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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue 19 – July 13th 2003


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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue 19 – July 13th 2003



Hey All,


I’ve been so busy this week its been unbelievable. I just updated the site today for the first time this week!


> TLW: July Jibber Jabber



> UK Scene 79



The winners of the TWO Writers Challenge will be announced sometime over the next week – fingers crossed!






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Forum News



Monthly Wrestling Awards – June 2003


Each month, you now have the opportunity to have your vote on the current WWE product. Who was your favourite Diva of the past month? What match was better than any other? Have your say in the US forum, and make a difference.




Forum Focus



“I suspect that devious Randy Orton had something to do with it” – Russ points the finger regarding Mick Foleys recent house fire (US Forum)


“Nash put over Mini-Nash, then the world imploded and Husim sobbed into a pillow”. Colin on hearing about Test pinning Kevin Nash (US Forum)


“The main 3 Wrestling promotions are: FWA, Hammerlock, WAW and All Star (Big Time Pro wrestling” Verb trying to look clever (UK Forum)


“ANDY HOGG? You must be high on drugs Baby” SaOn’s doesn’t think Mr Hogg is ready for the WWE just yet (UK Forum)



US News - By HSM





As of now, Mick Foley has still not been approached by WWE officials to face Triple H at Summerslam for the World Title. It is unlikely that Foley would be able to get into sufficient ring shape on time with his book tour ongoing. In addition, Foley banged up his knee taking the bump into the steel steps on the Raw before Bad Blood. Foley is expected to be an occasional non-wrestling character through the summer, to return in the autumn for a program with Randy Orton.


It appears as if the match between Triple H and Goldberg will headline Summerslam in August. WWE is pushing Goldberg in his WCW-style character, in a non-speaking monster type role, ploughing through the mid card. This idea is largely from Goldberg himself, who has creative control of his character. He hasn’t used it too much yet in his WWE tenure, only exerting his power in the Raw before Bad Blood when he felt he looked too weak against Chris Jericho in the original script. The Goldberg/Booker T vs. Jericho/Christian and Goldberg vs. Mack matches, two of Goldberg’s better performances in WWE thus far, were also largely Goldberg’s idea. There are some in WWE who are pushing for Goldberg to work some house shows. The idea would be that if he could work some longer matches at house shows, he could improve in the ring and get over better in PPV matches.


It appears that WrestleMania ended up doing well below 600,000 buys. WWE was expecting 850,000 buys for the show. The drastic drop has caused the company to redo their entire yearly budget. WWE Judgment Day did around 225,000 buys, while Bad Blood did around 300,000 buys. Both of those numbers are far below what PPV in the same month have done in the last two years.


Hulk Hogan is once again gone from WWE, although the door is certainly open for him to return again someday. Hogan apparently made his decision following the Smackdown taping in MSG on June 24th, and Vince McMahon spent a good part of the week trying to convince Hogan to reconsider. The reasons Hogan left have been reported all week – lower than expected Wrestlemania payoffs, problems with WWE creative, the lack of improvising in his matches, etc. Hogan was working without a contract, having only signed over the intellectual property of himself to WWE for when he worked with the promotion. The deal would continue as long as both Hogan and McMahon were happy with the program. The program would have continued into Vengeance, where Hogan would have won a hair vs. mask match, with him getting to shave McMahon bald in the ring.


Goldberg was originally set to wrestle against La Resistance on RAW this week, but came to the show with an arm infection. His match was therefore pulled from the show. The infection was cut and drained out in Atlanta later in the week. It appears that Goldberg may not be able to wrestle for a while while his arm heals.


Chris Benoit, Billy Gunn, Matt Hardy, and Eddie Guerrero are the final four remaining in the tournament to crown a new WWE US Champion. Both Billy Gunn and Chris Benoit have been expected to win the belt at various points. Some now feel that Guerrero could win due to management's decision to pull him from the tag ranks. It would be logical for WWE to have the US Title holder be a heel since the WWE Champion is a face. This seems to favour Hardy or Guerrero.


WWE RAW did a positive 4.2 rating this week with a 7 share. That is well up from a 3.6 last week. The show did hours of 4.0 and 4.4, including a strong 5.4 for the Kane/Steve Austin overrun segment. Following a 3.5 opening, every quarter remained above 4.0.


There was some confusion backstage in WWE as to why Kurt Angle’s in ring return wasn’t made out to be a bigger deal, appearing on an ordinary Smackdown. Apparently the reason is that Vince McMahon wants to create an atmosphere on Smackdown where “anything can happen” and putting Kurt Angle’s return to the ring unadvertised was a way of promoting this theme.


D-Von Dudley was not on Raw this past Monday, and Bubba Ray Dudley teamed with Rob Van Dam instead. The reasoning behind D-Von's absence was that his father passed away. He is expected back on Raw next week.


Mick Foley's home in Pensacola Florida has burned down. Mick and his family were not present in the home when it burned down. It is estimated that there was $300,000 in damage, and the fire was so severe that the cause might never be revealed.


Incredibly, Buff Bagwell recently called John Lauranitis looking for work in WWE. Lauranitis told Buff that there was interest from WWE management, but the timing wasn’t right. In wrestling terms, that meant there was no interest at all. Bagwell is said to not have learned anything in the last few years, and still believes that his look and natural charisma should be enough to land him a job with WWE again soon.


It appears that WWE has signed Shannon "Daffney" Ward to a developmental deal. She will no longer be able to work the Indy shows she had agreed to. Daffney had most of her success in WCW before that promotion folded and was bought out by WWE.


Nathan Jones recently returned to Australia to get his visa renewed, and he should be back with WWE in a week or two. It is not known whether he will return to Smackdown or go to OVW to work out in the ring.


Nidia’s sister, Nurse Lulu, who had been a valet in OVW, has begun to do some work in the ring.


Joe E. Legend, who worked a few years ago in a tattletale gimmick as Just Joe, got a tryout with WWE in Buffalo. Legend appeared on a recent TNA PPV as well.


Paul London from Ring of Honor fame has also been signed by the WWE, at the moment it is unclear whether he will go too OVW first or straight onto the WWE roster.


WWE finally has possession of the ECW tape library. The plan appears to be to have various bits of wrestling footage available on an InDemand video on demand PPV station, rather than launching an all-wrestling network.


Sharmell Sullivan, who worked in WCW as Paisley and some WWE events, has retired from wrestling after her latest injury. She is linked in real life to Booker T, and she runs his hip-hop clothing store in Texas.


There is talk in WWE of giving Maven a bigger push because of his mic skills


NWA: TNA News:


Raven’s latest feud in NWA: TNA appears to be with Shane Douglas, adversaries from the old ECW days. Douglas has been paired with Jim Mitchell, and the idea will actually be that Raven is feuding with Mitchell. This way, flaky workers like Sabu can be brought in for short programs with Raven, but the main heat will be between Raven and Mitchell, two regulars, rather than relying on workers who have no-showed in the past.


Raven is largely out of the NWA: TNA creative process for the full PPV telecast. He is still involved with booking his own character, but Vince Russo, Glenn Gilberti and Jeff Jarrett are now writing the main scripts. Russo, after his article on 1wrestling.com that criticized TNA booking for continuity problems, has lost some of his power backstage in recent weeks, especially considering the company’s new direction to go with more wrestling and less swearing.


Jeff Jarrett reached a deal recently to lease the rights to the NWA name for the next ten years, with rights fees growing each year. Most notably about this deal, however, is that when the ten-year deal expires, Jarrett will have the opportunity to buy the NWA name outright and be the owner of the name.


Many WWE wrestlers and employees are pulling for NWA: TNA to stay around and become a success. They feel that it is best to have another major option to WWE incase they lose their WWE jobs.


In results from this weeks PPV:


America’s Most Wanted pinned Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger

Frankie Kazarian over Matt Sydal

Chris Sabin then defeated Frankie Kazarian right after Kazarian’s first match

Shane Douglas beat Julio

Don Harris beat Shark Boy

Kid Kash beat Jerry Lynn

AJ Styles pinned D-Lo Brown to retain his title.


Selected Indy Results:

(Provided by Nate Stein’s Wrestling update)


Heartland Wrestling Association

Tuesday, July 8 - Cincinnati, OH



*Militia's Number One def. Lotus

*Crazy Jay def. Simply Spectacular

*Brian Carlucci/Apollo and The Riggs Brothers went to a Draw

*Quinten Lee def. JT Stahr

*The Hussla def. TJ Dalton

*Hoss def. Militia's Number Three by DQ

*Monty Fabulous def. Chet Jablonski by DQ when Hussla interfered

*Les Thatcher/Matt Stryker/Rory Fox def. Time Bomb/Cody Hawk/HWA

Commissioner Patrick Black


IWA Mid-South

Friday, July 4 - Clarksville, IN



*Ian Rotten def. Simon Sezz

*Chris Hero/Alex Shelley def. Danny Daniels/"Barbaric Berzerker" Jimmy Jacobs

*Mark Wolf def. Josiah Kaine

*Brad Bradley/Ryan Box def. Yellow Jacket/JV Insanity

*"Kaos" Cody O'Neill def. "Anarchist" Arik Cannon

*"Metalhead" Steve Stone def. Cameron Cage

*Corporal Robinson def. Purple Haze

*Jason Lancaster and Jared Lancaster was a draw

*Chandler McLure def. Justin Kage

*Trik Davis def. Adam Evans

*"Spyder" Nate Webb def. Cash Flo

*"Barbaric Berzerker" Jimmy Jacobs def. Nigel McGuinness

*Carlton Kaz def. Jeremy Madrox

*Hy-Zaya def. Simon Sezz

*Ian Rotten/JC Bailey def. "Anarchist" Arik Cannon/Frankie The Face

*"Kaos" Cody O'Neill def. Brad Bradley

*Chris Hero def. Alex Shelley

*Shaq Daddy def. Josiah Kaine

*Simon Sezz/Hy-Zaya def. Kappa Tappa Kegga

*Jason Lancaster def. Jared Lancaster

*Hailey def. Ponchmagnus

*Corporal Robinson def. "Poison" Apollo Starr

*JC Bailey def. "Barbaric Berzerker" Jimmy Jacobs

*"Swiss Money Holding" Double C/Ares def. Chris Hero/Mark Wolf

*Ian Rotten and Corporal Robinson went to a double pin


That’s it for this week, thanks for reading





UK News - By Goldy



Hi everyone, welcome to this weeks UK scene wrestling news. There's been a fair few shows on this week so I'll get straight on with the results.


CWC - The Burntwood Memorial Institute - 30/6/03

"Big" Tim Burns def "Right Stuff" Simon Collins

Andy Simmonz def Dan Head

Mike Venom def Nathan "X-Factor" Creed

Brett Summers def Paul Willis

"Big" Tim Burns def Brett Summers

Andy Simmonz def Mike Venom

Andy Simmonz def "Big" Tim Burns to become CWC All-in champion.

Nathan (X-Factor) Creed won a Royal Rumble to become the number one contender.


WI*LD Promotions - Reid Hall, Castle Street, Forfar - 4/7/03

Stu Pendous def The Guv'nor Carl Conroy 2 falls to 1.

The Eliminator def Hangman Draven Cage

Thee Drew Galloway & Jamie Impact def Shaun Harkin & Andy Red Lightning.

Jay Phoenix def Spinner McKenzie by reverse decision, after referee Dan Ambrose saw McKenzie use the ropes when pinning Phoenix.

Stu Odyessy def Jason Fury

BCW British Heavyweight Champion The Highlander retained his title by defeating The Eliminator

Shaun Harkin won an over the top rope Battle Royal, last eliminating Stu Odyssey.


All Star - Plymouth - 4/7/03

Julio Torres def Dean 2Xtreme

Frankie Sloane def Mike Miami

Thunder def Five Star Flash

American Dragon & Selby Beach def Jonny Storm & Pippa L'Vin

PN Neuz def Charles Rhyse

Doug Williams def Broady Steele.


RBW Wrestling - Nottingham - 6/7/03

Styxx def "The Golden Boy" Cameron Knight

Spud def "Little Dragon" Ross Jordan

"MTX" Jem Brown def Blondie Barratt

Alan Kilby def Scott Future

Johnny Kid def "Sensation Of The Nation" Rob Hunter.


All Star - Croydon - 8/7/03

Broady Steele def Flash Barker

Matt Creighton def Joe Hughes

Chic Cullen def Drew McDonald in his last ever match and received a 10 bell salute after.

The UK Pitbulls def The Yorkshire Bulldogs by 2 falls to one.

Ashe def Joe Riot

American Dragon def Doug Williams and Jonny storm in a 3 way ladder match to retain the World Heavy-Middleweight Title.


K - Star have this week announced there next event. It's taking place at Walsall Town Hall, Walsall, West Midlands on the 25th July 2003, Tickets: Adults £10, Children £7, Doors Open: 7:00pm and Bouts Start at 7:30pm

For ticket details and more show info ring : 07976245526. K Star also have a new web site the address is: http://www.kswrestling.2ya.com


The FWA will begin there Northern Exposure tour on Saturday August 2nd. The information is as follows:


Saturday August 2nd.

The Dome, Marine Road Central, Morecambe, Lancs. Tickets cost: £14 front row adults otherwise £9, children under 16 cost £7. The Box Office number is 01524 582803.


Sunday 3rd August.

Horwich Leisure Centre, Horwich, Bolton, Lancs. Tickets cost £15 front row ringside, £10 Adults and £7 children. The Box Office number is 01204 334488.


Monday 4th August.

At Winter Gardens, Cleethorpes, North East Lincs. Tickets cost £15 front row ringside (only 40 available), £8 Adults and £6 for under 16s. The Box Office is 01742 692925.


SCW have announced some more details for their upcoming show. Drew McDonald has now been confirmed for the show. The event takes place on July 19th at Greenock Town Hall. Doors open 6pm. Matches announced so far are:

SCW Scottish Heavyweight Championship

Conscience vs "The Pig Man" Andy Hogg

Majik vs Assassin

2 on 1 handicap match

Reeves & Corrigan vs Saltire

The Averys vs Harker & Parisio vs The Natrass Boys

Also scheduled to appear are: Adam Shame, Eric canyon and Hatred. Tickets cost £10 Adults and £6 for under 16s.


All Star have added some new dates to this years tour. For details of these extra shows go to http://www.bigtimewrestlinguk.com otherwise check the TWO calendar of events as I have updated all this years All Star dates as well as lots of other federations events.


That's about everything from this week, by the time you read this I should of just returned from a MPW event at Telford, which I'm really looking forward to. Look out for a report on the show in next weeks edition. Thanks for reading and see you all next week.



International News - By Fujiwara






Uozu City Gym drawing 1,300 fans

1. Toru Yano beat Hirooki Goto in 6:09 with a Boston Crab.

2. Ryusuke Taguchi defeated Naofumi Yamamoto in 11:24 with a dropkick.

3. Curry Man & Dave Swift beat Gedo & Jado in 10:38 when Swift used a Shooting Star Press on Gedo.

4. Masahito Kakihara, Masayuki Naruse, & Tiger Mask IV defeated Minoru Fujita, Koji Kanemoto, & El Samurai in 10:31 when Naruse used a backslide on Samurai.

5. Makai Dogo (Mitsuya Nagai) & Ryushi Yanagisawa beat Blue Wolf & Takashi Iizuka in 13:19 when Dogo used the Hyper Knee Tiger on Wolf.

6. Makai Nigo (Ryoutai Chikuzen) & Makai Yungo (Katsuyori Shibata) defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi & Yutaka Yoshie in 12:40 when Nigo used a backslide on Tanahashi.

7. Makai Ichiro (Junji Hirata), Kazunari Murakami, & Tadao Yasuda beat Yuji Nagata, Shinsuke Nakamura, & Osamu Nishimura in 14:15 when Murakami used a flying jujigatame on Nishimura.

8. Mike Barton, Shinya Makabe, & Yoshihiro Takayama defeated Tatsutoshi Goto, Hiro Saito, & Hiroyoshi Tenzan, in 13:29 when Takayama used a knee kick on Hiro.



Osaka Central Gym #2 drawing 1,700 fans

1. Toru Yano beat Naofumi Yamamoto in 4:23 with a Boston Crab.

2. Curry Man defeated Ryusuke Taguchi in 6:43 with the Spicy Drop.

3. Gedo, Jado, & El Samurai beat Masahito Kakihara, Masayuki Naruse, & Tiger Mask IV in 9:50 when Samurai used a la magistral on Naruse.

4. Tatsutoshi Goto, Takashi Iizuka, & Hiro Saito defeated Blue Wolf, Osamu Nishimura, & Dave Swift in 14:02 when Iizuka used a sleeper hold on Swifter.

5. Minoru Fujita & Koji Kanemoto beat Makai Nigo (Ryoutai Chikuzen) & Ryushi Yanagisawa in 11:56 when Kanemoto used an ankle hold on Makai #2.

6. Yuji Nagata & Hiroyoshi Tenzan defeated Mike Barton & Shinya Makabe in 14:30 when Tenzan used the Tenzan Tombstone Driver on Makabe.

7. Shinsuke Nakamura & Yoshihiro Takayama beat Kazunari Murakami & Tadao Yasuda in 2:36 when Takayama used a German Suplex hold on Yasuda.

8. IWGP Tag Titles: Hiroshi Tanahashi & Yutaka Yoshie defeated Halimao’z (Makai Dogo (Mitsuya Nagai) & Makai Yungo (Katsuyori Shibata) in 22:27 when Tanahashi used a German Suplex hold Dogo to retain their titles.



Kishiwada City Gym drawing 1,200 fans

1. El Samurai beat Hirooki Goto in 6:34 with a chickenwing armlock.

2. Takashi Iizuka defeated Naofumi Yamamoto in 6:57 with an ankle hold.

3. Minoru Fujita, Gedo, & Jado beat Curry Man, Masahito Kakihara, & Masayuki Naruse in 12:02 when Gedo used the Gedo Clutch on Naruse.

4. Tatsutoshi Goto & Hiro Saito defeated Osamu Nishimura & Toru Yano in 12:49 when Goto used a backdrop suplex on Yano.

5. Jushin Thunder Liger & Koji Kanemoto beat Ryusuke Taguchi & Tiger Mask IV in 9:20 when Kanemoto used a crab hold on Taguchi.

6. Mike Barton, Shinya Makabe, & Dave Swift defeated Makai Ichiro (Junji Hirata), Makai Nigo (Ryoutai Chikuzen), & Kazunari Murakami in 10:24 when Makabe used a short lariat on Nigo.

7. Makai Dogo (Mitsuya Nagai), Makai Yungo (Katsuyori Shibata), & Tadao Yasuda beat Blue Wolf, Hiroshi Tanahashi, & Hiroyoshi Tenzan in 12:33 when Yasuda pinned Wolf after Dogo & Yungo used a union backdrop suplex.

8. G1 Special Tag - Block B vs. Block B: Shinsuke Nakamura & Yoshihiro Takayama defeated Yuji Nagata & Yutaka Yoshie in 15:00 when Takayama used a German Suplex hold on Yoshie.





Kumamoto Hungnam Hall drawing 1,800 fans

1. Kuroge Wagyuta beat Taichi Ishikari in 9:00 with a sasorigatame.

2. Robbie Brookside & Kendo KaShin defeated Gran Hamada & Masayuki Kono in 9:01 when Brookside used the Iconoclasm on Kono.

3. All-Asia Tag Titles League: Turmeric Storm (Tomoaki Honma & Kazushi Miyamoto) [2] beat Nobukazu Hirai & Shigeo Okumura [0] in 13:05 when Honma used the Turmeric Clutch on Okumura.

4. John Tenta defeated Hideki Hosaka in 7:41 with the Aftershock.

5. Satoshi Kojima & Jimmy Yang beat Gigantes (Malice) & George Hines in 13:51 when Kojima used a lariat on Hines.

6. Arashi, Kaz Hayashi, & Keiji Muto defeated Nobutaka Araya, Ryuji Hijikata, & Toshiaki Kawada in 22:29 when Hayashi used a diving body press on Hijikata



Usuki City Mountain Gym drawing 1,500 fans

1. Gran Hamada beat Taichi Ishikari in 7:01 with a chickenwing hold.

2. Kazushi Miyamoto defeated Masayuki Kono in 9:18 with a low-altitude dropkick.

3. John Tenta & Jimmy Yang beat Robbie Brookside & Kendo KaShin in 11:34 when Tenta used the Aftershock on Brookside.

4. All Asia Tag Titles League: Hideki Hosaka & Kuroge Wagyuta [2] defeated Nobukazu Hirai & Shigeo Okumura [0] in 13:36 when Wagyuta used a horizontal cradle on Hirai.

5. Gigantes (Malice) & George Hines beat Kaz Hayashi & Satoshi Kojima in 13:53 when Hines used the Hines Driver on Hayashi.

6. Nobutaka Araya, Ryuji Hijikata, & Toshiaki Kawada defeated Arashi, Tomoaki Honma, & Keiji Muto in 17:34 when Hijikata used a Fisherman’s Buster on Honma.





Kyoto KBS Hall drawing 1,500 fans

1. Kishin Kawabata beat Mitsuo Momota in 8:14 with a cradle cutback.

2. Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Takashi Sugiura defeated KENTA & Kotaro Suzuki in 14:41 when Sugiura used an Olympic Slam on Suzuki.

3. Daisuke Ikeda & Akira Taue beat Jun Izumida & Akitoshi Saito in 16:00 when Taue used a nodowa otoshi on Izumida.

4. Masashi Aoyagi & Naoki Sano defeated Jun Akiyama & Makoto Hashi in 8:43 when Sano used a Northern Lights Bomb on Hashi.

5. Masao Inoue, Mitsuharu Misawa, & Yoshinari Ogawa beat Michael Modest, Donovan Morgan, & Scorpio in 15:05 when Scorpio was DQed.

6. GHC Jr. Tag Titles Tournament - Round 1: Yoshito Sasaki & Tatsuhito Takaiwa defeated Ricky Marvin & Superstar Steve in 17:28 when Takaiwa used a lariat on Steve.

7. Takeshi Rikimaru (Naomichi Marufuji, Takeshi Morishima, & Takeshi Rikio) beat Tamon Honda, Tsuyoshi Kikuchi, & Kenta Kobashi in 25:32 when Marufuji used the Shiranui on Kikuchi.





Korakuen Hall drawing 888 fans

1. Naohiro Hoshikawa beat Shinsuke Z Yamagasa in 8:20 with a Boston Crab.

2. Steve Corino defeated Jun Kasai in 9:22 with a Northern Lights Bomb.

3. Dos Caras Jr. & Hijo del Lizmark beat ROWDY (Kohei Sato & Hirotaka Yokoi) in 7:38 when Caras used a German Suplex hold on Sato.

4. Matt & Shivu Ghaffari defeated Fuyuki Takahashi & Katsumi Usuda in 5:48 when Matt used a Ghaffari Press on Takahashi.

5. Emblem (Shinjiro Otani & Masato Tanaka) beat Jason the Dynamite & Jason the Legend in 12:20 when Legend was DQed.

6. OH Tag Festival - Round 2: Kevin Randleman & Sylvester Terkay defeated Yoshiaki Fujiwara & Yuki Ishikawa in 15:14 when Terkay used a diving King Kong Kneedrop on Ishikawa.

7. OH Tag Festival - Round 1: Katsuhisa Fujii & Naoya Ogawa beat Tom Howard & George King in 11:14 when Ogawa used an STO Bomber on George.



NJPW: The final of the G1 Climax will be held on the 17/8 live on TV asahi.


ZERO – ONE: There have been a lot of injuries as of late. Hashimoto is out of the OH tag tournament with his injuries, Director Yoshiyuki Nakamura discovered that he had broken ribs. One referee suffered a concusion in a recent match and only 3 people turned up for a meeting at the ZERO – ONE offices.


AJPW: The company will work with Ebessan on 17/7.


Lucha Libre





Arena Coliseo

1. Bracito de Oro & Ultimo Dragoncito beat Fire & Pierrothito

2. Mogur/Ramstein/Sangre Azteca defeated Alacran/Neutron/Starman

3. Black Warrior/Universo Dos Mil/Zumbido beat Angel Azteca/Negro Casas/Virus

4. Atlantis/Mr. Niebla/Sagrado (Genetico) defeated Los Infernales (Averno/Mephisto/Satanico)

5. Blue Panther/Fuerza Guerrera/Super Crazy beat The Havana Pitbulls (Pinoy Boy/Bobby Quance/Rocky Romero)


NEWS: La Familia de Tijuana (Damian 666/Halloween/Nicho el Millionario) will be making their return to Arena Mexico on 7/25



Shawn Michaels Screwed Bret Hart And Your Point Is? – By Simon Rowley



THE 9th of November 1997 remains the most talked about night in the history of professional wrestling, and the infamous 'screwing' of hometown hero Bret 'Hitman' Hart will live on in the minds of wrestling fans for many years to come. But whilst the majority of those still following WWE have begrudgingly moved on and realised that nothing can be done to change the past, it's clear that the fans from Montreal are never going to forget, or forgive. Six years down the line, and the "You screwed Bret" chants are still as prominent as they ever were - with Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels, and referee Earl Hebner being the main candidates held responsible. So when the WWE rolled into town this past Monday night, it appeared as though they finally wanted to put an end to this nonsense once and for all, and Shawn Michaels was the man chosen to try and fix what appeared to be irreparable damage.


Not only did the Heartbreak Kid have to face the thousands of partisan Canadians in attendance, but he also had to contend with another, none other than Chris Jericho, who was pinned by Michaels at Wrestlemania back in the

culmination of their epic feud. Jericho, who had made the transition to babyface upon crossing the borderline, had the people right behind him, and his 'highlight reel' set was ready to go. He then introduced Michaels to an inevitable chorus of boos, as 'HBK' symbolically put his gold cross out of sight by pushing it underneath his shirt. He then proceeded to perform his signature pose, much to the displeasure of those who feel as though he has already had once dance too many.


The questioning began, and although it first appeared as though Michaels was

going to simply apologise, he chose not to - and instead let the Montreal fans

know exactly what he thinks of them. After claiming to have publicly apologised to Bret Hart since the event happened (which Bret denied several days later), he then says that he's most sorry about the fact that these people have never been able to get on with their lives, and seem to be stuck in a time warp. When the fans shouted "You Screwed Bret", Michaels responded with "And your point would be what"? After sticking up for his people at first, Jericho later refused a match with Michaels that night, claiming that that kind of match doesn't belong in a place like this, and thus turning himself heel, and making Michaels look the more respectable. But despite the irrelevancy of Jericho's mini-turn, one thing did speak volumes, and that was Michaels' analysis of the people there.


Despite the fact that they clearly hate McMahon, the fans are still wiling to

fork out their hard-earned cash to see the show whenever the McMahon circus

comes to town. So the WWE must be doing something right, even though the

Montreal-based fans seem to turn up at shows with their own agenda. Hopefully then, Michaels' words may have made some of those folks realise exactly how unnecessary their chanting is, as well as why it is unnecessary. Although perfectly justifiable, it clearly no longer serves any purpose in 2003.


Bret Hart has not stepped foot in a WWE for six years. His relationship with

McMahon is notoriously dire (despite an apparent truce), and he is in no

physical state to ever wrestle another match again. After seemingly endless

television and radio appearances, a documentary film, and countless in-ring promos (with companies such as the WWA), it's clear that he isn't going to forget what happened, and apparently doesn't want anyone else to forget what happened either. But why? He now knows that nearly every wrestling fan walking the planet agrees with views. But he also states that he's not going to return. Whenever Bret posts on his website every now and again with these special "Montreal update", I always wonder exactly why he is posting, and exactly what he is trying to achieve. Exactly what he does want remains a mystery. Does he really have such a level of self-importance at which he has to consistently charge his ego by bringing up the 'screwjob' time and time again just to ensure that he still has legions of fans across the globe?


Only upon watching Raw did I realise what he was doing, and what he has been

doing for the past six years. By several different means, he appears to have

been manipulating his fans against the company. If he had simply acknowledged the fact that the way he was treated was a disgrace but moved on with some level of integrity, his fans may have been able to come to terms alongside him, and viewed him as an even more impressive role model. But the incessant reminders and tantrum-like insults towards the company only serves to wind these fans up to a greater extent, which in turn looks bad on the WWE when they vent their frustrations during live broadcasts of Raw and Smackdown! Effectively, the bickering between Bret and McMahon is still going on, via the fans, and will never end until Bret is willing to move on and stop making these snide remarks. Even though what happened can not be excused or justified in any way whatsoever, this immature feud will never stop until Bret steps back and just stays quiet for a while. Whilst it may be the fault of McMahon, he can do nothing to redeem the situation, and any number of segments with Michaels - or anyone for that matter - which discusses Montreal, will only make the situation even worse. Essentially, McMahon and Hart need to concentrate solely on the future rather than try and twist the past, and then - and only then - will the fans move on with their lives accordingly.






US News - HSM (HSM@talkwrestlingonline.com)

UK News - Goldy (Goldy@talkwrestlingonline.com)

Int. News – Fujiwara (Fujiwara@talkwrestlingonline.com)

Shawn Michaels Screwed Bret Hart And Your Point Is? – By Simon Rowley



That's it for this week. Any feedback would be gladly appreciated. Send it, along with any questions or queries, to Mitchell@talkwrestlingonline.com or to any of our contributors. We want your input to help make the newsletter the best we can.


With that in mind, have a good week.


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