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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue 24 - August 17th 2003(Column: Puro Problems)


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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue 24 - August 17th 2003



Hey All,


Busy week, gonna be even busier next week. Summerslam quiz and chat (with 10 WWE DVDs to give away!), plus the deadline for all FWL entries, so get them in quick.


But until then, keep yourself amused with this weeks instalment of the newsletter, with news from around the world, and a great column exclusive to the TWO Newsletter. Enjoy.


- Mitchell Jones

TWO Newsletter Editor





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Talk Wrestling Online News



>>> The FWL is back - season 8 (100+ players, 1 prize)


Talk Wrestling Online will be running the 8th FWL from August 25th - November 16th 2003.


What is the FWL?


The FWL stands for Fantasy Wrestling League. All you have to do is pick 5 WWE wrestlers within your budget of $3000, the better your wrestlers perform the more points you receive. Once the period is over, whoever has the most points gets to win a prize from the prizes section. For more information see the FWL page. Make sure you send your entries are in before the deadline (August 24th).




Please remember FWL 8 does not start until AUGUST 25th - so if you do your picks now, remember you CAN change them before the deadline (Midnight UK time on August 24th, day of Summerslam) All you have to do to change your wrestlers is login as normal, and just click "make my picks" and change them - very easy!


Also, PLEASE PLEASE tell any friends that might be interested in this as soon as possible!! What always happens is someone will tell a friend AFTER the deadline which means they cant enter until the next FWL - SO PLEASE TELL THEM ASAP!


>>> WWE Summerslam Quiz and Chat (10 WWE DVDs to give away!)


As is our monthly tradition here at Talk Wrestling Online, we will be holding our monthly PPV Quiz and Chat night, on Sunday, August 24th. The Quiz will start from 8pm (UK Time) in the chatrooms with Dan as your quizmaster. For more information about taking part in the quiz see:



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Forum Focus



- "NWA:TNA looks like it could be getting a new star soon." - AlanJP doesn't like Kanyon's chances in the WWE (US Scene Forum)


- "I get to watch it free, but I don't get why that doesn't allow me to complain. At the end of the day I'm a loyal WWE fan being tested to the limits by a product catering for the needs of the top guys in the company rather than the fans" - Simon speaks honestly on Summerslam (US Scene Forum)


- "...which is complete poo!" - Simon shows us his vast knowledge of the English language ;) (US Scene Forum)


- "May I be birched mercilessly if such a thought were to cross my mind!" - Acid on thinking that Shane McMahon is a better wrestler than RVD (everyone keep this quote handy - never know when we may need it) (US Scene Forum)



US News - By HSM



-WWE News-


There has been a lot of speculation lately about how come certain wrestlers within the WWE are making appearances on Independent shows, such as Tommy Dreamer making a surprise appearance at a Ring of Honor show. It appears that at the moment no WWE wrestler is allowed to work an Indy show without the explicit permission of Jim Ross. Al Snow is allowed to take Indy bookings as the WWE considers him to be an announcer at the moment. The same is true of other announcers and off air talents such as Jerry Lawler, Ernest The Cat Miller, Josh Matthews and Michael Hayes. It appears there are a couple of reasons why WWE management doesn't want too many people working Indy shows. The first is that with the brand split they feel there are fewer workers to work the split house shows than when the brands were together. The second dates back to when Tiger Ali Singh was in the WWE, Singh sued the WWE for injuries that he sustained while working a show down in Puerto Rico and that also makes them wary of releasing talent for other shows.


The Smackdown wrestlers are not happy at the payouts they received for there recent European tour. Many wrestlers expect a higher pay off for such a long haul tour but this was not the case this time leaving many of the crew not happy.


A couple of weeks ago the FBI was sent down to OVW the main reason for this was that the creative staff didn't have anything planned for them and there was no room for them on the house shows. It was also to give Palumbo and Stamboli and extra chance to refine their skills. Nunzio is well liked my management and was only there because Stamboli and Palumbo were.


As you will be aware by now the IC Title changed hands at a house show last weekend when Christian defeated Booker T. The obvious assumption is that it happened because Booker T's injury was too severe for him to perform on RAW however, it has been suggested in some areas that it was also done this way to boost house show business. Booker T will be out for 6-8 weeks with his back injury.


WWE was very unhappy with how Jonathan Coachman performed during Jim Ross' absence, which is why he was brought back this week. This has increased JR's value to the company as Vince McMahon now realises that JR can have a good impact on a segment.


WWE RAW scored a 3.9 rating this week. That is down slightly from the 4.0 the show did last week.


Kanyon returned to his old WCW gimmick of "Mortis" in a dark match before the taping of this weeks Smackdown. Kanyon briefly had the Mortis gimmick along with Bryan Clark as Wrath and they briefly feuded with Glacier before the gimmicks were dropped. Its not know whether this change of gimmick was a one off or will become a permanent deal.


It has been reported on WWE.com this week that Batista is about one month from returning to action He has an appointment with the regular WWE Physician Dr James Andrews on Monday and they expect he will be cleared then.


The widely reported power failure that hit America this week interrupted the airing of Smackdown in a lot of major markets, which missed either all or part of the show. It is not known if it will be repeated. The show actually pulled a 4.3 rating but the areas that did not see it due to the power failure weren't not added when making the rating.


That excellent worker Mark Henry (sarcasm mode off) made his return to the mainstream WWE roster this week at a RAW house show. He tagged with Rodney Mack and they lost to The Hurricane and his S.H.I.T (hehe) Rosey. This is apparently Henry's last chance with the WWE and if he fails again he will either be given his release or sent back to OVW permanently. On the same house show Scotty 2 Hotty also made his return to action defeating Nick Dinsmore and was said to be in good condition.


TheGarden.com which is the website for Madison Square Garden has put the ticket prices for Wrestlemania XX up and they are not cheap! Ringside seats are on sale for $754.50, each which comfortably makes them the highest prices tickets for any wrestling event held in the United States. The lowest priced tickets available up in the nosebleeds are $54.50


-NWA: TNA News-


TNA received some bad news this week from cable supplier DirecTV. They revealed that TNA is only getting 10,000 buys a month on there system which is only 2,500 a week which is much lower than was promised to DirecTV by InDemand which is the company that sells the PPV broadcasts on behalf of TNA.


TNA held a talent meeting recently where they laid down the law about their new policy in being late for shows. All wrestlers are expected to arrive by 2pm on the Wednesday before the show or they will be fined $50.


The man who has been attacking Raven lately has been played by one of the Harris Brothers but when he unmasks it will more than likely been a new wrestler and not one of the Harris Brothers.


TNA is planning to bring Sting in for the second of his four contracted dates sometime later in August or more likely September.


When Jeff Hardy appeared at a Ring of Honor show last month he reportedly told fellow wrestlers that he has no interest in working for TNA at the moment.


TNA is still trying to bring Terry Funk in to work a few shows but so far he has refused all their attempts.


Shane Douglas was brought into TNA with a view to being a main event performer but it appears that people are already rapidly losing faith in him. He is getting a reputation for forgetting spots and choking under pressure. In one reported story Douglas was backstage arguing with ref Rudy Charles for apparently blowing a crucial spot until somebody actually stepped in and made Douglas admit it was his fault and not Charles'. This kind of behaviour does not bode well for Douglas' future in TNA


The results from this weeks PPV were as follows:

- 3 Live Krew (Konnan, BG James & Ron Killings) defeated Devon Storm, Vampire Warrior & Sinn

- Jerry Lynn pinned Elix Skipper

- Frankie Kazarian and Michael Shane went to a no contest in a ladder match

- Kid Kash bested Beautiful Bobby Eaton

- Raven beat Shane Douglas

- America's Most Wanted & Dusty Rhodes pinned Simon, Swinger & Glenn Gilbertti

= AJ Styles pinned Low Ki to retain the TNA title


-Selected Indy results-


Combat Zone Wrestling

Viking Hall - Philadelphia, PA


Jon Dahmer defeated Jude, Cory Kastle defeated GQ and Niles Young, Junior Heavyweight Champion Ruckus defeated the Hurricane Kidd, Greg Matthews defeated Z-Barr, Derek Frazier defeated Chri$ Ca$h and Nick Berk, Nate Hatred defeated Nick Gage to become to new Big Japan Wrestling Death Match Champion, Tag Team Champions The Backseat Boyz defeated Adam Flash & Ian Knoxx, Nick Berk defeated Jonny Storm, CZW Champion Messiah defeated Brad Bradley, Sonjay Dutt defeated JC Bailey to become the new IWA- Mid South Light Heavyweight Champion in a ladder match, Junior Heavyweight Champion Ruckus defeated B-Boy, Ian Rotten defeated Necro Butcher, Nate Webb and Corporal Robinson.


Stampede Wrestling

Olds, Alberta, Canada

Jason Carter over Randy Meyers, Karnage over Kid Nicholls, Johnny Devine over Marky Starr, Nattie Niedhart over Belle Lovitz, British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Champion Duke Durrango beat Kwik Kick Kirk by disqualification, TJ Wilson over Dave Swift.


Bowness Sportsplex, Calgary, Alberta

Jason Carter over Kid Nicholls, Dean Durango over Kwik Kick Kirk, Marky Starr & Nattie Niedhart over Randy Myers & Belle Lovitz, TJ Wilson over Johnny Devine, WOW North American heavyweight title tournament semi-final matches: Ted Hart over Duke Durango, Karnage and Harry Smith battled to a double countout


Ring Of Honor - Wrath Of The Racket

Dayton, OH - Fairgrounds Coliseum


Special K won a scramble over Carnage Crew, Fast Eddie & Don Juan and SAT, (Jim Cornette then came out and endorsed the Prophecy - Chris Daniels and Dan Maff), Nigel McGiness defeated Chet Jablonski, Homicide beat Chris Sabin, Colt Cabana & Ace Steel defeated Alex Shelley & Jimmy Jacobs, Matt Stryker defeated Justin Credible, Michael Shane won a four-way over Scoot Andrews, Hotstuff Hernandez and Slyk Wagner Brown, Jimmy Rave made Slim J tap, ROH Champion Samoa Joe beat BJ Whitmer, Tag Champions AJ Styles & Homicide (replacing the injured Red) beat Chris Daniels & Dan Maff.


That's all for this week and although I've only been back for a week I shall be away again next weekend so I shall I shall catch you all in 2 weeks time





UK News - By Goldy



Hello everyone, welcome to this weeks UK scene wrestling news. There doesn't appear to of been many shows this week so as usual I'll get straight on with what I have.


> Premier Promotions - Worthing - 14/8/03.

Ian Diamond def Barry Cooper by 2 falls to 1

Robbie Brookside def Jace The Ace by 2 falls to 1

The American Dragon def Doug Williams by 2 falls to 1

Jace The Ace def Ian Diamond by count out.


The FWA have announced more details of their Newport show this week. It takes place this Thursday the 21st of August. The matches announced so far are: Jodie Fleisch verses Jack Xavier, Alex Shane is reuniting with Nikita to face The Family for the FWA tag belts. In the main event Flash Barker and James Tighe will face Doug Williams in a non title triple threat match. It's shaping up to be a great show.


In keeping with the FWA and as promised last week, they have announced their first international star for Uprising II on October the 18th. It is as a lot of people suspected, Amazing Red. I wonder who will be next?


The Catch Wrestling Council are putting on a FREE show for anyone lucky enough to be in the Southampton area! This will be their second show and takes place at the annual Thornhill festival in Southampton. The main focus of the day will be a "Southern Shield" tournament with the wrestlers to be announced shortly. So keep your eyes peeled for that!


Northern Ireland are to get there first ever wrestling school. Drew McDonald and Chris Manns (Flatliner) have teamed up to open the countrys first pro wrestling school. It will be opening in October with weekend classes costing £40. Details about the school can be found at its website at: http://newgenerationmcd.cjb.net


Finally, a quick plug of the new Future Championship Wrestling website. The link is http://www.futurewrestling.co.uk and although it is still behind on a few of the profiles, it is still a good site and should satisfy your FCW needs.


That's everything for this week, thank you for reading.



International News - By Jungmuta



Howdy all puro fans, its me back again, covering while Mr Singh is on holiday, and well some big news this week.


The main big news the prelim wrestler Giant Ochai, who had suffered a brain haemorage at the WJ Pro Training Camp, passed away. He was only 30 years of age. It's one of the biggest known deaths ever in Japanese Wrestling History, and could quite possibly put the final nail in WJ Pro's coffin. More news on that as it comes.


Shinya Hashimoto, has vacated the AJPW Triple Crown due to injuries he's suffered over the past few months. There will be now be a 4 man tournament featuring Toshiaki Kawada taking on The Gladiator (Mike Awesome), with the winner meeting the Satoshi Kojima v Shinjiro Ohtani match. I'd bet on a Kawada/Kojima final.


New Japan are now approaching the semi finals of the G1 Climax with either Yuji Nagata or Katsuyori Shibata taking on Jun Akiyama in one semi, with the other being Hiroyoshi Tenzan v Yoshihiro Takayama. My bet is on Tenzan for the victory of the tournament. The final is on Sunday.


There are rumors of Kenta Kobashi & Tamon Honda defending their GHC Tag Titles against Mitsuharu Misawa & Yoshinari Ogawa on 9/12 at Budokan in the main event of the show, with Yuji Nagata vs. Yoshihiro Takayama or Jun Akiyama in the semi-main event. The promotion will also have Michael Modest defending the GHC Jr. Title, the GHC Jr. Tag Titles will be defended, and Ron Harris will defend the WLW Heavyweight Title against Takeshi Morishima (more than likely).


ZERO-One made a hilarious claim of 8,000 paid at Nagoya Aiichi Prefectural Gym for their 8/10 show with Hulk Ogan (Naoya Ogawa) vs. The Predator. Believe it or not, Ogawa did the axe bomber and three leg-drops to win the promotion's US Heavyweight Title. He even cut promos in English, including "I will be back Japan!" His ring music was "Voodoo Chile." Satoshi Kojima worked the undercard of the show as "The Great Kosuke" and Keiji Mutoh used his "Kokushi-muso" gimmick. NWA Intercontinental Tag Titles match saw Steve Corino & CW Anderson beat Masato Tanaka & Shinjiro Ohtani and Corino pinned Ohtani.


Manabu Nakanishi vs. Kazunari Murakami was added to NJ's 8/28 Osaka Prefectural Gym show. The main event of the show is Yoshihiro Takayama vs. Masa Chono. The show is also expected to have Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Makai Mask #2 in a hair vs. mask match for the U-30 Title, along with Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs. Shin'ya Makabe and a tag match with Enson Inoue & Yuji Nagata vs. Ryushi Yanagisawa & Tadao Yasuda. They have thankfully given up on having all the matches on the card in a cage (except for the main event).


And that's about it for this week, see you all next week with more random ramblings in wrestling's favourite country.



Puroresu Problems - by Singhy



New Japan is in trouble both commercially and creatively. All Japan has been on the verge of closure for three years now. Newly formed World of Fighting Japan is still in its genesis. Toryumon has a product that caters to a small audience. Zero One holding steady, or going nowhere, depending on how you want to see it. Only Mitsuharu Misawa's Pro Wrestling NOAH is doing good business. Yes, Puroresu (Japanese pro wrestling), is in a dire state at the moment and there seems to be no changes imminent to correct this. The solutions are there for all to see, like WWE's current death-kneel, 90% (and/or more) are down to the creative process, as is always the case in a dying promotion, or one that has kicked the bucket (evidenced by history). This isn't the first time Puro has been in trouble, not by a long shot. However this is the first time that New Japan has drawn record low Tokyo Dome attendance records and general interest drop in the companies' product. Whether this is because of works and shoots being used on the same show or not is arguable. Using works and shoots on a single show does nothing for your promotion's credibility. See, why would an audience member want to see a 'fake' work after they'd seen a shoot with full-contact fighters slogging it out? Surely that just devalues the guys that are in the works? Mind-boggling as this is, New Japan and its legendary founder Antonio Inoki are pressing ahead with this idea. Even more mind-boggling is the fact that Inoki already has a shoot/Mixed Martial Artist promotion named Pride Fight Championships that's globally considered the best of it's field. Why Inoki wants to seemingly have two of the same is, again, mind-boggling. But, almost everything he does in the current era makes little sense. This pattern of buffoonery isn't anything new for Inoki, but during the current New Japan era, he's gone into over-drive.


Throughout his career, Inoki always put himself first which isn't necessarily a bad thing, as he was the head of the company and was always going to be around longer than most all others. Which isn't to say it would've been ok for him to bury people, and thankfully he didn't; the likes of Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen, Vader and numerous others have upped their stock considerably after taking tours of New Japan working with Inoki on top. Inoki did do a lot right during his heyday, tons, in fact. He pushed the flyers seriously (like Jushin Liger, Tiger Mask, Dynamite Kid etc etc), used others around him on top for periods of time, gave little known names serious chances to showcase their talents (Mark Rocco, Dynamite Kid) and produced and put-out compelling angles and story-telling in the ring. One thing remained constant though; Inoki always had his hand raised, in the main event. After a while, not matter how good of a carrier someone is, if they keep winning over and over, the fans start to see thru and turn away from the predictable outcome. Giving someone you're working with a win is essential if the program/feud as a whole is going to be successful, it's a two-way thing. Inoki may have built himself a legend, but after he retired in 1998, there's no one left to fill the void vacated. Masahiro Chono was one of the promotion's biggest names during the 1990's, but whenever Inoki wanted to push himself to the top again, Chono had no choice but to step aside. Jushin Liger, although treated as a serious flyer, was never given a long run on top of the card. Shinya Hashimoto was given room to maneuver on top, but like Chono, stepped aside so many times. Tatsumi Fujinami was a few years younger than Inoki, but was in the same age group, so he never had a shot at the top.


All names mentioned above are legendary in Puro, and indeed the industry in general, but they never got the chance to be what Inoki was. Inoki worked with them at various times, but Inoki's shadow always dominated. Essentially, Inoki built his company into a giant ego trip; weather he meant to do it or not another topic altogether, but the evidence available seems to point to a 'yes' answer.


Moving on from New Japan, their fire rival of many decades, All Japan Pro Wrestling is in even more trouble. Ever since founders' Shohei Baba's death in 1999, All Japan has been stumbling from year to year somehow staying alive. The genesis of All Japan's troubles started when the then All Japan top-draw guys like Kenta Kobashi jumped to fellow All Japan top guy Mitsuharu Misawa's newly formed Pro Wrestling NOAH in June 2000. This left All Japan on its last legs, seemingly destined to joined the plentiful scrap heap of failed pro wrestling promotions. But it didn't. Shohei Baba may have passed, but his widow Motoka Baba was more than willing to steer the promotion; after all, it's said that she had as much power as Shohei when he was alive. Weather she did or not is debatable, but forces outside of her control were vying for her spot as power-merchant. New Japan stalwart and Puro legend Keiji Mutoh showed interest to having as crack at All Japan's leader and booker, and got his wish. Whatever hope All Japan faithful had of Mutoh rescuing their beloved company soon vanished, as Mutoh showed the same ineptitude for leadership and matchmaking as his mentor and former employer, Antonio Inoki. Mutoh did manage to do something Shohei Baba never did, nor wanted to do; formed a working relationship with Shohei's bitter rival Inoki.


The two former rivals turned part-time friends traded and swapped talent, and even went as far as to stage cards together. Under Shohei Baba, this would've never happened. When 90% of the All Japan roster jumped to Mitsuharu Misawa's Pro Wrestling NOAH, only a few guys stayed behind, like Kenta Kobashi, Vader and Stan Hansen (with the latter two eventually leaving eventually; Vader to going to NOAH first than Fighting World of Japan, and Hansen retiring in 2001). Numerous big-draw names have wandered into All Japan to lend support, but the company continued to flounder at the box office. All Japan's dire troubles, in an ironic twist, like New Japan's, lay directly linked to its founder. While Shohei Baba was able to groom the next group of top guys after his (Baba's) self-educed phasing-down of the card, both Baba and the next generation of stars were never able to produce, season and groom the second generation of stars, thusly no one was there to pick up the reigns when Misawa and crew jumped to NOAH. The reason Misawa himself left was because he was fed-up with Shohei Baba and the old guard, Baba's death gave him the perfect chance to leave and do his own thing. All Japan has been on the verge of bankruptcy on numerous occasions over the past few years, how close, only All Japan management knows. Just by staying alive in a cutthroat industry, All Japan deserves to be where it was ten years ago. But this is pro wrestling, and when things are bad, they're normally as bad as you can imagine. With Keiji Mutoh in charge of All Japan, as well as its top draw, the company is going nowhere fast and as showed by history, it's incredibly difficult to turn a dying promotion around even with the best resources and tons of financial aide. All Japan has no substantial financial aide, or particularly large or consequential resources at its disposal.


Zero-One, formed and operated by former New Japan star Shinya Hashimoto is doing ok business, it's not on fire, but holding onto a position where it's making a profit. Whatever leadership Keiji Mutoh may lack, Hashimoto makes up for it. Hashimoto has showed his business acumen by forming relationships with overseas promotions, and bringing in name-valued foreign guys for Zero-One tours. Hashimoto also has a willingness to push and promote wrestlers who wouldn't normally get a serious shot in most other promotions. Lightweight flyers can be seen on top of the card at almost any given time, as well as foreign lightweights and foreign independent wrestlers who can't get a look-in at home with a large promotion. Hashimoto is also not guilty of doing what his former boss, Inoki, did and Hashimoto is frequently seen wrestling midcard matches tagging with flyers/junior heavyweights. Zero-One is neither in a good or bad position, but rather an indifferent one, a rut. It's quite confusing as well, when you consider that the product they put out, is a relatively good one, although the promotion is fairly new, compared to New Japan and All Japan, and really hasn't had the chance to become a monster at the box office, yet. With Hashimoto in the driving seat, things look good, if not better for Zero-One as the founder is able to attract fellow big-name players to his promotion and still has strong ties to television networks in Japan stemming from his days in New Japan. Zero-One seems destined to become a player in the Japanese industry, although you can never tell what tomorrow brings. Just ask All Japan and New Japan; doing respectable business one year (All Japan, 1999) and pulling huge Tokyo Dome crowds of 60,000 (New Japan, 1998), then starting to falter a year later. Hashimoto lived thru New Japan's down period after 1998. He knows, or at least should, what it takes to avoid a downward spiral, however if pro wrestling history has taught us anything, it's that people in the industry never learn from others' past mistakes. For Zero-One's sake, Hashimoto had better of learned.


Toryumon is a scintillating promotion at the current time, indeed, arguably the No.1 in-form outfit going. Choc-full of young hungry workers all capable of fast-paced, highspots-filled matches, or down on the ground mat wrestling clinics, the promotion has a future, weather it's a bright one or not remains to be seen. The groups demographic is mostly made-up of female housewives and female teens, as evidence by the worker gimmicks used (such as Genki Higuchi's stripper gimmick). While this demographic may follow the product, it's highly unlikely they'll take Toryumon beyond a cult level and too a national one. Which is sad, because if any promotion deserves it, it's Toryumon. Toryumon were dealt a big blow earlier in 2003, when it was announced the promotion's founder and operator, Ultimo Dragon (real name Yoshihiro Asai) would be leaving for a full time job with WWE (with which Chris Jericho helped to get him in WWE). Dragon's debut was hyped by WWE, and he debuted. However, things didn't go well after his debut thru no fault of his own, WWE management has long been indifferent to smaller wrestlers (which Dragon is). It shouldn't be long before Dragon is performing Topes, Hurricanas and Asai Moonsaults before the year's end. A Dragon return to Toryumon can only be a positive thing for the small time promotion, as the outfit has surely missed Dragon's guiding hands. In Magnum Tokyo and Dragon Kid, the promotion has probably the best two Junior heavyweights outside of a major league, and should look to build the future around the two. Like Noah and Zero-One, Toryumon is a relative up-start promotion, and has quickly found it's legs, or at least has it's foot in the door of opportunity and if the promotion was going to die because of it being a new-born promotion, it would've kicked the bucket by now. Toryumon is here to stay…for the time being. The promotion has what not many other Puro groups have; youth, and total youth. The outfit is formed of entirely youthful workers. In the wrestling industry, those who don't plan for the future have no future and Toryumon is fitted-out for years to come, bar any talent raiding by the bigger promotions.


Another promotion that's still in it's (very) early years is Riki Choshu's Fighting World of Japan (FWJ). Still in it's genesis, but with Choshu at the helm, FWJ has been able to pull-in the big names like Vader, The Road Warriors, Takao Omori, Genichiro Tenryu and numerous others thanks to Choshu's legendary status in Puroresu. Choshu, so far, seems to be a mixture of Hashimoto and Mutoh in regards to leadership; whilst FWJ has brought-in younger guys to work, they're mostly on the under card, while Choshu and fellow aging legend Tenryu are mostly seen on top. Unlike Toryumon, who've started from scratch with virtually no big name draws, FWJ have been able to pull in decent sized crowds. They have a ready-made base to lift off from. The same goes for NOAH. That may seem an advantage, and it may very well be, but there's a downside, a huge downside. Fans want to see development, they want to be told a story. When you start a promotion off with a significant base, or even at the top, there's only one-way; down. With Toryumon, their fans are eager to see their little promotion grow and flourish into something bigger without compromise. That's not to say FWJ is doomed, it has a dedicated fan base already in place, probable formed of the mass exodus that left New Japan in droves when they started to hit the skids in 1999/2000. As long as FWJ has Choshu's name associated with it they'll have a following, as the fans of Puro have a deep sense and respect for history and it's legendary names.


Puroresu is known for its goodness, for the most part. Obviously is has its flaws and faults, but its never come this close to imploding. If the high-ups don't rectify these problems, Japanese pro wrestling will be dropping to levels it's never been to before. It's hard to find your way out of a dark room you've never been in before.






US News - HSM (HSM@talkwrestlingonline.com)

UK News - Goldy (Goldy@talkwrestlingonline.com)

Int News - Jungmuta (Jungmuta@talkwrestlingonline.com)

Column - Singhy (Singhy@talkwrestlingonline.com)



That's it for this week. Any feedback would be gladly appreciated. Send it, along with any questions or queries, to Mitchell@talkwrestlingonline.com or to any of our contributors. We want your input to help make the newsletter the best we can.


With that in mind, have a good week.


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