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A week without mods...


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Quotes taken from the other mods post:


Originally posted by Dreamer

My final point about this whole thing is why not have a week of no mods in the chat rooms and see how many people bother coming back to them.


Originally posted by Latino Reheat

A week without mods would be a great idea (no offence), it would let people really appreciate the mods, learn to respect the rules and etc.


Originally posted by Dan

For what it is worth I think a weekwithout any mods in the chatroom, would be a good idea. It will highlight what the room is like without mods, good or bad. Just my opinion. :xyx


All I've got to say is :lol

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ahhhhh........we all have stupid ideas, me more than normal.

However, even though it has been like hell in the chat room, it has most certainly brought the work the mods do in the room, to light, and we all apperiacte all the mods, please come back soon.

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