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Chatroom Mods Part 2


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These were the votes from the other thread. REMEMBER - These are just suggestions, even if you get 100+ votes, it doesnt mean your going to become a mod:


Jess (4)

Latino Heat (2)

Hurricane (2)

Nytemare (2)

Tanya (2)

Craig P



KJ 1






() - no of votes

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Guest Dean Douglas

Out of all the people on the list I think Jess would be the most suited.


btw, you missed me out, (unless Dean1 is referring to me not the former Big Tam), look at Miss T's post on the first page of the original thread.

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Hey that's way out of order I had two(unless you count Jess then it was three) on second thought maybe I had 1 vote and two people backing their support of me up or maybe I just didn't pay attention. Now I feel at the bottom of the pile. :) .....oh wait I am.



Since I haven't voted yet I would say Jess and errr emmmm Hurricane.

Edited by Colin
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Originally posted by Perfection

I think i know Dreamers :D didn't i get a few votes?


You did get votes but like I said before I wanted mods to be around 16ish.


Although I can always change my mind :)


It doesnt matter how many votes you got, I'm just seeing who people think would be good mods, doesnt mean they are going to be mods.

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I know Tony's too.


It involves an evil plot to make Latino mod.


If I say anymore Tony'll shoot laser beams at me.


Anyway I really want to be a Cod....wait a minute this is votes for mods hmpf.


(Walks off rambling something about fish)

Edited by Colin
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Guest The Vulcanized One

Kam don't be ageist it just aint right!


BTW thanks perf me and you had an agreement and you broke it :evil


I think jess or Perf would be good mods and Lat too. Perhaps um 'coughs' me.

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