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[Video Game] WWE Crush Hour

Guest Peter K

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Guest Peter K

WWE Crush Hour - published by THQ




Buy - $19.99 PlayStation 2 - Amazon.com


Buy - $19.99 Gamecube - Amazon.com




Buy - £14.99 PlayStation 2 - Amazon.co.uk


Buy - £14.99 Gamecube - Amazon.co.uk


Manufacturer's Description

World Wrestling Entertainment Crush Hour takes the intensity, competitiveness and brute strength of the squared circle and drops it into the world of car combat. More than 20 World Wrestling Superstars jump into their Super Cars, bringing the pain to the streets. Layeth the rubber down in the Rock's speedster, cruise and bruise in the Hardy Boys' souped-up Woody or pummel the competition in the Big Show's diesel. It's going to take more than a three count to win in this arena.

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