked, and poorly thought out - they got rid of Michaels and Flair in less than 2 minutes, when those two getting involved could have saved it from being as dull as it was. Not even the hot after-match shenanigans with Nash dropping Trips through the Raw announce table was enough to save this one.

Trips’ second entry comes thanks to Scott Steiner. Having seen how bad the first match between the two was, you’d think the WWE would have pulled the plug on the rematch, but no, on it went. And it was bad. I mean, turn the TV off, go and read a book bad. Not just a sandwich match, but a full blown three course meal match. It also spelled the end of Steiner’s involvement at the top of the card, perhaps forever. Steiner’s now settled into a midcard role where he can work a 5 minute match and not stink the joint out, like this did. Even the finish, a DQ in a main event, was terrible.


Bad as that match was, this one took everyone by surprise. Steiner was thought to still be capable of putting in a good performance, and Triple H must have thought he was onto a winner here. How wrong was he! This is easily one of the worst matches I have ever seen in my life - so bad, that the crowd started to cheer Triple H - in fact, Earl Hebner got more heat than Steiner did when he stood up to Trips in the middle of the match. The “boring” chants were deafening, and Steiner eventually lost by nefarious means to set up a rematch nobody wanted.


Best Moment :

1. Kane unmasks

2. Flair and Michaels feud

3. Vince McMahon at WrestleMania


One image stood out above all at WrestleMania - and that was when Vince McMahon, blood covering his face, poked his head above the ring apron at WrestleMania, with a maniacal grin on his face - the kind of grin that Vince does best. The rest of the match wasn’t up to much, but that one camera shot made it for me.


Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels - easily two of the greatest of all time – and there they were - in the ring together setting up a feud. Michaels proclaimed Flair as his hero, and Flair looked humble - you knew the big turn would happen sooner or later - later in the same show, Flair turned on Michaels and the feud was on. Over the next few weeks, Flair and Michaels would cut promo after promo on each other and just make the camera their own property. It’s a shame that the eventual match wouldn’t live up to the hype of the feud, but the build up alone was memorable.

Even though the demasking of Kane was eventually an anti climax, with poor make-up and a dodgy half shaved head meant to symbolise severe burns, the actual moment that Kane took the mask off was still momentous - since October 1997, people had wondered what the mask hid; it was one of the great unanswered questions of the WWE - and they did it. On Raw - what was easily a PPV quality moment happened on TV. Maybe not as memorable as it should have been, but still huge.


Here’s the quick awards, just to give everyone (and my fingers) a breather:


Best Gimmick : John Cena

Cena’s rapper gimmick has come into it’s own this year - he can draw heat just by standing there in a jersey, and then builds on it with clever raps. His only problem is he might just get too clever and turn himself face in the process.


Best Gimmick Change : Shawn O’Haire

Well it would have been had they stuck to it, and not shoved him together with Roddy Piper. The “I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know” gimmick looked as if it could have been huge, and O’Haire was the next star in the making... then Piper happened. I just hope O’Haire can move on from it.


Most improved Wrestler: Matt Hardy

The gimmick has helped Matt step out of his brother’s shadow and prove himself to be a solid wrestler. The cruiserweight title run he had showed he could take a belt and elevate it, and solid matches against practically everyone thrown his way have must have done him the power of good. Possible US Champion?


Best Brand : Smackdown

No contest for me - still the better brand of the two.


Best Theme : John Cena

I love the Halloween style intro to it - and that’s all that matters. I like it.


Promo Of The Year : Ric Flair

On THAT raw, before THAT match, after Shawn Michaels had spoken to Flair and convinced him that he was indeed still “The Man”, Flair sought out Trips – and delivered the sweetest promo of the year. When given good stuff to work with, and enough time, there’s still nobody better than Flair.


Insane Spot of the year : Brock Lesnar’s shooting star press gone wrong Don’t even need to explain this one - it was just nasty. How his neck wasn’t broken is beyond me.

Move of the Year : Goldberg’s spear on Rosey through the ring side barrier

The beginning of Operation “Get Goldberg Over” - and what a move - looked cool, sounded cool, and dammit, it was cool. Goldberg’s most telling contribution to the WWE so far, besides the long awaited Goldberg/Gillberg meeting...


And with those out of the way, those of you still awake will be happy to see the last pair of awards :


Worst Wrestler :

1. Nathan Jones

2. Scott Steiner

3. Roddy Piper


Piper’s gone and will hopefully put his in-ring career to bed. Piper’s strong point has been his mouth, not his wrestling. His showings this year proved that.

Steiner came in with a huge hype and a blaze of glory - and hasn’t shown anything near the quality needed to justify that. His quick trip to the midcard following his flopped feud with Triple H is proof of that. He has looked better in tag matches and quick 6 minute matches, but that’s hardly what the WWE were hoping for when they signed him, and certainly not what the public were expecting.


Why Nathan Jones? Well, the hype surrounding the guy would have us believe that he was the second coming of Ric Flair. He's not. He can barely walk in a straight line. Even the WWE realised this and wrote him out of a match at WrestleMania, leaving the Undertaker in a handicap match. His one match that has been on TV was against Bill DeMott, and was abysmal, so bad, the rumour is he will released soon. Sorry, mate...


Best Wrestler :

1. Eddie Guerrero

2. Chris Benoit

3. Kurt Angle


Kurt keeps his top 3 spot, despite a short break for spinal surgery, and is worth it. It’s a real shame that he wasn’t as fit as he would have liked to be at WrestleMania - a fully fit Angle would have loved the occasion and put on a hell of a show with Brock Lesnar. He’s come back from the injury and plugged straight back in as if he’s never been away. Hopefully the second six months will be better for Kurt than the first six.


Benoit just keeps on rolling along, putting on match after match, and never really getting anywhere. Much as I like watching Benoit, I’m beginning to think that the WWE perhaps isn’t the place for him anymore - the guy is good enough to have had a world title by now, and the crowd appreciate him, the standing ovation at the Rumble proved that... in the meantime, I’ll carry on enjoying what he does best - wrestle.


Eddie has been on a roll since he returned - he’s been putting in performances on an incredible level, and some would feel he deserves his shot at the World Title. That may be, but he’s found his niche in the tag division - a string of top notch matches with practically everyone have earned him his spot here. He’s always been there or thereabouts - but now Eddie earns top spot at last.

There’s the half year awards for this year - come back in December and see who hangs on to their awards by the end of the year.


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With that in mind, have a good week.


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