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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue 23 - August 10th 2003


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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue 23 - August 10th 2003



Hey All,


Nothing much to say this week. Just enjoying my free videos and such. So while I finish watching MLW Reload (recommended viewing), enjoy this weeks newsletter instalment.


- Mitchell Jones

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- WWE Summerslam Quiz and Chat

As is our monthly tradition here at Talk Wrestling Online, we will be holding our monthly PPV Quiz and Chat night, on Sunday, August 24th. The Quiz will start from 8pm (UK Time) in the chatrooms with Dan as your quizmaster. For more information about taking part in the quiz see: http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/Quiz/quiz.shtml

Then from 9pm until 1am, why not stay along for a good ol' chat about the PPV with all the TWO regulars? The more, the merrier.


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- "I heard a rumour that HHH was going to lose his World Heavyweight Championship." - Rainecloud shares a rumour he heard (US Scene Forum)


- "TWO: Come For The Bitching, Stay To Be Insulted By Singhy" - Colin hits the nail on the head (US Scene Forum)


- "I've found myself a Christmas present" - StoneColdSteveAustin on Shawn Staziak selling himself on eBay (US Scene Forum)


- "can't wait to see Macho Man preform on Top of the Pops" - Seabass (US Scene Forum)



US News - By Mitchell Jones



HSM is on holiday in Greece this week so I'll be taking over for this week. So let's start with the WWE news:


RAW Results - August 4th

- Bubba Ray Dudley pinned Rene Dupree

- Randy Orton pinned Scott Steiner

- Christian pinned The Hurricane

- Goldberg beat Ric Flair by DQ

- Trish Stratus beat Molly Holly by DQ

- Rob Van Dam pinned Chris Jericho

- Eric Bischoff pinned Shane Mcahon


SmackDown! Results - August 7th (taped Agust 5th)

- Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero fought to a No-Contest

- Chris Benoit and Tajiri defeated Rhyno and Eddie Guerrero

- Nunzio pinned Zach Gowan

- Jamie Noble beat Doug Basham

- Charlie Haas defeated Rey Mysterio


The WWE changed the proposed HHH/Goldberg showdown at Summerslam into a six-man Elimination Chamber match, also featuring Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Kevin Nash and Chris Jericho. This is down to both HHH's injury and the WWE's lack of confidence in Goldberg. Another fact seems to be Goldberg's refusal to travel to Australia to replace Triple H. Some have said that this was done not only for the reasons above, but also to take the spotlight away from Goldberg, to "spite" him, so to speak. I wouldn't be surprised if Vince did indeed do it for this reason deep down. Of course, we'll never know for sure.


RAW did a 4.0 rating last week, which is a drop from previous weeks, but still above the 3. zone, which is promising news for the company.


Theres word going around that Undertaker vs A-Train, Shane McMahon vs Eric Bischoff, Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar and Chris Benoit vs Rhyno vs Eddie Guerrero will be added to the Summerslam card as the weeks progress. Three of those matches should be excellent, but Taker vs A-Train?


Two house show cards currently advertising in America indicate that the Lance Storm/Goldust team will be short lived, as will the Zach Gowen/Mattitude feud. Great to see forward booking in progress.


Jonathon Coachman is still in everyones bad books as far as his commentary is concerned. Vince McMahon himself has grown very annoyed at the lacklustre combination of Coach and Jerry Lawler, and JR may be brought back sooner than expected. I personally hope so. Coach is abysmal.


The word on Crash Holly's release is that he got into a heated argument with Brian Gewirtz, who felt threatened by Crash (oh puh-lease) and made the call to one of the upper management workers, who informed Crash of his release.


Randy "MachoMan" Savage has stated he would love to be part of Wrestlemania XX, especially in a fight with Hulk Hogan. I wouldn't be surprised to see it at all. On the subject of Savage: anyone looking for something to do while on the toilet, his new rap album has been released.


Looks like the Chris Jericho/Kevin Nash hair vs hair match might not happen afterall. That should be great news to the Nash-hair-fanclub.


Chuck Palumbo is now in OVW because of problems over the renewal of his contract.


How about this for a daily dose of irony - The World Wildlife Fund ran adverts during SmackDown last week in Canada.


Now let's move on to NWA:TNA.


NWA:TNA - August 6th

- America's Most Wanted def. Simon Diamond & Swinger in a Rawhide Strap Match

- Michael Shane def. Joey Matthews, Danny Doring, and Shark Boy in an elimination match for #1 contendership to the X Division title

- Kid Kash def. Larry Zybysko

- Chris Sabin no-contests with Frankie Kazarian

- AJ Styles pins D'lo Brown in a steel cage to retain the NWA championship


Next week's PPV will feature Glen Gilberti, Simon DIamond and Swinger vs America's Most Wanted and Dusty Rhodes, and Raven vs Shane Douglas


THe first ever annual TNA Super X Tourniment will take place on September 3rd, featuring many X-division superstars.


Word around the circle is that the WWE are keeping a close eye on America's Most Wanted. of course, AMW will no doubt remain with TNA for now, and will no doubt only get better and better, and retain their well-earned status as one of the best tag teams in wrestling today.


The segment with Three Live Crew was filmed in an actual "ghetto" neighbourhood. The guy they approached during the segment believed TNA to be from US TV show "Cops", and actually made threats to the team. Suffice to say, TNA will not be returning there again.


TNA officials are now imposing a $50 fine to anyone not in the arena by 2pm on Wednesday.


TNA found out this week that they are only receiving 10,000 buys a month on DirecTV. This is not good news for TNA, as they were promised considerably more.


Finally, not much indy news. Just a word to check out http://www.mlw.com as the guys at Major League Wrestling have a great card lined up for Summer Apocalypse on August 22nd. So far, Jerry Lawler faces Terry Funk, Raven faces CM Punk, Christopher Daniels faces Sabu, and Jerry Lynn takes on Homicide.


Thats it for this week. Peace.



UK News - By Goldy



Hey everyone, welcome to this weeks UK Wrestling Scene news and results. It's been a busy week on the UK Scene so I shall get straight on with this weeks show results.


UKWA Wrestling - Runcorn - Cheshire - 3/8/03

Romeo Valentine def Scotty Hexx

Cameron Knite and Will Endowed def JC Thunder and Dan De Soto

Ross Jordan and Stixx def "Rage" Andy Baker and Domino to win the UKWA Tag Championship

"Gypsy" Jack hazard def El Ligero Jnr

Cameron Knite won a Battle Royal

"Rage" Andy Baker def Domino in a no DQ match.


FWA - Morecambe Dome, Morecambe, Lancashire - 2/8/03

Jody Fleisch def Jack Xavier

XPW European Title Match: Champion Wonderkid Jonny Storm def James Tighe

FWA Tag Title Match: Showstealer Alex Shane and Stevie Knight beat Champions The Family (Travell & Ghosh) to win the titles

Burchill def Mark Sloan and Simmons by KO

FWA Title Match: Champion Doug Williams def Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels 2-1


FWA - Horwich Leisure Centre, Bolton, Lancashire - 3/8/03

James Tighe def Jack Xavier

Burchill def Mark Sloan and Simmons by KO

FWA Tag Titles: Champions Alex Shane and Steve Knight def The Family (Travell & Ghosh)

Eamon Shrahan def Mike Bishop

FWA Champion Doug Williams and Jody Fleisch def Fallen Angel Chris Daniels and Jonny Storm


FWA - Winter Gardens, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire 4/8/03

Jack Xavier def Eamon Shrahan

James Tighe def Fallen Angel Chris Daniels

FWA Tag Titles: The Family (Travell & Ghosh) def Champions Alex Shane and Steve Knight to win back the titles

Burchill def Mark Sloan and Simmons by KO

Non-title match: FWA Champion Doug Williams def Jody Fleisch and American Dragon in a 3-way dance.


All Star Wrestling - Fairfields Hall - Croydon - 5/8/03

James Baker def Phil Lea

Jody Fleisch def Julio Torres

PN Neuz def Dean2Extreme and 5StarFlash in a handicap match

The Bruiser def Scott Frazier

Robbie Brookside def Skull Murphy in a 2/3 falls match to become the British Heavyweight Champion.


Premier Wrestling - Worthing - 7/8/03

Flash Barker def Charles Rhys by 2 falls to 0

Mal Sanders def Kris Kay 2 falls to 1

Flash Barker def Mal Sanders 2 falls to 1

The UK Pitbulls def The UK Kid and Phil Curve by 2 falls to 1


Premier Wrestling - Gosford - Hampshire - 8/8/03

D-Ron Rulz def Ryan Johnson by 2 falls to 0

Phil Lea def The Masked Ninja by DQ

The UK Kid and Kris Kay def Phil Powers and Ian Diamond

Phil Lea def D-von Rulz by 2 falls to 1.


NWA Hammerlock Champion Johnny Moss has decided to set up his own Hardcore Wrestling Club. This has come about since Johnny has been recuperating from his injury he has decided to carry on being involved in the wrestling business. Now this club will be exclusive, the members, who will have to be 18 years of age and over for obvious reasons will get to see Hardcore events etc and other benefits that go with joining. The events will indeed be brutal including matches involving barbed wire, thumb tacks and everything else associated with hardcore wrestling. Over the next few weeks Johnny will be setting up an email address for people who would like to join. In the meantime you can add your name to a mailing list already set up at http://www.britishwrestling.info


Wonderkid Jonny Storm is heading to the USA for a tour of the indys. Jonny is set for his second appearance for CZW this weekend and is due to make a return to Ring of Honor on the 16th August. On his previous trip earlier in the year Storm signed a 3-date deal with TNA. He has so far done two shows for TNA and his third appearance will take place on 20th August where he is set to take part in the X-division. We at Talk Wrestling Online would like to wish Jonny the best of luck with these appearances.


The FWA might be postponing their November show in Broxbourne until December as they are considering doing a tour in November. December would then likely see a return of the Round Robin Seasons Beatings Tournament. Which is excellent news as it means even more wrestling shows!


Speaking of FWA they will be announcing the name of their first wrestler to be signed for Uprising II, hopefully I'll have the relevant details next week. Whoever they book it is their European debut which sounds very exciting indeed and opens up some fantastic possibilities.


FCW are continuing to put on shows through to the end of the year. Their next event is on August the 31st at the Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre, Lower Gornal. The show starts at 7.30 with doors opening at 7.00pm. Then on September 13th they are putting on a matinee show at The Mill Theatre, Sedgley. The show will start at 2.00pm with doors opening at 1.30pm. The following day, the 14th of September sees FCW back to their evening shows, at The Collingwood Centre, Great Barr. Again doors open at 7pm with the show starting at 7.30 pm. All tickets cost £5 each. For information on ordering tickets for any of their upcoming shows contact - tickets@futurewrestling.co.uk.


One of our TWO members is putting on a bus trip to the FWA show Hotwired on Sunday September 21st to Broxbourne, Hertfordshire. It will leave from Birmingham New Street (which is an excellent move in my book as it is hard to get to a motorway if you don't have transport) around midday to arrive in plenty of time for the show. You have to sort out your own tickets although you can always pay at the door. A seat on the bus will cost £30. At the moment there are still places available so if you are interested you need to email HawkinsH102@hotmail.com and leave your details. Alternatively you can see the below thread:




That's everything for this week, thank you for reading.



International News - By Jungmuta



Greetings Puro lovers this is me again, meaning one thing…………Yes Singhy's on holiday so you're stuck with me again, yes I bet you all feel happier than Bob Sapp in a sweet shop, but for you guys well it looks like I'll be doing this shindig until the Singster returns from his break. Anyways on with the news around Japan...


The G1 Climax starts very shortly, with many ramblings around the promotions over who people reckon will go over. Zach Arnold of puroresupower.com, believes that Hiroyoshi Tenzan will go over and then face Yoshihiro Takayama in the main event of the NJPW Tokyo Dome Show on October 13th for the IWGP Title. In my eyes of such an event did happen, then well done to New Japan, they need to make new stars and guys like Tanahashi, Nishimura and especially Tenzan all have the talent and prowess to make that set up, thus we'll wait and see what happens. Although before that title match can happen Takayama will defend against Masahiro Chono in a Cage Of Death match, at the end of this month. That should certainly be interesting.


Over in NOAH, the booking seems to be built around making foreigner, Bison Smith, the lead chaser for Kenta Kobashi's GHC Title. NOAH have a tendency for pushing foreigners, Vader many months back, and more recently Too Cold Scorpio. Smith and Kobashi would be expected to face each other on January 11th. Even though rumours are circulating that a certain Yuji Nagata may be in for a shot at Kobashi at some point, which would lead to some fantastic matches.


Over in WJ Pro, things seem to be getting worse. They cancelled their 3 main house shows for the next month when the booker, Fukuda, decided he wouldn't put any money into the promotion. Which isn't bad……..unless you were Riki Choshu, and you were banking on (hehe you see what I did there, eh eh, nevermind) him being a main benefactor for the promotion. Thus there in a the saaki really. On a plus note, wily veteran Genichiro Tenryu has signed for the promotion on a 6 month deal. Also the shows they do have will be headlined be Kensuke Sasaki v Daniel Bobish (replacing an injured Vader) for the newly made WMG Hvt Title. A Tag Title tournament will also commence, with the top teams being The Shane Brothers, Choshu and Tenryu, Shinzaki and Koshinaka, and Omouri and Kenzo Suzuki. The show takes place on the 21st.


Over in ZERO-One, Shinya Hashimoto has decided to wait until October to decide what to do involving his situation with the Triple Crown. He was scheduled to face Toshiaki Kawada on August 10th, but that now seems super unlikely, as Hashimoto is super banged up, thus again more wait and see tactics on the Zero-One front. Also in a follow up to last week, Satoshi Kojima won the Fire Festival Tournament, after pinning Shinjiro Ohtani, in just over 20 mins. Also Low-Ki returned to action last week, but may have re-hurt his shoulder again, more on that as I get it.


Well really that's about it over in Japan, many things being built up, as the summer and autumn gets into gear. Have a good week, and I'll probably be seeing you again next week.



Vince, We Need to Talk! - By Simon Lamb



Alloha, Simon here again, coming at you on the back of Vengeance, which everyone has been flapping their gums about claiming it was great. Whatever next? Well anyway, after playing EWR recently, and enjoying booking my shows the old school WWE way… it hit me. Things have changed. And not for the better. So, this time round I'm looking at the idea that the WWE don't give their workers enough air time to cut killer promos anymore.


Before I begin though, I just want to touch on Vengeance. I still feel that most people who saw it paid the 15 quid/24 euros/whatever for it and feel like they have to justify spending their money, hence why they stick up for it so much. It seems that the booking mentality of the Smackdown brand we've seen since the start at Summerslam 2002 is continuing and it needs to stop. Knowing that the roster always gives 110%, perhaps even 120% every time, along with the fact that most of the roster can pull off great matches whenever called upon, the SD bookers just think they can throw in matches on the card with little or no buildup whatsoever. For me that's not the making of a PPV.


I suppose my main example would be the tag team titles match on that card. Little buildup for this match, but the WWE think they can get away with it since the wrestling makes it such a great match. It appears they did as well. Forgive me for being a bit of a mark, but I like to be able to watch a show without it being so goddamn obvious what's going to happen on it. Vengeance produced almost nothing of interest, but a few 4 star matches seem to be able to put a smokescreen over its mediocrity. Let me remind you there were 2 McMahon matches on the card, so like I said before, by default, the PPV could not have been any better than 'ok'. I might let you say 'quite good' if you pay me though. Full credit to the Smackdown roster that always entertains. Creative staff, writers, whatever you call yourselves, be ashamed.




Anyway, to the point finally, apologies for the rant there… I suppose it hit me after watching a number of old WWE PPVs, ranging from Wrestlemania III to Summerslam '92… something is different about the way WWE shows are done now. I'm not talking about the change in wrestling styles, the increased athletic ability of the workers, the toning down of silly gimmicks or the raunchy nature of the shows… I'm talking about wrestlers cutting good old fashioned promos.


"Shut up Mooney", "Tell 'em Hawk!" and "Well you know something Mean Gene…."… all of these classic trademark starts to a promo are examples of vintage WWE. You'd always have the guy infront of the blue background (or his own fancy logo in 1992) given some proper air time to say what he liked and further his character. I mean for God's sake, at the Royal Rumble 1990 event about half of the entrants into the Royal Rumble get to cut their own promo! (Some longer than others… some guys like Jake Roberts obviously got quite into it)


In 1992 for instance, even guys such as Repo Man would come up on the screen, with their fancy background, and talk for a few minutes, cutting a promo. You'd have Roddy Piper telling the story of how he and Bret used to be friends as kids… eating Baloney sandwiches together (the detail in storylines was outstanding back then obviously)… Or going further back in time you'd have that moron with the whip called Miss. Betsy (forgotten his name) or Billy Jack Haynes saying that he didn't like raising his voice. Whoever it was, and whenever it was, fact is back then they had a chance to speak.


And that's where my point comes in. Today the workers don't have a chance to cut that promo that could get them noticed. Guys like Lance Storm would be the Repo Men of today, and I'm sure in a lot of cases they could do a hell of a better job. In turn, today there are very few promos that could start a genuine catchphrase. I'm very certain that in the case of someone like Steve Austin, in today's WWE he would not have been given the time to cut that promo that started the whole 'Austin 3:16' era. Instead, it would have been some pre-scripted backstage sketch where I dunno, Bischoff would have his pants pulled down by Mae Young or something.


Give us some old school promos already. Maybe it was after HHH took his liberties too far in the days when he would come out and bore the fans for 20 minutes with an awful promo that the WWE got the wrong impression that promos weren't worth focusing on.


You may be asking 'why do you care so much about promos when you can watch great wrestling'. Well, let me tell you. I've said it once before, but I'm the result of a terrible experiment from the early 1990s… a WWE mark. Or WWF I should say. I was attracted to wrestling back then because of the storylines and the characters more than the wrestling, although I did appreciate good wrestling (I used to always wonder why the bad guys could wrestle better). The type of thing I loved the most though was when say Shaun Mooney was in the 'locker room' interviewing the guys, who would then go on to rant about their opponents. Classic stuff… most of the time! I mean when I was at the Smackdown Tour De Force show, whilst I was marking out I was secretly hoping for someone to get on the mic for a bit…. But alas it didn't happen. I really want to see a decent promo live one day. But alas I'm in SCW territory so that'll probably never happen… bwahah.


Let's face it though, today there's only certain people who will get to cut a promo, and even then there will be something limited about it. In the WWE today it'll only either be Vince McMahon coming out to play the evil promoter nonsense again, or it'll be one of the main eventers. Very rarely will there be a proper old school promo, rather some 2 second interview with that old woman Terri Runnels or the like. Solution to the problem?


There are very simple solutions. The WWE could quite easily give us more short promos on the low-key shows, such as Velocity/Heat/Bottom Line/Afterburn… like they would do on the poor shows in the old days. Failing that, they could remove some of the painfully bad backstage sketches… which are always scripted to a T, and which few benefit from (glad to say Goldust is one of them). Just think…. At Bad Blood for instance…. The Redneck Triathlon could have been replaced with some good quality promo time. Personally I'd pay 15 pounds (though I'd rather it was Euros, but this is wrestling, not politics… although try telling Vince McMahon that) just to see someone do a shoot promo on how much of an ass HHH is! And if the guy isn't great on the mic, give him a manger to do it, or simply keep his promos short.


Let's not forget Hulk Hogan made himself who he was through a lot of these blue screen type promos (although some of them were Coliseum video exclusives!). Not just Hulk actually, anyone before a big match would get a promo… and while that'd still happen before PPVs anytime up to 2001 I reckon it happens less and less now. Instead its time for another backstage sketch brought to you by some writers from 'friends' and other American pish. What a load of nonsense, and it's making wrestling into a joke. (Don't dare point out that that's exactly what they said when Vince originally changed the WWF). You have to wonder if its someone who actually watches/understands wrestling that's booking the shows these days… take tag teams for instance.


Now forgive me for thinking that the WWE have forgotten the hidden art of tag team wrestling. There are a number of rules to follow to avoid creating dire tag team champions. They include not sticking 2 random guys together and just expect them to come across as a tag team, make them cut a promo together damnit, and if it isn't just 2 random guys, then make sure they don't come across as dull as tomato soup. Take the Bashams for instance… unless these guys are pathetic speakers, let them talk already! Make them speak for the love of God! Just don't expect us to buy them because they wear leather trousers and have a manager to fit the gimmick! AAAAGH. Someone remind me why I watch the WWE please.


So there ya have it, hopefully you agree with me here… and hopefully you miss the promos as much as I do. Thankfully, there's still the highlight reel which guarantees one promo per Raw I suppose (even though it involves the non wrestlers too often), and while unfortunately there's no Smackdown equivalent… perhaps one day Stephanie McMahon will explode because she just gets too fat. Who knows.


Anyhow, I'm going to be able to watch NWA-TNA shows 43, 44, 45 and 46 now, and hopefully they'll have some decent promo time. Next time round I'll be letting you know just what I think of NWA-TNA… and remember it will be coming from a man who's been brought up to hate anything not approved by Vince McMahon, and a man who still can't enjoy any WCW match from the past just….because.


No... Not without incident!


Ciao for now.






US News - Mitchell Jones (Mitchell@talkwrestlingonline.com)

UK News - Goldy (Goldy@talkwrestlingonline.com)

Int News - Jungmuta (Jungmuta@talkwrestlingonline.com)

Vince, We Need to Talk - Simon Lamb (Simon@talkwrestlingonline.com)



That's it for this week. Any feedback would be gladly appreciated. Send it, along with any questions or queries, to Mitchell@talkwrestlingonline.com or to any of our contributors. We want your input to help make the newsletter the best we can.


With that in mind, have a good week.


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